54 responses to “Target boycott exceeds 1 million pledges, American Family Association online boycott signup, What if all men escort their family members and female friends in ladies restroom?, Target stock price falling

  1. citizenwells

    “Any biological man – regardless of whether he “identifies” or “expresses” himself as a man OR as a woman – now has the legal right under the City’s amended ordinance to access the most intimate of women’s facilities (and vice versa). Under the ordinance, Charlotte businesses may no longer offer or enforce sex-specific facilities and face penalties if they do.”…NC House Member Dan Bishop

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  3. Got an idea……….
    How bout an entrepreneur placing his and her Honey huts outside Target stores in the parking lot…. and don’t forget to post a sign saying…. NO LGBT’s.

  4. CW ……..
    ……….one thing is certain…….it clearly shows the sick twisted mentality which seems to be slowly permeating the very fabric of our alleged society. America seems to be turning into a morally bankrupted culture. Years ago I once read an article which described the fall of the Roman Empire. It was described as the ground had become a writhing, churning sea of humanity totally engaged in mass deviant sex acts. After a period of time the Romans began to like their deviant sex more than the maintenance of their society. Soon the entire empire collapsed into a filthy, odorous mass of humanity who were unable to think of anything except their next deviant sex encounter. Many buildings in old Pompeii have life size statues of men engaging men in homosexual acts, and female on female statues all adorning the gable ends of the old buildings roof structures. There are life size statues of men standing with erections, and nude females. These were still in place as late as the 1950s………the statues were considered WORKS OF ART, and worth millions of dollars. I would venture to add that in America such a statue would probably bring a tidy sum from a person whose mind was oriented to sexual deviance.

  5. FURTHER………
    ………I personally believe that America is headed towards a similar collapse. You only need to look around you. Look at the way many of our young and older people alike now behave; their dress, their language, and personal conduct……..all of which tells a story of a deteriorating moral stature in America. In addition we see Christianity being attacked….. and degraded in nearly every state. When you collate all of this into one volume you will undoubtedly end up with a similar story to that of the Roman Empire. Usama Bin Laden was right when he said “America is a DECADENT SOCIETY”.

  6. HapnHal………..
    ………..EXCELLENT IDEA! ………..but use CONSTRUCTION SITE PORTA POTTIES. After a day in the hot sun, and a few uses, I personally guarantee that even a TWISTED TRANSVESTITE would think twice about entering one of them.

  7. Combating the usurper’s climate change Taqiyya, (fraud!)


    Weather Channel Founder Slams Bill Nye: Calls him ‘a pretend scientist in a bow tie’

    The Reviews Are in! ‘Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most dangerous documentary of year’ – ‘Wickedly effective use of slapstick humor’ – ‘Lays waste to Gore’ – ‘Brutal & Extremely Funny’

    Find a theatre near you & buy tickets for one night only May 2 at http://www.ClimateHustle.com

    By: Marc Morano – Climate Depot April 29, 2016 12:52 PM

    Weather Channel Founder John Coleman, a meteorologist for over six decades, slammed Bill Nye, ‘the science guy’ for saying that the new skeptical global warming film ‘Climate Hustle’ is “very much not in our national interest and the world’s interest.”

    Read more: http://www.climatedepot.com/2016/04/29/weather-channel-founder-slams-bill-nye-calls-him-a-pretend-scientist-in-a-bow-tie/#ixzz47L07N8R2


  8. I’ve finally figured it out, “Michelle” shops at Target.

    No wonder they came up with this bathroom $hit.

  9. Oops
    Heidi Cruz said Ted is an Immigrant?

    GREENFIELD, Ind. — At a campaign stop just days before the critical Indiana primary, Heidi Cruz, wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, said one of her husband’s strengths in the campaign is that he “is an immigrant.”

    “Ted is an immigrant,” Mrs. Cruz said, emphasizing the word “is.” “He is Hispanic.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at washingtonexaminer.com …

  10. bob strauss

    CHILLING: How America Looks After 7 Long Years With An Anti-American President

    “The border was destroyed because of the actions taken by President Barack Obama under the guise of his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan. Simply put, DACA rewrote our immigration laws and created the incentive for illegal aliens to break our laws as Obama deliberately undermined our nation’s sovereignty by simply creating his own. The culmination of Obama’s DACA has resulted in over 790,000 illegal aliens entering the country from the middle of 2013 to May of 2015, for a total of 2.5 million new illegal immigrants since Obama took office in January of 2009.”


