Jeff Varner outs transgender Survivor player as dishonest, LGBT weasels aka brownshirts aka thought police attack Varner, Tyler Redhead & McAlister real estate fires Jeff, Boycott firm

Jeff Varner outs transgender Survivor player as dishonest, LGBT weasels aka brownshirts aka thought police attack Varner, Tyler Redhead & McAlister real estate fires Jeff, Boycott firm

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler

“Before the Hate had proceeded for thirty seconds, uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from half the people in the room.”
“In it’s second minute the Hate rose to a frenzy. People were leaping up and down in their places and shouting at the tops of their voices”
“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.”…George Orwell, “1984”

“”You’re a traitor!” yelled the boy. “You’re a thought criminal!””…George Orwell, “1984”



I watch very little network TV.

However, I got hooked on “CBS Survivor” and watch it religiously.

That may change after what took place Wednesday night.

Let me be clear, when I am watching this or any other show I do not care about the sexual preference, who they sleep with or any other matters of a personal nature.

The show is cutthroat, competitive, it is a damn game!

Jeff Varner, in an attempt to not get voted out, playing his best perceived strategies screwed up.

Varner, who is gay, outed Zeke Smith for not being honest about his transgender status.

It was a stupid and insensitive ploy.

He apologized but was still voted out.

The scene that took place was disgusting with “snowflake” reactions from some.

It went on too long and may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as far as my continued following of the show. It was too much like a soap opera.

I don’t even like writing about this crap except that this is getting more and more out of hand.

I knew as soon as this happened that the LGBT weasels aka brownshirts aka thought police would jump all over Varner and they did.

I never really cared for Varner and didn’t think he was much of a player, but what has happened to him is wrong.

And then he lost his job.

He was fired by the real estate firm Tyler Redhead & McAlister. Unless I find out that something else was in play, I intend to boycott them and urge others to do so.

BTW, up until a few years ago, I had the highest level of real estate license in  NC, Broker in Charge.

Would not surprise me if Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan had something to do with this. She is in tight with the LGBT community.


43 responses to “Jeff Varner outs transgender Survivor player as dishonest, LGBT weasels aka brownshirts aka thought police attack Varner, Tyler Redhead & McAlister real estate fires Jeff, Boycott firm

  1. citizenwells

    “In the episode that aired Wednesday, Varner spoke of a deception going on, while trying to save himself from elimination. He then turned to Smith and said, “Why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender?””

  2. Whats going on in North Korea?

    It’s show time

  3. One more time!

    This time with evidence of the usurpers’ forgery, thanks to Joe Arpaio, and crew.


    Obama Eligibility/Forgery Lawsuit Headed to Newest Member of Supreme Court

    By Sharon Rondeau on Friday, April 14, 2017


    by Sharon Rondeau

    (Apr. 14, 2017) — On Tuesday, The Post & Email provided an update on an Obama eligibility lawsuit filed by former presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy to which he recently added new information of a criminal nature, requesting that the judge reconsider his previous dismissal of the case.

    Initially filed in July 2014 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, Judge Ted Stewart dismissed Judy’s claim of having sustained financial injury as a result of the presidential candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama based on Judy’s belief that Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president of the United States.

    The case is based on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Clayton Act and federal civil rights laws and names Obama, the DNC and Organizing for Action (OFA) as defendants.

    Judy’s eligibility challenges stem from Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that the president and commander-in-chief must be 35 years of age, have been 14 years a resident in the United States, and a “natural born Citizen.” More juicy details.

  4. CW………
    ………I think that I agree………..particularly when we all know that BIRDS OF A FEATHER DO INDEED FLOCK TOGETHER. Perhaps Mzzzzzzzzzzz, Vaughn had A LOT TO DO WITH IT.

  5. AND NOW……..
    ………..there is renewed hope that Cody Judy might indeed have his day in court……….This could easily lead to ultimate action against Lil Barry himself. Hopefully ICE will be waiting for him at the airport as he tries to sneak back in from his South Seas adventures. Since he has no legally valid US birth certificate he could be seen as an alien………..and deportation to Kenya might follow.

