US Constitution subordinated to outdated historical document and irrelevance, Constitution negated by highest levels of government media and apathy, Vast majority of people just don’t give a damn

US Constitution subordinated to outdated historical document and irrelevance, Constitution negated by highest levels of government media and apathy, Vast majority of people just don’t give a damn

“Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise
that it will last; but nothing in this world is certain but death and
taxes.”…Benjamin Franklin

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patroits to prevent its ruin”…Samuel Adams, 1776

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln



At the end of the day, all we have to protect us from tyranny is the US Constitution and our resolve.

How many of us realize that?

From the First Rebuttal May 4, 2015.

“I find it shocking how often I have people tell me the Constitution is out of date and is no longer relevant or necessary. Then there are the vast majority of people that think about the Constitution the same way they think about religion; it makes us feel good to believe in it and we’ll even worship it on a holiday or two The reality is that those who seem to get very worked up to the point that they are willing to act in defense of the Constitution even against the highest levels of government make up a very small minority of Americans. This is a real problem.

You see if people gave a damn the government couldn’t get away with negating the Constitution. But the vast majority of people just don’t give a damn and so the government very easily provides ridiculous and false legal sounding arguments to explain away why they have become a higher law than the Constitution. Now I’ve tried to understand why it is that we Americans are so damn apathetic about everything the government and government officials do.

Let me give a couple examples for which our apathy just boggles my mind. We know they took us into wars on false pretenses resulting in the wrongful deaths of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and yet we’ve prosecuted no one. Hell they’ve admitted to hacking into millions of our home webcams and downloading videos and pictures of us in our most private moments and maintaining those downloads on government servers and then sharing these files with foreign governments.

But because today’s American is simply a shell of a citizen none of the criminal atrocities creates even a stir from us. Sure we all read about these atrocities and we are angered in the moment but it passes rather quickly and we fall back into our self induced ignorant bliss. Only two things can get Americans to formidably rise up. The first is a very direct and immediate impediment to our comfort. For example try cutting back on the monthly social welfare checks. You’ll have riots. The second way is if the mainstream media relentlessly instructs us to be upset about a particular issue. Outside of that there is absolutely nothing the new American won’t move past like water off a duck’s back.

What we’re finding out is that, and it sounds slightly over-dramatic but isn’t at all, unless we are wiling to fight and die to win back the freedom our forefather’s fought and died to secure for us and all future generations we will continue to feel our chains grow heavier and shorter. The simple reason is because our government is very much willing to kill to keep its ever encroaching control. A free population is the antithesis to a political class. And make no mistake the American federal government is the largest and most powerful group of aristocrats the world has known.

This group of traitors (and I mean that in the very technical sense of the word) not only behave according to a separate set of laws they have actually gone so far as to legislate a separate set of laws. This in itself is a direct breach of the very Constitution they swear to defend. Their intent is clear and that my friends is treason. They are directly negating the very basis of the American concept for their own personal self interest and they are doing so by defrauding American citizens into believing their intent is to represent the will of their constituents. Treason, Treason, Treason! What else would you call it?

Now are you ready to fight and die to win the freedoms back for your children and grandchildren? Hell No! No, not at all! And that’s kinda the problem because again the government is willing to kill to ensure your kids and grandkids don’t have the freedoms Americans were guaranteed. The fuck of it is Americans have become so damn brainwashed that despite the founding fathers telling us explicitly our government would end up enslaving the rest of us to solidify their own power and wealth we ignore it. These were the guys that figured out the British were effectively enslaving us and decided to rise against it and create the greatest damn nation the world has ever known. They literally created fucking America!!! I mean holy shit, imagine having that on your CV. And we pay them no mind, like they’re bat shit crazy and not relevant in our intellectual new world.

