270+ illegal aliens from India to be deported, Estimated half million in US, Trump effort to deport illegals with criminal backgrounds, Zero Hedge explains problems in India, “Trump isn’t all that wrong”

270+ illegal aliens from India to be deported, Estimated half million in US, Trump effort to deport illegals with criminal backgrounds, Zero Hedge explains problems in India, “Trump isn’t all that wrong”

“All of the employment gains among women since the recession hit in December 2007 have been taken by foreigners, even at a time when the numbers of U.S.-born women surged more than 600,000, according to new federal statistics.”…Washington Examiner August 7, 2015

“60 Minutes investigates how some businesses have fired American workers and replaced them with cheaper labor: temporary, foreign workers with H-1B visas”..CBS 60 minutes March 19, 2017

“Bill Clinton, in a January 24, 1995 State Of The Union Address, took a position on illegal immigrants almost identical to Trump’s. He received a standing ovation.”…Citizen Wells



From the Washington Post March 24, 2017.

“U.S. authorities have begun pressing the Indian government to resolve more than 270 outstanding deportation cases involving Indian nationals, Indian officials said Friday.

Indian officials said they know little about the specifics of the cases and could not tell from their own data whether people had overstayed visas or were convicted of more serious criminal offenses.

“This is an ongoing matter,” Gopal Baglay, a spokesman for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, said in a statement. U.S. authorities had conveyed to India that the cases were pending, but “no details of these cases were provided. We have asked for the same,” Baglay said.

The request — which U.S. immigration officials insisted was routine — was nonetheless significant because it comes at a time when the administration of President Trump has launched raids and other wide-ranging efforts to arrest and deport many of the United States’ 11 million immigrants in the country illegally, particularly those with criminal backgrounds.

Of particular concern, according to Trump’s Jan. 25 immigration order, are countries that drag their feet accepting their wayward citizens back.

“Each country has an obligation under international law to accept the return of its nationals who are not eligible to remain in the United States or any other country,” said Brendan Raedy, a public affairs officer for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He added that U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly has made clear that ICE will no longer exempt “classes or categories” of illegal immigrants from potential enforcement.

A rising number of Indians are living illegally in the United States — an estimated half a million people — according to a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center.

Returning them to their home country, particularly if they are criminals, has not always been easy. India has been dropped from a list of 20 countries labeled “recalcitrant” in accepting their citizens who have been convicted of crimes in the United States or overstayed their visas, and have deportation orders issued by a court.”

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From Zero Hedge March 25, 2017.

“Is India The Next Pakistan? “It Keeps Getting Worse Ever Faster””

“Tribal cultures face an inherent contradiction. They create poison from within to grow more collectivist, controlling and tyrannical — members of the populace looks for nannies, and they readily find sociopaths to exploit that need. Their lack of organizational skills, their inability to engage in economic calculation and their irrationality lead to massive internal stresses and the ultimate devolution of such an unnatural society.

India finds itself in a situation where it is grasping for more totalitarianism to solve the problems that totalitarianism created. The demonetization exercise was an assertion of India’s underlying tribal and collectivist culture.


Demonetization Pain Continues

Cashless ATMs continue to be the new normal in India. In a recent conversation, economist Professor Madhusudan Raj mentioned that as many as 70% of the ATMs in his city are still not operational. The situation in villages and small towns is much worse. Banks are often clogged with people.

Eventually most people who must have cash will get it, but businesses need easy access to large amounts of their own cash without incurring transaction costs. They continue to face horrendous problems, which are translating into closures, retrenchment of staff, and bankruptcies. The tax authorities are getting increasingly rapacious. According to Professor Madhusudan Raj:

“The tax department is busy conducting raids on old widowers, small traders and merchants like chicken-shops, shoe-shops, small restaurants, gas stations etc.; pretty much anyone who deposited more than half a million rupee in banks during the demonetization process. The department is forcing small traders to declare income under Modi’s PMGKY (Prime Minister poverty alleviation) scheme, but leaves big corrupt business tycoons untouched.”

Draconian regulations on the use of cash are increasing. Businesses are in fear of the State. Freedom of speech is rapidly receding, not only because of fear of the government, but also because Indians are becoming increasingly fanatic.

