Key Risk unleashes devils advocates against Mario Seguro-Suarez, Workers comp claimant, Fell 18 feet head-first onto concrete floor, Emergency brain surgery & damage, Accused of fraud & jailed

Key Risk unleashes devils advocates against Mario Seguro-Suarez, Workers comp claimant, Fell 18 feet head-first onto concrete floor, Emergency brain surgery & damage, Accused of fraud & jailed

“Companies don’t want to go to court because it puts them on a level playing field. Courts are ruled by law, legal precedent, and legal discovery, which allows litigants to obtain information and evidence from their opponents or from third parties.”…North Carolina Consumers Council

“The insurance companies understand that if they deny and deny claims, then many of the claimants will never pursue their claim,”…ABC News Good Morning America April 25, 2008

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12


If the following is true, I hope that Key Risk is sued for every penny they have and put out of business.

From the Charlotte Observer via October 23, 2018.

“Company couldn’t cut disabled worker’s benefits, so it ‘went rogue,’ lawyer says

In 2003, after Mario Seguro-Suarez fell 18 feet head-first onto the concrete floor of his Lincolnton workplace, his employer and its insurance carrier acknowledged that his disabling brain injury qualified him for workers’ compensation benefits.

Court documents reveal the lengths that Key Risk Insurance Co. went not to pay them.

The Greensboro-based company disregarded years of medical opinions — including several from its own doctors — that Seguro-Suarez was indeed left disabled from his fall at the Southern Fiber factory, documents show.

Over the past 15 years, Key Risk has made multiple trips to courts and before the N.C. Industrial Commission to argue that Seguro-Suarez has been faking his symptoms and that his benefits should be cut off.

When the company lost those fights, it kept appealing — and losing.

When all else failed, says veteran Charlotte attorney Woody Connette, Key Risk “went rogue.”

First, it had the idled worker followed and videotaped for weeks, court documents say. A private investigator then took what a detective would describe as misleading information to Lincolnton police to accuse Seguro-Suarez of insurance fraud. He was arrested, jailed and later indicted.

The charges were thrown out in 2014, drawing a withering rebuke from the Lincoln County judge who heard them.

Now, Seguro-Suarez and his attorneys are suing Key Risk and others for malicious prosecution. In September, the N.C. Court of Appeals — the state’s second highest judicial body — refused the company’s motion to have the 2016 lawsuit thrown out.

Charlotte attorney Woody Connette, who is serving as legal guardian for Seguro-Suarez in his Key Risk lawsuit because the worker has been found incapable of representing himself, says the company’s actions are unlike any he’s encountered in his 40-year legal career.

“I have seen some outrageous abuses of the system by insurance companies, but this is the most outrageous,” Connette told the Observer.”

“Seguro-Suarez’ fall in January 2003 left him in a coma and put him on a respirator.

Following emergency brain surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, the Costa Rican native was unable to clothe, feed or clean himself, documents say. He also displayed radical mood swings and was deemed incapable of returning to work.

A doctor who treated Seguro-Suarez described him as “childlike.” One of his workers’ comp attorneys, Rick Anderson of Charlotte, says multiple tests place Seguro-Suarez’ current IQ at around 70, in the bottom 1 percent of all North Carolinians.”

“In October 2014, Seguro-Suarez was arrested on 25 felony counts, including insurance fraud and obtaining property under false pretenses, documents indicate.

The criminal case against him began crumbling early on. After his first court appearance, a psychologist with the state prison system found Seguro-Suarez mentally incapable of standing trial, documents say.

Superior Court Judge Forrest Bridges of Lincolnton ridiculed the charges.”

“In October 2016, Seguro-Suarez sued for malicious prosecution. The complaint names Key Risk and four of its employees, including Senior Vice President Joseph Abriola, as defendants. Hill, the investigator, is also included.

Key Risk appealed. In January 2017, Superior Court Judge Jesse Caldwell of Gaston County refused to dismiss the complaint. Again, Key Risk challenged the ruling, this time to the Court of Appeals. In September, Key Risk again lost.

In June, the Industrial Commission rejected the latest company latest appeal and locked in Seguro-Suarez’ benefits for life.”