  6. Bob Strauss……
    ………Thanks for posting the Rondeau information. I am praying that Judy has his day in court……..and IS SUCCESSFUL in his action. This could pull the plug for Lil Barry as well.

  7. hapnHal………..
    …………it appears that the DRPK is so caught up in the beliefs of their twisted child psychopath leader that they have all lost touch with reality. The premise that if a US Navy unit operating in INTERNATIONAL water is attacked by an unknown force, the type, and level of defensive response is determined by the commanding officer of that unit still exists. If the LITTLE PSYCHOPATH goes over the edge and attacks a ship like the USS Carl Vinson, he will most likely have signed his own death warrant. Being defensive requires OFFENSIVE ACTION, and I have little doubt that the CO of the Carl Vinson will take such action EARLY ON…….he has nearly 3000 lives in his hands. If the little psychopath uses any form of nuclear weapons it could mean that North Korea itself will be targeted by US ICBMs bearing NUCLEAR warheads. The child psychopath hasn’t the slightest idea what he is asking for……..Further I have my doubts that he even knows America is a nuclear country, and have already used them once………against a country of people who were once Koreans themselves. Japan was the creation of a SHINTO believing sect of Koreans a very long time ago, and they were driven out of Korea to the offshore Island which became Japan.

  8. NOW………..
    ……Adam Jiff is getting his just deserts. As you will remember he verbally attacked Nunes, after which Nunes RECUSED himself (which was unnecessary). Now the evidence shows that Mr. JIFF done the same thing he accuses Nunes of having done. Typical LIBERAL BULLSHI#. ACCUSE OTHERS OF DOING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PAST. WORKS EVERY TIME WHEN YOU ARE TELLING IT TO HALFWITS.

  9. oldsailor84 | April 15, 2017 at 10:37 am |

    Bob Strauss……
    ………Thanks for posting the Rondeau information. I am praying that Judy has his day in court……..and IS SUCCESSFUL in his action. This could pull the plug for Lil Barry as well.

    Now is the time to nail these bastards! After 8 years of compiling evidence, and making the case against the usurper, everything is in place to prosecute these crooks. The amount of fraud is so vast, that it is beyond comprehension for most people to believe that it is even possible to have occurred.

    I hope all of the attorneys, that originally sued the usurper since day one, come forward with amicus briefs, and join Judy in this cause to right the fraud on the American people, and set the record straight! I personally want Pelosi, and the usurper, to be held accountable, hanging would be a bonus!

  10. Bob Strauss………
    ……….one of my friends who I went to high school with is a retired Superior Court judge. While he had some physical impediments, he still had a sharp mind right up to his last day on earth. We talked about current events from time to time. He helped me understand what was happening where the Soetoro bullshi# is concerned. Sadly he passed recently. His words while he was alive were nearly a carbon copy of your own. I would liked to have attended his funeral, but I am just not up to doing a lot of walking, and standing for long periods.
    Multiple combined legal actions need to be filed via the USAGs office. There are still far too many BIASED federal judges in the judicial system. The only approach to this is a COMMON legal action filed via the USAGs office. The USAG has a lot better chance of being successful with the US Courts than does a lawyer from East Podunk. Cody Judy now has a great chance of making his case…………with the US AG backing him!

  11. AND…….
    ………with Gorsuch now confirmed.

  12. BUT…….
    …………don’t hold your breath. Gorsuch is still largely untested, and could become another John ROBBER………..who sold the American people out!

  13. AND TODAY…….
    ………….the raving lunatics are still foaming at the mouth, and demanding that President Trump post his income tax returns……….WELL IF YOU ARE A READER OF THIS AND ARE ONE OF THOSE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH…………..YOU NEED TO TAKE A LONG WALK ON A SHORT PIER. THERE ARE NO LAWS EITHER FEDERAL OR STATE WHICH REQUIRE HIM TO DO SO. To expect this is something which only a HALFWIT would pursue……..and obviously Berkely, California has it’s share of HALFWITS.