Any new cash continues to find its way to the financially powerful, leaving small businessmen and the informal sector reeling in economic trauma. The normal rhythm of the economy has been destroyed. People continue to delay discretionary purchases. The market continues to be slow.

Businesses are failing and the poorest are finding employment very difficult to come by. Food prices are still much cheaper than normal, as a result of the economic struggles of poor people. Farmers are facing huge financial pressure in turn.

It is a vicious cycle in which people who at first lacked access to their own money because of the demonetization now face a situation in which they simply don’t have any work and hence no cash.”

“India’s GDP per capita is $1,718, making it poorer than Africa. You can enforce a perfect tax regime or a perfect ID system (neither of which is actually possible) on such a chaotic society, but you have to have productivity to make use of increased taxes and a better ID system. Indians are mostly unskilled, uneducated, and untrained, in short, largely unfit for the modern economy.

Any rational ruler would have focused on creating competence among Indians, without which any hopes connected to increased taxation will fail. Moreover, the situation can easily become a major humanitarian crisis in the coming age of robots.

Many people will lose their ID cards soon — as perhaps more than 80% of Indians do not live in proper housing. They lack safe storage to preserve such cards. Moreover, only about 10% to 15% of the population are “benefiting” (by getting subsidized food, gas, etc.) from the cards. Could it be that most of these beneficiaries are members of the middle class?”

“One of the largest illegal migrant groups in the US is from India. In this modern era, India’s crisis will not stay limited to India. As is the case with those from other eastern religions and societies, once they arrive, Indians vote to mirror what they left behind in their home country, often unknowingly — as the virus of totalitarianism is deeply ingrained in the culture of irrationality.

A wall might not be the answer, but Trump isn’t all that wrong.”

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58 responses to “270+ illegal aliens from India to be deported, Estimated half million in US, Trump effort to deport illegals with criminal backgrounds, Zero Hedge explains problems in India, “Trump isn’t all that wrong”

  1. If these other countries cannot acknowledge the visa holders from their country, then the US should round up the overstays and throw them bodily over the wall of that countries embassy in DC. Make the embassy pay for the return to their homeland.

  2. CW……..
    ……….and the probability of the total number of illegals in America exceeding 20,000,000 is most likely pretty accurate……….and ALL are sucking resources, including financial government hand outs each month ($1200.00), and FREE healthcare, which somebody ends up paying for……..usually the provider which translates to a financial loss. Do the math on the $1200.00 handouts. There are a hell of a lot of innocent retired citizens who don’t get ANY HANDOUTS, OR FREE HEALTHCARE…………CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN AT HOME!

  3. oldsailor84 | March 26, 2017 at 12:57 pm |

    ……….and the probability of the total number of illegals in America exceeding 20,000,000 is most likely pretty accurate……….and ALL are sucking resources, including financial government hand outs each month ($1200.00), and FREE healthcare, which somebody ends up paying for……..usually the provider which translates to a financial loss. Do the math on the $1200.00 handouts. There are a hell of a lot of innocent retired citizens who don’t get ANY HANDOUTS, OR FREE HEALTHCARE…………CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN AT HOME!
    They vote democrat so they can continue getting their Obama phones, Obama care, and food stamps.

    Their only political consideration is, who is promising them free $hit at taxpayer expense.

  4. Colonel Shaffer: “I Believe This is Much Worse Than Watergate”


  5. Bob Strauss……….
    ……….while I have never in my life HATED anyone, it is really easy to hold complete disdain for the piece of $hit politicians who have sold the people of America out in their pursuit of the almighty BUCK, which they lined their pockets with in political crime. I pray very hard that such people will never enjoy their ill gotten gains, and will be forever hounded, and tormented until the day they meet their maker.

  6. citizenwells

    “Veteran newsman Ted Koppel has told Fox News commentator Sean Hannity that he is “bad for America” in an interview that aired on CBS.

    The discussion on the network’s Sunday Morning show focused on the polarisation of politics and the media in the US.

    During the interview, Koppel, the former ABC Nightline anchor, said that the conflation of opinion and editorial content was dangerous.

