Fox News sued by parents of Seth Rich over conspiracy theory about his death, Washington Post article misleading and biased, Post awarded 4 Bozos for fake news

Fox News sued by parents of Seth Rich over conspiracy theory about his death, Washington Post article misleading and biased, Post awarded 4 Bozos for fake news

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”…. Louis D. Brandeis

“Not every item of news should be published: rather must
those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
of news serve a certain purpose.”… Joseph Goebbels

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein


The Washington Post continues its legacy of biased and misleading (fake news) reporting.

“Fox News sued by parents of Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, over conspiracy theory about his death”

“The parents of Seth Rich — the Democratic National Committee staffer police believe was murdered during a botched robbery in 2016 — have sued Fox News over a retracted story that peddled a conspiracy theory about his murder, claiming the network “intentionally exploited” the tragedy for political purposes.

The May 2017 story stated, falsely, that investigators had evidence showing Rich leaked thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks in the midst of the 2016 presidential election, just weeks before he was shot to death in Washington. That story line — popular among conspiracy theorists and in far-right online groups — contradicts U.S. intelligence that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks email dump that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Fox’s story fell apart quickly after the FBI pointed out that a “federal investigator” and “FBI report” referenced in the story as sources did not exist. The second core source in the story, private investigator and Fox contributor Rod Wheeler, claimed the Fox reporter fabricated his quote saying he had evidence of emails between Rich and WikiLeaks. He has since sued the network for defamation. (Fox News has denied all his claims.)”

“The lawsuit describes months of strategic planning among Zimmerman, Butowsky and Wheeler to convince the Riches that evidence linked Seth Rich to the DNC leaks. The political motivation behind the story, the suit alleges, was to absolve the Trump administration of the investigation into Russian collusion by showing that the hacking instead came from within — from 27-year-old Creighton University graduate Seth Rich.”

Read more:

“That story line — popular among conspiracy theorists and in far-right online groups — contradicts U.S. intelligence that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks email dump that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

The above statement from the Post is at best misleading. Julian Assange as much as stated that Seth Rich was the source of the leak.

There is no credible evidence that the Russians were involved in the DNC leak.

All credible evidence indicates that Seth Rich’s murder was not a botched robbery.

For the Washington Post’s continued efforts to mislead with biased reporting, aka fake news, we award the Post 4 Bozos


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77 responses to “Fox News sued by parents of Seth Rich over conspiracy theory about his death, Washington Post article misleading and biased, Post awarded 4 Bozos for fake news

  1. citizenwells

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.
    Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that
    polluted vehicle.”
    …. Thomas Jefferson

  2. Subpeona Vips, Podesta for his email claiming he would exact retribution against leakers whether it was proved or not, and Donna Brazille, who said she was scared to death after Rich was killed.

    Fox will fold like a cheap lawn chair.

    ……..UP is DOWN, and the criminal bastards prevail. My guess is the parents of Rich were paid handsomely after he was hit, but they were sworn to secrecy by the DNC. If they ever reveal one word of their agreement with DNC they are DEAD DUCKS and they KNOW IT. Often it is what ISN’T said which reveals the truth.

    Podesta will step in a pile of his own manure which he forgot about, and will end up staring out of a prison cell. He thinks he is SOOOOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRRTTANT. He WILL make a mistake…..sooner or later. All criminals eventually make a mistake. That is why most end up behind bars, or shot down by their own kind.

  5. AND WHERE……
    …………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Brazier is concerned, it would not surprise me if she knows exactly who hit Seth Rich……….nor would it surprise me if Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sluts knows as well.

    …………the adverse behavior of the Oakland mayor could be looked upon by the DOJ as INSURRECTION against the Federal Government…….at which point the POTUS could legally declare MARTIAL LAW IN California, and if Moonbeam tries to call out the California National guard to oppose the martial law……. Brown himself can be arrested as a perpetrator.