Today’s legislators rarely discuss the founding fathers or the Constitution beyond the very thin idea that they know we expect them to defend it. That is, like freedom and apple pie, they love it during the campaign cycle. However, ask them why then they continue to legislate against the Constitution and well they don’t want to talk about the Constitution anymore. And we the people ,like apathetic morons, buy into the bullshit they feed us because we simply don’t care. It’s to the point they can pretty much do anything knowing they can bullshit us with any damn nonsense that pops into their swollen heads. And so they do things like hack into our webcams, take nude pictures of us and send them to foreign governments and tell us it’s for our own good. We don’t give a shit because 1. it doesn’t impede our immediate comfort and 2. the press isn’t telling us it’s something to be concerned about.

The danger of being apathetic until it impacts our immediate day to day is that we allow the government to take away all the freedoms we are not currently using. What I mean by that is we so far have not had to face what it means to be powerless and in chains. But only because we haven’t yet ventured out far enough so as to reach the end of our chains. Like a sleeping dog that isn’t aware he’s been shackled until he wakes and tries to chase a bird, we are asleep and unaware of the shackles placed around our ankles.

Some will say “wait, it isn’t apathy it is a trade off between safety and freedom”. But the truth is freedom and safety are not conflictual we’ve only been led to believe so. Fear has replaced freedom here in America and that is not by chance but by strategy of a government that has its own agenda, separate from its oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. So while we should have prosecuted these recent governments for treason we’ve instead rewarded them the rights of dictatorship.

The Constitution is our freedom keeper but once the Constitution is made subordinate the precedent is set and in our legal system precedence is king. The strength in the Constitution is just that, it’s strength. Once we allow an exception to the Constitution’s superseding authority it no longer has any authority. Unfortunately that exception has already been made. With it, the destruction of the Constitution and the end to a guaranty of freedom. Our corrupt government has created ‘legislation’ providing them a legal basis to imprison us without due process. This is a fact.”

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46 responses to “US Constitution subordinated to outdated historical document and irrelevance, Constitution negated by highest levels of government media and apathy, Vast majority of people just don’t give a damn

  1. citizenwells

    “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.”…George Washington

  2. I cry for my country! 😦 I would like to slap the face side ways of the scumbags who are stomping on our FLAG!

    I agree with George Washington

  3. citizenwells

    “Yemen Rebels Shell Saudi Arabian City, Casualties Reported; Saudis Vow Retaliation”

  4. oldsoldier79


    The problem is the American citizen has been sold a bunch of worthless Wolfe tickets for many years…. at least dating back to 1912…and that sale of manure smelling patriotism propaganda has been propped up and promoted by a national media that continues their anti-Constitutional activity against the common citizen.

    Benjamin Franklin had it right when he replied to the woman who ask him, after coming out of Constitutional Hall. She ask, “Mr. Franklin, what kind of government do we have?”….. he replied, “You have a Constitutional Republic madame …if you can hold it”….

    It now appears we can no longer hold it.

    We all have heard the phrase; “You can’t fight City Hall”….now our criminal leaders have most of the citizens believing they can’t fight those who will bring our country to her knees……and sadly most people are believing it..

    There once was a time in America when the government worked for the citizen. and if the citizen wasn’t satisfied with his politician, then they replaced him or her…..that rule no longer applies.

    There once was a time in America when the Constitution was taught in schools and adhered to in practice and the student each morning said and reverently meant the words of the Pledge of Allegience…that is no longer the case and the Constitution is no longer taught as the Supreme law in the land.

    Now the Supreme law is whatever the leader says it is…the will of the people be damned !

    As an American fighting man of long ago, it really pisses me off to think that all I fought for, and all I believed in at that time has now been usurped in the same manner as the highest office in our land and we are governed by those who are in the game only for what they can get out of it……

    All gone because of the greedy bastards that don’t care one ‘tinkers damn’ what happens to America as long as they get their ‘pound of flesh’ and ‘thirty pieces of silver’ in exchange for their dirty deeds.

    And not one of our latest illegal immigrants ( be they Muslim, Mexican, or Chinese ) will stand and protect what the American soldier has won with his blood, sweat, and tears…..not a single one.