    Hannity told Koppel he was cynical and that Americans could tell the difference between opinion and news.”

    Sean Hannity ✔ @seanhannity
    “Fake Edited News” @CBSNews release the Unedited 45 minute interview so people can see the BS games you play in the edit room. I dare you! https://twitter.com/mediaite/status/846024537510727681
    2:31 PM – 26 Mar 2017
    3,648 3,648 Retweets 6,768 6,768 likes
    Sean Hannity ✔ @seanhannity
    If you pay attention Ted was saying ALL opinion shows are bad for America. But he was saying this while giving us HIS OPINION #hypocrisy https://twitter.com/thehill/status/846106748129808384
    7:46 PM – 26 Mar 2017
    2,024 2,024 Retweets 5,855 5,855 likes


  7. CW………..
    ………Tells us WHAT, AND WHO Ted Koeppel is don’t you think………ONE OF THE ENEMY……..THE MEDIA= pile of HORSE $HIT!

  8. CW……….
    …….and ONE BY ONE the alleged media SELF DESTRUCT when they open their mouths. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH= lots of fertilizer!

  9. CW……….
    …….and ONE BY ONE people like Koppel SELF DESTRUCT when they open their mouths. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH= lots of fertilizer!

  10. sorry about double post ……FICKLE FINGER AGAIN!

  11. JUST READ……….
    ……..Paul Ryan photographed visiting a place where some of the SOETORO CROWD LIVE……….and for over an hour. Carried on MSN news.

  12. Ginger……..
    ……….thanks for the lead regarding Paul Ryan. I have been searching for confirmation of the alleged visit but so far have been unable to confirm the info. Could be PHONEY NEWS CONCOCTED BY THE LIBERALS……..but I reiterate might also be real. Has definite value…….at least for now. I don’t know anything about REDSTATEWATCHER. Anything you can find will greatly be appreciated. If accurate it ties in with something else I am researching.

  13. NSA/CIA Whistleblower Claims to Have Hard Evidence Obama Spied on 156 Judges & Businessmen

  14. oldsailor84
    I guess this explains when a wife complains……………..
    ” I have a headache”

    ISLAM: HOW TO BEAT YOUR WIFE (this is worth three minutes of your time)

  15. CW
    Can you delete post

  16. hapnHal……….
    …………I get the gist of the comment……….is probably more than accurate.

  17. hapnHal……….
    ………a couple of days ago I read where California’s so distinguished leaders are once again considering seceding from the union, and creating their own country. Illinois might try the same thing. It will teach them something they obviously don’t know at this point……..they will no longer get Federal money. So to compensate the country of California would have to double property taxes, and use an income tax rate of about 40%. After doing that the state will become a deserted waste land…….everybody will catch a wagon train headed EAST. Of course they would have the option of entering Canada…….the land of B17 sized mosquitos. On a quiet night you can hear them in flight, looking for BLOOD. Serve the liberals right……….have to wear armor plate suits when outside.

  18. hapnHal……….
    ……….the vision of the country of California= UP is DOWN, left is right, and fruit falls from the ground up to the trees. Nobody will be employed, all will be given a free living, and everyone will be given at least $1200.00 per month to live on……..Californians will become refugees. All drugs will be legal, and California will impose a huge excise tax on all marijuana sold. All Californians will need to do is lay around, stay stoned 24 hours a day, breed, and breed and breed……..create thousands of little bastards………and murder them at birth.

  19. ………BUT WAIT A MINUTE………
    ……..the last time I was in the state (1973) most of the things I mentioned was already being done, and was more or less STANDARD EQUIPMENT. So changing from a state to a country ought not be anything other than a formality. Maybe between the tax on Marijuana, and a doubled property tax will replace what they lose in Federal money.

  20. AND NOW………..
    ……….President Trump is calling for a Congressional investigation of the Clinton Russia Uranium deal……which Soetoro HAD TO SIGN OFF ON. The Clintons were VERY FRIENDLY with PUTIN, and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy as SOS approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia. SO WHO REALLY WAS/ IS THE FRIEND OF THE RUSSIANS?…….There is most likely a distinct paper trail involved with that one……..and probably an electronic record as well……unless emails pertaining to the uranium deal were also deleted by Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy. HEY CHUCKY BABY WHY AREN’T YOU INVESTIGATING THAT ON?

