Mexico migrant caravan update October 28, 2018, Report of abducted child, Hold a meeting Sunday in Tapanatepec, Assisted by Grupo Beta

Mexico migrant caravan update October 28, 2018, Report of abducted child, Hold a meeting Sunday in Tapanatepec, Assisted by Grupo Beta

“Human Traffickers and Criminal Elements in Caravan”…Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

“exclusive information and photos from Guatemalan authorities revealing that they have recovered seven unaccompanied minors from human smugglers working inside the caravan.”…Judicial Watch

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From the NY Times October 28, 2018.

“Migrant Caravan to Rest Following Report of Abducted Child

Coordinators of a caravan of several thousand Central American migrants moving through southern Mexico urged its members to rest Sunday. At first the migrants vowed to press on anyway but later changed their minds amid reports that a child had been abducted.

The migrants said they would stay and hold a meeting Sunday in Tapanatepec. Late Saturday night, groups of migrants were running through the town’s streets saying a migrant’s child had been snatched. Something similar led to a panic at an earlier stop, but was not confirmed.

After being delayed for a couple hours when federal police halted their exit from the town of Arriaga Saturday morning, most of the migrants arrived in Tapanatepec in the searing heat. Dozens headed down to the Novillero river below the central square to bathe, wash clothing and cool off. Others lined up at a medical aid station mostly for attention to their battered feet.

For the first time an arm of the federal government seemed to be directly helping the migrants advance rather than trying to diminish the caravan. In this case Grupo Beta, Mexico’s migrant protection agency, gave rides to stragglers and passed out water.

At the caravan’s regular evening meeting in the town square, its coordinators tried to force a little chivalry.

Many of the migrants have depended on hitchhiking to move between towns rather than walking the entire way. When trucks stop it’s usually young men who sprint to reach them first. Women carrying children or pushing strollers are at a disadvantage.

On Saturday night, a nun scolded the men and urged the women to be more aggressive in pursuing the rides. She said the church would help arrange five trucks to transport only women with children on the next trek to Niltepec about 33 miles (54 kms) away.

“To me it’s bad because there has to be equality because we are all struggling on this path,” said Hector Alvarado. The 25-year-old from Atlantida, Honduras said he had to quit school and leave his wife and 2-year-old daughter to try to make a living in the U.S.”

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56 responses to “Mexico migrant caravan update October 28, 2018, Report of abducted child, Hold a meeting Sunday in Tapanatepec, Assisted by Grupo Beta

  1. During a media briefing Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence made a stunning revelation about who’s funding the massive caravan of migrants currently headed for the southern U.S. border.

    Prompted by President Donald Trump, Pence stepped up and said, “I spoke to President [Juan Orlando] Hernandez of Honduras. He told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.” ”

  2. Cesar the hoax bomber:

    -friends said he had democrat leanings
    -i just read that he was registered as a democrat until 2016
    – he follows 32 people on twitter and all are democrats. does not follow Trump
    -van covered in trump stickers in pristine condition, when anyone who’s been around knows that a van covered in trump stickers would be destroyed in most any major city in this country.

    Something does not add up. And we can’t forget Steven Hatfill, Richard Jewell, and dozens of others that the FBI as falsely accused in their effort to, at best, show how they good they are at solving crimes, and, at worst, frame somebody like mueller tried to do to Hatfill.

  3. fhl………….
    ……….given the history of the left, there is certainly ample room to have some fleeting thoughts about possible hidden promoters of Sayoc’s bomb run.

  4. fhl…………
    ……….to a large extent such an outlandish idea of phony bombs smacks of either somebody who is a total nitwit, or somebody who is trying to draw out mass sympathy for the people to whom the phony bombs were addressed, but NOT RECEIVED by any of them. Anybody who was serious about sending phony bombs would know that the likelihood of success in harassing the addressees would be mitigated early on by either their personal mailrooms, or postal authorities. The harassment value would be very little, BUT if there was the right sort of public outrage by the fake news people it could generate massive sympathy for the LIBERALS who were the addressees. Thus potentially damaging the voting fervor of the republicans. It didn’t change my mind I put my absentee ballot in the mailbox at 9:00 AM this morning. I voted against every LIBERAL DEMOCRAT ON THE BALLOT. We have a bunch of them around these parts. I fired my weapon at them all legally.