    Having been there and done that, I, like Ginger and all others who are now crying for their country…I fear it won’t be their country much longer…the jackals are now lining up to divide us like a side of beef…..

    Of course that is exactly what the ‘powers to be’ want.

    No longer an America, no longer a beacon of freedom, no longer a refuse to the poor, the hungry, and the weak…..they want another country like those they have already destroyed in their path to control every living soul on the planet.

    The world is changing and they say we must change with it.

    I’m an old man who, like most freedom loving peoples, who has been lead astray by false promises and unreal dream…but in the end, America is the only country I have. It’s the only country I have ever wanted to be a citizen of…I have seen most of the world and it’s a world that is hurting…a world in need of help…but a world that will never receive that help because the nations are too busy looking for their next conquest.

    It’s like our Lord Jesus Christ said long ago….”there will be wars and rumors of war till the end of time”….This I believe.

    And I also believe America’s greatness is on the ‘countdown’ to no where. We are nearing the ‘two minutes till twelve’ mark , and have been for many years, because of the criminals who the ignorant citizen have put in charge to lead us.

    If the common citizens of America do not collectively come to their God-given senses, and very soon, everyone will be singing a new national anthem in this land.

    And you can rest assured our country will no longer be know as “the land of brave and home of the free”…..

    Perhaps a better title will then be …’the land of the greedy and the home of the governmental slave”.

    This is just the ramblings of an old man this morning, alone with my Irish coffee….thinking of what could have been.

  5. oldsoldier79


    I forgot to say that this was a great post and an excellent topic this morning…thank you….

  6. citizenwells

    Thanks oldsoldier.

  7. oldsoldier79

    This is adorable !!!…if your a dog lover.

  8. oldsoldier79

    sorry it didn’t take..I cant copy url page…

  9. bob strauss

    Clinton Aide Gets Life in Prison for Brotherhood Activities

    An Islamic terrorist leader who jumped straight from his job at the Clinton Foundation to working with the Muslim Brotherhood has received a life sentence.

  10. oldsoldier79


    Too damn bad it wasn’t Clinton instead of his aide!!!

    Had it been Clinton, i would be dancing in the streets.

  11. bob strauss

    Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funding ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts –

    Have you ever wondered why President Obama is so willing to chase ISIS into Syria and risk war with Russia, but he allows an ISIS base camp to remain…

  12. bob strauss

    Judicial Watch Exposes ISIS Threat on Border — Obama, Not So Happy…

    Once again, Judicial Watch has highlighted the consequences of the Obama administration’s failure to secure the southern…

  13. bob strauss

    We’re talking about some serious lawbreaking here!


    Former DOJ Official to Appear Before Supreme Court and Provide Proof Obama Admin is Registering illegal aliens to vote.

    J. Christian Adams, a former United States Department of Justice official in the Civil Rights Division, who resigned as a matter of conscience when Eric Holder…

  14. bob strauss

    Obama and Baltimore Mayor Working In Lockstep For Federal Takeover Of Local Law Enforcement -…

    Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been major player in the Obama administration’s plan for the federal takeover of local law enforcement

  15. bob strauss

    Sessions warns giant trade deal cedes power to Obama, threatens US economy

    WASHINGTON — Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is warning his colleagues and the American people about the dangers of approving the Trade Promotion Authority…

    Action on TPA fast track can be taken through the above–have already notified my representative/senators