  21. CW……..
    ………There is a large number of people from India here in Fort Wayne. Fortunately most have started businesses, and are earning their own income. I have no argument against them……..in fact everytime I stop in at the place where I buy my gasoline the operators are always cheerful, and always say hello to me. They do not reflect the usual I AM BETTER THAN YOU ATTITUDE, that we sometimes encounter from some business operators around here. They are from India.Their sons always seem to have time for a new joke. They operate a combination gasoline station, and a convenience store. They are doing quite well. I feel great respect for the entire family……….they all participate in the operation of the business. They are already planning an addition in which to put a specialty foods restaurant. Will feature food dishes of India, as well as the standard fast food items people buy. If they operate the restaurant in the same manner as they do the convenience store I am sure they will have another winner. I told them I would be among their first customers when they open their restaurant. We need more people like them.

  22. CW …….
    …….I am a believer in the last few words which appeared in your post. “The virus of totalitarianism is deeply ingrained in the culture of irrationality”. This is the best wording yet of describing what is happening with our younger generation……..so many of whom thought, and still think Soetoro is a GOD of some sort. In reality the US led by Soetoro was headed towards a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT, and the younger generations are becoming more irrational as each day passes. The alleged leaders are more involved more, and more as each day passes in IRRATIONAL HYSTERIA…….which is a kissin cousin to TOTAL INSANITY.

  23. Wonder if this Vince Foster Story is True?…Michigan-Patriot

  24. AND NOW……….
    ………..there is alleged NEWS that President Trump has just used his infamous TWO WORDS on FBI DIRECTOR COMEY.= YOU’RE FIRED! That is NOT ALL EITHER. Allegedly Trey Gowdy has been named DIRECTOR OF THE FBI effective on the 1st of April…………but wait a minute that is APRIL FOOLS DAY! har har. This all might be somebody’s sick twisted idea of a joke. There is so much BULL$HIT being spread these days it is getting really hard to figure out the truth.

  25. Popcorn worthy video!


    Obama’s Former Asst. Defense Secretary ADMITS ON MSNBC Obama Admin Spied on Trump (VIDEO)

    Cristina Laila Mar 28th, 2017 9:17 pm 119 Comments

    Former Assistant Defense Secretary under the Obama administration, Evelyn Farkas admitted that the Obama administration was trying to collect as much intelligence as possible on the Trump administration.

    Evelyn Farkas: “…Frankly speaking the people on The Hill..get as much information as you can. Get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy…

    Ummm that the Trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about the Trump staff dealing with Russians that they would try to compromise the sources and methods meaning that we would no longer have access to that intelligence.”

    Evelyn Farkas also served as an advisor to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign and was up for a position in the Clinton administration if Hillary became President.

    It’s no big deal that she had access to information on the Trump campaign while advising his opponent, Hillary Clinton, right? Nothing to see here, move along…

    There is a massive amount of evidence piling up that the Trump camp was spied on by the Obama administration, but Russia, right? The fake Russian narrative is to distract from Obamagate.


  26. Complete video of Evelyn Farkas on MSNBC for context reasons.

  27. I think Evelyn Farkas needs to meet Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes for a pow wow at the House and Senate Intelligence Committee.

    I would love to see that interview.

  28. New Executive Order takes down the Bureau of Land Management / Sanctuary Cities !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6q_VExVxI4


  30. AND……
    ………..Chucky baby, spent another 20 minutes today FOAMING AT THE MOUTH as he raved, and ranted his rabid accusation that Neil Gorsuch is the BOOGEY MAN.

  31. JW Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses the unlawful abuse of intelligence tools as a political weapon by the Obama administration against the Trump transition team.

  32. This tells me they are guilty as hell!

    Probably involved in the surveillance, both were never Trumpers.


    McCain, Graham join the Opposition Party to attack Nunes


  33. Bob Strauss……..
    ………..they attacked NUNES because BOTH are RINOS……..in reality they are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, wearing Republican hats.

