Mandalay Bay suspect 4th floor video and police report reference, Video authentic?, I had Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu moment yesterday, Paddock patsy and or multiple gunmen?

Mandalay Bay suspect 4th floor video and police report reference, Video authentic?, I had Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu moment yesterday, Paddock patsy and or multiple gunmen?

“Seth Rich was murdered by apparently 2 assassins. There was no botched robbery. If you do not know this you are a victim or perpetrator of the Orwellian fake news media.”…Citizen Wells

“The fact of the matter is Hillary is a terrorist. I invite you to look up the definition of terrorism. It is the use of violence, threats, or intimidation to achieve a political aim”…Dolly Kyle Browning

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


****  Updates below ****

After listening to news reports, the interview of Stephen Paddock’s brother and reading of Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley and her curious ties, I had a Lee Harvey Oswald moment and later placed a comment here to document it.

I was just presented with a video that could substantiate my concerns that this was a repeat of history and the alleged shooting from the Dallas book repository and the alleged role of Lee Harvey Oswald.

If this video is authentic, then the gunfire from the 4th floor of the Mandalay Bay resort window and alleged police report reference is really disturbing.

Watch this video, followup and ask questions.


****  Update 12:30 PM  ****

Video shows shots from 4th floor

Thanks to commenter DSP2

****  Update 12:58 PM  ****

Las Vegas Active Shooter on 4th floor! POLICE SCANNER LIVE

****  Update 1:15 PM  ****

Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas! Paddock a Patsy!


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17 responses to “Mandalay Bay suspect 4th floor video and police report reference, Video authentic?, I had Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu moment yesterday, Paddock patsy and or multiple gunmen?

  1. “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler

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  3. Shared a link to your post as well as the video at my blog. It contains PROOF that we are being LIED TO on such a huge scale and it’s unbelievable how the evil leftists are getting away with such lies!

  4. The government is murdering us. Paddock is a patsy. The FBI is lying again

  5. Thanks DSP2.
    Updated post with video.

  6. “There’s absolutely no sense, no reason he did this.”
    Stephen Paddock brother, Eric

  7. One of the aspects of this shooting that bothered me was his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.
    Supposedly from Indonesia.
    Visited Dubai.
    Was overseas when it happened.
    Smelled from get go.

  8. And…..drumroll…..
    what proof do we have that Paddock fired any shots?

  9. citizenwells

    “Audio: Las Vegas Shooter’s Neighbor Blows Whistle: ‘He Was Set Up’”

  10. citizenwells

    “Danny Cruz
    9 hours ago
    Lee Harvey oswald ! Another patsy ! You can hear rapid gun fire not just 1 but 2 and you can clearly see mussel flashes from the 4th floor ! This old guy cant do all that ! Shit is gonna get much worse. God help us.”

  11. citizenwells

    From a knowledgeable person on guns:

    “Here’s some other interesting facts, there’s a video right at 1 minute and 40 seconds showing a couple of the supposed Shooters guns. He does have extended magazines just like I mentioned, however there is no bump fire stock on there. Which is very strange to me because they’re saying that’s how he made them full auto because you have to have extremely strict background checks to get full auto in a lot of money. The bump fire stock is sold publicly it which is what they said he used to do it however these pictures do not show the bump fire stock”

    First pictures of guns

  12. CW………
    ……….if the bump stock was not found then the action was built as FULLY AUTO. In the case of the AK semi auto weapons it only involves installing the full auto SEAR, after drilling ONE HOLE in the receiver. The raceway is already in place. The hammer must have the notch on the bottom as well. As Pete pointed out you don’t need any real gunsmithing ability. You only need a few simple tools. Many of the AK weapons have been modified to fire FULL AUTO. The Kalashnikov action is a combination of actions best ability, but the double hook system was originally a Browning patent.

  13. CW……….
    ……….the parts needed to convert a semi auto AR15 to full auto are also available on the internet and via EBAY. These parts are made at many different places some of which are not in America, but they sell over EBAY, as MACHINE PARTS. Most folks have known this for many years. It is also probable that Paddock had the weapons he used in the massacre for many years as well. He might have been in possession of a FFL as well. I have a strong suspicion that he might have been involved in ILLEGAL FIREARMS TRADING………which would only be known to him and those who he done business with. There might be MUCH MORE HIDDEN INFO.

  14. citizenwells

    “We Have No Idea” Police Struggle With Motive Behind Vegas Shooting

    Maybe Paddock wasn’t the shooter.
    Anybody see him do it?

  15. citizenwells

    “enabling him to fire repeatedly over the course of 72 minutes.”

    72 minutes.

  16. citizenwells

    Waiting for proof Paddock committed suicide.

  17. AND ANOTHER…….
    ……………twisted snotnosed female liberal Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Katherine Clark D-MASS has bad mouthed the moment of silence at the white house. This behavior tells me that she is a really SICK TWISTED POS.

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