  11. bob strauss

    Nowhere on this list do I see mention of ID fraud, forgery of birth documents, stolen Social Security number, forged Selective Service registration, or the usurpation of the presidency, but there is plenty more!


    The Epic Failures & Scandals of the usurper, BHO — from A to Z

    Allan Erickson


  12. citizenwells

    Rasmussen Poll

    “Here are the results, released Friday, of the poll of 1,000 likely voters conducted on Monday and Tuesday:
    Trump: 38 percent
    Clinton: 38 percent
    Vote for another candidate: 16 percent.
    Stay home: 6 percent.”

    Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-tied-rasmussen/2016/04/29/id/726512/#ixzz47PGeUC3H

  13. Target has a history of having bad policies an bunch of A..Holes running this company. That’s why I stopped shopping at Target Stores. Remember this……

    ATLANTA — For more than 100 years the sound of Christmas in America has been from an army of bell ringers raising money for the Salvation Army.
    For Willie Pickett in Atlanta, it’s also about spreading Christmas cheer.
    “I just love making people smile,” says Pickett, a frequent bell ringer.
    But even if Pickett’s kettle brings in record donations this year, the Salvation Army, as a whole, expects to fall far short of its goal because this year Target has banned Salvation Army kettles from all its 1,300 stores.
    The company says it’s simply enforcing existing rules against solicitation, but it’s a move the Christian-based charity says will cost it $9 million.
    “That’s a major part of our fund-raising throughout the year,” says Maj. George Hoosier, the Salvation Army’s general secretary in Georgia. “So we’re gonna take a hit … not only at Christmas … but with the rest of our services throughout the year.”
    And it may cost Target as well — some other big chains are now publicly welcoming Salvation Army bell ringers. And 5,000 clergy members, like Sarasota pastor David Anderson, are urging churchgoers to boycott Target “I don’t plan to buy another thing at Target until they change their policy toward the Salvation Army,” says Anderson. “It’s an attack against American tradition. The Salvation Army is a part of Americana.”
    And supporters say it is critical in efforts to feed the hungry, lift up the poor and respond to natural disasters.

  14. citizenwells

    Thanks hapnhal.

  15. oldsoldier80


    you said…”Target has a history of having bad policies an bunch of A..Holes running this company. That’s why I stopped shopping at Target Stores. Remember this……”

    God works in mysterious ways…and Target is losing over 1 million customers (yesterdays count), and over 2.5 BILLION in sales because their support for the LGBT community…..I’ll give you ONE guess as to what company will be next to file bankrupcy…it starts with a T and ends with a T.

    In my opinion, it couldn’t happen to a better company….each must pay for their transgressions…even companies !

