John Brennan Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser Analysis Corp. employee cauterized Obama passport data, Article “scrubbed”, Fake news defends Brennan attacks Trump

John Brennan Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser Analysis Corp. employee cauterized Obama passport data, Article “scrubbed”, Fake news defends Brennan attacks Trump

“Why has Obama employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Vivek Kundra, who was tapped as the White House technology czar
March 5, oversaw technology projects and budgets for 86 D.C.
government agencies as head of the District’s Office of the Chief
Technology Officer.”
“Yusuf Acar, 40, who has worked in the technology office since
2004, was charged with bribery, conspiracy, money laundering and
conflict of interest.”
“Acar also told the informant that he could use computers to
create fake D.C. birth certificates, Hibarger said.”…Citizen Wells from pre rectified Washington Post article dated March 13, 2009

“The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had
actually been destroyed. For how could you establish, even
the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside
your own memory?”…George Orwell, “1984″

Citizen Wells the anti Orwellian Fake News alternative.

Citizen Wells and other sites such as Info Wars, linked to a January 12, 2009 NewsMax article about the John Brennan’s Analysis Corp. employee who cauterized Obama’s passport data.

John Brennan, like Robert Bauer, former Perkins Coie employee and Tony West, were rewarded in Chicago pay to play style for helping Obama keep his records hidden.

The NewsMax article apparently was “scrubbed”, i.e., the former link does not work and there is no indication of the article on the NewsMax site or via a internet search.

My niche is fighting Orwellian efforts to rewrite history so I resurrected the article.

“Obama’s Intelligence Adviser Involved in Security Breach”

“Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released this past July.

The security breach, first reported by the Washington Times and later confirmed by State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, involved a contract employee of Brennan’s firm, The Analysis Corp., which has earned millions of dollars providing intelligence-related consulting services to federal agencies and private companies.

During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.

Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.

“They looked at the McCain and Clinton files as well to create confusion,” one knowledgeable source told Newsmax. “But this was basically an attempt to cauterize the Obama file.”

At the time of the breach, Brennan was working as an unpaid adviser to the Obama campaign.

“This individual’s actions were taken without the knowledge or direction of anyone at The Analysis Corp. and are wholly inconsistent with our professional and ethical standards,” Brennan’s company said in a statement sent to reporters after the passport breach was made public.

The passport files include “personally identifiable information such as the applicant’s name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number,” according to the inspector general report.

The files may contain additional information including “original copies of the associated documents,” the report added. Such documents include birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or oaths of allegiance for U.S.-born persons who adopted the citizenship of a foreign country as minors.

The Obama campaign acknowledged at its “Fight the Smears” Web site that Obama was a foreign national until the age of 18, by virtue of his father’s British then Kenyan citizenship.

“Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982,” the Web site stated.

“Fight the Smears” attempted to debunk rumors that Obama was not a U.S. citizen by producing a 2007 computer-generated copy of his certification of live birth.

“The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America,” the Web site states.

However, “native citizen” is a colloquialism, not a legal term. It is not the same as “natural-born citizen,” the requirement to be president set out in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Chief Justice John Roberts has scheduled a Supreme Court conference on Jan. 23 on Lightfoot v. Bowen, one of several cases alleging that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen because of his birthright British citizenship.

The State Department chalked up the passport file snooping discovered in March 2008 to “imprudent curiosity” by contract employees hired to help process passport applications.”

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33 responses to “John Brennan Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser Analysis Corp. employee cauterized Obama passport data, Article “scrubbed”, Fake news defends Brennan attacks Trump

  1. citizenwells

    From Fox News, March 21, 2008.

    “The State Department confirmed late Friday that the contractors who gained improper access to Barack Obama’s passport files worked for two Virginia-based companies, after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice promised a full investigation into breaches that affected all three presidential candidates.”

    “The other company was identified as The Analysis Corporation.”

