Guilford County NC hit hard by Hurricane tropical storm Michael, Surprised by flooding and numbers of large trees falling

Guilford County NC hit hard by Hurricane tropical storm Michael, Surprised by flooding and numbers of large trees falling

“You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.”…William Bell


It is difficult to complain about the impact of Hurricane and then tropical storm Michael on Guilford County NC with the devastation of south Florida.

However, Guilford County sustained a surprising amount of impact. Especially in power outages.

From the Greensboro News Record Saturday, October 13, 2018.

“Duke Energy says customers can go to their website to get updates on power outages. For most Triad counties, there is no estimated time for when power could be restored”

“Here’s what the Duke Energy outage map is reporting as of Saturday at 9:30 a.m:

Statewide: 283,704

Guilford: 71,175

Rockingham: 19,993

Forsyth: 13,947

Alamance: 15,975

Randolph: 13,412

Davidson: 5,613

Caswell: 6,733

Stokes: 2,093

Montgomery: 1.080

Davie: 973″

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In my drive through a very small section of Greensboro, I was astounded at the number of large trees that had toppled.

From the Greensboro News Record October 12, 2018.

“Jennifer Hedrick’s story was years in the making.

Hedrick was in bed Thursday afternoon when she heard a tree fall. From the noise she thought it fell into a neighbor’s house. But then her 10-year-old son began to cry.

“He was looking out the window and said, ‘A tree fell on your car,’” she said.

20181013g_nws_tropical storm michael_follow (copy)

Neighbor Cleiff Liendo records damage to a Jeep on David Caldwell Drive after Tropical Storm Michael left a trail of damage in Greensboro, N.C., on Oct. 12, 2018.

At that moment she didn’t know about the widespread devastation in her neighborhood and across the Triad. She just knew that a tree had fallen on the Jeep she started leasing three months ago.

Hedrick and her husband, Joshua, said all the people in their neighborhood along David Caldwell Drive pray that trees around their houses will not be the next to snap.”

“Before the family left town they, like many others in Greensboro, went on a search for food and coffee.

Lines backed up at restaurants and convenience stores that were open.

Darkened traffic lights greeted drivers on major roads like Bryan Boulevard, Battleground Avenue, Elm and West Market streets.

Downed trees littered the front of Peace United Church of Christ on West Market Street. Up the road, another tree leaned against the Greensboro College Reynolds Family Student Life Center.”

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Duke Energy outage status:


More here:





10 responses to “Guilford County NC hit hard by Hurricane tropical storm Michael, Surprised by flooding and numbers of large trees falling

  1. CW………
    ………it is really saddening to see the people who were hit by Florence hit a second time in two weeks. It looks as though most of the outcome from Michael in and around Guilford was loss of power. It would seem that where geographically possible the power grid would be put underground. Yesterday you mentioned multi inverters. Are you aware of the huge Uninterruptable Power Inverter system which is presently being used in a principal city in Alaska? This is a MEGA WATT system, which when there is a power failure the system supports the entire city, in addition to some nearby small towns. Perhaps it is time that these systems could be employed. But when mother nature turns on her electric fan bad things happen regardless of how well designed something might be. There is many geographical locations in America where there never will be any upgrading of electrical services simply because there is NO OTHER design that will function properly other than overhead power lines. I can fully understand why you have multi inverters, especially with the computer systems you have to protect. For you this probably serves very well……..especially during power outages.

  2. CW…….
    ……… the 1950s the US Navy was experimenting with various DC to AC systems largely because of the necessity for smoothly regulated sine curve, as it relates to motor speeds etc. Ships that used DC as the principal power source used motor generator sets, because a rotary device provided smoother regulated 60 cycle sine curve. Many of the WW2 C-2 5 hold cargo ships were DC powered. I know this because I was TAD aboard one of them for a short period of time. I stood watches in the engine room where the 250 Volt DC generators were operating. They are extremely noisy generators particularly when operating in parallel. The output voltage balance had to be closely monitored. The deck winches on these ships were also electrically powered. When the heavy current drain was being experienced at the generator distribution boards, it was necessary to keep an Electrician on duty continuously to keep the electrical load properly balanced. Had it become unbalanced one generator would become a huge electric motor, and severe damage to the generator could have resulted.

  3. As you read the national news stories saturated with the supposed killing of the saudi journalist and how it’s because the saudi leader ordered it and Trump enabled it, the news slowly comes out that the “source” for all this news was kept hidden for two weeks and there is a reason it was kept hidden.
    It was kept hidden because the source of the story is an associate of a guy that’s in prison for attempting to kill saudi royalty.

    And Issikoff is the reporter. Yes, the reporter that was the stenographer for the trump russian stories that were fed him by fusion and used as a basis for the fraudulent fisa warrants.

    I think there’s a reason that people who want this kind of thing to make it into the national news media head straight for micheal issikoff. .

  4. fhl……….
    ……….all of which reinforces my belief with respect to the Iranian bastards. I seriously doubt that the alleged journalist is dead. I believe that he will be held for ransom money……..further I believe that the sick, twisted , and rabid democrats are complicit, and deeply involved.

  5. One of the trees I encountered yesterday in park area near Grimsley HS.

    The weather leading up to the hurricane had been unusually warm running 10-15 degrees above normal
    and thus delaying the shedding of leaves I believe & consequently more trees falling.

  6. Virginia hit hard.

    Oct 12.

    “The Virginia Department of Emergency Management tweeted “Virginia storm updates as of 7 a.m today. 5 confirmed Michael-related fatalities. 520,000 without power. 1,200 closed roads. 5 suspected tornadoes.””

  7. More on kahogi story and how the everything that has been claimed is without a shred of proof and comes from tainted sources.

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