  17. oldsailor82

    ……..the snot nosed children are no longer taught values in school……instead they receive indoctrination to PERVERTED,SICK,and OTHERWISE TWISTED LIFESTYLES. TAUGHT TO THEM BY SICK,TWISTED SEXUAL DEVIATES LOOSELY REFERRED TO AS “TEACHERS”. Only a handful out of thousands of recent college grads can even pass an 8th grade SAT, and finally only a few hands full of so called Americans,even give a damn about their country……….the remainder are just TOO BUSY GUZZLING BEER,DOING THEIR DRUGS,AND EITHER PARTICIPATING IN DEVIATE SEX,OR WATCHING PORN. Sadly push is GOING to become SHOVE,and when this happens the BEER GUZZLING DEVIATES are going to try to blame the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES of America,and without a doubt George Bush, for everything that they themselves caused………but one bright note still stands out……”OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE…..THEY JUST FADE AWAY” (said by General Douglas MacArthur during a FAREWELL SPEECH he gave not long after the A–HOLE Harry Truman FIRED HIM during the Korean war).
    America NO LONGER HAS any WW2 quality FIELD COMMANDERS,OR TOP ECHELON BRASS. They are all politicized,and tailgate the POTUS as each waits for the potus to throw him a bone to knaw on. I personally think that NONE of them could even lead a group of DOG CATCHERS. Them we have politicians who are AFRAID to PUT THE MILITARY in HARMS WAY. I often wonder just exactly what they think the military is for.
    Oldsoldier, you and I will soon be EXTINCT……and as each day passes more and more of us are going to FADE AWAY!

  18. bob strauss

    Breaking: IRS from scandal to prosecutable crime.

    There Is No More Doubt: I Have the Proof That Ties Obama and the Democratic Party to the IRS Scandal

    The IRS scandal just won’t go away – kind of like Watergate. The media knew about Watergate for months. It simmered and boiled, then it turned into a…

  19. bob strauss

    We’re suing the State Department to obtain Hillary Clinton’s iPad and iPhone records during her tenure as Secretary of State.

    Read more about the lawsuit here:
    Judicial Watch, Inc.’s photo.

  20. CW, very interesting post. One of the things I think we lose sight of is that our Constitution is the expression and a development of English Common Law. Modern academics, especially of the Leftist variety, are drawn to continental European or Roman Law. The difference is Common Law evolved through case work on a local level, whereas Roman Law was from the Emperor–a top down rule to which everyone had to comply. Back in the 1960s the reason Conservatives like William F. Buckley opposed the Civil Rights Movement was not because they were against Civil Rights, but because these rights, to be meaningful, needed to be worked out on the local level through the courts rather than legislated.

    Roman Law is more appealing to the Left because they are into social engineering. They pervert the use of the courts, which used to be the guardians of Common Law, to legislate in the fashion of Roman Law.

    Our Constitution is threatened because Roman Law is replacing Common Law. There is a major disconnect and subversion taking place in our legal system. States have lost their authority as the Federal Government and especially the Executive Branch have become imperial.

    This is really a deep subject that requires a lot of discussion. One of the first things to realize is how Roman Law has been replacing Common Law. Most of this stems from Academia and the Left’s flight from reality in trying to create a utopia through social engineering–a godless utopia through social engineering, I might say.

  21. oldsoldier79

    Because of OBAMACARE…

    The Assurant Health Insurance Company of Wisconsin wishes the thank Mr. Obama for putting them out of business….

    123 year old Heath care provider has now closed their doors forever.

    After expanding to accommodate the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) last year, a Wisconsin-based health insurance provider, founded in 1892, has announced it will be closing its doors.

    Assurant Health opted not to participate in the first Obamacare enrollment period in 2013; however, in November of that year, the company announced it would be selling plans in 16 states in 2014.

    The company and the insurance industry watchers blamed its losses DIRECTLY on the impact of Obamacare.

    Following implementation of the requirements to participate in the ACA exchanges, Assurant lost $63.7 million in 2014. The insurer raised its rates by 20 percent in 2015, in hopes of returning to profitability, but lost between $80 to $90 million during the first quarter of this year.

    Assurant currently provides plans for approximately 1 million people, with a revenue of about $2 billion.

    “In a letter to its shareholders, [the company] said it lost money because of a reduction in recoveries under Obamacare’s risk mitigation programs and increased claims on the health care law’s 2015 policies,” the Daily Signal reports.
    It appears that under OBAMACARE (ACA), the good people of Wisconsin did get something for nothing… million people have just gotten a royal screwing by their elected government !