    …………the Mexifornia thing is escalating pretty fast. Moonbeam might want to be very cautious about what he does because California is still a member of the union, and is subject to Federal Law Enforcement……….even upon ELECTED OFFICIALS of that state. If Brown doesn’t like Federal law then California should secede from the union………..but then they would lose all federal money. OHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO !Question……..What color is manure?

  8. A Crazy Old Coot

    Off topic:
    My thoughts:

    Amendment 2
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Looking at this Amendment I was thinking, If the citizens don’t have a right to keep and bear arms, how could we have a well regulated militia? But then I looked closer and did not see where it said “only” the militia were to have arms. However, it does say the “right of the people” which would include the militia and all other citizens.

    Am I wrong??

  9. A Crazy Old Coot

    I keep hearing about a “Convention of States” being called for to change the Constitution. My question is why? The Constitution we have now is not followed by government,
    so what makes anyone thing they would follow a new Constitution??

  10. old coot……
    ……….great thought. The liberal lunatics would love to do away completely with the Constitution. To the best of my knowledge there are presently at least 34 states who have called for an Article 5 Convention of States. However it doesn’t mean that the pieces of manure will be successful in perverting the Constitution. By the way it requires the legislatures of 3/4 of the states to call an Article 5 Convention. The Democrats have tried this repeatedly……..UNSUCCESSFULLY! I personally believe there is dire need to LIMIT the power of the “CORPORATION”……but if we aren’t careful California could end up holding all the power. Possibly even greater power than our Fed…..which would be a real human disaster.

  11. AT PRESENT……..
    ……….I have a belief that there is an existing conspiracy within the deep state to overthrow president Trump (coup de etat ) . When the CRIMINAL POLITICAL BASTARDS try this they will have to expose themselves, and when they do they will be vulnerable. Such an attempt to overthrow a sitting POTUS would without a doubt earn all involved a garrote……and rightfully so.

  12. GW,

    With the Dems picking up seats, Repub control of Congress is in jeopardy. These losses should be a real wake up call to the Repubs; if the enemy regains control, babbling boobhead Pelosi will again be the big cheese, and will immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump.

    Mueller will find some vague law which Trump has violated, and it will begin.

    The Repubs had better start standing behind their President, rather than fighting him tooth and nail; if they don’t, their election losses will increase and the House and Senate will be back in Dem hands.

    We can’t let that happen!

  13. AND TODAY……..
    ………….thousands of children walked out of both grade and high schools today. Grade schools would have been justified in expelling all grade school students who walked out of the classrooms. They are underage and therefore are truant when they do this. They technically have no rights as juveniles, and do not have the right to walk out of their school. They are being played as suckers, by the raging maniacs who think all firearms should be destroyed, or confiscated.

  14. Suek………
    ………….which will end up in the hands of the SUPREMES. You must have genuine reasons to pursue IMPEACHMENT………such as the sitting potus is UNABLE to fulfill the requirements of the office. So far he has fulfilled all presidential requirements. If they try to impeach and are unsuccessful they all will be rewarded with permanent slammer vacations, for attempting to overthrow a sitting POTUS.

  15. SUPPOSEDLY……..
    …..ONLY CONGRESS can impeach a POTUS AND REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE………….but when the alleged impeachment is really a concealed CRIMINAL POLITICAL PLOT the POTUS has the right to DUE PROCESS. When a criminal conspiracy is proven the POTUS will have the right to use his power to see to it that all conspirators receive their just due. Possibly even a garrote about their necks.

  16. oldsailor85
    ………….think it’s time to move from Demofornia?
    This is what’s going on…………..

    CA Election Changes for 2018 (SB 450)
    Get ready for a new era of voting in California: Senate Bill 450, which passed in 2016, does away with neighborhood polling places and replaces them with elections conducted primarily by mail. In 2018, some counties in California will close many neighborhood polling locations in favor of consolidated vote centers.

    It represents another effort to boost sagging voter participation. Under the system, which Sacramento is among the first counties to adopt, every registered voter will receive a mail ballot. Drop-off locations will be available up to four weeks before election day, and temporary regional “vote centers” will open 10 days ahead of time to register voters and accept ballots.

