World War II battle for Aleutian Attu Island forgotten but still haunts soldiers, Japanese surprise attack off Alaska coast, Only WWII battle on US soil, Mostly hand to hand combat

World War II battle for Aleutian Attu Island forgotten but still haunts soldiers, Japanese surprise attack off Alaska coast, Only WWII battle on US soil, Mostly hand to hand combat

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed,
If you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly,
You may come to the moment when you will have to fight
with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”…Winston Churchill

“We owe the World War II generation more than we can ever repay them. We must not let them and their sacrifices be forgotten.” …Citizen Wells

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”…Winston Churchill


From the Greensboro News Record.

“Bloody but forgotten WWII battle still haunts soldiers

William Roy Dover’s memory of the World War II battle is as sharp as it was 75 years ago, even though it’s been long forgotten by most everyone else.

His first sergeant rousted him from his pup tent around 2 a.m. when word came the Japanese were attacking and had maybe even gotten behind the American front line, on a desolate, unforgiving slab of an occupied island in the North Pacific.

“He was shouting, ‘Get up! Get out!'” Dover said.

Dover and most of the American soldiers rushed to an embankment on what became known as Engineer Hill, the last gasp of the Japanese during the Battle of Attu , fought 75 years ago this month on Attu Island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain.

“I had two friends that were too slow to get out,” the 95-year-old Alabama farmer recalled. “They both got bayonetted in their pup tents.”

Joseph Sasser, then a skinny 20-year-old from Cartharge, Mississippi, also found himself perched against the berm on Engineer Hill when a captain with a rifle took up a position about 10 feet (3 meters) away.

“I noticed about after 30 minutes or so, he was awfully quiet,” Sasser said. “We checked to see if he had a pulse and if he was alive, and he was not.

“We didn’t even know he had been shot,” said Sasser, also 95.

American forces reclaimed remote Attu Island on May 30, 1943, after a 19-day campaign that is known as World War II’s forgotten battle. Much of the fighting was hand-to-hand, waged in dense fog and winds of up to 120 mph (193 kph).

The battle for the Aleutian island was one of the deadliest in the Pacific in terms of the percentage of troops killed. Nearly all the Japanese forces, estimated at about 2,500 soldiers, died with only 28 survivors. About 550 or so U.S. soldiers were killed.

American forces, many poorly outfitted for Alaska weather and trained in California for desert combat, recaptured Attu 11 months after the Japanese took it and a nearby island, Kiska. It was the only WWII battle fought on North American soil.

The Japanese staged a last-ditch, desperate offensive May 29 at Engineer Hill.

“Japanese soldiers surprise American forces on Attu with a fanatical charge out of the mountains,” recounts an Associated Press chronology of WWII events in 1943. “Savage fighting rages throughout the day and into the following night.”

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God bless those who fought and died for our country and their families.



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43 responses to “World War II battle for Aleutian Attu Island forgotten but still haunts soldiers, Japanese surprise attack off Alaska coast, Only WWII battle on US soil, Mostly hand to hand combat

  1. citizenwells

    “I have read many obituaries. I always look for the ones of Word War II veterans. It is my way of thanking them for their sacrifices. Today I was presented an obituary that left me in awe and with respect for a shining example from the Greatest Generation. It is fitting that the world celebrate and give thanks for the life of Pastor Gerald C. Primm, a war hero and man of God.”

  2. oldsailor85

    ……….I have in the past read about the Aleutian Islands battles which were fought by a poorly equipped American Army. On Kiska the Army repeatedly failed to dislodge the Japanese. Eventually the fight was handed over to a large group of locals who knew the area better than the Army. It was they who eventually routed the Japanese from Kiska, and ultimately from the Aleutian Islands.

  3. Just remembering all those who sacrificed all today, no matter where. Far to many Patriot’s gave far to much, for so long, for liberty and freedom.

  4. If this does not turn out I will be back to do it right! God Bless our HEROES …

  5. Ginger, it turned out and it was beautiful. We will never forget.

    Thanks for posting.

  6. oldsailor85

    AND NOW…………
    ……….Roseanne cancelled by ABC because she TOLD THE TRUTH. The sad part of it all is TOO FEW AMERICANS RECOGNISE THE TRUTH ANYMORE………everybody wants to live in their little FANTASY WORLDS……..where UP is DOWN. So far as we know we all go around ONCE on earth……… can live in your little BUBBLE with your twisted friends, or you can enjoy a normal, and decent human life while you are on earth. Far too many people think they are going to live FOREVER……. Big SURPRISE coming for them!!!!!

