Iranian American activist Erica Kasraie outraged at propaganda glorifying Soleimani, Blood of Iranians Iraqis Yemenis Afghans and Americans on his hands

Iranian American activist Erica Kasraie outraged at propaganda glorifying Soleimani, Blood of Iranians Iraqis Yemenis Afghans and Americans on his hands

“Thank you, Mr. Trump, for making a very hard decision and for having the moral courage to do something that a lot of world leaders would never have had.”…Erica Kasraie

“Any way you slice it, the mess in Syria, Libya, the Middle East and the refugee crisis, happened on the watch of Obama and Hillary.”…Citizen Wells

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Al Arabiyah January 8, 2020.

“Iranian American activist outraged by ‘propaganda machine’ glorifying Soleimani”

“Saghar Erica Kasraie, a longtime Iranian activist, said in a Facebook video Tuesday Iranians are happy now that Soleimani is dead, contrary to what many mourning videos that came out of Iran depicted.

“The people in Iran are happy that this man who is responsible for the slaughter of so many people is gone,” she said in the viral video. “This man has not only the blood of Americans on his hand but the blood of Iranians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans…since when did we start mourning the death of a terrorist?”

Kasraie criticized the videos that came out of Soleimani’s funeral saying they are all “propaganda” and what’s happening in the videos is nothing new.

“The regime has been saying ‘death to America’ for 40 years,” said Kasraie. “They forced us in school to say, ‘death to America’. I was 7 years old, I didn’t know what I was saying.”

The people saying that now are getting paid to say it and to kill people on the street, according to Kasraie.

That’s not “the people,” she added. “The majority of the people in the Middle East don’t hate America, they don’t hate Donald Trump.”

She said many Iranians were celebrating Soleimani’s death by giving out cakes and cookies in the streets in Iran.

Kasraie ended the video by thanking US President Donald Trump.”

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16 responses to “Iranian American activist Erica Kasraie outraged at propaganda glorifying Soleimani, Blood of Iranians Iraqis Yemenis Afghans and Americans on his hands

  1. citizenwells

    “The majority of the people in the Middle East don’t hate America, they don’t hate Donald Trump.”
    Erica Kasraie

  2. “Kasraie: We fled Iran during the Islamic Revolution. My father’s family was Baha’i, and my mom’s family was Muslim. So, my father’s family had to leave the country, and they came to the United States to start a life for us here. But my mom, my sister, and I got stuck in Italy in transit, so we ended up living in Italy in a convent.
    Washington Examiner: You made it to the U.S. when you were seven years old.”

  3. CW……….
    …………..beginning to look as though IRANNI JANNI blinked first. in the staredown. Good indication !!!

  4. Great Trump speech.

  5. CW……….
    ………….yes it was. He didn’t mince any words either. Now the crazed female SQUAD are RAVING, and RANTING, about the WAR POWERS ACT. All are introducing legislation to require the POTUS to ask their permission to protect America no matter what the situation. Conceivably if 100,000 enemy troops are walking ashore on our beeches the POTUS must ask first Congress if he can protect our interests, and by the time they vote the enemy will be gunning them down.. The INSANE DEMOCRATS think they are the boss of the POTUS. All of the crazed female MUSLIM representatives are preparing their legislation which will if adopted, end the CO EQUAL branches of government and make the DEMOCRATS the controlling body of America. If they are successful it will bring Constitutional government to an end. Instead there will be a ruling presidium made up of only DEMOCRATS. If the DEMOCRATS have their way the POTUS will become a figurehead, and Congress will take command of our military forces……..which will be the FINAL DISASTER for America.

  6. CW
    …………it is beginning to sound like the DEMOCRATS will blame the crash of the airliner in IRAN on TRUMP. There is some possibility that one of the missiles launched by IRANNI JANNI accidently collided with the departing aircraft. Either Donald Trump, or George Bush must be responsible. At least this will probably be the logic of the RABID FOAMING AT THE MOUTH DEMOCRATS.

  7. oldsailor85++
    I’m sick of all the Iranian RAVING and RANTING
    Want to let you know………….
    I don’ smoke, but I’m about ready to lite up a CAMEL.

  8. oldsailor85++
    and NOW…………
    Crazyfornia regulators now want to put a ban on gas powered lawn equipment. We must reduce emissions on lawn mowers and lawn equipment.
    Yet we have plenty of poop gas emissions going on in SF and LA and yet no regulations. We have some sick people running this state. There is a petition circulating to remove Governor Nuisance from office, Hope it happens soon.