  14. AND………
    ………..the CHILD PSYCHOPATH has FAILED AGAIN to successfully launch a missile. Hell how can he nuke Washington if he can’t even get a missile off the ground. I would bet that there will be a few launch officers whos decapitated bodies will be paraded through Pyongyang to show all what happens when failures occur. Har har If he keeps on murdering his officer corps he will have nothing left………At the first sign of defeat his entire army will DISAPPEAR.

  15. Easter/Resurrection Sunday blessings to all of you here.

  16. DPRK Failed Missile Test….

    Here is a very rare smuggled film of a Nork missile failure (2013). It’s spectacular.

  17. citizenwells

    Blessed Easter.

    ……….have a GREAT EASTER SUNDAY…….
    “We can think what we wish, we can say what we wish, and we can do as we wish ……….but God has the final say over everything!

  19. LOOKY LOOKY……..
    …………at the powerful MASKED SNOTNOSED COWARDS ATTACKING VETERANS in BERKLEY, California. Wow look how powerful the slimy little stinking assed masked pieces of shi# are. They are so powerful they must cover their faces. The veterans were doing a PEACEFUL gathering to celebrate the Constituion. A GANG OF SOROS FINANCED PIECES OF SHI#,,(COWARDS) attacked the vets. The average age of the vets was well over 70. WOW this puts a real feather in the SNOTNOSES CAP “LOOK WHAT A BADA$$ES WE ARE”. Now each and every one of them should be locked up in a stockade operated by the US Marine Corps, and treated as Marine prisoners. Time for the SNOTNOSES to LEARN RESPECT…….THE HARD WAY.

  20. oldsailor84 | April 15, 2017 at 6:53 pm |


    I think Jeff Sessions, and Joe Arpaio are friends, both were involved in the Trump campaign, and Sessions would be where to go, with the usurper ID info, and bypass the swamp creatures left behind by the usurper.

    Happy Easter!

  21. ……..BETTER STILL…………

  22. BOMBSHELL Report: Entire Western World Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump

    “Hinderaker’s second point is that everyone in the world was so sure Hillary Clinton was going to beat Trump that all of these countries believed it was safe to “curry favor with the new administration” by spying on her opponent, by offering her intelligence-oppo during the campaign that was then leaked to a MSM that was 100% complicit in this illegal behavior — because leaking intelligence is a felony.”

  23. Illegal free for all, under the usurper, and with the belief that Hilliary was going to win the election, and cover for the illegality.

    “Give them enough rope, and they will hang themselves”


    Updated April 14, 2017 – 7:21 pm

    CARSON CITY — Nevada’s top election official on Friday opened an investigation into alleged voter fraud in last year’s election, saying her office has uncovered evidence that noncitizens had cast ballots.

    “Based on new information we have recently uncovered, we have initiated an investigation into illegal votes cast in the last general election,” Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske told the Las Vegas Review-Journal late Friday.

    “Our office has been clear; we will investigate any allegation of election law violations that may jeopardize the integrity of Nevada’s voting process.”

  24. April 18, 2017
    Why Were Foreign Intelligence Agencies Spying on Trump?
    By Brian C. Joondeph

    Last month, Fox News regular Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed that President Obama and his cronies used British intelligence to spy on then candidate Donald Trump. That certainly caused a stir among the higher-ups at Fox News. A week later the outspoken judge was suspended from Fox.

    More specifically, Judge Napolitano accused the Obama administration of doing an end run around the U.S. intelligence community, using GCHQ, the British spy agency, to do its dirty work. GCHQ has unfettered access to the NSA database. Meaning that the Brits could request transcripts of conversations between the Trump campaign and any foreign players, then pass those transcripts on to the Obama inner circle. Leaving President Obama, Susan Rice, and others with deniability and no fingerprints on this domestic spying scheme.

