NC legislature proposes dumping Common Core, Conservatives most vocal opposition, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest opposes common core, Gov McCrory favors, Input from parents teachers administrators citizens

NC legislature proposes dumping Common Core, Conservatives most vocal opposition, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest opposes common core, Gov McCrory favors, Input from parents teachers administrators citizens

“…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”…Margaret Thatcher

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler 

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From WRAL April 24, 2014.

“Lawmakers propose dumping Common Core standards in NC”

“North Carolina would begin walking away from the Common Core standards for math and English in public schools under proposed legislation that a student committee approved Thursday.

The full General Assembly will take up the measure when it returns to session in mid-May.

“Common Core is gone July 1 if this passes,” said Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph, one of the measure’s leading proponents. “This bill puts education back where the constitution says it belongs – in the hands of North Carolina.””
“The standards have come under fire nationally. While some political liberals have questioned how the standards were developed, political conservatives have been the most vocal in their opposition. They criticize the measures as a federal takeover of education.

“We’ve allowed the Common Core standard to be hijacked by the federal government for the sake of money,” said Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union.

While he initially favored the standards, Horn said that they made the state too dependent on the federal government.

“I just feel that it is time for the state of North Carolina to take responsibility for our own education system and not be dependent upon or subservient to the federal Department of Education or anybody else outside North Carolina for what we do in education,” said Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus.

Some members of the committee, mainly Democrats, blasted the bill.

“I think we are going down this road to appease a section of the political spectrum that is more conservative and is distrustful of Obama and the federal government,” Rep. Tricia Cotham, D-Mecklenburg, said after the meeting.”

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From the Greensboro News and Record April 13, 2014.

“Why North Carolina should get away from Common Core

By Dan Forest

North Carolina should have the highest education standards in the world, but we can do better than Common Core.

Four years after Common Core was adopted by the State Board of Education, many students, parents and educators are getting their first glimpse of the implications of the new standards in the classroom. Yet after months of questions about the challenges of the standards from parents and educators, few answers have been revealed. Here is why we can to better than Common Core:

1. Local control of education is a bedrock of our nation. Parents, teachers and school boards should have ultimate control and authority over the education of their children. Common Core is a copyrighted set of standards, designed by two unaccountable national trade associations and pushed by the federal government through Race To The Top grants ($400 million in North Carolina) for states that adopted the standards. These standards cannot be changed or modified by state or local authorities. The argument is that we can add to them; however, the reality is that we cannot change anything written in them. Common Core is inflexible in meeting the demands of rapid change that is occurring around the world.

2. A One-Size-Fits-All set of standards for all of education in America is un-American. America is a nation of diversity and innovation. Each student is unique, and for the first time in the history of the world, through high-speed broadband technology and one-to-one devices in the hands of every student, we have the opportunity to customize curriculum and the education experience to each and every child. Our 50 states should be recognized for the innovation laboratories that they are, and they should be allowed to innovate in education, constantly improving standards and teaching methodologies in order to share their ideas with other states. A one-size-fits-all set of standards restricts that level of innovation.

3. Why would we settle for anything less than the best standards for North Carolina? Massachusetts had the best math standards in America, so why did we not start by adopting its standards for our students? Massachusetts educators improved their standards over decades, and they had been tried, tested, rewritten and aligned with working assessments. The Common Core standards still have not been tried, tested or rewritten for success four years after adoption in North Carolina. Why would we roll out Common Core to every school and every student in our state, all at once, without proper vetting and testing?

4. Common Core does not prepare our students for STEM education or careers.The promise of Common Core was that it was to be rigorous, internationally benchmarked, and it would prepare our students for college and career. Unfortunately, experts admit that rigor is difficult to define; the standards were never internationally benchmarked, and there is much debate as to Common Core college alignment. Experts have noted that the Common Core math sequence does not prepare our students for a rigorous STEM education in the university, nor does it prepare our students for STEM careers.
Why would the Chamber of Commerce, the conservative Fordham Institute, the Gates Foundation and others support Common Core despite its inability to prepare our students for STEM careers? Because there are significant financial interests for each. Experts have also noted that replacing classic literature with informational text, such as Consumer Reports, does not help our students develop better critical-thinking skills or reading skills.

5. Teachers need to be free to teach. Common Core is just another set of bureaucratic mandates that will force teachers to teach to the test. There has been much frustration from the teaching community regarding this aspect of No Child Left Behind, so the federal government created waivers from NCLB only to replace it with more burdensome guidelines that will take creativity and innovation out of the classroom. If we want innovation in education, we should focus less on standards and more on allowing our teachers to do what they do best — teach.

These are just a few reasons why Common Core should be replaced in North Carolina, not mentioning the high cost of implementation at a time when we need to increase teacher pay. Nor did I mention technology readiness for the standards, or even data collection of student information. It is time to replace Common Core with the best standards in the world — North Carolina standards.”

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95 responses to “NC legislature proposes dumping Common Core, Conservatives most vocal opposition, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest opposes common core, Gov McCrory favors, Input from parents teachers administrators citizens

  1. I say three cheers for the great state of North Carolina……

    that Common Core crap was invented by “some nut case in a mental ward” in DC……I’m sure other states will follow suite.

  2. P.S. ….This idiotic math Common core crap was pushed through the state legislature under the last Democrat Gov., Bev Purdue, and her democratic croonies before they were all sent packing in the last election….