  2. CW……….
    clicking on the Fox news link gets a 404 error. Tried it twice……….same outcome.

  3. CW…….
    ………….in general I learned a long time ago that another digger had found some mineable info when he discovered that it was probably Brennan who had gone into the INS records to clean up Lil Barry’s mama’s passport records. Mama Dunham left US for Kenya aboard Pan American flight by herself………….when she came back she was carrying an infant……which shows on the customs record. The infant was Lil Barrack Obama. She returned via SEA TAC airport. The record of two humans MAMA Dunham, and infant Barrack H.Obama was recorded at the customs office of Sea Tac. This record is what Brennan was after so it could be eradicated from the files. Why would Brennan want to eradicate the INS record of Lil Barrack H Obama being brought into America? This sort of offense also tells a story as to what was actually being perpetrated by a group working within the Federal Government. This group included Mr. Brennan were then paving the road ahead for the Kenyan BASTARD to run for POTUS. Easy to see through!!!

  4. CW……….
    …………the lost village IDIOT from Kenya was in reality NOT A US CITIZEN THEN, and is STILL TO THIS DAY NOT A US CITIZEN.!!!! TIME FOR ICE TO DEPORT HIM!!!

  5. As someone referred to previously, Brennan tried to remove ‘islamaphobia’ from the intel agencies. He also was reported to have constantly walked around at the CIA wearing one of those homosexual pride flags on his suit and raging about that made up phobia called homophobia.

    The guy was a commie
    voted for a commie
    had an employee who snuck into passport files of obama
    lied to congress and didn’t get indicted
    started the entire russian hoax investigation with a pack of lies.

    The guy is one of the most despicable people in the US and they appointed him to the head of the CIA. A guy like that advanced all the way up through the ranks. That’s telling.

    It’s hard to tell if he ever did one positive thing. Ever. He’s spent his entire life
    on the wrong side of everything.

    ………….do you think that the long visit of Rand Paul at the Whitehouse has a significance beyond normal? I have a gut feeling that Rand Paul has unearthed a level of incriminating evidence against Mr. Brennan which could NOT BE IGNORED. Instead of making it public information he chose to request an audience with the POTUS…….which could attest to the level of security which the information rose to. President Trump almost IMMEDIATELY stripped Brennan of his security clearance. Rand Paul has a security clearance of TOP SECRET, which seems to me might have been the reason for the QT Whitehouse visit, which allegedly lasted over TWO HOURS. Whatever his visit was for it might well be information which leads to many people losing their security clearances. Whatever the information was I have a feeling that it was a liberal UPPER ECHELON SECRET that Paul became aware of and he more than likely had cementing documentation to back his visit up. Today the liberal lunatic leaders are in TOTAL MELTDOWN. GOOD FOR WHAT AILS THEM !!!

  7. fhl…………..

  8. A Crazy Old Coot

    Just an opinion: When I retired from the AF, my security clearance was terminated because I no longer had a “need to know” classified information. Why was his and others not terminated when the left the government??

  9. old coot……….
    …………as was my own security clearance revoked at separation…..which is exactly as it should be. So why the hell do people like the POS Brennan and others who are also in the past tence still have their security clearances? Great point old coot.

  10. old coot………
    ……… the 1960s we done some printing for a company which produced Sonobuoys. I had to be once again cleared for top secret……….just to do printing for that company. This was field servicing, and repair information.

  11. old coot…….
    …………the level of security that we was under required that after the manuals were completed, all plates, negatives,,and press residue was destroyed under the supervision of the company security officers. When finished there was not one scrap of paper left behind regarding the Sonobuoys……..again which is as it should be !!!

  12. AND………..
    ………the collusion crapola continues to rage at virtually all levels. The hysteria has turned into DEEP INSANITY within the LIBERAL LUNATIC world. The rabid, mentally unbalanced practitioners of the Russia collusion dig their slime pits deeper and deeper as each day passes in their foaming at the mouth raving.
    In addition they have ordered indictments of people who have in past decades had even chance contacts with suspected Russian operatives. The indictments were ordered without PROBABLE CAUSE, and if taken to the SCOTUS all indictments will be ordered to be VACATED. The phony trial of Paul Manafort is one such groundless trial which was brought WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE as well. I have confidence that he will be acquitted on all counts. He will then be in the driver’s seat, and will be free to sue the living hell out of Mueller and his Russian colluding friends. REAL POS !!!