    The Fakestream Media was outraged. Even Fox News’ own truth-detector Shepard Smith was having none of his colleague’s claims, saying, “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time in any way. Full stop.”

    As it turns out, Shep’s full stop was only a speed bump. Judge Napolitano was right after all, as reported in of all places, CNN.

    British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.

    It goes beyond the Brits, extending to the “Five Eyes” agreement which also includes Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which all share intelligence collection and dissemination. What it looks like is that four of our allies were spying on the Trump campaign, either at the direct request or implied desire of the Obama administration.

    The Guardian goes further, reporting that Germany, Estonia, Poland, France, and the Netherlands also spied on Trump and shared their findings with Obama.

    How ironic that the media and the left are obsessing over Russian interference in our electoral process, and despite over a year of investigations, turned up no evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. Yet here are many supposed allies, spying on American citizens in effort to influence a U.S. election, likely at the request of President Obama or his administration, as a means of circumventing the legal prohibition of American intelligence agencies spying on its own citizens.

    Perhaps legal, as when parsing words in the manner of Bill Clinton, but certainly an abuse of power. The question is why?

    It’s no surprise that the smart set in the Five Eyes countries were against Donald Trump and hoped he would lose the election. As one of many examples, an editorial in the New Zealand Herald, the NY Times of the Southern Hemisphere, opined, “It was unimaginable that such a dangerous buffoon could defeat a qualified, whip-smart, sane candidate.”

    It was indeed unimaginable that Trump would win the election. The Fakestream Media in the U.S., through their rigged polls and myopic worldview, were all convinced that Hillary Clinton would win. In a landslide. Whether the Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, wunderkind Nate Silver, or the network news polls, all were predicting a Clinton landslide win, giving her a 90 plus percent chance of victory. At least up until about 9 P.M. on election night.

    Undoubtedly the foreign media, including the spying countries mentioned above, saw and believed U.S. reporting that Clinton would cruise to an easy electoral victory. The Obama administration certainly did, which is why they ignored supposed Russian hacking. At least until voters punched back on election day.

    Why spy on Donald Trump, the buffoon, the unqualified, stupid, insane candidate who had no chance of winning the election? There was no need to influence the election since it was over, a predetermined and certain outcome of Madame President. Let me suggest a reason.

    Foreign governments contributed generously to the Clinton Foundation. Such as Qatar’s $1 million contribution in honor of Bill Clinton’s birthday. Fine for Qatar but perhaps unseemly for Canada, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, or the Dutch to make such a contribution. Suppose they made a different type of “contribution” to the Clintons? No quid pro quo but an effort to get on the good side of Madam President’s upcoming administration.

    If Trump was destined to lose the election, as everyone expected, what good would Trump campaign conversation transcripts be to Hillary Clinton? Trump would slink back to reality TV and beauty pageants, irrelevant to the reign of Queen Hillary. What if foreign country snooping went well beyond Trump?

    Despite much of the GOP establishment actively campaigning against their party’s nominee, there would undoubtedly be interesting conversations among Republican members of Congress and the Trump campaign, or between #NeverTrumpers discussing the campaign.

    Who knows the extent of this snooping? How many conversations were vacuumed up, not to help the Clinton campaign, but instead as useful tidbits to use as needed during the upcoming Clinton administration?

    What if conversations of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or John McCain were captured by NSA, accessed by GCHQ, shared with Five Eyes and other countries, then passed on to the new Clinton administration to be leaked to the Washington Post at an opportune moment? Great leverage against Republican legislators to do Madam President’s bidding, whether a Supreme Court nominee or a controversial piece of legislation.

    Outrageous? Remember Filegate? This is the same Clinton administration that, “had been regularly pulling the files from the F.B.I. on hundreds of Republicans — ostensibly for security clearance, but including hundreds of former Reagan and Bush appointees never being considered for jobs.”

    What Judge Napolitano’s revelation, now confirmed, suggests that foreign allies might have been making contributions to Hillary Clinton, not in cash, but in something far more valuable: information. Perhaps obtained legally but clearly not ethically or honorably. They were “betting on the come” currying favor with the expected Clinton administration, offering up something money can’t buy. Information.