    Do you think Voter Fraud can happen here? Illegals? Deceased Voters? ETC

    Guess I’ll quit buying Demofornia strawberry’s.

  17. hapnHal……….
    …………..yep every illegal will now be able to vote by mail har har………..don’t even need a Chicago type ID card. They can use any name they choose also…………..boy California is begging the FEDS to come in and put the whole damn elected crowd including MOONBEAM under martial law. Hell is on the way! It seems like our entire government has GONE BUGGY.

  18. Not only that, but mail carriers can see a Trump sign in the front yard and ‘mistakenly’ not deliver the letter with ballot from the election commission.

    Think that won’t happen? Don’t kid yourself.

  19. hapnHal……….
    as for the strawberries………I suggest you buy up a packing plant, and several crops of strawberries, freeze them in 16oz packages, and re sell to the public. The strawberry season is not far off around here.
    Just whipped up a corned beef, and cabbage meal. Strawberry shortcake sounds great to top it off har har

  20. fhl……..
    …………. we already have some of our 1st class mail being incorrectly delivered to other addresses( even when our address is plainly printed on the envelope) Just two weeks ago I was forced to file a written complaint to the USPS over a incorrectly delivered package. I believe that there is a pattern of deliberate misdirected mail being done. Last year it was my personal checks from my bank which were delivered to the same numeric address but on a different street. The property owner as well as myself both filed a complaint against USPS. Many of the unintended recipients simply throw mail that is not addressed to them in the garbage. They can be arrested and fined for destroying 1st class mail. If such mail is delivered to the wrong address you must by law mark it as incorrectly delivered, and put it back in the mailbox. Two years ago a friend of mine had his tax refund incorrectly delivered. It took the USPS a year to determine what had happened to the Treasury check. Eventually the bastard who ripped it off tried to cash it………he was arrested, tried and convicted. He received two years in federal slammer, and a $10,000.00 fine. The USPS was faulted for incorrect delivery. The address was on the check as well. So USPS had NO WAY OUT. It was probably the route person who couldn’t read the address correctly…….in which case he should not be delivering mail.

  21. ………the foregoing is one REAL GOOD REASON to choose DIRECT DEPOSIT of tax returns. At tax time every year there are youth gangs which spend a lot of time looking into mail boxes, for treasury checks. It is potential bad news when you have large sums of money mailed to you via USPS.

  22. AND NOW………..
    ………….MUELLER HAS GONE OFF THE DEEP END. Time for President Trump to bring in the SCOTUS. Mueller has subpoenaed everything from the POTUS. POTUS can tell him to GO TO HELL. America is now one step closer to all out Civil War.

  23. I BELIEVE ………..
    …………the DEEP STATE BASTARDS are deliberately trying to force America into a Civil War………they think they can win. They are now trying to directly overthrow Trump via subpoenaing White house records. Just exactly what they did to Nixon. We are now at the threshold of an attempt to IMPEACH President Trump, and are prepared to sacrifice America’s security to accomplish it.

    …….IN FLORIDA has collapsed with cars smashed, and people trapped also. This was an access bridge over major expressway into Florida International University. Brand new bridge, just completed, and opened. Bridge is over Tamiami Trail Expressway. Just a thought………I wonder if the bridge was legally LOAD TESTED prior to opening the bridge. Design flaw easy to see.

    still trapped under the concrete bridge. Vehicles smashed nearly flat. Just like the California road collapse a number of years back. Just saw a closeup of a few of the crushed vehicles, and I feel half sick.

  26. citizenwells

    There is an epidemic of stupid in this country.
    This bridge collapsing is one of many examples & manifestations.
    This should never have happened.