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81 responses to “Key Risk unleashes devils advocates against Mario Seguro-Suarez, Workers comp claimant, Fell 18 feet head-first onto concrete floor, Emergency brain surgery & damage, Accused of fraud & jailed

  1. Here’s the way the WaPo put it:

    “The Secret Service said Wednesday that it had intercepted packages containing “potential explosive devices” addressed to former first lady Hillary Clinton in New York and former president Barack Obama in Washington.”

    Notice it say ‘potential explosive devices’

    So what is that, anyway?

    The caravan and the bombs that aren’t even bombs coming right before the election spell one thing:

    The democrats are doing all of this. They hope it helps them win. That’s my story and it’s going to take more than a crooked DOJ or crooked FBI to change my mind.

  2. Spot on.

  3. I do not know if this will work…it is an order from President Trump moving the army, etc to the border!

  4. Lock and Load time patriots!

  5. So they were ‘potential explosive devices’ and they were sent all over the place to democrats and NONE of them went off.

    The probabilities are rapidly heading toward 100% that this is a democratic stunt.

  6. Investigative reporter, Paul Sperry said it perfectly:

    6 bombs sent to Democrats. 0 go off. All crudely made pipe bombs and conspicuously obvious explosives, and all easily screened and discovered. Stunt seems designed for maximum political/media optics, not maximum damage

    — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) October 24, 2018

    The pipe bombs might as well have had “ACME” stamped on them. Totally telegraphed by packaging (excessive postage, taping), amateur packing of gun powder (bad end caps, etc)

    — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) October 24, 2018

    If the FBI tells us there are no forensics to track and yet the bombs were amateurish, this is a set up. Someone who makes amateur bombs can’t professionally scrub any sort of leads away from the devices and packages.

    First of all, John Brennan is a contributor for NBC, not CNN.

    If you’re smart enough to make a bomb, you’re smart enough to pay attention to details like that.

    This is looking more unreliable every minute.

    None of the packages were delivered to anyone’s residence. It’s a lie.

    — Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) October 24, 2018

  7. CW……….
    …………..I think it is time open the gates wide and let them all come in, but as fast as they arrive we ship them to San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington. Maybe Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pelosi , and all the rest of the hare brained liberals will enjoy the stinking turds all over the sidewalks in front of their mansions. Some need to be sent to DeBlasioland as well. Surely Mr. Steyer in California is rich enough to support a bunch of them as well. Bill Gates in Seattle can surely spare some petty cash to support a bunch of them.
    …………..Then the poopers should be made to clean up their stinking messes…………but in California that will never happen……they will pay thousands of dollars to a poop squad each day.

  8. CW………
    ………we are seeing the results of school systems in America that no longer teach US History, Civics, or Government. Today we are feeling the results of the ignorant POS who have won elections and haven’t the slightest idea how government works. I have serious doubts that many of the alleged leaders can recite any of the Bill of Rights.

  9. CW………..
    …………time is growing short,………..America is about to be forcefully invaded, and it is doubtful that the Federal Judges will allow the POTUS to move Army personnel to the border to protect our citizens. The filthy cheap looking beached blond snot nosed female liberal judges who have taken over our Federal courts will rule against the POTUS…………and America will LOSE THE IMMIGRATION WAR.

  10. florida…..

  11. You guys are good….and funny.

  12. AND………
    ……….it is beginning to look as though somebody has set up a bomb making production line. Foxnews just reported that Robert De Niro, and Joe Biden had packages sent to them. Hope the FBI gets a handle on this individual pretty soon. So far it looks as though it is being done to scare the pinto beans out of the recipients. Is the unibomber still in prison, or was he let out?

  13. AND……..
    ……..I read that some folks think it is the liberals who are behind this in the hopes it will create sympathy for them at the polls. Lots of speculation !!!!

  14. AND TODAY………
    ………we are seeing an emergency order from a US COURT to tie the PRESIDENT’S hands against using the military to keep the caravan members from entering the US. I had a gut feeling that this was going to happen. The Citizens of America have now LOST the war against the invasion. This amounts to treason by the judge who ordered it.