    ….along with a very old “use to be healthy” company !!!

  22. oldsoldier79

    DEAN M_

    Good observation.

    I suggest instead of either English Common Law, or Roman Imperial Law perhaps we should have something on the order of Hammurabri’s Law of 1750 BC as a starting point…..

    If that were still the ‘law of the land’, I assure in a very short period of time there would be far fewer crooked politicians in office taking unlawfully from the people’s labor……

    After all, they would only have two hands and two legs to pay for their transgressions !!!….

    then it would be…Off With Their Heads !!!

  23. citizenwells

    “Despite record-er stock prices, weather excuses for current economic weakness, and The Fed promising that growth is here and everything will be awesome, it appears the message has not reached the US Consumer. Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index plunged 9 points last week (the largest week-to-week drop since last July) to its lowest weekly score since December. The main driver was a collapse of hope as ‘outlook’ fell to November lows.”

  24. oldsailor82

    Have you ever tried to inflate a tire which has a nail in it? Goes flat again in very short order. There seems to be a slow leak in our CONFIDENCE!

  25. WATCH

  26. oldsoldier79

    GINGER…..thank you for the video

    Good video and great information that every American should be armed with…..

    So now we know who is AUTHORIZING all those damn Muslims ‘REFUGEES’ to ‘coming to America’….

    Apparently the American Congress (535 fools sitting staring at each other in Washington) has no more power that our local mailman any more !!!

    It wasn’t you, and it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t even the American government who approved the influx of these ‘benefit seeking illegals’ into our country seeking to destroy us….it was the damn United Nations who has behind all of this resettlement problems the world now face…….

    The next logical question should be….who in our government gave the United Nations permission to burden our small towns and unprepared states for such a unnecessary financial responsibility?

    Sense it’s ‘birth’ in 1947, this parasite organization(UN) has continually looked for ways to destroy America….to usurp our heritage…to control our resources…and to dominate our political process and our people….they are still in that process…..

    The United Nations was started to maintain law and order, and peace in the world…..and to date they have been a miserable failure at their major missions…they have never prevented a war, or maintained the peace, regardless of it’s size or extent….they have no desire to do that.

    They have had pale success at feeding the hungry refugees in other nations, but again, only small success.

    What really bothers me is the fact that over 80 percent of it’s member nations want to see America destroyed….to strike the hand that now feeds them ! American provides over 50% of the cost to fund this sham operation called the United Nations….

    And now they ask no one’s permission to resettle unwanted and undesirable refugees into another nation’s territory !!!

    Again, I ask a valid question…., by who’s authority?

    Has America given up the right to control it’s own territory and people? Has the UN assumed the right to dictate what will and will not be for all nations?

    Again, I ask; by who’s authority?

    Did you get to vote on the resettlement of any of the refugees into your community which has now placed undue and additional hardships and burdens upon you and your neighborhood?

    Of course you didn’t……and neither did our government……

    The points made by Ann Corcoran in her video are valid questionable points….. Muslim masque are sprouting up across America like unwanted weeds…..

    You are not welcome there, and neither am I, they are preaching the words of conquest and hate, not love and peace….Armed Muslim militant training camps are somewhere close by those mosque, you can be assured of that……in fact, there is such a camp within 30 miles of my location at this very moment …….most locals here in the Charlotte area do not know of it…and probably do not care….Apparently the FBI does not either.

    Like Ms. Corcoran said in her video, we are being ‘taken down’ from within our own country and will not even realize it until it’s too late.

    We can give thanks to the UN and those within our own government for that.

    If America can stand and repel these outside forces for another 10 years before becoming a completely dominated UN controlled nation, I will be surprised.

    We have surrendered our nation and our rights as Americans…without even firing the first shot in her defense….

    What a bunch of ‘wossey’s, fools, and idiots’ we have become !

