Ebola voluntary quarantines in Guilford County NC, Federal government mandates for arrivals from Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone, Medical Director Laura Bachmann

Ebola voluntary quarantines in Guilford County NC, Federal government mandates for arrivals from Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone, Medical Director Laura Bachmann

“Sooner or later someone in the US will come in contact with Ebola contagion & go undetected. They will then infect many others.”…Citizen Wells

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons



From the Greensboro News Record November 3, 2014.

“Two under voluntary quarantine in Guilford County

Two people in Guilford County are under voluntary quarantine while county health officials monitor them for symptoms of Ebola. The individuals have not come in contact with other people who have the disease or demonstrated any symptoms of Ebola. They are being monitored because the federal government mandates the oversight for those who arrive in the United States from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, County Medical Director Laura Bachmann said Monday.

“I think it’s good for people to remember that this is not an easy virus to get,” Bachmann said. “It takes direct contact with infected blood or other bodily fluids.”

Health workers are contacting the two people daily, Bachmann said.

The news comes a day after state health officials announced that Duke University Hospital had admitted a patient who showed Ebola symptoms. On Monday morning, health officials released results of an Ebola test that showed the patient at Duke did not have Ebola.

That patient will undergo another test Wednesday morning, officials said during a conference call Monday. Duke University Hospital doctors will determine when the patient might be released.

Three family members are serving a voluntary 21-day quarantine in the Person County home that the patient traveled to on Saturday.”

“County health officials have the authority to quarantine patients, Ellington said, but prefer to ask patients to quarantine themselves by choosing not to go out in public or taking public transportation.

The two people whom Guilford County is monitoring are cooperating fully with the voluntary quarantine, Guilford County Public Health Director Merle Green said.”

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95 responses to “Ebola voluntary quarantines in Guilford County NC, Federal government mandates for arrivals from Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone, Medical Director Laura Bachmann

  1. The devil we know, the travelers coming here legally and being monitored for Ebola is scary enough. The devil we don’t know, illegals and those traveling undetected is much scarier.

  2. “The individuals have not come in contact with other people who have the disease or demonstrated any symptoms of Ebola.”

    How do they know???

  3. Please …God help the Republicans take the Senate and keep the House! With the EVIL Harry Reid out of control and some how the Congressmen and women take out John Banner “We the People” will have a better chance of getting help from our Congress to slow down or take out that EVIL illegal Barry Soetoro! No impeachment!!! TRY HIM AND OTHERS FOR TREASON!


  4. Mr. Wells ….the first thing I want our new Congress to do is some how to close the BOARDER!
    The Congress holds the purse and I want them to starve that illegal from wasting our money and sending arms and money to the middle east. We know all the mosque here are loaded with muslims and arms.

    Can Congress vote to dissolve the IRS?

    America vote today to save our country. Democrats hold your nose and vote republican and do not stay home….VOTE

  5. “Ask not what your country can do for you…. ask what you can do for your country.”

    I can not remember a time that I have missed voting in my entire adult life.
    Please…God …stop the VOTER FRAUD today!

    Please excuse my ranting this morning I am feeling so emotional because I so fear for our country. USA…USA…USA

  6. Mr, Wells

    I think they have already developed a vaccine for Ebola and the chosen ones have been protected!

  7. Just voted.

  8. “HERE’S Why Ebola Is No Longer In the News”

    “In other words, the mainstream media has agreed not to report on any suspected Ebola cases.

    I guess the Ebola czar has been a busy boy, after all … you know, preventing panic and all that.”


  9. “Thousands break Ebola quarantine to find food”

    “Thousands of people in Sierra Leone are being forced to violate Ebola quarantines to find food because deliveries are not reaching them, aid agencies said.

    Large swaths of the West African country have been sealed off to prevent the spread of Ebola, and within those areas many people have been ordered to stay in their homes. The government, with help from the U.N.’s World Food Program, is tasked with delivering food and other services to those people. ”

    “Because services are not reaching them, people who are being monitored for signs of Ebola — and should be staying at home — are venturing out to markets to look for food, potentially contaminating many others, said Kamara.”


  10. “Ebola Transmissions Accelerating In Sierra Leone – Nov 4, 2014”

  11. Tom Magliozzi 1937-2014

    “Tom Magliozzi who, along with his brother Ray, hosted NPR’s hit comedy show Car Talk for the last 37 years, died Monday morning from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. “Turns out he wasn’t kidding,” said Ray. “He really couldn’t remember last week’s puzzler.” ”


    God bless.