  5. CW
    Fox news just reported from a live on site reporter that no child was abducted. Wait and see?

  6. Illegal alien invaders, meet the U.S. military.

    Have a nice day!

  7. Kanye West Designs “Blexit” Apparel Urging Black People To Leave Democratic Party

    Let the people say amen!

  8. fhl……..
    It would not surprise me if after the mid terms there will be a push to bring impeachment of President Trump by the DEEP STATE LEFT. They will use the alleged incidents as being clear evidence that he is unfit for office because he incites the violence whenever he gives speeches, or at rallies…………but all he needs then to do is show videos with sound of Maxine Waters screaming her hate filled IMPEACH rhetoric to the public and he will win against them. They always very stupidly take the safety off the gun when they are handling it…..and eventually they shoot themselves in the foot because they forgot the safety was off. THAT IS CLASSIC LIBERALS!!!

    …… the border can be avoided by dividing all of the so called refugees into 6 equal groups and putting each group on busses to destinations in California, Oregon, Washington State, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine. Let these sanctuary states support the refugees, I think their taxpayers will soon have new leadership at their statehouses.

  10. fhl……….
    ……………you have the gift of being able to recognize a picture which accurately says it all. You have a unique gift. The facial expression of the person in SHOW ME YOUR TRIGGERED FACE……defies words, and clearly sends a message of an IRRATIONAL MENTALITY. but in reality I do not have the necessary words in my vocabulary to describe the facial expression accurately. “Irrational mentality” is as close as I can get.

  11. SueK………….

  12. Thanks, GW!!!

    It’s cool today with thunderstorms and tornado warnings, but this is a happy town despite the weather.

    The steamroller called the Boston Red Sox just couldn’t be stopped this year; no way :).

  13. The left continually tells us that it doesn’t matter that the 2nd amendment says we have the right to bear arms, they can still ban certain arms that they think aren’t safe.

    Then they tell us that the 1st amendment means that we can’t ban certain religions in the US to keep us safe.

  14. CNN trying to make sure —–white!

  15. It says here that the hoax bomber was listed as a democrat until the day he was arrested on one of his social media accounts.

    Everything just might not be the way it seems.

  16. fhl
    …………here is one for thought………have you ever wondered if todays young people are carrying their brain around in their hand instead of inside their head as should be the case………and to compound the problem they sit for hours at a time sending each other moronic text messages via their handheld EXTERNAL emotionless brain.

  17. Trump Plans To End Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants: Axios

    Thank God.

  18. AND……….
    ……………until a person is a US citizen their offspring cannot become citizens at birth. If people are NOT citizens they are NOT entitled to participate in OUR Social Security, OUR Healthcare, OR Constitutional Rights…………NOR should they be recipients of WELFARE funds. At the turn of the century people came to America by the thousands to places like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, and for years lived off of the backs of the taxpayers. The thinking of the POTUS is accurate, and right.

  19. AND……..
    ………the massive caravan that is moving toward America puts me in mind of the tsunami which occurred when Fidel Castro made himself the ruler of Cuba. The Hialea area of Florida is now referred to as little Havana……..and sadly the area looks like a third world country. At least it did when I was there in the 1970s.

  20. AND………
    ……..there are still hundreds of the Cubans who ARE STILL NOT US Citizens………they are still refugees, and living off of the backs of the Florida taxpayers.

  21. THIS MORNING……….
    ………..I learned that some of the alleged JEWS in Pittsburgh are NOT REALLY members of the Jewish community……..they live in a FANTASY land, and claim to be PROGRESSIVE Jews. In reality they are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in disguise. These twisted morons are trying to legally block Trump from coming to Pittsburgh. They will FAIL.!!!!