  34. Justice Scalia, new evidence shows ‘foxglove” present in body fluids !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w6Uvae8kns

  35. James……
    ………..that is indeed a possibility. Foxglove according to my wife (who is one of the Purdue Master Gardeners) has stated that the Foxglove if ingested contains chemistry which is known as CARDIO GLYCOSIDES………which can cause death. She raised some in the backyard jungle that she has created. She got rid of it a long time ago because she was afraid that one of our TWO little people might chew on it. A person who already suffers from some heart ailments might die very quickly. If Scalia was given some of this perhaps chopped into a salad with dressing, and ingested it at the evening meal might never have even know that he was eating FOXGLOVE. This is something which only plant people would probably know about…………and might narrow down the list of people who might be suspects. Foxglove grows wild in some places. Perhaps near where Scalia died. A native of that area would possibly know about the poisonous properties of the plant.

  36. Devils Breath…Scopolamine… behavioral – engineering
    This is how Barry controlled the males that shot up schools, movie theaters, bombings, etc. every thing that has gone wrong under that frauds dictatorship! (spit) BTW… I tried to post a link of chem trails that was posted on FB and my screen went nuts WARNING ME THAT I HAD …. in other words I was in trouble.


  37. CW, Thought that this may interest you in NC.


    NC Secretary of State Told to Resign After Allowing 320 Illegals Notary Positions


  38. Farkas telling us not to believe our lying ears.


    Evelyn Farkas to CNBC: ‘I Had No Insider Info, I Only Knew What I Read in the Press’ on Trump Surveillance (VIDEO)


  39. California Tech Executives Indicted For H1-B Visa Fraud, Falsifying Documents To Replace Americans


  40. James……
    While I was at my doctors appointment today I mentioned the digitalis thing to him. He said that if Scalia was a cardiac patient he might have been using digitalis. It is used to treat cardiac patients whose heart beat rate is too high. I read that Scalia had some heart ailments. If digitalis was found in his body it would tend to confirm what the doctor said today. I would suspect that he might have taken another dose because he forgot that he had already taken his daily dose. A double dose might very well do a cardiac patient in. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED, I am only offering this as being plausible.

    ………at MSN there is a photograph of two very well known high ranking FEMALE ASSOCIATES of the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The expression on the face of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT is one which makes her look as though she is an escapee from an INSANE ASYLUM. As for the black lady in the background that is where she OUGHT TO BE FOREVER…….muttering DUH. Both have proven publically that they are in fact complete IMBECILES.

  42. Judicial Watch and Allied Educational Foundation File Amici Curiae Brief with Supreme Court Supporting North Carolina Voter ID

    MARCH 28, 2017


  43. bob strauss

    BREAKING NEWS AG Jeff Sessions has the Names of the CIA traitors Leaking Info to The MSM!

  44. bob strauss | March 30, 2017 at 5:57 pm |

    I remember reading about seminars taught by lawyers to human resource employees of BIG companies teaching ways to get around the system in ways to reject American, qualified applicants for foreigners.
    I watched part of the video provided.
    This nation is in deep doo-doo until this is changed.

    The Indian employees are here for 6 months, learn all needed, return to their country, train others, and millions of jobs are out-sourced.

  45. JJ………
    ………..a lot of them don’t even bother to return to their own country………..they choose to live in America ,and continue SUCKING UP the RESOURCES. A few have chosen to set up and operate businesses, and for that I take off my hat to them. I trade for my gasoline, and an occasional banana at one such place. At least they don’t have the attitude that they are SOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRTANT, and everybody should kiss their feet…………which is what we see these days from a really huge number of ALLEGED AMERICANS. I always try to ruin their day for them by telling them if they want to measure just how IMPORTANT they are to stick their finger in a bowl of water wait 10 seconds then retract their finger. Then measure the size of the HOLE LEFT BEHIND IN THE WATER. The bigger the hole the greater is their IMPORTANCE. Many of them DON’T EVEN GET IT. THIS TELLS ME THAT THEY ARE NOT ONLY unimportant, but STUPID as well……….they can’t even figure out the real meaning of what I .said.