  7. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | May 29, 2018 at 4:32 pm |

    You know as well as I do the ABC is unable to handle the truth and will do anything possible to advance islam and their fake truth.

  8. oldsailor85

    ………….you would never know it if every American was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

  9. oldsailor85

    Old Coot…………
    ………….what do you think America would be like if EVERYBODY was like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fonda?…..(Hanoi Jane) American law enforcement officers she called PIGS, and used similar language to tell how she felt about GI JOES. She bad mouthed all military personnel. It turns out the ONLY PIG was HANOI JANE.

  10. Bill Maher calls Trump the son of an orangutan, but that’s ok, according to the leftards.

  11. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | May 29, 2018 at 5:45 pm |
    I detest her and refuse to pay any attention to anything she says. I put bill Clinton in the same category at her because he protested the war while in Russia. Not because he protested, but he did it in a foreign country.

  12. Thanks Sue K….. I cried watching it. So sad!

  13. ABC hands midterms to Trump, GOP.
    — (@instapundit) May 29, 2018

  14. I’ll believe there are good FBI agents when they start turning bad FBI agents in.

  15. Wanda Sykes is the first person that resigned from the show because rosanne is a racist.

  16. oldsailor85

    Wanda Sykes………
    ………..easy to see why somebody like you would say what you said……..this is for YOU…….TAKE A LONG WALK ON A SHORT PIER.!!!!!

  17. oldsailor85

    ………the words of the song said it all. In the military services we become a BAND OF BROTHERS. The folks who carry the rifles, are those who fall first, and yes they deserve no less than the ANGELIC AIR EXPRESS. I too choke up a little when such a video is shown. During my enlistment in the early 1950s we helped evacuate some really shot up Marines to Navy hospitals in Japan. It was really hard to look at some of them, as the sight nearly sickened some of us. This goes to your very soul……..and you NEVER forget it.

  18. oldsailor85

    ………….you only need to look at the idiotic expression on Mr. MOWER’S face………his expression compounded by his half witted reasoning says it all. I can’t stand to look at him……..REALLY SICK POS.!!!!

  19. oldsailor85

    for Wanda…….
    ………typical liberal…….”.THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK..”

  20. ESPN, owned by ABC, hires and expands role of Keith Olbermann days ago.

    The entire left thinks we’re too stupid to know what’s going on.

  21. oldsailor85

    ……Olbermann demonstrates his SICK, WARPED MIND, and his filthy mouth. This makes him something LOWER than a MS 13 member………in all probability all he knows how to do is PLAY WITH HIMSELF.

  22. oldsailor85

    ……….I do not defend Roseanne Barr, I do however believe that even she is entitled to the FREE SPEECH which we all are guaranteed by the Constitution. If some people can’t handle what she has to say then the problem is THEM not Roseanne.

  23. oldsailor85

    AND NOW………
    …………it looks as though GOWDY has for an unknown reason CHANGED SIDES……….which has become apparent soon after he along with NUNES viewed unredacted documents. Who got to GOWDY?

  24. oldsailor85

    ……………Democrats think that smelling like APE MANURE, going HOO,HOO,HOO, HOO, and beating their chest impresses people. It also tells their INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT.

  25. CW, Trump is thinking of pardoning Blagojevich, along with Martha Stewart.

    What say you?

  26. Not really off-topic, given the thread’s title:

    (1) The proposed U.S. / North Korea summit is encouraging. NK gives the appearance of genuine interest in peace, and delegates are coming to Washington for talks. HOWEVER . . .

    (2) Japan gave the appearance in late 1941 of genuine interest in peace, and delegates came to Washington for talks. Shortly thereafter, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

    Hopefully Pres. Trump[, Secy. Mattis, et al. will recall history. Welcome the delegates, but be careful.

  27. Oldsailor85,
    Gowdy didn’t change sides. You just found out what side he has been playing for the whole time.

    Notice that 44 Representatives and Senators will NOT be seeking re-election. Trey Gowdy is one of those 44, because he is dirty. He was a TOOL for the Obama administration, used to screw we the people, and his game is up.