  22. oldsailor85+
    AND>>>Say Whaaaaat
    No More Anchor Babies?
    President Trump plans to sign an executive order that would remove the right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S. soil, he said yesterday in an exclusive interview for “Axios on HBO,” a new four-part documentary news series debuting on HBO this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT.

    Why it matters: This would be the most dramatic move yet in Trump’s hardline immigration campaign, this time targeting “anchor babies” and “chain migration.” And it will set off another stand-off with the courts, as Trump’s power to do this through executive action is debatable to say the least.

  23. Ginger………..
    ……………it looks as though Trump will be coming back to Cape Girardeau. I think he was there once before. It looks as though the Southern part of Missouri is leaning toward the Democrats.

  24. If the knuckleheads in the establishment actually provoked us into a shooting war with Russia, who would the left side with?
    Russia or Donald Trump?

  25. Actor James Cromwell says, and I paraphrase, that either the public votes for democrats next week or democrats are going to start a revolution and begin killing people.

    Democrats are tyrants, thugs and killers and there is ZERO use in attempting to get along with them.

  26. fhl………….
    ………..murder of ANYBODY who gets in the way of ANY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT is STANDARD PROCEDURE, and right out of their playbook.

  27. A woman is reported to be ready to charge Mueller with sexual assault/harrassment.



  28. And now that Trump is going to do away with anchor baby status, leftards are going to fill the airwaves with a pack of lies about it.

  29. What we know: The woman is a “very credible witness.” Her story is corroborated. The incident happened in 2010 in New York City. The woman is a professional.

    The Mueller apologists are already trashing the accuser — and don’t even know who she is!

  30. We have an alleged rapist running the Special Council operation against Trump.

  31. VP Pence had a Messianic Jew offer prayers at a service for the killings in Pittsburgh.

    Leftists are extreeeeemly offended by this.


  32. fhl……….
    ………murder of anybody who gets in the way of a liberal democrat has gone on for as long as I can remember………and many of the murders have NEVER been investigated. This also occurs from time to time in organized labor disputes. This too goes way back………clear to the days of John L Lewis……..and even back to the days of Abraham Lincoln who himself was murdered.

  33. He and Shep are queers. So is Anderson Pooper. So are many of them.

    How did the news come to be dominated by those who engage in deviant sex?

  34. …….here is one for a giggle; …….the lil black bantam rooster, otherwise known as Al Sharpton was at a rally where he saw a huge number of blacks wearing MAGA hats. He immediately went into rabid meltdown mode. Allegedly he began verbally screaming at those who were wearing the hats with selected expletives while pointing his tiny finger at them as he screeched at them.

  35. hapnHal…
    ……………..I read, and reread the 14th amendment this morning, and as a HS graduate without any degrees or other advanced education, I come down on the side of the 14th amendment AS WRITTEN. I would think that there would have to be another amendment written to exclude citizenship of children born to illegals on American soil. There is however a college professor who teaches the Constitution who has stated that the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” changes the continuity of the overall rendition, and needs special attention when read. At this point I think those who believe the latter might be mentally twisting the words somewhat. Just my personal viewpoint.!!!

  36. hapnHal……….
    ………..I don’t think that the POTUS has the power to alter any of the Constitutional language. It requires another amendment to supersede the pertinent language, and a Constitutional Convention is required to create an amendment to the Constitution. AGAIN JUST MY BELIEF !!!

  37. Online betting sites have the House race as anywhere from a tossup to a slight dem favorite.

    Polls like Nate Silver have the chance of a dem house at around 85%. Much more tilted left.