    ……… IMPEDE the president are continuing, and getting worse FAST. This is designed to make him look ineffective as POTUS which will BE a part of the COMING attempt to IMPEACH Trump. The people who are doing this have no concern whatsoever regarding the security of the country, or America’s citizens. The perpetrators are after ABSOLUTE POWER and CONTROL OVER AMERICA. In truth it is a conspiracy to execute a COUP DE ETAT of the presidency, and Mueller is a component of it.

  28. WHY IS Mzzzzzzzzzzz. PIGGY……..
    ………….blah blahing in India? First of all keep in mind that India is a NUCLEAR POWER. Many people in India are sympathetic toward DEMOCRATS.

  29. THERE IS MUCH…….
    ……….more behind Mzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy’s visit to Indiana. There is a hidden agenda……….and it would not surprise me if it includes her taking refuge there to avoid prosecution.

  30. CW………..
    ……….the so called PRE STRESSED construction of a 950 ton walk bridge which spanned 174 feet WITHOUT a CENTER support. This was an accident waiting to happen. Had the center support been put in place either beforehand, or immediately after the bridge was set the collapse probably would never have happened. Somebody who was supervising was a TOTAL MORON, or had no understanding of pre stressed concrete structures. Concrete is NOT LIKE STEEL, when it cracks it FAILS. It cracked under it’s own weight. Once a crack develops FAILURE FOLLOWS. Simple physical logic.

  31. He just can’t stop admiring himself…

  32. fhl………..
    ……… has become painfully clear that we now live in a country which has been turned into a land of both IRRATIONALLY EXHUBERANT, AND IRRATIONALLY HYSTERICAL people. In addition I would hasten to add there is many people who are simply IRRATIONAL to begin with. Here is one example Oprah Winfrey has stated PUBLICALLY that a FEMALE named Jesus Christ wrote a letter to her. I would be guessing this must be a “BUTCH” who wrote the letter..

  33. fhl………..
    …………excessive self admiration is a trait of HOMOSEXUALS.

  34. AND TODAY………
    ………….Mr. McCabe is WHINING about losing his retirement………..but he DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT LYING. This is the worst possible offense by an FBI member. It is UNFORGIVEABLE……….he should LOSE ALL OF HIS RETIREMENT. HE EARNED IT. har har. SOMEWHERE THE BS NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO A SCHREECHING HALT.

  35. TODAY……..

  36. WOW……..
    ……CBS ratings are now so bad that they think by putting a STINKING PROSTITUTE SLUT on the air will save their ratings…….I have news for CBS. ENTERTAINING SUCH PEOPLE MAKES THEM CLOSE RELATIVES OF THE SO CALLED PERSONALITY.

  37. A Crazy Old Coot


    To help save the economy, the Government will announce next

    Month that the Immigration Department will start deporting senior
    citizens (instead of illegals) in order to lower pensions and healthcare
    costs (flu jabs, walkers, wheelchairs, free prescriptions, bus passes, etc.)

    The Government has established that older people are easier to catch
    and, in most cases, will not remember how to get back home.

    I started to cry when I thought of you – maybe I’d never see you again..

    Then it dawned on me…
    I’ll see you on the bus!

  38. citizenwells

    Hopefully deported to New Zealand.
    Beam me up.

  39. ME TOO!


  41. AND TODAY………
    …………I read that Sheppard Smith has a new contract with Fox. He often tries to imply that Hannity is WRONG. I wonder if he thinks NUNES is also wrong………..which makes me wonder if Sheppard Smith thinks Adam Schiff is right about everything…………which after all is said and done tells me that when he shows up on Fox it is time for me to tune in Smithsonian channel. MUCH MORE INTERESTING!

  42. Has anyone here heard of …. I need one real bad but can not afford it. It only cost $7,500 and $350.00 shipping! This is not a fake. Aaron and Geneva Bigelow husband and wife with others are inventers. Some professionals and individuals are buying them and giving treatments in their business and homes. The only person in my state is way up north of Missouri and I am in the lower part to far away. It just not helps with Lyme there is many more health conditions it helps/ cures. If any one here has health problems please check this out.

