Democrat Franklin Roosevelt turned away thousands of Jewish refugees, Ocean liner St. Louis alone had 937 passengers, Hypocrite Democrats & Jews attack Trump 

Democrat Franklin Roosevelt turned away thousands of Jewish refugees, Ocean liner St. Louis alone had 937 passengers, Hypocrite Democrats & Jews attack Trump

“Human Traffickers and Criminal Elements in Caravan”…Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

“exclusive information and photos from Guatemalan authorities revealing that they have recovered seven unaccompanied minors from human smugglers working inside the caravan.”…Judicial Watch

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


As my mom always said “The guilty dog barks the loudest.”

The Democrats, including many Jews, have been attacking President Trump for doing his job and protecting the borders.

The Democrats, including members of the KKK, have a long history of human rights abuses.

Democrat Franklin Roosevelt turned away thousands of Jewish refugees before and during World War II.

From The Smithsonian.

“In a long tradition of “persecuting the refugee,” the State Department and FDR claimed that Jewish immigrants could threaten national security”

“World War II prompted the largest displacement of human beings the world has ever seen—although today’s refugee crisis is starting to approach its unprecedented scale. But even with millions of European Jews displaced from their homes, the United States had a poor track record offering asylum. Most notoriously, in June 1939, the German ocean liner St. Louis and its 937 passengers, almost all Jewish, were turned away from the port of Miami, forcing the ship to return to Europe; more than a quarter died in the Holocaust.

Government officials from the State Department to the FBI to President Franklin Roosevelt himself argued that refugees posed a serious threat to national security. Yet today, historians believe that Bahr’s case was practically unique—and the concern about refugee spies was blown far out of proportion.”

“These suspicions seeped into American immigration policy. In late 1938, American consulates were flooded with 125,000 applicants for visas, many coming from Germany and the annexed territories of Austria. But national quotas for German and Austrian immigrants had been set firmly at 27,000.

Immigration restrictions actually tightened as the refugee crisis worsened. Wartime measures demanded special scrutiny of anyone with relatives in Nazi territories—even relatives in concentration camps. At a press conference, President Roosevelt repeated the unproven claims from his advisers that some Jewish refugees had been coerced to spy for the Nazis. “Not all of them are voluntary spies,” Roosevelt said. “It is rather a horrible story, but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially Jewish refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies.””

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16 responses to “Democrat Franklin Roosevelt turned away thousands of Jewish refugees, Ocean liner St. Louis alone had 937 passengers, Hypocrite Democrats & Jews attack Trump 

  1. “Until the very end of 1944—by which time photographs and newspaper reports had demonstrated that the Nazis were carrying out mass murder—Attorney General Francis Biddle warned Roosevelt not to grant immigrant status to refugees.”

  2. AND NOW…………
    …………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pelosi says she will subpoena President Trump. First of all she doesn’t have the authority to issue a subpoena, second should she attempt such a hare brained act it would be time for the DOJ to issue a subpoena to her for signing an illegally re worded election document (Hawaii COE). She cannot convict President Trump but the DOJ CAN certainly convict her for signing an illegal election document. (which is a felony)

  3. CW…………
    ………..Franklin Roosevelt was up to a point a controversial POTUS. He was elected initially at the height of the DEPRESSION. The reason for turning away the SS ST. Louis might well have been for the reason he looked upon the refugees as 937 MORE PEOPLE added to the already burgeoning welfare rolls in the major cities……..which ultimately costing the FED BIG TIME. The depression was more than likely a facet of his decision to enter the war in Europe. It put a hell of a lot of people back to work,

  4. AND NOW………..
    ……………we are seeing Oprah Winfree stumping for Stacey Abrams the self avowed SOCIALIST. It is clear that she will attempt to put SOCIAIST POLICIES into the government of Georgia. This will mean significantly higher corporate taxes as well as much higher property taxes. Georgia will become a SANCTUARY STATE. So it is easy to conclude that Oprah Winfree AGREES with Stacey Abrams with respect to SOCIALISM. Time to boycott her television show, and her OWN company.