  16. oldsoldier80……..
    ………Target has been in financial trouble for quite some time. They were forced to bail out of Canada, because they couldn’t earn enough to remain, AND NOW that is being compounded by a very angered public resultant of their obvious support of the QUEER COMMUNITY………which now includes their support for SICK TWISTED PERVERTS to USE RESTROOMS which are for WOMEN. The world needs to KNOW that 99% of alleged TRANSGENDERS ARE MEN BY BIRTH, AND STILL ARE. They are mentally ILL , and their sexual FANTASIES WHICH THEY TRY TO act out against innocent WOMEN, or CHILDREN are well known to many people across our country. These people, include TRANSVESTITES. They ALL suffer a neurosis which is at the core of their behavior………..and they ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF THEIR SEXUALLY DEVIANT ACTS. In reality any RATIONAL human can see their obvious twisted mentality. You don’t need a PHD to see through their BULLSHI#. The alleged LGBT community is really a pack of really sick POS. When my ship was stationed at the old destroyer base in Long Beach, it was not unusual to walk out the main gate, and almost immediately be approached by QUEERS. It angers military people, and some of the jarheads at Pendleton decided to declare open season on QUEERS. In 1954 and 1955 several MARINES WERE APREHENDED FOR ATTACKING QUEERS. THEY PAID A VERY HEAVY PRICE. ONE WAS E-6…..HE WAS BUSTED CLEAR TO E-1…….HE WAS VERY LUCKY TO HAVE ESCAPED BEING IMPRISONED. HE MANAGED TO PROVE THAT THE QUEER HAD DONE THE FIRST TOUCHING, WHICH WAS THEN ,AND STILL IS LEGALLY CALLED “SIMPLE ASSAULT” AND THE MARINE HAD THE LEGAL RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF AGAINST SUCH “TOUCHING”……….BUT IN MOST OF THE CONFRONTATIONS THE MARINES OVERDONE THEIR DEFENSE A LITTLE. THEY BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THE QUEERS. SOME OF WHOM WERE SERIOUSLY INJURED. THE COMMANDANT OF THE 1ST MARINE DIVISION WAS SO HIGHLY ANGERED THAT HE TOOK PERSONAL CHARGE OF THE COURTS MARTIAL OF ALL MARINES INVOLVED. HE THREW THE BOOK AT THEM, BUT STRANGELY HE DID NOT IMPRISON THEM. THE UCMJ CALLS FOR SPECIFIC PENALTIES, FOR SUCH BEHAVIOR BUT ENFORCEMENT WAS LEFT UP TO THE OFFICER IN CHARGE OF THE PROSECUTION. BOTH MARINES HAD EXTENSIVE HONORABLE COMBAT RECORDS DURING THE FIGHTING IN THE KOREAN WAR. THIS FACT MIGHT HAVE ALSO PLAYED A ROLE IN KEEPING THEM OUT OF LEAVANWORTH……….BUT THEY PAID DEARLY NONETHELESS!

  17. ………Soetoro is allegedly attempting to cause a massive uprising in America so that he can try to impose martial law upon Americans. Let me say something to clear the air. First of all he CANNOT LEGALLY, UNILATERALLY DECLARE MARTIAL LAW. If he tries to do this I would be praying that Americans would immediately rise up and shove his martial law right up his ANUS. Instead it will become a war at that point, and there ARE NO LAWS IN WAR except that which exits the muzzle of a rifle at 2700 FPS.
    General Vallaley has CALLED FOR A MASSIVE march on Washington. He has said it is now obvious that such a march is NECESSARY, to EMPHATICALLY say NO to Soetoro regarding his IDIOTIC POLICIES………Keep SITTING ON YOUR DUFF, and you will get exactly what you ask for by so doing. One person cannot do it alone. …..but when 20,000,000 well armed, highly angered, intelligent people kick in the doors of Soetoro’s residence, it will become a war, but I believe that it will be over long before any appreciable action can be brought to stop the advance. It would most likely end similarly to the unseating of a Central American President who thought he was going to REWRITE the Constitution of that tiny country, but he discovered that the Army was not in the mood for such a change to their Constitution. He was FORCEFULLY REMOVED, and exiled for several years, and was only allowed to return to the country recently………but he is watched 24 hours a day….7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. The Army of that tiny Republic done exactly what was NECESSARY, and I offer three cheers to them for having the courage to act early on.

  18. BTW…………the President who was removed was Manuel Zelaya, who was elected as president of Honduras. He created a Constitutional crisis by attempting to REWRITE THE CONSTITUTION OF HONDURAS. IT BACKFIRED BIG TIME.

  19. oldsoldier80…….
    ………I am not sure that Target will survive if the boycott continues, but there is another side to the COIN. If the stockholders in the company become incensed enough the CEO might end up feeling a lot of size 12s on his backside from major stockholders who are not in bed with the policies of Target’s upper echelon.

  20. oldsoldier80


    Agreed…..the people are speaking…..will the stockholders listen?

  21. oldsailor83…
    You bring up an interesting point Target’s CEO
    Well here is what I found. I think I went wrong someplace in life?

    April 28, 2015 9:24 a.m. ET
    Target Corp. on Tuesday said Chief Executive Brian Cornell’s pay package amounted to $28.2 million last year, with a make-whole package he received as an incentive to leave his former post representing the bulk of his compensation.

    Mr. Cornell, who joined Target in August from PepsiCo Inc., received make-whole compensation totaling more than $14 million, according to a regulatory filing.