  9. hapnHal……..
    ………….and at the top of the BAN LIST should be Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT. She has really gone completely insane. She needs to be put in a strait jacket, and placed in a sound proof padded cell.
    ………..a few minutes ago proof was obtained that IRANI JANI did in fact shoot down the airliner………..allegedly by mistake. The debris field was scattered over a huge area, and the aircraft was in TINY FRAGMENTS which fell from the sky. In addition there is NO IMPACT CRATER.This confirms it was blown out of the air probably by a surface to air missile. NOW THE STINKING A$$ED BASTARDS HAVE SOME MORE MURDERS ON THEIR HANDS. LOTS OF FEMALE IRANI OUT IN THE STREETS WAVING GUNS AROUND AND SCREAMING DEATH TO AMERICA. THESE ARE INSANE PEOPLE WHO ARE SO CAUGHT UP IN THEIR SICK TWISTED ISLAMIC BULLSH-T THEY HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY……….OF COURSE THERE IS REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS TAUGHT INSANITY. 289 innocent people were murdered by the foaming at the mouth LUNATIC ISLAMISTS.

  10. hapnHal…….
    ……….sadly many of our SNOT NOSED young people think IRANIANS are C-O-O-L, and don’t do anything bad.

  11. hapnHal…….
    ……….and second on the ban list is old PLUNGER FACE “SHOOMER”. (toilet that is). Then closely followed by(pain in the a$$) Al Green of Texas. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Waters. She too needs a soundproof padded cell. She is really BUGGY. This brings me to the snot nose IDIOT female SQUAD. I used one adjective for all of them.

  12. hapnHal……..
    ………do you find it peculiar that Mr. “Swallow Well” is now maintaining a very low profile. Not to long ago he was one of the LOUDEST DRUMMERS at the LUNATIC MEETING PLACE.

    ………..we are seeing raging, foaming at the mouth, female Congress persons, RAVING, RANTING, GESTURING, and beating their tiny fists upon their tiny desktops, while screaming their viewpoints regarding the WAR POWERS ACT, which was put in place long before some of them were even born. Now inside their tiny hare brains they think THEY, AND THEY ALONE, have the ONLY POWER to authorise the defense of our country. Sadly many of them haven’t the slightest idea what latitude the POTUS has in protecting America. If they are successful in what they want to do it will result in the neutering of the POTUS, and he will become a stationary FIGUREHEAD. Should such a level of restriction be imposed upon the POTUS an enemy could conceivably walk ashore by the thousands and maybe even gun down all of Congress while they sit, twiddling their thumbs, and jacking their jaws to decide whether or not to authorize the POTUS to act. The safety of our citizens will be seriously compromised because of the STUPIDITY OF THE NIT WITS IN CONGRESS. Many of these people have shown early into their tenure that they do not have the ability to reason logically. Instead they babble idiotic off the wall bullsh-t which could never be adopted in any circumstance. We are seeing exactly the same moronic bullsh-t coming from the oral cavities of the so called DEMOCRATIC POTUS candidates. This is compounded upon by the CRAZED BABBLE of the so called SQUAD. I have been on earth for 87 years, and in the interim period I cannot remember ever hearing such lunatic rhetoric as we are now hearing from aspirant Democratic POTUS WANNABEs. GOD HELP US IF ANY OF THEM ARE ELECTED !!!! AMERICA WILL BECOME A GIANT INSANE ASYLUM.

  14. hapnHal……
    ……….yep, the gas coming from a pile of poop is a form of methane, which in large quantities is dangerous to people to inhale, and collectively rises to the detriment of the protective layer of our upper atmosphere.

  15. hapnHal | January 8, 2020 at 11:21 pm |

    I’m sick of all the Iranian RAVING and RANTING

    Dear Ranters and Ravers…..planes are still scheduled to fly to Iran.
    Start packing.

  16. AND………
    while our enemies are our enemies, it is possible that when your door is kicked in and a pack of raving, foaming at the mouth lunatics flood into your house and start mowing people down with automatic weapons it is likely being done by a pack of LOCAL YOKULS instead of a few from an enemy army that has waded ashore. However this fact doesn’t lower the probability of the latter actually happening especially if the twisted nut cases in congress are able to ALTER THE WAR POWERS ACT, where the POTUS no longer can act to protect America without first asking the PERMISSION OF CONGRESS. This sort of thing would turn the POTUS into a FIGUREHEAD. People like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Hirono (Hawaii) have infiltrated Congress, and are not equipped to reason RATIONALLY……they think only about having their own way regarding the POTUS ability to act quickly. Congress will one day find themselves in deep DO-DO, and as a result America will suffer THE CONSEQUENCES. REALLY TWISTED PEOPLE. !!!.

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