    As CitizenWells says, we have been lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.

  28. Sue,
    No way Trump should pardon Blago. Commute his sentence maybe if he talks. He was prosecuted by the same corrupt person (Patrick Fitzgerald) who destroyed Scooter Libby, and let Obama walk. The senate seat was sold by the Obama’s, the audio recordings of Blago’s conversations were turned off when the Obama’s were on the phone about the senate seat sale.

  29. oldsailor85

    ………….I have to admit that I might have been mislead by Gowdy’s zeal. If this is true then there is even room for doubt where Trump is concerned. All seem to be enamored by their political worlds……and as such there is more than enough room for some to become TURNCOATS.

  30. oldsailor85

    ………I do however still have confidence in Guiliani. I haven’t seen anything that he has said which would cast doubt upon his intentions. I still believe that Guilliani would have been a far better AG than Sessions.

  31. oldsailor85

    ………perhaps I should have used the word AGRESSIVE rather than better. I think that all of these people possess comparable legal skills. I think the only difference between the two lies in their respective political faith.

  32. oldsailor85

    AND NOW……….
    ………it is becoming clear that Mueller believes that he has greater power than the POTUS. IN REALITY HE DOESN’T have greater power. He has been given extremely wide investigative latitude, but even this does not transcend the power of the POTUS. The POTUS is the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN AMERICA. He would be legally allowed to fire Mueller if he chose to do that. Yet as long as Mueller continues to investigate it helps Trump more than it hinders him. The longer Mueller continues to shovel manure against the tide the better Trump looks.

  33. oldsailor85

    ……….making deals there is GIVE ,AND TAKE for all parties involved. For anyone to expect it to be a one sided deal is ABSURD. Their must be agreeable issues. If there is to be complete denuclearization of the peninsula it will require a deal that sits well for both sides. Anyone who believes it should be one sided are fooling themselves. A ONE SIDED DEAL WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

  34. oldsailor85

    ……..INVESTIGATION…….is illegally founded, and therefore legally INVALID. Anything that Mueller tries to use as evidence of wrong doing by Trump will FAIL when or if the case is put in front of the SCOTUS. The POTUS does not have to provide any reason why he fired Comey. The POTUS can fire a FBI director if he chooses to do it whether the director is involved in a investigation against the POTUS or not……and again the POTUS does not need to state a reason for doing so. I say to the RABID LIBERAL PINHEADS who are now FOAMING AT THE MOUTH as they RAVE AND RANT. The liberals are now SO BLINDED by how good their imagined mass orgasm will feel as they watch the president being IMPEACHED that they can no longer rationally function. Everything they try now will be a product of IRRATIONALITY……..and as each day passes we see more and more evidence of the cacophonous, and otherwise IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR of the LIBERALS. They are now so twisted that they think they can impeach a sitting POTUS on HEARSAY BS evidence. It will FAIL at the SCOTUS…….after which all perpetrators should be prosecuted for attempting to overthrow a sitting potus. This can be seen as CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON…….PENALTY= LIFE IN PRISON.

  35. Dirty Bob not only didn’t have any reason to investigate Trump, he didn’t even have a reason to investigate Russia.

    All they had against Russia was:

    1. reports paid for by the Clinton campaign, which the FBI took pains to not verify by not examining the physical evidence

    2. supposed internet trolling by Russia, of which dirty bob’s indictment turned out to be nothing but a pr stunt attempting to legitimize his fraudulent investigation, because
    a. they indicted a company that didn’t exist back when the internet
    commenting was going on, and
    b. they presented to the defense reams of disks of Russian internet
    comments that were all written in Russian, and dirty bob’s
    investigators said they had no translations. (so why do they think
    the comments were a crime?)
    c. dirty bob’s team begged the court to not have to try the case in court
    until “later”, meaning never.

    Republican journalists and congressmen who claim this investigation is warranted are scum. They know they’re lying through their teeth, yet they do it anyway.

  36. oldsailor85

    ……..your comment pretty much reflects my beliefs as well……….although I am still feeling let down by my recent discovery about Trey Gowdy. Perhaps we saw some indications early on but I may have simply NOT PAID ATTENTION to what I was really seeing. I hope that I am wrong.

  37. A Crazy Old Coot

    I understand that Mueller’s investigation has cost $1.7 million. I just wonder how much went into his pocket and maybe hillarys//

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