  38. AND NOW……….
    ……..Democrats are asking the UN to intervene against the POTUS DOING WHAT HE IS REQUIRED TO DO TO PROTECT AMERICANS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. The democrats are NOT THE POTUS (even though it appears they think they are) If the UN attempts to intervene in any way , shape , or form the people who they send will be deemed a MILITARY INVASION FORCE, and MILITARILY DEALT WITH………and the POTUS will be in the RIGHT. Of course after the UN is EJECTED from our shores the DEMOCRATS who acted against the POTUS will all be prosecuted and without a doubt will spend the rest of their lives in a Federal Penitentiary for WAR CRIMES. Anyone who thinks this is BS needs to read the existing laws, then rethink their premise. All of the perpetrators could easily face a death penalty. FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH ANY INTERVENTION IN INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY BY A MILITARY FORCE MUST BE ASKED TO DO SO BY THE LEADER OF THAT COUNTRY. THE UN CANNOT LEGALLY INVADE OUR COUNTRY WITHOUT THE REQUEST OF THE POTUS. THE DEMOCRATS DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO REQUEST UN INTERVENTION AT OUR SOUTHERN BORDER. THIS NEEDS TO BE PUBLICALLY CLARIFIED BY THE SCOTUS.

  39. oldsailor85+
    RE Anchor Babies
    Why isn’t this being reported by the news media?

    There are nearly 300,000 children of illegal aliens born in the United States every year, exceeding the total number of U.S. births in 48 states.
    New wide-ranging analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies‘ Steven Camarotta reveals that there are roughly 297,000 births per year to illegal immigrants in the U.S. (From what countries)?

    The children of illegal aliens are commonly known as “anchor babies,” as they anchor their illegal alien and non-citizen parents in the U.S. and eventually are allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country through the process known as “chain migration.”
    Already, the anchor baby population exceeds the entire population of Los Angeles, California and is roughly half of the population of New York City.
    Why don’t we take care of our own (homeless) first?

  40. hapnHal………..
    …………..I find the facts in your post quite interesting. They seem to confirm much of what I have already learned, and at the same time tells the story regarding our alleged 14th amendment. The so called refugees are using their offspring as a way to legally bring many of their relatives to America……. which amounts to an end run around the law. Even Harriet Reid said the same thing.

  41. hapnHal………
    …………with respect to our homeless US citizens decency of government has become a commodity in VERY SHORT SUPPLY.!!!

  42. hapnHal………..
    ……….President Trump is correct when he says that if we have no borders, America will DIE. It seems to me that far too many Americans no longer care about limiting immigration. This ignorance is a result of people who have never learned about GOVERNMENT in school, and more than likely slept through their CIVICS classes in high school. To compound the problem US HISTORY hasn’t been taught for a couple of decades. In addition our young people are jumping on to the OBSTINENCE BANDWAGON…….where UP is DOWN, BLUE IS RED, and LEFT IS RIGHT. This notion has been drilled into their minds for a very long time, and now they BELIEVE IT. re (George Orwell)


  44. Trump is winning, listen to these goons!

    They are going ballistic over Trumps desire to end Birthright Citizenship!

    It doesn’t get any better than this, but wait, we still need to arrest the usurper!!!!

  45. They are going to go insane! Trump owns SCOTUS!

  46. Usurper Obama/Soetoro will finally be declared an illegal alien after Trump ends birthright citizenship, and by the way we’re still waiting to see a legitimate birth certificate for the usurper, all we’ve seen so far from the usurper are forgeries!

  47. oldsailor86 | November 1, 2018 at 12:18 am |

    Trump has called out the liars, that is why they are so insane!

    This is better than I had hoped for as far as putting a dent in the RICO regime, wait until after the election Trump says, just wait. Well I’m waiting for the “Big One” where they arrest the usurper, and Hilliary, and their henchmen!!

    I turned 70 yesterday, I’m gonna have to go to Walmart and get me some celebratory popcorn, to watch the election results on Tuesday. GO Red!

  48. Bob Strauss……..
    ………..congratulations on passing the 70 MILEMARKER. do you feel any different. Perhaps you will end up being the first person to win the PUBLISHER’S CLEARING HOUSE SWEEPS. I recently read that the DOJ is looking at shutting down the PHC scam.
    ………..It is looking a little like the Blue wave will not be happening. There might be instead a RED TSUNAMI.

  49. Happy Birthday, Bob!

    70 is the new 50; I wish the bones and joints would realize that :).

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