  43. Ginger……….
    …………if such a device is available which produces ALLEGED RESULTS, anyone who might think about investing in an UNKNOWN VALUE would probably do much better by finding a INTERNIST with a lengthy practice in such an affliction as Lymes. This is an illness which is difficult to diagnose and requires a great deal of testing to accurately diagnose. While there MIGHT be a device which can CURE all sorts of illnesses, I personally would be seeking an experienced and licensed practitioner rather than an UNKNOWN VALUE.

  44. “Greatest scandal in American history”!

    Mark Levin

  45. oldsailor85 | March 15, 2018 at 6:37 pm |

    still trapped under the concrete bridge. Vehicles smashed nearly flat. Just like the California road collapse a number of years back. Just saw a closeup of a few of the crushed vehicles, and I feel half sick.

    Here is a video that explains the bridge failure, caution crude language.

    Chinese steel?

  46. Bob Strauss………..
    …………the mechanical structural failure of the walk bridge began IMMEDIATELY after it’s full weight was concentrated at each end of the 174′ span WITHOUT the center support structure. The center support should have either already been in place or should have been set immediately after the bridge itself was structurally LOADED by 950 tons of it’s own weight. This was steel reinforced PRE STRESSED CONCRETE. Such CAST concrete does NOT have the flexibility of STEEL. Any crack is a FAILURE, and a potential disaster waiting to happen. In short from an engineering standpoint using pre stressed concrete was OK but it needed immediate center support to divide the load points equally across the span. This is why I stand with the fact that a total MORON was in charge of the installation, and had no working knowledge of the strength and weaknesses of such structures………otherwise he would never have allowed it to be without a center support.

  47. Bob Strauss……….
    ………….I have further suspicion that the precast concrete was NOT ALLOWED to PROPERLY CURE OUT. Such a structure truly needs a period of time to cure all the way through before it was disturbed. In all probability minute cracks showed up while the structure was being moved. Any crack NO MATTER HOW MINUTE would have indicated INTRINSIC DAMAGE to the weight bearing ability of the structure. But had the center support been in place the eventual failure might never have occurred, even if there was cracks. However if there was any cracks at all it should never have been put in place. Once the center support was in place it would have divided the overall load of two 87′ spans into 475 tons between centers. Still excessive in an 80 foot span but acceptable with a center support caisson. This excludes future varying weight of foot traffic once the structure is opened for use.

  48. Leonor Flores does work for the company and did make the statement, but the company has put out a statement that she did not work on this particular project.

  49. I’ve got nothing against women working on construction projects, but everyone must be hired based on merit and not because we want a woman’s artistic point of view or some such crap.

  50. Bob Strauss.
    …………just like very tall buildings there is a working SHEER strength of the building. If the concrete portions of a building are made of precast concrete the attachment points are CRITICAL to the overall SHEER of the building. In the world trade center buildings the steel framing supported the precast external members of the buildings……but the extremely high temperatures generated by the burning jet fuel turned the column loaded steel frame members into little more than wet noodles. All of the strength of the steel in the area of the fire was compromised, and the residual weight of the above structure finished off both buildings. You only need a simple understanding of mechanics to comprehend this.

  51. fhl……….
    …………well said, and I hasten to add that people who work on such projects need to have an understanding of the inherent mechanical strengths and weaknesses of a design before it is constructed, or at least a demonstrable repertoire of past accomplishments.

  52. fhl…….
    ………I have always been of the belief that a MECHANICAL ENGINEER is really JUST A GOOD MECHANIC WITH A FORMAL EUCATION……and this applies to all who are involved with design both male and female. I have witnessed shortcomings in the engineering ability of both genders………I once worked in an R&D lab where we once long ago put prototypes through a very intensive battery of tests, which were designed to equal the use of the product in the field. We also performed LIFE, ENVIRONMENTAL, and RELIABILITY tests as well. Today very little lab testing is done, and the public has become the engineering lab……..which is at the expense of the purchaser of a product.