  13. AND NOW………
    ……..we have Andy Cuomo, and his very close female friend from Massachussetts (Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pochahontas) WHO NOW IS TRYING TO RESHAPE CAPITALISM. Again all that is necessary is to look into the faces of these people and what you see will turn your stomach.

  14. AND………..
    ………….according to Mr Cuomo America was NEVER great. These words came from his own PIE HOLE…………and now a helluva lot of liberals are trying to spout words as damage control. He has more than likely shot down his own campaign. Obviously he is another Joe Biden. REAL LOSER!!!

  15. Ginger……..
    ……….thanks for the DEPLORABLES CHOIR POST……….definitely MY KIND of music. I wish there had been a steel guitar,a banjo, a fiddle, and a bass viol.

  16. AND……..
    ………..all instruments played by Flatt,and Scruggs !!!! Many of the people of the hills are really descendants of the Scottish, Celtic, and British hill people who chose to immigrate to places like Kentucky, and Tennessee, because the terrain was much like that from which they came. They brought with them their beliefs, their moonshine recipes, and their love for an occasional DONNEBROOK. These people were real scrappers, who took nothing from others. I take off my hat to the original immigrants, but sadly their descendants have turned into a bunch of GIMME GIMME, NOSE PICKING, WHINING, and sometimes illiterate morons, who can’t even pick a decent tune on a guitar!!! But God Bless Dolly Parton, George Jones, and those like them. They knew what people liked to hear.

  17. AND TONIGHT……….
    ………Judge Jeanine sitting in for Hannity. It is now clear that there is fast growing opposition to Mueller’s BS. Further there is even deeper excavation of the laws being conducted……..which may show that Mueller was appointed by somebody who did NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to appoint him as a special investigator in the first place, nor was he legally given the authority to indict. This is all a huge stack of BS which is fast sliding downhill towards the FAN. It will hit the fan very soon!!!

  18. AND ONCE AGAIN ……….
    …………..Mueller’s authority being questioned. It is possible that he was ILLEGALLY appointed by someone who did NOT HAVE the authority to appoint him to begin with. Where have we seen that before?(SCOTUS).
    Barry Soetoro appointments to SCOTUS. He was not a legally elected POTUS. He was never a US Citizen, and to this day STILL IS NOT A US CITIZEN.
    ……………..Bruce Ohr will be stripped of his security clearance.

  19. oldsailor85+
    Found this article. I say I agree, YES!! Where is the media? I hope President Trump moves forward and pulls Hillary’s clearance……A BIG YES!!


    Two retired colonels say former Secretary of State and failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should have had her security clearance pulled.
    One, retired Col. James Williamson, was surprised Clinton was not included in the White House’s announcement that it was considering revoking six former national security officials’ security clearances.
    The colonels’ organization, OPSEC, twice asked then-Secretary of State John Kerry in 2015 to suspend the security clearances of Hillary Clinton and her aides, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jacob Sullivan.
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not named in the White House’s Monday announcement that it was considering revoking six former national security officials’ security clearances, a 33-year special forces veteran noticed.

    President Donald Trump is considering revoking the security clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan; Comey; former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; former Director of National Security Michael Haden; former National Security Adviser Susan Rice; and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

    Those former officials have criticized Trump, yet Clinton — the president’s 2016 rival — was not included on the list.

    “Frankly, I was shocked that Hillary, the chief culprit, was omitted,” retired Col. James Williamson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Williamson, who was in special operations for 30 years and has held a top-level security since 1982, is president of OPSEC, a nonpartisan organization representing retired special forces and intelligence community officials.

    “There is more than ample evidence that Hillary Clinton committed, whether its gross negligence, or, as [former FBI Director James] Comey would like to say, extreme carelessness,” Williamson told TheDCNF. “Just from the documented evidence, there was enough to prosecute. If there’s evidence to prosecute, then there’s certainly grounds to pull somebody’s clearance.”

    OPSEC Vice President retired Col. James Waurishuk agreed.