  15. AND NOW ……….
    …………it is time for President Trump to tell the judge to take a long walk on a short pier. The POTUS has the Constitutional right to protect our country against invasion of any kind.

  16. fhl……….
    ………….love the humor in the cartoons………..particularly the Kim Jong UN, and the Hillary cartoons. Great chuckles for both. !!!!

  17. Yes, the POTUS has the right & obligation to protect US!

  18. Avenatti, Swetnick Referred To DOJ For Criminal Investigation Over False Statements On Kavanaugh

  19. TODAY ……..
    ……the law found a surveillance video of the individual who delivered the bomb to CNN……… he is a carbon copy of ATOM SNIFF………bulging bug eyes and crazed facial expression.

  20. ALSO……..
    …………he looked a little like Marty Feldman. Feldman doesn’t have anything on ATOM SNIFF.!!!!!

    ………..Heraldo says there is room for ALL of the caravan members, plus thousands more in America. He thinks all Americans should sit still for huge property tax increases to feed, clothe, lodge, educate, and provide healthcare for these aliens over many years. Sadly where property owners once dwelled there will eventually be unoccupied derelict empty structures just like what we now see in Detroit, and many parts of Chicago.
    ………..It is clear that Heraldo has a really twisted view of what he is trying to talk about………OF COURSE WHAT OTHER VIEW WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM A PERSON WITH A ONE TRACK MIND.!!!!

  22. This is why it so often feels like there’s not a chance of ever getting justice. Ever.

    from thegatewaypundit:

    “Last Fall, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Special Prosecutor John Huber to investigate whether the FBI abused its power when it obtained a FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.
    One year later and Huber has not interviewed any key witnesses.

    GOP lawmakers such as Rep. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan said they have not received any updates on Huber’s investigation.

    Furthermore, according to Congressman Meadows, there is no evidence John Huber has done anything other than be appointed by Jeff Sessions.

    Meadows says he wants Huber to appear before Congress to answer questions and give updates.”


    This Huber guy hasn’t done THING ONE to find out about the fraudulent fisa warrants. Not one freaking thing.

  23. MAYBE……….
    …………if the caravan members are shipped to San Francisco the city will have a source of cheap labor to staff the city’s POOP CLEANUP SQUAD.

  24. CW………
    ………I pray that Avenatti is disbarred from practicing law.

  25. With all of the scary “pipe bombs” being delivered, thought you could use this scary video.

  26. I checked this out. It’s true.

    It asks a very good question. Why are they showing this on the news?

    I think we all know the answer to that.

  27. AND NOW………..
    ………….Cesar Sayoc is in custody as the perpetrator of the bomb mailings.

  28. …………..he used to live in New York, and is a resident of North Miama ,………rather WAS until this morning. His next address will probably be a Federal Penitentiary.

  29. It looks as if another Lee Harvey Oswald is in custody in FL….

  30. —Breaking—–

    -hoax bomber a ‘person of color’

    -may be related to Elizabeth Warren


    The msm can run their headlines and I can run mine.

  31. The news media won’t report if he was a Republican or democrat, I wonder why?? That’s the first thing they report if he was a Republican.

  32. There’s crazy & there’s crazy.
    This guy is crazy but you’ve got to be batshit crazy to be a Democrat.

  33. Give them a VISA!

  34. John Kasich has delusions of grandeur.

  35. oldsailor85+
    I would like to know why it took only three days to catch the pipe bomber and it’s taken two years to find out if Trump colluded with the Russians.
    Mueller needs to go and fly a kite.

  36. Liawatha is very upset that she didn’t get a bomb; she’s VERY important, ya know.

  37. fhl, you’re on fire today :).

  38. fhl………….
    …………..the one about passing gas in a mosque cracked me up big time…………. KEEP EM COMING !!!!!!

  39. fhl………….
    ……….the other cracker upper was slick willy talking to Obama…….”What the hell………..”.

  40. SueK………..
    ……….have to agree. fhl has really got it going today !!!!! har har
    ……..loved the one about Pocahontas, and the trip to the Cherokee nation. When you stand back and look at all of the liberal FANTASY CRAPOLA, we see these days it gets really difficult to discern any REALITY! In LIBERAL FANTASY LAND there is no such thing as REALITY!!!!!