    When Target hired Mr. Cornell last year, the discounter estimated that he would forfeit about $19.3 million in awards from Pepsi. Mr. Cornell ultimately retained about $5.2 million in incentive awards from Pepsi, making his final make-whole long-term incentive equal to roughly $14 million.

    Mr. Cornell’s prorated compensation for the part of the year he was with Target totaled roughly $5.3 million, including salary of $595,000.

    Background (See last Paragraph)

    Brian Cornell was born in 1963 in Queens, New York City.[2] Cornell grew up in a fatherless household from the age of six, and his mother was living on welfare due to heart disease.[3] As a result, Cornell was mostly brought up by his maternal grandparents.[3] Cornell worked menial jobs as a teenager.[3]
    Cornell graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1981.[4][5] Cornell graduated from the Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1991.[4][5]
    Business career[edit]
    Cornell served as the Chief Marketing Officer and the Executive Vice President of Safeway Inc., from 2004 to 2007.[5][6]
    Cornell served as the CEO of Michaels from 2007 to 2009, the CEO of Sam’s Club from 2009 to 2012.,[3] and the CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods, a subsidiary of Pepsico, from 2012 to 2014.[5][6]
    Cornell served on the Board of Directors of OfficeMax, from 2004 to 2007, and of The Home Depot, from 2008 to 2009.[5] Cornell serves on the Board of Directors of Centerplate and Polaris Industries.[2][5]
    On August 12, 2014, Cornell replaced Gregg Steinhafel as the Chairman and CEO of Target.[6] Cornell’s leadership style is at once data-driven and hands-on.[3] During his tenure, Cornell has shut down the loss-incurring Canadian presence known as Target Canada (formerly owned by Zellers).[3]

    >>>Cornell has hired many outsiders to update the corporate culture.[3] Cornell occasionally visits Target stores and asks customers specific questions about their shopping experiences.[3]

  22. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    As a Hoosier, I am insulted that I am being constantly barraged with how voting for Cruz, is a vote for America.

    Cruz and Obama both claim to be Constitutional scholars, but they conveniently skip the area of the Constitution that talks about being a “Natural Born Citizen” to be President.

    I find that hypocritical.

    So I guess I’ll be voting AGAINST America on Tuesday.

    I hope Trump wins in Indiana, and the Republican Party finally listen to the people.

    Cruz sounds desperate, and should bow out like Bush, Santorum and Rubio did before him, and pledge to help Trump in defeating Hillary.

    People seem to forget that Reagan was a Democrat before he was a Republican, but they ridicule Trump for leaning left in a left leaning State.

  23. IB……….
    ……..Your thoughts are largely the same as my own, and for the same reasons I too will be doing the same on Tuesday.
    As I listened to Cruz rave, and rant the more he raved, and the more he ranted the greater became the intensity of my dislike, and distrust of him. Then to compound my dislike Pence decides to support Cruz. Adios Mr. Pence. As for FIFI she is also history in my book.

  24. citizenwells

    Good morning fellow Thought Criminals.

  25. hapnHal……..
    ………..a few weeks ago I read that Target was number 2 in America, and Wal Mart was still number 1…….but they are feeling the increasing marketing efforts of companies like Kroger,etc.

  26. oldsoldier80


    Like Robert de Nero said in one of his better movies….”Are you talking to me, are you talking to me’ ?…..

    Well at least CW, you have to give us credit for thinking…most of America is walking around like the “Living Dead” with nothing on their minds except next week’s Dancing With the Stars !!!!

  27. oldsoldier80


    If you plan on betting the “horses” in the Kentucky Derby….I recommend you put your money on……..UNCLE MO…..the hot horse this year !

  28. citizenwells

    oldsoldier80, if one is not a Thought Criminal today one is not thinking or does not care.

  29. bob strauss

    Bombshell Video About Hillary Clinton

    A video went viral exposing her various criminal activities. She is a monster. She is the Benghazi Butcher. She needs to be in jail.

  30. bob strauss

    ‘An Out-Of-Control Agency’: Billions Found In Slush Fund-Like Accounts At Obama’s EPA

    (Daily Caller) – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials have accumulated at least $6.3 billion in more than 1,300 obscure spending accounts akin to slush funds that are essentially beyond congressional, media and public scrutiny.