  53. oldsailor85…. I have been in treatment with an infectious disease doctor for over six months now. He ran several test and the results showed a 97.3% that I have the Borrelia – burgdorferi the microbe associated with Lyme Disease. On my first visit with this Lyme Disease doctor it cost me over $1,350.00 for two hours of his time. Several hundred dollars filling prescriptions that Medicare did not pay. I had to turn down the ec-no pen (sp) because Medicare did not pay on cent on it of $325.00. I lost my family doctor because he refused to treat me with Lyme yelling at me that I do not have Lyme. I went to other doctors just to be treated like I was nuts and would charge me for stupid test that was not needed. My saving is gone and I am still very ill. I have requested to be cremated! The AMPCOIL is REAL… I just wanted to help others who are suffering with all other kinds of medical problems. Sorry! No more wasting my money and time with regular doctors let alone the experts. BTW… Did you research it?

  54. Ginger……..
    ………..Where you live the deer tick is pretty prevalent. I knew someone who lived in Paducah Ky. He too had lymes disease. If the tests were all conclusive, and you have the medical records you can bring civil action against those who have refused to render treatment. You also need to forward a witnessed complaint to the state medical authority. Look around and find a reputable personal injury lawyer who also handles medical malpractice actions. Have a case evaluation done. Probably won’t cost you a penny. I would back this with a written complaint to the state AG. In some states the state can order your treatment for Lymes, and if a doctor refuses to comply with a STATE MEDICAL BOARD ORDER he could stand to lose his license to practice medicine. The STATE BOARD is the controlling entity. You need to contact either them directly or use a civil action against the doctor who refused to treat you. If it was up to me I would go directly to the state board, but you will need to have all of the test results. If the doctor refuses to allow you to have a copy of your test results be sure to advise the state board of this.You don’t need a lot of money to petition the STATE MEDICAL BOARD. If you need somebody to write such a letter to the state medical board, I suggest you look for a person who is either in the legal profession, or a notary public. There might be another way open to you as well. If you have a Superior Court close by you might seek their advice regarding legal procedures for Missouri. You have always the option of a CIVIL LAWSUIT against the doctor. But again some simply walk away so it is essential that you have the state medical board involved. If they are diligent they will pursue your case.

  55. Ginger……..
    ………..I also recommend that if you have computer search capability that you type in the search space the word Quackwatch. When the website appears type in LYMES DISEASE hit search……….then read ALL that appears. Very Informative!

  56. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | March 17, 2018 at 1:20 pm |

    I was born and raised around Paducah, KY and never even saw a deer. I never got lymes disease. I guess I was very lucky.

  57. ………the alleged Ampcoil is NOTHING MORE than the old DIATHERMY of the 1930s. Yes diathermy had a place in a CHIROPRACTOR’S office. In the 1930s I was used to relieve muscle aches and pains which resulted from repetitive motions day in and day out such as assembly line workers sometimes are affected by. It was a device which worked a bit like our present day MICROWAVE OVEN. The heat output from diathermy is variable, and does relieve some muscular aches and pains………..but when someone says it will cure a systemic BACTERIAL INFECTION I have serious doubts. For a very long time lymes was treated with either tetracycline, or doxycycline. This was the last I knew and was about 10 years ago. The only reason why I know that is because the person I told you about at Paducah was treated with doxycycline. He told me that!

  58. old coot…….
    …………The friend who was from Paducah, used to do a lot of hunting in the surrounding area. He believes he was bitten by a deer tick, while hunting. The ticks are more active in warm weather, and anybody who is bitten usually has a rash around the area of the bite which resembles a TARGET. More often than not the bites are on the lower legs, or ankles. Southern Illinois, and Missouri are know known for heavy infestations of the DEER TICK. Michigan also has the deer tick along with some New England states. We have them here in Indiana as well.

