I40 in NC blocked for 3rd time in 10 days, President Trump, Gov Cooper, Greensboro city mgr mayor and police watching criminal activity?

I40 in NC blocked for 3rd time in 10 days, President Trump, Gov Cooper, Greensboro city mgr mayor and police watching criminal activity?

“Despite First Amendment rights, one is not allowed to cry “fire” in a crowded theatre. Worse yet in potential danger, One is not allowed to block an interstate highway.”…Citizen Wells quoting NC law

“We live up and down the interstates, you know, up and I-40, from Raleigh towards Greensboro down towards Charlotte with 85 and then up and down, say, 77,” …Lt. Col. Rodney Newton, NC National Guard

“The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”...Malcom X


President Trump, Governor Cooper, Greensboro City Manager, Mayor and Police were alerted.

It is illegal to block an interstate highway in NC.

It should be a felony.

It is far worse than crying “fire” in a crowded theater.

The City of Greensboro and Winston-Salem aided and abetted the criminal bullies aka protesters.

From Citizen News.

40 in NC blocked for 3rd time in 10 days by Winston-Salem protesters, All lanes blocked, West Wendover in Greensboro closed



From CBS 17 June 9, 2020.

“NC protesters block I-40 for 3rd time in 10 days

Protests continued in North Carolina on Tuesday night following the death of George Floyd.

Protesters blocked all lanes of Interstate 40 between Peters Creek Parkway and Stratford Road.

The WGHP crew on the scene saw dozens of protesters walking in the lanes of I-40, holding signs and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “George Floyd.”

As of 8:45 p.m., NCDOT said all lanes have reopened.

Tuesday’s incident followed a protest on Sunday that closed I-40 in Greensboro.”

“Earlier in the afternoon, Greensboro police closed West Wendover Avenue from Meadowood Street to Bridford Parkway so protesters could march.”



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11 responses to “I40 in NC blocked for 3rd time in 10 days, President Trump, Gov Cooper, Greensboro city mgr mayor and police watching criminal activity?

  1. According to a North Carolina general statute, you are not allowed to stand, sit or lie on a highway. Breaking this law is a class two misdemeanor.


  2. oldsailor88

    ……….seems as though the city would move to entertain a bunch of the sleaze bags at the local jailhouse. Nice little fee for jail lodging might help the Greensboro fiscal tab.500 of them at $100.00 each fine. An extra 50 grand in the county’s till ain’t all bad. Just a thought.

  3. oldsailor88

    Does the county officials have the gonads to enforce the laws?

  4. oldsailor88

    ……..The NC governor has already lost the GOP convention. Maybe he is going to drive all of the tourist business to another state also. GO GET EM Mr. Cooper!!!!!

  5. oldsailor88

    ……….a lot of governors including Indiana’s have found themselves between a rock and a hard place this year….mainly because of the coronavirus.

  6. oldsailor88

    ……..a BAD ATTITUDE doesn’t help…..AT ALL!!!!!

  7. oldsailor88

    …………why the hell am I having George Floyd rammed down my throat? Every time I turn on my TV there is some more George Floyd. YES what happened to him is LAMENTABLE, but I DIDN’T do it. I am sick of hearing about him. Had he not done a felonious act he would probably still be alive. He tried to pass an allegedly counterfeit $20.00 bill. Up to a point, and like it or not he INVITED HIS DEMISE. SAD BUT FACT !!!!

  8. oldsailor95++
    Great news, I made it home today from Paso Robles. Q…. Why do we need police? Duh!
    Several officers wounded, suspect killed as law enforcement confronts Paso Robles shooter.

    After a two-day manhunt, police located the Paso Robles shooting suspect Thursday in an industrial part of town, engaging him in a shootout that injured a SWAT team officer and possibly two others.

    Law enforcement officers from around the county converged on Volpi Ysabel Road and Ramada Drive about 2 p.m. and exchanged gunfire with Mason James Lira, 26, a homeless man who most recently lived in Monterey County.

    An Arroyo Grande police officer and member of the county’s regional SWAT team was shot and suffered a non-life threatening injury during the encounter.

    …………..the punk radicals are again parading around in Brooklyn and stinking up the environment with their unbathed bodies. These slimy little low IQ punks need to have their heads bent. For them to peacefully protest is all well and good, but when they allow themselves to be hijacked and turned into raging destructive POS they have crossed the line , and should be treated the same as anarchists by the police.

  10. AND TONIGHT…….
    ………it has become clear that Joe Malarkey has his very own BOOBY HATCH……..HIS OWN BASEMENT. After watching some of his recent publicly televised political campaign videos his need for incarceration in a BOOBY HATCH, and under lock, and key is confirmed.

  11. oldsailor88

    ……….Glad to hear that you made the trip safely. Getting dangerous to go almost anywhere these days. If some nut case doesn’t do you in the Coronavirus will find you and do the job. You can’t win for losing.

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