    The accounts – which were created through EPA’s Superfund program – are not technically secret because the agency officially acknowledges their existence. But getting concrete details about deposits and expenditures is extremely difficult.

    The EPA deposited more than $6.3 billion into an estimated 1,308 special accounts between 1990 and 2015, according to the agency’s website, and has spent more than half of the total. The agency doesn’t publicly report individual special account balances or expenses.


  31. bob strauss

    Listen: The Socialism Wrecking Ball : EP188

    By: Dan Bongino | April 29, 2016

    “In this episode I discuss the continued failure of the Venezuelan economy which has run out of money to print money.”


  32. bob strauss

    Taqiyya is failing the usurper!


    Malkin: VIDEO: Bullcrap and Blame: Obama’s Arrogant Legacy-Fluffing Tour

    By: Michelle Malkin | May 02, 2016


  33. bob strauss

    Arrest the usurper!!!!!!!!!!!

    Insider Reveals TRUTH Behind Obama’s Transgender Push… And It’s SCARY

    As a self-described (deviate) “progressive” (usurper), president, it has come to no surprise that Barack Obama has been pushing for more accommodations for those who identify as transgender.

    While the recent commotion over transgender accommodations has focused mainly on public restrooms at businesses, Obama has apparently been pushing for the same accommodations for transgender kids at public schools.

    In fact, the White House has been “aggressively engaged” in the fight to allow transgender students use whichever bathroom they please at school, a top Obama appointee in the Department of Education reportedly told a group of LGBT activists, according to The Daily Caller.


  34. oldsoldier80


    Good point !

  35. oldsoldier80



    It can now be reported that former Clinton era National Security Advisor and former U.S. State Department Official Forest Lindlay 301 565-0477 has released Photographs made by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Naval Intelligence of the First Lady Hillary Clinton having Hot Lesbian Sex with Bill Clinton Era White House Prostitute Susan who was also then White House Political Advisor George Stephanopoulos girl friend.

    We also can report that Israeli Mossad Agent Monica Lewinsky engaged in Sex with both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Monica unable to be satisfied by Bill Clinton’s Cigar got satisfaction from Hillary Clinton’s ………..(you fill in the blank)

    Full Article: (Stew and Tom ask all patriots to share on social networks to send viral)


    i cannot confirm or deny this folks….I only report what I read….I report, you decide !

  36. bob strauss

    Police in Illinois are investigating reports of an active shooter situation in a Target store in Illinois, about 55 miles south of Chicago.

    Target Corp. has been been making headlines lately in the midst of controversy over its trangender bathroom policy, which allows customers to use the bathroom corresponding to whatever gender they identify with. More than one million people have signed a petition to boycott the retailer, and both the company’s stock and brand image have hit the rocks lately.

    No word yet on whether today’s shooter situation has any connection to the recent bathroom controversy. We’ll monitor the situation and provide you with updates as they are available.



  38. bob strauss

    Monday, 02 May 2016

    Mexican Cartels Moving Terrorists Across Southern U.S. Border

    Written by Clinton Alexander

    Mexican Cartels Moving Terrorists Across Southern U.S. Border

    According to Judicial Watch, for some time Mexican drug cartels have been helping Islamic terrorists now living in Mexico to cross the U.S. border in order to explore possible areas of attack in the United States. The wachdog group reports:

    Among the jihadists that travel back and forth through the porous southern border is a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. Khabir trained hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and has lived in Mexico for more than a year, according to information provided by JW’s [Judicial Watch’s] government source.


  39. oldsoldier80


    This recently happened in Iraq. The response is real.

    Iranian Air Defense Site: ‘Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.’

    Aircraft: ‘This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.’

    Air Defense Site: ‘You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!’

    Aircraft: ‘This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. …..Send ’em up, I’ll wait!’

    Air Defense Site: (… total silence)

    If all American’s had the balls of this Marine FA-18 fighter, there would be no problems in the middle east……there would be no middle east…period !

