Trey Gowdy speaker of the house?, Majority leader? Kevin McCarthy of California leading contender?, Gowdy oversees committee looking into 2012 attacks in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email use

Trey Gowdy speaker of the house?, Majority leader? Kevin McCarthy of California leading contender?, Gowdy oversees committee looking into 2012 attacks in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email use

“I believe that the president is a citizen. I believe the president is a Christian. I’ll take him at his word,”…John Boehner, NBC Meet the Press

“The fact that the Secretary exclusively used and maintained a private email server, leaving her with sole and unfettered access to the complete universe of her emails, raises a number of transparency and accountability issues. The fact that the Secretary’s attorneys selfselected the emails to be shared with the State Department raises numerous questions about the completeness of the production of Secretary Clinton’s emails to the Committee, as well as more generally in response to other oversight inquiries by the House with which the Committee has been charged. These questions, which have been raised solely due to the actions of the former Secretary, necessitate a third-party review of the server to ensure that all responsive documents have been produced to the Committee.”…Trey Gowdy

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patroits to prevent its ruin”…Samuel Adams, 1776



From the NY Times September 29, 2015.

“House Republicans Start the Search for a Leader and a Message in 2016

House Republicans on Tuesday began in earnest the search for their new leadership team, as well as for some direction for themselves, less than a week after Speaker John A. Boehner announced his surprise resignation.

Lawmakers met in the basement of the Capitol to essentially share their feelings about the conflict within their conference, and the entire party, over the agenda and message that Republicans should carry into a presidential election year in which several Senate seats are also in play. Without Mr. Boehner present, Republicans did not spend much time pondering who might replace him, instead taking turns articulating what the House should focus on.

“It was respectful and reflective,” said Representative Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, who came with his own four pillars of suggestion, including legislation supporting “economic populism” and “social conservatism.”

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California appears to have the momentum to become the next speaker, but the race for his current job, majority leader, has been thrown into some chaos. The only potential female candidate for the post, Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, has withdrawn from consideration, and a grass-roots effort to persuade Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina to step into the race started, and ended, on Tuesday.

Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was among those pushing a promotion for Mr. Gowdy, who oversees a committee that is looking into the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email use — one of the longest-running congressional investigations in history.

Mr. Gowdy insisted that he was not interested, but Mr. Chaffetz told reporters he rejected that notion. “If the conference rallies behind him, I think he would reluctantly serve,” Mr. Chaffetz said.”

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22 responses to “Trey Gowdy speaker of the house?, Majority leader? Kevin McCarthy of California leading contender?, Gowdy oversees committee looking into 2012 attacks in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email use

  1. “A sudden swell of enthusiasm for Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) to make a late-entry bid into the race for House majority leader faded almost as quickly as it began.

    After being talked up by allies on Tuesday, Gowdy, who chairs the House Select Committee on Benghazi, decided against running for the House GOP’s No. 2 post before his possible campaign could gain momentum among his colleagues.

    “I’m not running. I’m staying on the Benghazi committee,” Gowdy said in an interview off the House floor before votes at 3:55 p.m. “One hundred percent I am staying on the Benghazi committee.”

    Gowdy denied that he was ever really close to becoming a candidate for one of the House’s top jobs. “Not really. Have I ever run for a leadership position? I’ve never run for one…. I am staying on the Benghazi committee. Period. Exclamation point.”

    The South Carolina conservative said he wouldn’t accept a draft effort to be majority leader because he has to choose between being in leadership and staying on the committee, where he has been aggressively digging into Hillary Clinton’s role in the response to the 2012 attacks on two U.S. compound,s as well as whether her private e-mail server contains information related to it.

    “You can’t do both, so you think I’m being coy and I think I’m being obvious,” ”

  2. CW…….
    ……….at this point in time I would tend to think that Trey Gowdy should remain THE JUNKYARD DOG. We might gain a PI$$ poor speaker, and lose the BEST PROSECUTOR ON EARTH. He has the God given ability to be one hell of a prosecutor, and until such time that he has prosecuted ALL of the BASTARDS in our present administration,I would want him to remain exactly where he is. The only job I would promote him to would be USAG, and I would do that in a heartbeat. As such (as long as the position didn’t go to his head) he would have a base from which to operate that would provide him with literally every tool available to once and for all put the RICO, and radical Islamic jihadist bastards where they belong…….IN THE SLAMMER for PERMANENT VACATIONS. When that job is finished THEN WE PUT HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE, as a reward for a job well done..

  3. oldsailor, you are probably right.