  12. The U.N. and Obama: Creators of a One-World Frankenstein

    This globalist view that ignores national interests and the needs of individual communities has been evident in both U.S. and U.N. response to and management of the Ebola pandemic, illegal immigration and border control. For example, this week, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon swiftly condemned New York, Illinois and New Jersey for enforcing mandatory, 21-day quarantines for health workers returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.  Although more than 10,000 people have contracted the virus in Africa, the U.N. chief attacked as unjust the vigilance of U.S. state governments to protect their citizens by segregating potentially infected persons from the general populace. He judgmentally intoned, “Those who develop infections should be supported, not stigmatized.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/11/the_un_and_obama_creators_of_a_oneworld_frankenstein.html#ixzz3I7fBNCJF
    For sometime now I’ve been realizing that Soetoro is following the dictates of the World Health Organization. The above proves that he and the UN Sec. Gen. are on the same page. States’ rights can be damned.

  13. Voting is extremely heavy in my polling place……

    St. Louis County scrambles to print more paper ballots after election day shortage

    St. Louis County election officials say one election-day glitch today came early when some polling places began running out of paper ballots.

    Rita Days, the Democratic director of election for St. Louis County, said her office usually plans for 15 percent of the voters taking paper ballots. The rest would use the electronic voting machines.

    But for some reason Tuesday, she said, “we’ve had an extra large run of paper ballots.”


  14. Well, well, well…just as expected. I just got my new health care premium rate increase. When obamacare passed, I was able to keep my existing insurance because it was grandfathered in. The rates however have jumped each year. This time it went up 23.5% It is basically crap coverage 75/25 with 2,500 deductible. It has gone up $200/mo since the law passed.

    that is 2,400 increase/year….the lying, thieving, bastids….I THOUGHT they promised a 2,500/year saving….I pray to God, we win big tonight and McConnel has the cajones to repeal this nightmare!!!!

    I hope those newly elected will overtake the rhinos and force a repeal vote. I don’t have faith in Mcconnell or Boner….

  15. This just angers me to no end. I refused to go onto the ocare exchange, but that is exactly what they are forcing people to do.

    Even if we take over the senate and send a repeal up to the loser pResident, he will just veto it. He has nothing to lose at this point. Actually, he never had ANYTHING to lose before he was ever elected. An empty suit with a failed agenda…..2016 can’t come soon enough.

  16. Ha, thanks Ginger!

  17. UNPRECEDENTED: Obama Orders Insurance Industry to Withhold New Prices Until AFTER Midterm Elections

  18. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    It is your civic DUTY to be an informed voter.

    IF you are an informd voter, please get out and vote for the person you believe will do what is best for our Country as a WHOLE.

    If you are an uninformed voter:

    Have you heard about the cool new app for your “smart” phone…………..

    That ought to keep them busy.

  19. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I am at a loss for words with the UN’s global warming report.

    With all of the FACTS out there, they keep up with this ruse.

    Indoctrination, no question about it.

  20. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    It’s election day 2014, and Zullo’s “evidence” is coming in so fast and furious, it’s hard to keep it cataloged.

    If Obama came out and said he was going to “attempt” to do something by the end of March, how long would you give him?

    Zullo’s had long enough.

    Crap, or get off the pot, Zullo, you snake oil salesman.

    “But he says all the right things”………..yeah, I’ve come to learn that THOSE are the ones you have to keep your GOOD eye on.

  21. CW and CWers,

    Went to my polling place this morning and couldn’t get near it! Lotsa seniors in my town (which trends conservative in moonbat MA) and we know that they’re up at the crack of 4:00 AM every day and having lunch at 9:00 AM :).

    Couldn’t wait…had to get to work.

    Leaving shortly to get this done. Paper ballots; it’s the only way to go…

  22. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    And just to prove I listened to the last interview Zullo gave, he plainly stated that he had the evidence, and now was looking for someone (preferably in Congress) to present his evidence to the public.

    How bout you Mike? Why can’t YOU present the evidence?

  23. Interested Bystander

    Sue K,

    Good for the voters!!

    Our election is for our National Representative and State and local offices only.

    No Senate or Governor’s race in Indiana today.

    Still, when I went in to vote I was the third person in line, and when I left all voting machines were being used.

    It wasn’t that way 2 years ago.

  24. November surprise! New memo discovered tying Obama’s buddy and NH candidate for Senate Jeanne Shaheen to the IRS targeting of the Tea Party. Wake up, people of New Hampshire!