  40. bob strauss

    Excellent: Target stock has lost $1.5 billion in value since letting men in the ladies’ room

    Ordinarily I would not root for any business to fail, even one of my own competitors. But when a major corporation tells the vast majority of its customers “f*** you” in order to appease radical social activists, it would really be a shame if those insulted customers just kept shopping there and made the corporation pay no price for its arrogance. The early returns suggest Target customers are doing no such thing.
    By Dan Calabrese — Full Story


  41. bob strauss

    Cruz Preparing To Suspend Campaign This Week?

    Posted on May 2, 2016 by DCWhispers

    FYI: Today the very same rumor from two different (and trusted) sources suggest Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is currently engaged in ongoing discussions regarding the subject of suspending the campaign as early as this week should the Texas senator lose tomorrow’s Indiana primary.


  42. bob strauss

    Getting closer to putting an American in the white house again!


    Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz by a whopping 34 percentage points — 54%-20% — among likely Republican voters in California, a SurveyUSA poll for KUSA found.


  43. bob strauss

    The stupid, ignorant, morons, running governments don’t know enough about history to make a determination about anything! These stupid fools need to be stopped from destroying this country.

    Arrest the damn usurper!!!!!!


    Judge blocks Confederate monument’s removal


  44. bob strauss

    Usurper is staging democrat voters for Hilliary in the 2016 election.

    Arrest the entire RICO regime!!!!!!!!!!


    “Put differently, ICE removed nearly 43 percent fewer total aliens from the United States in FY 2015 than it did in FY 2012 – and nearly 62 percent fewer aliens from the interior of the United States,” the subcommittee’s analysis reads.”


  45. bob strauss

    I’m afraid the usurper will be long gone and hiding in Dubai, in his “mansion”, avoiding extradition, before any committee does anything meaningful.


    ALERT: Congress Launches 3 Separate Investigations Of Obama For Helping ISIS

    Posted by Bob Amoroso

    “Anyone that actually follows events on “the war on terrorism” has known for at least the last 5-years of Obama’s presidency that he has been purposely giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy, everyone that is, except those on the Armed Services Committee.”


  46. citizenwells

    Target stock last 5 days.

  47. oldsoldier80

    D-DAY FOR CRUZ…..(doom day)

    Well today is the day Cruz goes down in flames in Indiana, home of my very good friend, OLDSAILOR83……it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (hehe)

    I predict CNN and FOX will call the race in Trumps favor no more than 15 minutes after the polls close in that state….

    The polls in California now have Trump favored by 34 points….by the time the primary gets there in June, I expect it will be Trump +45.

    If I were Reaphel Edward (Ted) Cruz, I would be buying myself a Grayhound bus ticket back to Canada while the price is still cheap…..because Trump has promised us that he will raise the price after he gets elected on all aliens wanting to return to their homeland………well all except the illegal Mexicans who can walk across the border…..or swim the creek.

  48. oldsoldier80



    the story:
    Hillary Clinton said Monday that it was a “misstatement” when she claimed earlier this year that she would put “a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

    The moment occurred after coal miner named Beau “called out” Clinton at a round table event in West Virginia for her earlier remarks on the coal industry.

    “I just want to know how you can say you’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you’re going to be our friend, because those people out there don’t see you as a friend,” he said.

    Clinton responded by saying, “I don’t know how to explain it other than what I said was totally out of context from what I meant because I have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time, and I did put a plan out last summer.”

    “And it was a misstatement, because what I was saying is that, the way things are going now, you will continue to lose jobs. That’s what I meant to say and I think that that seems to be supported by the facts,” she added. “I didn’t mean that we were going to do it, what I said was, that is going to happen unless we take action to try to help and prevent it. So I don’t mind anybody being upset or angry.”

    Clinton boasted at a CNN town hall event in March that she has plans to boost the economy using clean energy resources.

    “I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country,” she said.

    “Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” she said with a slight smile. “And we’re going to make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people. Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories.”
    My Comments:
    Now I don’t know a lot about Clinton’s plans, or as far as that goes, Clinton either, other than to know she’s more deadly that a three-headed rattlesnake, but when the ‘crazy loon’ goes into the mountains of West Virginia and starts telling the people there she “intends to put them out of business and she intends to close a lot of coal mines”….she is doing only one thing….DIGGING HER GRAVE VERY DEEP IN THAT STATE

    She has “OPENED MOUTH INSERTED HER FOOT, CLOSED HER MOUTH, now she might as well GET THE HELL OUT OF WEST VIRGINIA” because she just destroyed any hope of getting that state to vote for her….period.