  46. JJ…………
    ……….some unfortunate people end up having to TRAIN the ILLEGAL who is going to take his job. Hell would freeze over before I would ever train a person who my employer is planning to replace me with. My words to such a company would be YOU TRAIN HIM……ADIOS!

  47. JJ……….
    …………As time passes I see more, and more that less, and less Americans possess any SELF RELIANCE, or life’s skills whatsoever. Maybe I was lucky to have been born during the depression. I spent the 1930s, and the 1940s learning the basic skills of survival in life. I learned it all the HARD WAY………DOING FOR MYSELF, AND LATER FOR MY WIFE ,AND KIDS. I HAVE ONLY A HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. I REGISTERED IN A TWO YEAR TECH LEVEL BUSINESS COURSE, after my father died, and I took over the operation of the commercial printing company he built. He started the company in 1931, and today my oldest son operates his own printing company which he molded from the residual company which I passed on to him. He has reshaped it to perform in today’s economy, and with updated technology. It sure doesn’t look the same as it did in the 1960s. His children are now grown and gone, and two have their own children. I am a great grand father now……….not necessarily great as the word might imply, rather as family descent implies.

  48. oldsailor84

    ………..who live in the center of Atlanta are really something else. Some stated to reporters covering the collapse of the freeway……they thought the “SUN HAD SET EARLIER THAN USUAL”……this sort of knowledgeable observation can only originate from somebody having a three word vocabulary, and the mentality of a HALFWIT!

  49. bob strauss

    This is epic!

    The tone of this story encourages me that we are about to see a major draining of the swamp in DC. We here at Citizen Wells know all of the back stores, and we all know this goes all the way to the white house and the usurper, and Hilliary! Now they have been caught red handed wiretapping Trump and his campaign, and it’s Jeff Sessions who was another target of the democrats scam and wire tapping who is leading the DOJ!

    I’m thinking it’s time for some serious payback!


    Adam Schiff’s Weak CNN Interview Supports Nunes, Trump Claims on Surveillance
    AP/Cliff Owen

    by Joel B. Pollak2 Apr 2017875


    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning that he “can’t say whether anything was masked or unmasked properly” after visiting the White House on Friday to see the same the surveillance documents that committee chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) saw last month.

    It was an unusually muted response from Schiff, and suggests that the documents substantiate Nunes’ claims that the Obama administration conducted surveillance on members of the Trump transition team, and unmasked the names of U.S. citizens improperly before the intelligence was disseminated throughout the government. He merely said that he did not “agree with the chairman’s characterization” of the documents, but did not elaborate or say Nunes was wrong.

    Schiff also added that he remained upset that the documents had not been shared with him before Nunes shared them with the White House, and he raised suspicions about the way in which the White House had obtained the information.

    In addition, Schiff backed off claims he made last month on MSNBC that there was “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. When Tapper asked him point-blank whether there was “collusion,” Schiff said: “I don’t think we can say anything definitively at this point.”

    Schiff’s failure to contest Nunes’s claims directly, and his refusal to repeat his conclusions about Russian collusion, add subtle support to two arguments: first, the contention by two senior former Obama administration intelligence officials that there is no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia; and second, the contention by President Donald Trump that he and his team were the victims of improper surveillance and leaks by the outgoing Obama administration.


  50. bob strauss

    BETRAYAL: Washington Drops Explosive H-Bomb On Hillary…She Is Now America’s ENEMY!

    “Suspicions surrounding the Clinton family have been ripe for years and now, apparently there’s a reason why Hillary is being called a “security risk” by our government.”


  51. AND NOW………
    ……….it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to clean house on the POS judges who have refused to uphold the Constitution………as they have sworn to do. Judges ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. TIME TO RETURN TO THE CIRCUIT RIDING………..HANGING JUDGES TO DEAL WITH THE CRIMINALS IN THEIR MIDST.

  52. SADLY………..
    ……..all the liberal MANIACS are screaming that Trump is a buddy of Putin………..yet not one of them has screamed about Hillary’s uranium deal with PUTIN. What is wrong with this picture?

  53. bob strauss

    FOX NEWS’ @adamhousley updates his story that Trump’s name was unmasked by senior Obama officials.


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