  4. CW…….
    …….Winchester Repeating Arms Company used to have a firearms designation 1 OF 100, AND 1 OF 1000 regarding their rifles. The 1 of 1000 was a highly prized rifle, and people paid TOP DOLLAR to own one of them. The record shows that there are now only two out of a total of 6 that are still known to exist, and who owns them now as well. Both are in the hands of a well known firearms collector.
    When we talk about something comparable to a 1 of 1000 Winchester the first thing that comes to mind is Trey Gowdy……and.given enough latitude he could be a lot more than just a JUNKYARD DOG. He could be a REAL BAD A$$.prosecutor, and possess a set of teeth that would make anybody cringe in fear! We need his services………NOW, AND FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO CLEAN HOUSE IN DC.

  5. Good for you Mr. Putin !!!! It’s too damn bad that the leaders of our flop-flopping nation do not have the intestinal fortitude that you display !

    If America, and the European Union of nations do not awake from their slumber soon and send those Muslims back to the areas they came from….they will have sealed their future doom….

    Of course, we all know the mane pulling the strings of the puppet in out White House today wants to unsher in the final act of our collapse….the question is …..

    Will the American citizens allow this ?

  6. oldsailor83…

    You just said…”at this point in time I would tend to think that Trey Gowdy should remain THE JUNKYARD DOG. We might gain a PI$$ poor speaker, and lose the BEST PROSECUTOR ON EARTH.”

    May I ask, why can’t we have the “BEST PROTECTOR ON EARTH” and the “FINEST JUNKYARD DOG” at the same time?

    If Tray Gowdy is put into the position as Speaker of the House….he can PICK and CHOOSE his DOG fights…without having to ask any of those lilly-livered punks who sit along side of him in Congress to do so…..


  7. Lawmaker: Trey Gowdy to leave the House after 2016

    A spokesperson for Mr. Gowdy is denying this. Hopefully he isn’t leaving

  8. Amen to this…..

  9. Lord….ain’t it the truth if your a democrat !

  10. Didn’t the usurper move the census bureau into the white house?

    Census Bureau: Job creation from startups hits historic low

  11. I received this email from a veteran friend this morning….this is very disturbing news..and apparently it has been verified to be the truth by…….
    This must STOP NOW and the person who is responsible for causing it must GO NOW….please pass this on to every veteran and any veteran organizations in your town, or any veteran you may know…..
    Subject: Fw: VA CHAPELS
    Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:03:37 -0400

    This is not acceptable. NOT GOOD… This was checked out on truth or fiction and it came out truth! :
    I Went to the Veteran’s Hospital in Iron Mountain today on business. While there I stopped at the Chapel and found pinky-purple type curtains with mesh at the top, covering the altar. (You know the type. They use them between sick patient beds in the hospital). I stopped in my tracks, shocked at what I saw. I Peeked behind the curtain, and found what used to be the welcoming part of the chapel, the Cross, a picture of Christ, and other Christian icons familiar to the majority of Americans. I found Chaplain Bob Mueller, to ask what the meaning was of this change. This is what he told me. “A couple of months ago, an order came down from Washington DC to cover all things associated with Christianity in the VA Hospitals. Their solution is to cover everything in all the VA Chapels across the country.” Chaplain Bob went on to say, “A few weeks ago an official from the Madison, WI, VA Administration came down here to tell me to”stop talking about Jesus, and to stop reading scripture out loud.” Chaplain Bob also said that the rest of the Obama plan is to send more curtains to cover the rest of the stained glass windows, because there are Christian symbols on the stained glass. Was skeptical of the accuracy of this article, so I checked it out through Truth = & Notice verified by Snopes Obama and his Muslim staff are emasculating Christianity in our country.


    1. Write your Congressman/woman !

    2. Call your Senator !

    3.Tell Your Preacher !

    4. Pass the Word on to your Veteran buddies !

    5. Refuse to attend any more VFW or Legion meetingS until they forcefully respond to this Sh*t on a National scale !

    The last time I checked, AMERICA was a CHRISTIAN NATION and as far as I am concerned, we still are, and will be forever. If it’s war that these Muslim loving bastards in Washington want who are now in charge of our government…..then they will surely get it from a army of seriously Pissed- Off veterans…….

    No one has a more valid claim toward protecting our Christian religion than a veteran. He has put his life and limb on the line to protect what we have held dear for 239 years. Today, we find all this is in danger.

    The Veteran’s claim and his standing to question the destruction of his religion CANNOT be denied. He has earned that right by his blood, sweat, and tears and that of his Brother in Arms….and by the Grace of God it will be questioned !