    New Memo Reveals Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen Conspired in Obama IRS Scandal
    tpnn.com|By Matthew Burke

  25. SueK,
    I just returned from throwing my wrench into the gears of the democrat machine. I hope it comes to a screeching halt. If they didn’t have an R after the name, they didn’t get my vote. Screw those bastids, as they say in Mass.


    Joe Ronnie Hooper

    Jrhooper USArmy.gif

    August 8, 1938
    Piedmont, South Carolina

    May 6, 1979 (aged 40)
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Place of burial
    Arlington National Cemetery

    United States United States of America

    Seal of the United States Navy United States Navy
    United States Army seal United States Army

    Years of service
    1956 – 1959 (US Navy)
    1960 – 1978 (US Army)

    PO3 NOGC.png Petty Officer 3rd Class (Navy)
    US-O3 insignia.svg Captain (Army)

    2nd Battalion,
    501-Parachute-Infantry-Regiment.svg 501st Airborne Infantry,
    US 101st Airborne Division patch.svg 101st Airborne Division

    Vietnam War

    Medal of Honor ribbon.svg Medal of Honor
    Silver Star ribbon.svg Silver Star (2)
    Bronze Star ribbon.svg Bronze Star (6)
    Air Medal ribbon.svg Air Medal
    Purple Heart BAR.svg Purple Heart (8)
    Vietnam gallantry cross-w-palm-3d.svg Vietnamese Gallantry Cross (Palm)
    Combat Infantry Badge.svg Combat Infantryman Badge
    US Army Airborne master parachutist badge.gif Master Parachutist
    God Bless the American Soldier……American’s weapon to maintain Freedom around the world…….

  27. What damage will Obama do before new congress goes into office in January

  28. Good question.

  29. citizenwells | November 4, 2014 at 10:53 am |
    “Thousands break Ebola quarantine to find food”

    “Thousands of people in Sierra Leone are being forced to violate Ebola quarantines to find food because deliveries are not reaching them, aid agencies said.

    Large swaths of the West African country have been sealed off to prevent the spread of Ebola, and within those areas many people have been ordered to stay in their homes. The government, with help from the U.N.’s World Food Program, is tasked with delivering food and other services to those people. ”


    This is a correct report. The nurses in hospitals and nursing homes in the US are often from Sierra Leone. I speak to many of them since my parents are ill and I’m in hospitals a lot visiting them, and these nurses claim that if people are in quarantine they are left starving from lack of food. They don’t have refrigerators where they are in Sierra Leone, and they have to venture out every day to get bread so those not dying of Ebola are sometimes dying of starvation. It’s a sad situation, but I agree anyone coming to the US from Ebola impacted countries should be immediately placed in quarantine. If it were me, I would love to be paid to do nothing at home, and I care about my fellow Americans enough not to want to endanger them.

  30. More and more reports suspect Obama called the PM of Israel a chicksh**. We’ve often been called racists for disagreeing with Obama. When are they going to start calling Obama and his fellow Democrats, anti-Semites?

  31. Kentucky and South Carolina……gone Republican


  33. Amen RMinNC

  34. South Carolina Senate ///Scott…Republican WIN

  35. West VA Senate Race …Republican WIN

  36. Interested Bystander | November 4, 2014 at 5:04 pm |

    Hi IB,


    We’ve got all kinds of races here tonight but most importantly, Governor.

    ‘Cadillac’ Deval Patrick’s reign of terror is about to come to an end, with the corrupt A.G. Martha Coakley (D) going up against Charlie Baker (R). Pulling for Charlie!

    Although this idiot state won’t make a dent in the makeup of the Senate (most here are the LoFos, and completely brain dead), I’m hoping that other, sane states will do the trick.

    Nail biting time…

    I was able to get in to vote after work, and we, the ‘Boston commuters’ provided the last minute rush. I spoke with a Lieutenant on my local police force (he got me my license to carry concealed) and he said he’s never seen the voting this heavy, not even in an Presidential election year.

    Praying that America does the right thing!

  37. bob strauss | November 4, 2014 at 5:16 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    I did the same in fact, there was a (D) running unopposed for something-or-other, and I refused to fill in the oval; my little form of protest :).

    You’ve learned the Boston dialect well-bastids-that’s exactly what they are :). As we say: ‘Good on ya!’

    Time to throw them all under the bus and hit the gas…

  38. Well people I almost did not get to vote today! When we moved her and finally got to the DMV to get our licenses updated and registered here to vote. We got our cards and thought no more about it. When we went to the poll to vote we were not in their books and was told we could not vote! We missed the deadline by two days. The ladies got on the phone and we were allowed to vote on a provisional ballot…boy was I beginning to get my dander up because that would had been the first time I would not vote.