    Which brings to mind an old saying….”You get what you have earned”…Put in another way;…”You get what you deserve”…..

    In the coming future, our nation will get what it has earned and deserves……..

  27. oldsoldier79



    A grim online warning from a self-described American jihadist said Sunday’s terror attack in Texas was the work of ISIS and that the terrorist group has scores of “trained soldiers” positioned in 15 states, awaiting orders to carry out more operations.

    The warning, which was posted on a file-sharing site, could not be verified, but was signed by Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki. That name matches the moniker of a shadowy American known to have joined a terrorist group in Pakistan several years ago and who has appeared in propaganda videos before.

    The chilling threat named five of the states where it is claimed that ISIS has terror cells in place. “Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, we are increasing in number,” read the warning.

    “Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.” Although Sunday’s attack at a “Draw the Prophet” Muhammad contest in Garland was thwarted when a traffic cop helping to provide security at the event shot both attackers dead, the posting seemed to claim the operation was successful. –

    See more at:
    Wake Up America…….the jackal is at your door…and he’s hungry.

  28. oldsoldier79

    DOES THIS NEW YORK NEWSPAPER HEADLINE SCARE YOU?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/article-terror3-0505.jpg?enlarged
    Or does it really piss you off that these Muslim radicals think it will scare you into submission?

  29. citizenwells

    Last invaders on US soil got their ass kicked.
    Japanese & British before them in Battle of New Orleans.

  30. I have a question for Citizenwells and my fellow bloggers.

    It is now reported that the CIA funds ISIS, via Swiss banks. There is ample evidence of CIA involvement in ISIS in the past, including training and weapons.

    Today, ISIS has placed a US citizen on the kill list because she likes cartoons.

    My question is: “If Pamela Geller is killed by ISIS is Obama responsible since he has funded, trained, and harbored them? Is this murder for hire? Does he go to jail? Is this just another example of Democrats being above the law?”


  31. bob strauss

    We have to remember, it wasn’t only democrats who were afraid of the TEA Party, certain RINOs were also afraid.

    New IRS emails: Lerner knew what she was doing, and so did John McCain, apparently

    New emails obtained by Judicial Watch shine even more light on the depth of the IRS targeting scandal. As much as the left would like for America to be convinced the scandal is over, it is far from it.

    Among the new revelations is a February 2012 email in which Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS’ Exempt Organizations ranch, asked for a new program to be set up that would “put together some training to help [IRS staffers] understand the potential pitfalls” of giving away too much information to Congress.

    Another 2013 email reveals that Lerner said she is willing to take the blame for not providing adequate direction to staffers on their targeting efforts. In that same email, Lerner also acknowledged that the targeting of conservative groups “might raise questions.”

    You don’t say.

    Another surprising twist? Sen. John McCain, former Republican presidential nominee, may be complicit. According to a Breitbart report [1]:

    A May 1, 2013, email exchange between Lois Lerner and other top IRS staffers revealed that she met with select top staffers from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in a “marathon” meeting to discuss concerns raised by both Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and McCain that the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. This meeting occurred 11 days prior to Lerner’s admission, during an American Bar Association meeting, that the IRS had “inappropriately” targeted conservative groups.

    Need we say more? It’s been obvious since the inception of the tea party that establishment Republicans are no better than Democrats in their efforts to squash our justified activism. Senator McCain should be ashamed. But it’s like the saying goes: “with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

    Read the whole report here.

  32. bob strauss

    The Hill-Billy Cash Pump
    Janet Tassel

    Hillary Clinton: We knew her as a grim, charmless harridan; a pear-shaped harpy. Now, after reading Peter Schweizer’s new book, Clinton Cash, we see the ultimate Hillary, one of the world’s truly scary women. More

  33. bob strauss

    Hello Al Gore: Low Sun Spot Cycle Could Mean another ‘Little Ice Age’ Chriss Street The sun is engaging in climate change denial. More

  34. bob strauss

    IRS gave out $5.6 billion in bogus education tax credits May 6, 2015 The stimulus bill is the gift that keeps on giving – at least, to crooks, fraudsters, and charlatans. More

  35. citizenwells

    “Opinion: 3 reasons Democrats should find someone other than Hillary”

  36. citizenwells

    “Clinton Is Associated With Unending Scandals. Clinton’s exposure to scandal did not end with her term as secretary of state. It continued afterward.