  59. old coot…….
    ………some folks call the rash a bullseye rash. According to what I read this afternoon the bullseye rash sometimes doesn’t appear at the bite point…….but it USUALLY does.! It takes a few weeks for the infection to start making you feel ill. There is then a two week latency period during which the medical test are administered. The Western Blot test was considered to be the most accurate test, but because the test must be administered during the latent period of the burgdorferi infection. This is cyclic in two week periods. This info comes from Web MD.

  60. State: Voicemail About Cracks 2 Days Before Bridge Fell

  61. oldsailor85,
    When I heard 950 tons for that span, an alarm went off in my brain!

    What do you think a steel truss structure to span that distance would weigh? I have no faith in brittle concrete, they are lucky it wasn’t loaded with students when it fell, this is another Obama connected failure, check out the cost of the project, what a scam!

  62. oldsailor85 | March 17, 2018 at 2:18 pm |

    old coot…….
    ………some folks call the rash a bullseye rash. According to what I read this afternoon the bullseye rash sometimes doesn’t appear at the bite point…….but it USUALLY does.! It takes a few weeks for the infection to start making you feel ill. There is then a two week latency period during which the medical test are administered. The Western Blot test was considered to be the most accurate test, but because the test must be administered during the latent period of the burgdorferi infection. This is cyclic in two week periods. This info comes from Web MD.


    My niece developed Lyme disease from a tick bite she received while she was in N TX. She had a high fever (104), blotchy looking red skin, and she was very lethargic. When I walked in and saw her I knew exactly what was wrong with her based on what people had told me about what to look for, and off to the ER she went. They confirmed Lyme, and gave her antibiotics. I don’t know what they gave her but it wasn’t the first time for this ER to see Lyme disease, ticks are thick in TX! I hope the Fire Ants eat them!

  63. A Crazy Old Coot

    bob strauss

    I wasn’t disagreeing. Just saying I grew up in the country around Paducah and survived without anything serious happening to me. I was bragging. LOL

  64. old coot…….
    ………….I didn’t see what you said as a disagreement….. rather quite the opposite. I always think in technical terms, and find what people have to say as deeply interesting to the subject at hand. In my own way of thinking it is entirely possible for someone to live in an area of high infestation of a germ ,or an insect, yet never having been affected by either. Lots of variables involved.

  65. old coot……..
    …………I done a little research this afternoon by looking for known areas of deer tick infestations across America. What I discovered is that over the last couple of decades the areas of known infestations of deer tick have compounded themselves almost EXPONENTIALLY. This is from compilation of LYMES having affected someone from these areas. The deer tick is carried now by a variety of wild animals, not just deer. Wherever there is suitable habitat they can multiply. This includes areas of Southern Missouri, Western Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, they are on both sides of the Mississippi River as well. They range Northward clear up to Minnesota, and Eastward toward Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, NY State, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and virtually all of New England. So pick your poison………they are virtually everywhere! Dogs often pick up one or more of them just from a backyard exposure. Wee keep a close watch on our little guy. We keep him with his monthly flea and tick application. He has picked one up last year, but the tick quickly died and we removed it with a pair of tweezers. The product we use goes systemic in the dog.

  66. old coot……..
    ………here is something for you. I spend a lot of my waking hours watching either the Smithsonian Channel or the Science Channel. I find both totally absorbing of hours of my viewing. I would never be without either channel. I also have National Geo channel.

  67. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | March 17, 2018 at 8:55 pm |

    After our last pay raise, I had to turn off my cable and went to broadcast TV. I don’t get a lot of honest news or science programs. LOL

  68. old coot……..
    ……….here where I live we have a public library which is well stocked with dvds, of about any subject you choose. We can check them out just like books. All you need is a dvd player! Perhaps you have something similar where you live. If you are retired it could be a great viewing adventure.

  69. Dear America: The Miami Bridge Disaster Was As Avoidable As The Parkland Massacre – Here’s The 411

  70. A Crazy Old Coot

    fhl | March 18, 2018 at 4:31 am |

    But that was back in the old days when criminals were actually punished.
    Not true anymore, now they get a slap on the hand and told not to do it again.


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