    Any way as I was reading all the people running for several offices. OMG…it was ALL REPUBLICANS on the ballot and NO DEMO-RATS. I live in a county that is REPUBLICAN. Hurria! Now get this…with out giving out where I live now (cough) (cough) I proudly see in big letters the name….The Limbaugh Group. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. Scarolina and RM,

    Please send some of those ‘southern smarts’ up here; these voters are the walking dead….OOOOBAAAMAAAA.


    Scarolina, your nephew is doing just fine :).

  40. SueK…

    I wish I could dear…but it seems we are having a little trouble here in north Carolina with smarts (or better yet, lack of smarts)…….Hagen appears to be doing much better than I expected……for now .

  41. RM, keep the faith, friend; it’s still early.

    Don’t particularly care for the pundits calling a race with 10% of the precincts reporting.

    I’m watching NC very carefully; so far (as reported by Drudge) the Repubs are up +3 on the Senate side.

    Chipping away….that’s all we can do!



  44. NH stayed democrat even though Sheehan buddied with harry Reid in getting IRS to harass conservative groups……I don’t think we have heard the end of that yet…..

  45. CW………
    I am praying for you and all of the folks in NC.

  46. REPUBLICANS….PLUS 4….add Coloradoi

  47. OLDSAILOR82……

    I just checked a voting map of NC and “it ain’t over till it’s over”……..

  48. RM,

    The problem with NH is that all the moonbat Dems moved over the border from MA.

    Unfortunately, the news about Shaheen and the IRS targeting of Conservative groups was released too late (on purpose?).

    No matter, though, there’s always prosecution for this corrupt hack and no, we haven’t heard the end of it.

  49. Ginger…….
    ………..yet if you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN you can probably vote ,and as many times as you feel like…..,and NO ID necessary!


  51. RMINNC……..
    boy all the POT HEADS in Colorado were so stoned they couldn’t even read the ballot. har har Bet that caused some liberals in Colorado to bite their cigars in half.

  52. RMINNC……..
    one more and GOODBYE Harriet Reid

  53. RMINNC……..
    When you stop to look at the amount of money the libs spent to keep NC, it really cost them DEARLY. When the smoke clears and they come to their senses we will start hearing the same people WHINING. You get what you pay for! Sadly all the decent folks have to suffer because of a few. But keep in mind what GOES AROUND….COMES AROUND=2016.

  54. oldsailor82

    We told the ladies if the illegals can vote and more then once then we had a right to vote too! They laughed nodding heads in agreement.

  55. fox news reporting house will gain 10 republican seats…..I predicted they would gain 10 seats….I also said the Senate would wind up 55R-45D…….

    The night is still young….

  56. RMINNC……..
    ………next one is GAME TIME……..the RIGHT BOWER.

  57. Scott Walker sticks it too the unions in Wisconsin….again with a WIN for Governor.

  58. Ginger…….
    Sounds as though we still have a few people left on earth who are endowed with brains that work. har har. Hip hooray,hip hooray hip hooray. Glad to hear that you are standing up for yourself! Give them HELL.

  59. oldsailor82….YEP sounds good to me.

  60. Georgia will be the next state to cave to the RED side….

  61. RMINNC…….
    earlier today they had the Wisconsin BLEACHED blonde on Fox running her mouth……”Scott Walker will lose!” Looks like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT in Wisconsin was WRONG…….har de har

  62. Not so fast on NH: Shaheen and Brown both with 50% with 59% reporting.

    MA: down to the wire: Coakley-48%, Baker-47% with 70% reporting. Pray Coakley goes down in flames.

  63. I think everyone who post here at CW pretty well saw this “bloodbath” coming…..we just didn’t know exactly how much democrat blood was going to be taken…….This is going to be a clear MANDATE for the Republican party to get something done…….

    If the Republicans don’t take up Obama’s legality issue to be president as the first order of business…I will never vote republican again…..

  64. RMINNC…….
    Will any of the RINOs have the gonads to move forward on the eligibility issue? I’m betting….NO. They don’t want to ruffle any feathers of the really IMPORTANT PEOPLE! BIG MONEY!

  65. …sounds as though there might be a LOT of IRISH STEW being EATEN tonight in NH…….question is……WILL IT WORK?

  66. SueK…

    You called that NH thing correct…hang in there Brown !