    The Clintons created the Clinton Foundation, a charitable organization to do good deeds around the world. The foundation had raised almost $2 billion by the end of 2014, according to foundation officials over the years. But, remarkably, little of that has gone to helping poor people. Much of the fund has been used to pay salaries and the transportation expenses of employees.”

  37. oldsoldier79

    Citizenwells……reference your post at 12:10pm.

    YES…you are so absolutely correct….thank God for that !!!

    But the real question before us now is; Do most modern day Americans (where our nation has acquired over 80 million new citizens within the last 8 years or less) have the same resolve, willpower, determination, and courage our forefathers had?

    To me, that is the only question !!! …or will they simply lay down and expect someone else to defend their new homes, protect their free government-given tax free property, and maintain their new lifestyle?

    And one more thing….those invaders you spoke of who faced our forefathers, came in bright shiny uniforms of redcoats that were easily recognized as our enemy and they generally followed a civilized rule of warfare…..

    Our next enemy will come to us smelling like goatsh*t , and sporting long shaggy beards, or hiding behind a berka, but each will be armed with an AK-47’s, and a machete to cut our heads off with…..and speaking a foreign language most Americans do not understand and with no regards for any civilized rule of warfare….or their enemy, the American people….be they males, females or children.

    Something tells me many of our next enemy are now planning their activities as a fifth column effort within our borders as I write this…

    We will all be fair game to them.

    ….but they are now publicly telling us “they will be coming in peace”.

    Some may say that I am paranoid in my thoughts…., some may say they agree with me…..then some may not care one way or the other.

    But these are just the thoughts of an old soldier,

  38. bob strauss

    Remember the usurper’s Fast and Furious program? This is where those weapons went, and the usurper, and Hillary, have armed ISIS in the Americas.

    Many claim the ISIS in Mexico story we broke is false, but our sources say otherwise. Read more below.

    Reports, Terrorist Acts Corroborate ISIS in Mexico Story JW Broke Last Month – Judicial Watch

    A number of reports have surfaced in the last few weeks that corroborate a story Judicial Watch broke in mid-April verifying that ISIS is operating in a Mexican…

  39. oldsoldier79

    Directly from the Horse’s mouth (ass)…

    Now you know how all those hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that have been flowing into the Clinton Scam are being spent….are what they are going for.

    Bill Clinton says he doesn’t know, he “just works there” !!!!

    Maybe we should be asking Hillary….or Chelsea !!!

  40. oldsailor82

    yes some of them would smell like GOATSHI#, but MOST OF THEM SMELL LIKE their own feces compounded by their stinking unwashed bodies. Each of them has a ONE WORD VOCABULARY……..”.ALLAH”.
    They DON’T use TOILET PAPER………their gowns serve that function. My guess is that their PHONEY PROPHET never washed his backside either,and Dempsey says that they are tough fighters. Dempsey DOESN’T KNOW WHAT A DETERMINED WELL TRAINED INFANTRYMAN IS otherwise he would never have said those words. A determined well trained US infantryman could defeat a stinking goat screwin# jihadi with one hand tied behind his back. Intelligence wins everytime. Their stinking bodies will give away their positions……you only need to get DOWNWIND and set up a forward OP then zero them in by wind direction. I once heard a veteran WW2 parachute infantryman say that they could smell the Nazis long before he hit the ground. Same sort of thing I guess. NO LATRINE,NO SHOWER= BAD ODOR.