    In her speech to the good hard working coal mining people of West Virginia yesterday, the CRAZY BITCH told them she was going to “put them out of business and she was going to close a lot of coal mining companies”……then she had the gall to ask them to vote for her ! Can you imagine that !!!! Can anyone imagine that !!!!!

    In return for their loyalty to the Democrat Party and their party votes come November, and if she is successful in winning the White House, she then promises to put them in the breadline !

    I think General George S. Patton had a word for such an attitude….Patton spoke French and made a comment about the attitude of the Russians near the end of the war in Europe…First he said, he was going to ‘kick the living hell out of that ‘one-armed paper hanger in Berlin’ then he said he was going to do the same thing to those like minded Russians”….the word he used for their attitude was…..”ladose, ladose, ladose”……

    For Hillary Clinton, or any other politician, to go into one of the most patriotic states in the Union and tell the common hard working man there, who has lived his entire life and grubbed out a meager living for his family deep in bowels of mother earth working in the the coal mines, that she intends to take his means of support from him and his family , but they have nothing to worry about , because she will have a great welfare system to support his family after she is elected….this is nothing but STUPID and OUTRAGEOUSLY DANGEROUS……in more ways than one.

    Mountain’eers’ do not take kindly to welfare….period ! …nor to ‘outsider northerners’ who are threating to take their jobs.

    This was nothing but SHEER MADNESS coming from the lips of the most lying and crooked person, be they male or female, in America…and if she expects to sale her outrageous package to the people of the Mountaineer State….she might as well open an ice cream store at the North Pole! She would have more success at that than she would in getting votes West Virginia.

    That would be like you, or me, trying to start an pig farm in Afghanistan, our ideas would go over like a bastard at a family reunion, or a lead balloon at a kid’s party, or a drunk trying to talk his way out of a ticket from a dedicated state trooper. ……….we would have more luck at finding a ‘snowball in hell’ than we would at gaining any support for our master plan in West Virginia…..

    And the correct way to say it there is….”West By god Virginia” ! ……I should know, for I once lived there.

    There was a time in days gone bye in most ‘one industry states’ like W by God V, when a two-dollar bill, and a half-pint of corn could buy anyone’s vote….but not anymore. Thanks be too God for that.

    What surprises me most about the stupidity on Hillary’s part at saying such a heartless thing in West Virginia, its that the miner’s she was talking too at that time didn’t ride her big fat ass right out of town on a rail … that is, after they got through taring and feathering her real good…..Forty years ago, that’s exactly what they have done !

    There’s one thing Clinton should have learned long ago in politics but apparently didn’t, and that is…..

    .”You don’t stand in the back of the theater and yell ‘Fire’ then later complain and cry about getting your butt run over as the good people exit the building”…..what she should have said is… “Smokem If You Gott’em” Boys…..

    Forerst Gump had it right when he said, …
    .”Stupid is as Stupid Does”…..

    It would not surprise me at all to see Donald Trump sweep that state in the biggest voter turnout in it’s history, I expect some people will try to vote several times (against Clinton), democrats do that you know(wink wink)….a state that use to be as blue as the Carolina sky, but now has turned a bright red and is no longer the exclusive territory of democrats.

    Thanks to Hillary Clinton and her mentor, Barack Obama.

    In closing this post, I have but one piece of advice for everyone who lives in West By god Virginia;……… “Illegitmus Non-Carbonrandum”

    That’s Latin (or at least my Latin) for….”Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down”……hang tough ‘Errs……the coal mines will be there long after the politicians leave this earth ! …and so will you… the miner.

  49. bob strauss

    Usurper’s goons!


    Federally Funded Groups Take Part In Anti-Trump May Day Rallies

    (Daily Caller) – Several organizations that receive federal funds to help permanent residents obtain citizenship in order to vote took part in Los Angeles’ May Day…


  50. bob strauss

    What happened to “Shall not be infringed”?


    Breaking: Democrats Pass Gun Confiscation Bill for Those “Accused” of Domestic Violence

    Michael Cantrell
    May 3, 2016 12:24 pm


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