  41. hapnHal…………
    …………..great thought………I wonder if Mueller would be successful at getting a KITE ALOFT………….when I was 9 years of age I was MAKING my own kites…………..and I am a notorious SIMPLETON !!!!!!

  42. AND ………
    …………… there is an active shooter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh PA. Multiple fatalities. On Fox NOW. Another person has gone buggy.


  44. When they want to be, the FBI can get it done. LOL

  45. Hi Old Coot……..
    ………..watching an old movie ………the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Really insane stuff. If this movie is a product of liberal minds, it is easy to see why they are all criminally crazed. Hollywood is what it is……..a pack of rabid foaming at the mouth, deviates.

  46. The media is the enemy of the American people and they are pure evil.

  47. It was only a few weeks ago that someone sent ricin to people in the Trump administration.

    Why are fake bombs sent to
    Democrats more shocking than real
    ricin packages to Republicans?

  48. The media claimed the Indian guy was white when the news story broke.

    I”m telling you the media is evil.

  49. HI ALL……….
    ………….fired my weapon at all of the liberal democrats in our state. I just completed my absentee ballot. Will be in the mail tomorrow AM.

  50. I put a cloths pin on my nose and voted a straight REPUB ballot. In addition to comply with the new law in Indiana I made sure I marked the ballot for the at large , and partisan races as well. The ballot is somewhat confusing. I have serious doubts that everybody who uses absentee ballots in Indiana will figure out that this year ONE MARK will NOT DO IT ALL. Some STATE offices require a separate mark, and all county, and township votes must be filled in separately on the new ballots. This is a real load of HORSE MANURE…………and there are going to be a lot of confused absentee voters.

  51. You do not need any formal education to see through the Caravan, and WHY IT EXISTS. Does anyone see any correlation with the coming MID TERMS in about two weeks? This is NOT AN ACCIDENT. !!!!! Liberals are heavily involved. If the election was NOT COMING there would be NO CARAVANS………..BUT YES Venezuela could be involved because of the US actions against Venezuela.

  52. And this morning a deranged ANTI SEMATIC POS decided to murder people and injure more at the Tree of Life Jewish Synagogue. Later today the number of dead now totals 11. This is clearly Nazism. I pray that this individual receives the DEATH PENALTY. The liberals are against the death penalty. They claim nothing is achieved by KILLING THE PERPETRATOR…….WHAT IS ACHIEVED IS THE REMOVAL FROM EARTH OF A BASTARD WHO DECIDED HE WAS GOD. HOPEFULLY HE WILL NEVER AGAIN HAVE THE CHANCE TO KILL ANYONE.

  53. Our country is seriously divided! Has anyone ever heard the words “A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND”? Our country may already be past the point of NO RETURN. Between the rabid foaming at the mouth liberals, and the low IQ people in America we are all facing something that could easily get a lot worse before it is ever mitigated. Only the low intelligence people, and their liberal friends refuse to change their behavior.

  54. Today we have among us a group of people who refuse to get out and vote, but when somebody they don’t like is elected to public office they try very hard to destroy that person, and in the past have even attempted to assassinate the elected leader. One such person was successful in the 1960s. We all remember JFK.. I remember I had a neighbor who despised JFK, but all he seemed to be able to do was gripe about the POTUS. I once told him “if you dislike JFK then go and cast a vote against him”. All the neighbor ever seemed inclined to want to do was GUZZLE BEER by the case, GO FISHING, and gripe about the leadership of the country. Such people have no right to gripe if they refuse to vote.

  55. fhl………..
    ……….can’t help wondering how long Cory Booker would last doing an actual Spartacus contest. har har My guess is about 10 seconds ,or as long as it takes for the animal he is confronting to get a bite on his pointed head.

  56. fhl………..
    ……………in today’s world of football type of gladiators, perhaps it is time to return to the THUMBS UP, OR THUMBS DOWN. With respect to Cory Booker as Spartacus……….let me be the first to register my THUMBS DOWN.

  57. fhl………..
    ………….ancient Roman history shows that lots of so called gladiators were carried out of the Arena and……… BURIED.!!!

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