  41. oldsailor82

    ……….anyone who KNOWS ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, will know ISIS behavior! Their BENEFACTOR and LEADER resides in a building on Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. He also plays a lot of BACK DOOR BINGO and DROP THE SOAP. I also heard that he loves to practice his HOLE PUTTING!……at least 18 times at every outing.

  42. oldsailor82

    Issue all US combatants 10 gauge full auto sawed off shotguns. Next best thing to a gatling gun. Goad the enemy until he goes out of his mind, then open up with a few thousand 10 gauge full auto sawed off shotguns with 00 buckshot powered by magnum loads. Such a weapon could cut everyone of the stinking bastards in half as the come over the hill. TALK ABOUT GOATSHI# …… would be scattered everywhere!

  43. oldsailor82

    …… is another idea……….a .308 10 barrel (gas operated) hand held gatling gun which uses magnum rounds. When being fired it would be the equivalent of 100 BARs in simultaneous firing. (could also fire armor piercing rounds).

  44. oldsailor82


  45. How bout this………..
    Who knows what Obama will do next?
    Change the words on our US currency from
    I found this


    Internet memes come and go, but never completely fade away. They reappear periodically with the news cycle. My sister’s former husband’s sister must forward every chain letter that appears in her inbox, and I get a lot of them. But it’s an interesting window into what’s going around; I assume the same stuff shows up in Facebook and Twitter. Here’s an excerpt. -Editor
    A lady in Monte Vista, CO had this dollar bill. This is her story. After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her purse and displayed it on the table. Underneath the words “In God We Trust” someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink— NO GOD BUT ALLAH. We asked her where she got this dollar bill. She said it was part of her change in Alamosa , CO .

    We took this picture of her dollar bill. These are beginning to show up all around our country! If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as change, please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill that has not been defaced.

    Send this on to everyone you can. May God bless our USA — And quickly, before what we know and love is forever gone!

    No God But Allah overstamp
    This turns out to be the same image Dick Gaetano submitted in 2012. Have any of our readers actually SEEN one of these in person? -Editor
    To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: NOTES FROM E-SYLUM READERS: DECEMBER 16, 2012 : No God But Allah Overstamp (

    The topic was covered by the myth-busting web site Apparently the image and email began appearing in 2011. -Editor
    Claim: U.S. $1 bills are being circulated with the words “NO GOD BUT ALLAH” stamped on them.

    Origins: Writing on, drawing on, stamping, or otherwise marking or altering currency is an ages-old practice which people have engaged in for a wide variety of reasons: to (illegally) change a bill’s value, as a form of artistic expression or fandom, as an outlet for humor, as a means of tracking a given bill’s circulation, or as a venue for spreading political and social (protest) messages.

    A putative example from the latter category began circulating on the Internet beginning in June 2011, featuring a photograph of the reverse of a U.S. $1 bill on which the words “NO GOD BUT ALLAH” had been stamped in red ink underneath the U.S. motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The accompanying text claimed that an unnamed woman in Colorado had received the marked bill in change and exhorted readers to refuse to accept similarly marked bills.

    Even if the backstory about the pictured bill is accurate, it doesn’t appear to be evidence of any concerted or widespread movement to spread some form of anti-U.S., pro-Islam, or anti-Christian message via the marking of currency. In the two years since the original appearance of this item we haven’t encountered a single other report of anyone’s finding similar bills in circulation; just the continual republishing of the original photograph and the accompanying message about its anonymous recipient.

    To read the complete article, see: Dollar Store (

    While searching the E-Sylum archive I came across this numismatic connection for the phrase. -Editor
    No God But Allah coin The first ever coin to record the famous Islamic phrase ‘There is no God but Allah’ is set to sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds when it goes under the hammer. The historic gold dinar from 690 AD was minted in Damascus by the Umayyad dynasty – the first Arab empire, which stretched from Spain in the west to India in the east at the peak of its power.

    To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: BALDWINS TO AUCTION 690 AD ‘NO GOD BUT ALLAH’ GOLD DINAR (

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