    Worthy of investigation. But not likely as the Fakestream Media prefers to chase the leprechauns of Trump-Russia collusion, even in the face of Trump sending 59 Tomahawk missiles into Putin’s adopted client state of Syria. Donald and Vlad as BFFs. Full stop.

  25. Whats going on????

    North Korea Is Refusing Communications With China.

    This is an interesting development and not a good one. It seems North Korea will not accept China’s offer of a meeting. It sounds like Lil’ Kim is isolating his Country from his closest friend and supporter. China is becoming very troubled over this. I am very troubled over this, as it insinuates a turn for the worse in Kim’s mood and trust in his ally.

    North Korea turned its nose up at Chinese diplomats this month as things became heated on the Korean Peninsula, according to people familiar with the situation, raising questions about the influence Beijing’s leaders have over Kim Jong Un. It is appearing no one has influence with Lil’ Kim. He is a loose cannon with no one in control.

    Pyongyang didn’t respond to requests from China Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Wu Dawei, the country’s top envoy for North Korean nuclear affairs, to meet with their North Korean counterparts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions were private. The overtures came after Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in Florida, the people said.

    (Excerpt) Read more at ..

  26. hapnHal……
    ………….the child PSYCHOPATH has lost all touch with reality. If the people of North Korea value their own lives they should be looking for immediate removal of this sick twisted POS, from the position he holds. If he starts a war then thousands of innocent by standers are in mortal danger………..especially if he attempts to use a nuclear device offensively. This action will SEAL HIS DOOM along with that of thousands of innocent civilians………simply because such an action DEMANDS a DEFENSIVE COUNTER MEASURE IN KIND. Defense is really OFFENSE. To be defensive we must be OFFENSIVE……..LIKE IT OR NOT! If we are defensive towards a North Korea nuclear attack North Korea will suffer for many decades afterward, and will have learned the same extremely painful lesson that Japan learned in 1945………thanks to the lunacy of people like TOJO, and HIROHITO. Like Germany, the lunacy of the leaders became their own irrational euphoric hysteria…………which reaches CUMULATIVE MASS HYSTERIA………WHICH WE NOW SEE EVIDENCE OF IN THE GOOSE STEPPING RAVING TOTALLY COMPLIANT NORTH KOREAN MILITARY. THIS GOES MUCH FURTHER AS WELL. WITHIN THAT MINDSET LIES SUICIDAL SACRIFICE…….REMEMBER THE JAPANESE KAMIKAZI ATTACKS? THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE THAT THEIR ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO DIE FOR THE EMPORER……….SO THAT SAID IT IS PROBABLE THAT IF THE CHILD PSYCHOPATH STARTS A WAR THEIR ENTIRE ARMY WILL BECOME KAMAKAZIS. SUCH LUNACY SEEMS TO HAVE A WAY OF BEING REPETATIVE. SUCH A MASS ATTACK WOULD JUSTIFY A TACTICAL NUCLEAR STRIKE.

  27. ……..ACTUALLY……….
    ……….the Japanese people are kissin cousins to the Koreans. The Japanese are descendants of Koreans who adopted the SHINTO beliefs. They were driven out of Korea to the offshore island we know as Japan…….hence the evolution of the LAND OF THE RISING SUN……………………”I ain’t got no yau-ru”………Grace Amamia (singer).

  28. CW, bobstrauss,
    I have this friend that is telling me President Donald Trump has spent up to 70 million dollars so far on his travels to Florida and back, I say bull….! Have you two heard about this? I told her that Obummer, spent 79 million dollar just on vacation trips that the tax payers had to pay for.

  29. Trudy………..
    ………this makes me wonder how much George W Bush spent going back and forth between his ranch and the wacky house. He flew to Texas nearly every month on AF1.