    The Chapel of any Veteran’s Hospital is a place to go and seek comfort from our Lord God through his son, Jesus Christ. If we hide and cover up the pictures and references to Christ with a cloth, it is no longer a chapel, but just an ordinary common room.

    If the Chapel is treated in this manner, then I am also quite sure the Chaplain has been instructed also to not mention the name of Jesus in any aid and comfort he may give…..

    If this is true, then the grieving soldier or relative might as well sit down with the janitor for their comfort. He would be just as qualified.

    After I make this post, I intend to go to the Madison Wisconsin Veterans Admin page…contact the Chaplin of that institution and attach a copy of this email requesting his confirmation that the information contained in it is true…..or false.

    If he confirms it to be true……I intend to make this a national issue…and will need some help, I I will not stop until Christ is restored to his rightful place among the sick and wounded who have given so much and reclaimed so little.
    I WILL NOT yield the belief in my religion, nor should any other Christian, to any goat herding bastard that refuses an old soldier, or sailor, or airman, his right to worship his God as he has throughout his lifetime !

    I will be back after I contact Madison Wisconsin…….10/4 …hang around for the results…..

    Now you might ask after reading this post……What’s is your skin in this game?”

    The answer is simple……”i’M A VERY HIGHLY PISSED OFF VETERAN”

  12. oldsoldier79 | September 30, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    One word, Muslims.


    Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) said that Tea Party favorite Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) “won’t run for a fourth term, and instead plans to retire at the end of the current Congress to return to his home state,” the Washington Examiner reports.

    Said Fleming: “Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and God bless him for that. At the end of his term, yes. He plans to go back home, and he wants to finish his work on the Benghazi special committee. But he loves South Carolina and he loves his family, and he wants to go back and spend the rest of his life there.” Source: Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire –

    See more at:

    This is indeed bad news for the freedom loving people who have come to admire and love this little “bulldog” and his attack on the liberal left…..

    It will be a while before we can replace him….but don’t give up…Jason Chavis is standing in the wings !


    There is an old saying that…”A picture is worth a thousand words”…..I believe it .

  15. This just in to our news room:
    The President is recovering from severe TESTOSTERONE BURNS he suffered during his short photo op meeting with Russian President Putin this week.
    Though not as serious as those he suffered during much longer exposure during his October, 2014 meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, doctors advised him to reschedule his planned announcement and celebration of MARTIAL LAW set for this coming New Year’s Eve. He SHOULD, however, be sufficiently recovered to leave DC BEFORE the TRUMP INAUGURATION but to BE PRESENT at his ensuing TRIAL for TREASON!
    Updates as they become available.

  16. What is that “we” crap?


    Did We Elect the Enemy? Frightening: See How Obama’s Ties to Radical Islam and Socialism Run Deeper Than You Might Think

  17. For a little laughter:

    “FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

  18. BREAKING: World Leader Accuses Obama of TREASON on the Floor of the United Nations
    01 October, 2015

    From CT:

    Lost in the media hype surrounding the addresses of Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday was a bombshell claim by the president of Argentina.

    President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official with a request that Argentina provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.

    The official in question was Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, who did not dispute the seemingly outrageous claim and has been open about his opposition to the nuclear agreement currently worked out between Obama and Iran.

    Kirchener said that Samore wanted Argentina to provide nuclear fuel to Iran, ostensibly to counter Iran’s excuse that they needed nuclear fuel for their reactors, removing the impetus for them to continue their own uranium enrichment program.

    Kirchener stated that the deal fell through when her government asked for the request in writing, to abide by proper protocol, at which point the issue was dropped and Kirchener never heard from Samore again about it.

    For his part, Samore released a statement admitting that he had in fact traveled to Argentina in 2010 and made the request, though he insinuated the incident was no big deal.

    In fact, Samore went on to explain how after Argentina balked at the deal, he subsequently approached France and Russia with a similar proposal in which Iran would send their low-enriched uranium to Russia, which would further enrich it before sending it along to France.

    France would in turn finish converting the enriched uranium into nuclear reactor fuel, sending it back to Iran for its own use, ostensibly preventing the Islamic republic from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles.

    This deal fell through as well, according to Samore, leading to the 2010 U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran, ultimately bringing them to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama eventually worked out with them this year.

    The White House did not immediately respond to the potentially treasonous allegations.

    Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to help spread this amazing accusation by the Argentine president that the Obama administration approached her nation with a proposal to provide enriched nuclear reactor fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.

  19. citizenwells

    Thanks for all the great comments & info fellow citizen journalists.

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