  67. Have you heard? Barry Soetoro has called a meeting at the White House with demo-rats and Republicans for next week. I can hear the scumbag now telling the Republicans that he still is the boss and if they give him troubles that he will sick Valerie on them! hahahaha



    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. DRUDGE is calling Georgia for Perdue put another one in the RED …

    that makes 6 !!!!!!

  70. next will be NC going for Tillis…..

  71. RM,

    Joni Ernst wins in Iowa; that threw it over the top :).

    Still a nail biter in MA for Governor.

  72. If NC goes to Tillis and Virginia to Gillespie…then Iowa to Joni…..

    I will have met my projection of 10 gains in the Senate….plus lets not forget little “Mary, Mary quite contrary” down in LA will go down in flames in a Dec 6 runoff……


  74. Add Iowa to the RED side…that’s 7 pick up and 51…the Senate is now in control of the Republicans….

    dingy Harry…pack your bags…your either going home or to jail….

  75. RMINNC……….
    ……..your probably right! In the land of the shanty Irish,(NH) it ain’t over till it’s over.

  76. RMINNC…..
    Interestingly in Portsmouth NH, the Maritime Festival attracts all of the seafaring folks each year.

  77. ….hence the expression SHANTY= sea shanties example; “no mommer ,no poper,no brudder ,no sister WHARRER.”

  78. Ginger…….
    What the little slime called Valery needs is to be shipped off to the ISIS goatherders. She can become their “NANNY”. With those people age makes no difference. Babies, or seniors are fair game. BANG! BANG!



  80. So happy for NC

  81. CONGRATS, NC!!!


  82. Now I can go to bed my friends….see everyone tomorrow…..

    The Republicans have been given a CLEAR MANDATE by the people….they damn well better not waste it…

    good night all.

  83. RMINNC…..
    …..we might end up with even more than 10 seats……call that INSURANCE! har har

  84. Congratulation NC……
    you are NOW FREE! Nearly 1 billion of liberal money …..down the tube, har har har har har! Have a great day CW.

    BYE BYE..

  85. Hi folks,
    I’m as thrilled as all of you are. Especially great was the N.C. Tillis victory!
    Okay, Hariettttt Reid – You LOSE your coveted position of obstructionist. For once you won’t be calling the shots, and it’s about time. RM, i’ve upped my projection of 8 to 10, also, in light of the N.C. and Iowa victories. Mary L. in LA is acting as though she has already won. She won’t do so well in a runoff.


    W.H. correspondent Jon Karl said “White House officials are saying that you can expect the president to set an aggressive, and defiant tone tomorrow. You’re not going to see any mea culpas, no big firings, no change in direction.”


    This is evidence that it is going to be a very dangerous time for America in the days ahead. I read somewhere that zero was planning a full “attack” after the election.

  87. They are looking at things differently in the W.H. tonight than we are.

    This is what we will continue to deal with. Good Katie Pavlich nails it.

    White House: This Isn’t Really a National Election, You Know
    Despite signs pointing to Republican gains in Tuesday’s midterm elections, White House aides said President Obama won’t change his leadership style because the contests in red states don’t represent a “true national election.”

    So when the people speak by voting for congressmen, the W.H. doesn’t consider this a “national election” because the pResident was not on the ballot. What a narcissistic piece of humanity. He is really saying the whole thing doesn’t make any difference to him. Fasten your seat belts.

  88. cabbyaz | November 4, 2014 at 11:50 pm |

    Already hearing talk about the GOP cutting off funding to implement amnesty.

    There is still hope of defeating the usurper, thanks to our founding fathers.

  89. Just called at 1:00 AM, EST.

    It’s Charlie Baker :). We haven’t had a Repub Governor since Mitt Romney, and this pathetic state has suffered for it.

    With only a 1% margin of victory, there will most likely be a recount, according to state law. That means Charlie will win by even a wider margin; if he doesn’t, there are definitely some shenanigans going on.

    Baker and the Repubs taking the Senate; off to bed with a smile :).

  90. Thanks be to God.

  91. Suek,
    Congratulations on the Governor victory. In the meantime here’s what the Missouri governor is revealing on Twitter…….


  92. Mr. Wells…… You said

    Thanks be to God
    Yes, he heard our prayers.
    You people who voted Demo-rat…. SHAME ON YOU!

  93. Bruce Rauner (R) beat Pat Quinn in IL!!!

  94. GREAT NEWS about Rauner in Illinois!

    I suspect that the revelation prior to the election that the Chicago voting machines were rigged may have caused the Demo-rats to put a hold on some of their voting fraud antics.

    Chicago Way: Voting Machines Changing Republican Votes to Democrat Blamed on a ‘Calibration Error’


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