  30. Watch out for an earthquake in CA

    Judicial Watch: Court Finds 75-Year-Old Los Angeles Veteran Robert Rosebrock Not Guilty of Federal Crime for Displaying American Flags above Veterans Administration Fence

    APRIL 18, 2017
    ‘Now that the court has rightly dismissed the government’s outrageous flag-displaying charges against Mr. Rosebrock, we hope that he and his fellow patriots will be allowed to honor and flag and commemorate their fellow veterans as they deem appropriate.’ – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton

    Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced that a California U.S. District Court has ruled that 75-year-old veteran Robert Rosebrock is not guilty of violating federal law for displaying two four by six inch American Flags above a Veterans Affairs (VA) fence on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016. The rulings were handed down in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (United States of America v. Robert L. Rosebrock, (CC11, 4920201; 4920202; 6593951).

  31. hapnHal……….
    ………….who was the FRUIT or NUT who brought the charges against him to begin with. It has NEVER been a crime ANYWHERE in America to fly the US flag. Sounds as though one of California’s new found illegal Muslim FRIENDS might have been offended……….ohhhhh boooo hooooooo.

    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Waters verbally confirms her HALFWIT status.

  33. citizenwells

    Bloviator Bill O’Reilly out at Fox.

  34. CW………
    ……… by one Fox has either dismissed, or lost the very people who kept it’s ratings high. In reality there is NO PROOF that either Ailes, or Oreilly actually indulged themselves in sexual controversy. Yes a woman charged Ailes………the courts found for her…….outing Ailes from Fox………still NO PROOF of actual misbehavior. With respect to Oreilly the same applies. It is a sad state when TWISTED WORDS are allowed to be used as absolute evidence. While I DO NOT SIDE with either Ailes or Oreilly, I think they both will have paid a huge price for being accused of wrongdoing. Such action against people who even hiccup in church which by some could be twisted to mean DISRESPECT TOWARDS OTHER CHURCHGOERS, and that person who hiccupped sued for millions. In reality the shaking down of people who have become wealthy is an art form of the WORST PIECES OF HUMAN SCUM on earth. I say YES to such lawsuits if the PERPETRATOR actually carried out a SEXUAL INNUENDO ATTACK against somebody…….but as long as DOUBT EXISTS such lawsuits should be THROWN OUT OF COURTS. COME TO COURT WITH EITHER DOCUMENTED OR ABSOLUTE PROOF, AND I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM………..BUT WHEN IT IS ALL BASED UPON HYPE, AND GLORIFIED BS THE PLAINTIFFS THEMSELVES SHOULD BE HEAVILY FINED.

  35. oldsailor84, This is in your neck of the woods.


    Indiana purges 481K inactive voter registrations from rolls

  36. ……….FOR MANY…….
    DECADES……..we have watched a lot of our alleged upper crust being sued by disgruntled subordinates……..over some really TWISTED, and perverted reasons………..yet the courts allowed these lawsuits to be adjudicated. The only time such lawsuits should be allowed is when absolute proof of wrongdoing exists, and has been documented, and certified as evidence. This seems to confirm the deterioration of our courts’ overall ability to act
    as arbiters of the law. Instead they have become LA LA LAND POLITICAL PLOYS.

  37. Bob Strauss………
    ………..I have no doubt of that fact at all. Indiana has had more than it’s share of voting controversy over the last 8 years which until now ……nothing was done to clean it up. Three Cheers for those who are cleaning up the Indiana voter registration archives. Thanks much for posting this Bob!

  38. Trudy | April 18, 2017 at 6:02 pm |

    CW, bobstrauss,
    I have this friend that is telling me President Donald Trump has spent up to 70 million dollars so far on his travels to Florida and back, I say bull….! Have you two heard about this? I told her that Obummer, spent 79 million dollar just on vacation trips that the tax payers had to pay for.

    It’s more democrat lying in an effort to damage Trump, plain and simple just more fake news, all based on the extravagant spending by the usurper.

    I trust Michelle Malkin.