  5. AND NOW……….
    ……….Lil Barry says that Trump sending troops to the border is a political STUNT. Time to SEND HIM BACK TO KENYA.

  6. CW………..
    …… the risk of sounding like a racist, it appears that a large percentage of the black community can’t seem to think in any terms except as racist. In any, and most conversations with them they drift back to racist accusations against anyone who contradicts their own often TWISTED VIEWPOINTS. This says that many of the black community have a one track mentality which is incapable of listening to any view points except their own. Yet they accuse everyone of racism whenever somebody says anything contrary to their own beliefs. So in reality their quick accusations are ILL FOUNDED, and more often than not totally without merit. Many of them never heard the word racism until they heard someone else use the word. Many of the black community think that they are much better off as members of youth gangs which they think MAKES THEM C-O-O-L IN THE EYES OF THEIR PEERS. WHAT SORT OF MENTALITY LOOKS UPON BEING IN PRISON FOR A MAJOR PART OF HIS/HER LIFE AS BEING C-O-O-L? Many black youths bomb out of school before they reach the 6th grade……..and they never return to school. Thus they have extremely limited educations. Then they accuse everybody of hatred, and racism because they failed to obtain an education. They DO IT TO THEMSELVES, AND CREATE THEIR OWN DILEMMAS. THE LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF PRISONERS IN America ARE AFRO-AMERICAN YOUNG PEOPLE. THEY ARE IN PRISON FOR A WIDE RANGE OF CRIMES WHICH INCLUDES RAPE, AND MURDER. SADLY IT IS POSSIBLE THAT MANY OF THEM WOULD NOT BE IN PRISON HAD THEY OBTAINED AN EDUCATION. IN EDUCATION COMES TEMPERANCE WHICH IS CONSIDERED TO BE ONE OF THE FOUR CARDINAL VIRTUES OF LIFE.

  7. CW………..
    …………..I once lived in Brooklyn, New York, and I sometimes arrived at Grand Central Station during rush hour from Boston where I served the remainder of my enlistment in the Navy. Sometimes I would end up standing in close proximity on the subway train with black youths. You couldn’t help hearing their conversations. F— you, or F— yo mama, or simply oh f—. seemed to be the only words they knew. A few of them also had some really bad BO. Much of this sort of thing is remembered, and they can’t figure out why.

  8. oldsailor85+
    President Trump sends Federal troops to protect a US boarder. This should make the history books. I believe President Wilson did the same thing many years ago (1916) to stop Pancho Villa from attacking Columbus, New Mexico.

  9. A THOUGHT……..
    …………Lil Barry was the FIRST American POTUS to come from Kenya. He was also the first American POTUS to attract flies everywhere he went.

  10. hapnHal………
    ……….the Pancho Villa story is an interesting one……….particularly as we watch the INVASION of our borders approaching from South of the border. I fully concur with the notion that most of these people ARE NOT REFUGEES so they have no right applying for ASYLUM.

  11. A QUOTE……..
    …………We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress, and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.!!!! –Abraham Lincoln

  12. AND TODAY……..
    ………….I wonder how many of the snot nosed American youth have ever read the words of Lincoln… or even give a damn anyway, as it were. One day they will be CRYING FOR GOD TO INTERVENE into the mess they helped create.

  13. GW and hapnHal,

    They’re nor refugees; they’re illegal aliens trying to invade America for the welfare buck.

    Anyone who doesn’t see this for what it is is just plain stupid.

    Our local paper had an interview with one of the ‘refugees;’ she’s 19 years old, with a **7** year old son! Tell me again how she plans to contribute to our country….

  14. SueK………..
    ……….when America is turned into the country the POS came from they will look for someplace else to attach themselves to. They are in truth…… LEACHES.

  15. AND TONIGHT………
    ………..Newt Gingrich is at this moment the guest on Mark Levin show. Really interesting discussion!!!!

  16. Regarding your article on Roosevelt turning away the St. Louis – this might provide you with a deeper understanding.

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