    Clinton “moved classified information from the State Department to a private server,” Waurishuk, who served on the National Security Council and on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told TheDCNF. “Her clearance should have been immediately revoked and proper action taken to have her removed. She still carries that crime.”

    “She was a risk,” he continued. “That is one of the things you look at. Is this person a risk? And yes, she was a risk. From that standpoint, she should have her clearance revoked.”

    The organization has been largely supportive of Trump’s foreign and military policies.

    OPSEC wrote to then-Secretary of State John Kerry twice in 2015, asking him to suspend Clinton’s security clearance in the wake of disclosures that she sent all of her official government emails through a private server that was housed in her private home in upstate New York.

    An Aug. 5, 2015 letter asked Kerry to suspend the security clearance since there was evidence her server had been hacked.

    “Unfortunately, there is ample evidence that this private server was inadequately protected from foreign intelligence penetration and malicious ‘hacking,’” the letter said.

    An Aug. 15 letter said, “When you recklessly compromise Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information, you compromise the security of the United States.”

    “We now know Mrs. Clinton’s personal email and server contained national security intelligence classified at the highest possible level,” it continued. “Because it was on her personal system and the information was classified at the time the emails were sent, that intelligence is now considered to be compromised.”

    “The standard procedure is that all individuals involved would have their access to classified information suspended pending an investigation,” the letter stated with emphasis added.

    The letters also suggested that Kerry suspend the security clearances for three of Clinton’s top aides: Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jacob Sullivan.

    Comey, as then-FBI director, said during a July 5, 2016 announcement that Clinton’s email server held “very sensitive, highly classified information.”

    The former head of the FBI said investigators didn’t find “direct evidence” her server was hacked by hostile actors, but added that, “given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence.”

    “We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account,” he continued.

    Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, who serves on the House Committee on the Judiciary, said on July 12 that the intelligence community’s inspector general told him Clinton’s emails were sent to “an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia.”

    “The importance of a clearance can’t be overstated in maintaining the national security of this country and its operative,” Williamson told TheDCNF. “Like we’ve seen in the past, compromising any type of classified information can have truly lethal consequences where people die. And it’s happened.”

  20. hapnHal……….
    ………….the same exact thoughts went through my mind as well. When I looked at the list it didn’t surprise me at all…………what surprised me neither Hillary, nor Kerry appeared on it . Nor did Barry Soetoro. appear on it. Of course this doesn’t imply that Trump isn’t thinking about the security clearance revocation of Hillary!!!! She is no longer involved in US government, therefore she is not in need of a security clearance.

  21. oldsailor85+
    Well some say Hillary has a protective bubble around her….It’s called the DEMOcRAT party.

    Here is the REAL question ???
    If “ALL” these people have Secret and Top Secret clearances how do they receive this information?? Private secure servers in their offices, home, (bathroom), personal briefings, Starbucks etc.
    The government has procedures for people having access to classified information and a NEED to know, but what is it?

  22. A Crazy Old Coot

    hapnHal | August 18, 2018 at 11:18 am |

    The government has procedures for people having access to classified information and a NEED to know, but what is it?

    Exactly. What IS their “need to know”

  23. hapnHal…….
    …………whatever their NEED TO KNOW WAS it fast became apparent that they used what they learned to pillage our country, and turn our government into a CRIMINAL CABAL. For this reason alone their NEED TO KNOW should have ceased when they left ,or were voted out. The security bull$hit, is what it is, and only those with a GENUINE NEED TO KNOW should be the only persons with such privilege. This violation extends throughout both parties, and screams for a house cleaning. The criminal cabal within our government seem to think that because they are soooooooooo imporrrrrrrtant having access to top secret information is their RIGHT. It is NOT A RIGHT……it is a PRIVILEGE which can be CANCELLED FOR ANY REASON by the POTUS.

  24. old coot…….
    ……….in my own personal judgement, a person having a NEED TO KNOW would be ONLY the LEADER, and those within his cabinet who are charged with the responsibility for assisting the POTUS in executing his mandate of protecting our country.

  25. RIGHT OR WRONG……….
    ………….those who abuse the privilege of having a security clearance should immediately be stripped of such a clearance , and never again allowed to hold any level of security clearance.

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