    Chicago Tribune fact-checks costs of Trump travel; CNN hardest hit

    Posted at 7:21 am on April 13, 2017 by Greg P.

    By now you’ve read — probably countless times — that Donald Trump’s travel budget is so YUGE that it’s “on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel in 1 year.” Via CNN:

    President Trump is on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel spending in 1 year @CNNPolitics via @danmericaCNN

    — Athena Jones (@AthenaCNN) April 12, 2017

    CNN got its estimate for Trump — $21.6M — by taking the cost of a trip Obama took to Palm Beach in 2013 — $3.6M — and multiplying it by 6, the number of times Trump has visited Mar-a-Lago:

    Given variations in each trip, estimating the security costs around a presidential trip is difficult. But a 2016 Government Accountability Office report about a four-day trip Obama took to Florida in 2013 — one similar to Trump’s trips — found the total cost to the Secret Service and Coast Guard was $3.6 million.

    To date, Trump has spent six weekends — and a total of 21 days — at Mar-A-Lago, his private Palm Beach club. The total estimated costs for those trips are around $21.6 million.

    As for Obama’s total — $97M over 8 years — CNN relied on a report from Judicial Watch:

    Obama, by contrast, spent just under $97 million on travel in his eight years as president, according to documents reviewed by Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog. These trips included personal trips – including ski trips to Aspen and the Obama’s annual family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts — and work trips, like a visit to Everglades National Park on Earth Day in 2015.

    But, surprise! The Chicago Tribune contacted the author of the 2016 GAO study that CNN used for the $3.6M estimate and he’s says you can’t compare the two trips:

    Fact check: Do Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips really cost $3 million? Here’s where that estimate originated:

    — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) April 13, 2017

  39. bobstruass,
    Thanks ,I wasn’t going to say anymore to her. I forgot that she does look at CNN and gets her news or what they call news now days. Thanks again and for the link I’ll go there and read it.

  40. AND NOW………
    ……….GM plant in Venezuela seized by government and shut down. Now 2600 more Venezuelans will now face starvation in the SOCIALIST UTOPIA. Sadly there are LOTS OF CHIEFS, but damn few WARRIORS, and now even LESS WARRIORS. har har Now Venezuela will enjoy 60 years of a Venezuelan FIDEL. Clorox left Venezuela a long time ago. Now GM is gone. Same thing Fidel Castro done in Cuba……….stole all the property of others and gave it to his HALFWITTED FRIENDS.

  41. Of course the MORON who now controls Venezuela is a LIBERAL who thinks everything should be FREE……….nobody should have to hold gainful employment. And now Venezuela will become another Fidel Castro type of SOCIALIST UTOPIA………the next 60 years will be a carbon copy of Cuba.

  42. AND……..
    …… by one the people who were responsible for the very large market share that Fox News held are being forced out by the two Murdoch sons………who obviously are catering to the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. I have seen this coming for a long time. Soon Fox will be right next door to CNN and all the other sick twisted FAKE NEWS BULLSHI##ers in ratings. Soon Hannity will disappear as well. Only a few well respected anchors remain………like Ed Henry, Bret Baier, etc. Slowly FoxNews will descend into the same slime pit as CNN,MSNBC, and NYT………..where the owners will ENJOY the STINKING environment, and have a lot of FECES to play with.

    ……..we now have a SNOTNOSE CHILD who refers to herself as SARAH JOAN , and BLABBERS about a lot which she has little knowledge of. She is a youngster who has limited life’s experience. In addition she was NOT YET BORN when the Korean war was going on……….and any alleged knowledge she might possess was probably obtained second hand from RECORDS written by others, which is subject to interpretation as opposed to fact. Certainly studying a human culture in college helps with UNDERSTANDING of some things, but is by no means a complete education with respect to a specific subject. Only age, and contact with a culture tells the story yet even then we are sometimes led astray by things we hear or see. Perhaps Sarah Joan @ SJD will in the future take some time to learn a little more about her subjects before she utilizes her oral cavity………..obviously she is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

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