    It now looks like the other idiotic Democrat NC lawmaker, Kay Hagen, will soon be joining them…….all she can toss back at her Republic rival is personal insults……..while she is left to account for her miserable support for ObamaCare… pathetic.

    She is a loser following a loser. Praise the Lord, we are going to have a big party in NC on November 4 of this year…..

    You’all come now !!

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    Obama eyeing de-facto amnesty?

  6. Ex-DHS watchdog put on leave after critical report
    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson put his agency’s former internal watchdog on leave within hours of the publication of a Senate report that concluded the employee was too cozy with senior agency officials and delayed or classified some critical reports to accommodate President Barack Obama’s political appointees.

  7. Citizenwells and other posters,

    Thanks . I find this blog a refreshing truth in an ocean of ‘spin’. Truth matters. Certainly a difference of opinion is expected , but voices can be heard here. Great job Citizenwells.


  8. Bob Strauss……..Re 5:25 PM
    One thing is absolutely certain where the LIBERAL SPIN BS is concerned,it is going to get MUCH WORSE right on into November. As I have said so many times UP is going to be thrown in everyone’s face by the Liberals and labeled as DOWN,and the overeducated WORDTWISTERS will be working overtime to convince the unintelligent beings who walk among us that their BLATANT BS is really the truth. It is really a sad epitaph of our seriously broken,and otherwise dying educational system. Rejecting Common Core is a step in the right direction. In reality it is a form of mind twisting of our children. The sooner we return to the three R school teaching of long ago,the sooner we will have kids graduating who can pass the SAT exams without the exams having to be compromised for students to pass them,in addition we need to put a WOODSHED on every property in our state,and use it for what it once was used……REGULARLY! Then start teaching our kids at home what MALE is, and WHAT FEMALE IS, and WHY GOD MADE US THIS WAY. Obviously it is being TAUGHT that marriage between two of the same sex is OK. How sick it is when a youngster brings two men to school and introduces one to his teacher as his father,and the other as his mother. Of course a large percentage of our school teachers are also in the same vein,smile and say HOW DO YOU DO!

  9. Philo Publius…….
    … which point we can watch the usurper of the Presidency slither back under his rock, at the edge of the Chicago CESSPOOL,where he and Rahm can once again enjoy their many NICE CASUAL GAMES OF “DROP THE SOAP”to start each day out.

  10. Bye bye …….everybody sleep tight and stay safe! Don’t let your local BOOGEYMAN GET YOU!

  11. Good morning CW et. al,

  12. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  13. Good Morning CW, et. al –

  14. Its going to be a beautiful weekend here in the South. Looking forward to grilling.

  15. Brats,and Tennesee Whisky

  16. Polish Kielbasa is great on the grill also.

  17. Good morning everyone…’s a great day here in the Carolinas…..

    Ponder (that’s southern talk for think about this) this my friends……

    The FEDERAL judge in Las Vegas, Nevada has declined the motion for release of custody for Alison Ernest 36, the woman who threw her shoe at Ms Impooooortant, Hillary Rodham Clinton, when she gave her speech in Las Vegas……The federal judicial system claims Ms. Ernest is a flight risk, although she is a property owner in Las Vegas, and is a natural-born citizen with no place to run. Ms. Ernest trial is not scheduled until 60 days later on June 25, 2014…….

    Now contrast the above information with the Muslim Brotherhood Arab who threw his shoe at George W Bush….remember ?….the new media and every television station in the world made an instant hero of this Muslim bastard and nothing was done……everyone got as good laugh at Mr. Bush’s expense……end of story…….period.

    Now it looks like the Impartial judicial system which is set to send this young woman “up for life” for expressing her dislike for Clinton as millions of Americans feel.

    Now I ask you….is this justice, or a display of the Clinton power and revenge?

    Go figure..

    I ask you….Is there no justice anywhere in America judicial system any more?

  18. RMINNC……….
    Sorry to be critical,but what you see is NOT Clinton power rather it is simply MORE BASTARDS,supporting bastards. Mzzzzzzzzzzzz.Important is no more powerful than anybody else on earth.Of course nobody will ever know exactly how powerful she is ….until somebody sees her obituary in the local scandal sheet,at which point we will know EXACTLY HOW POWERFUL SHE IS………or more correctly………WAS!

  19. God is the only entity who is truly POWERFUL, he also created MOTHER NATURE. It is obvious that she too will live a very lengthy life. Yet at the rate mankind is progressing towards the manufacture of HELLISH weapons, the obituary of mother nature will probably never have any exposure to the public. When mother nature dies humankind will be ALREADY DEAD as a direct result of the moronic,twisted mindset,of the alleged LEADERS.

  20. ……nor was Hitler’s IRON PURE SUPERMEN more powerful than God. Otherwise they would still be walking the earth. “Ja vee is der Supermen”. Look where Hitler’s supermen are today. SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL

  21. Good morning friend….

    Perhaps you are right Oldsailor……..but maybe it’s just the IMAGE of Clinton that Americans perceives as powerful….

    Either way, the press laughed at Bush and that was not the reaction given to the incident with Ms. Impooortant.

    The press’s reaction was; Oh my, she could have been killed by a flying shoe !

    My reaction was; “What a hell of a way to die”….haha…it kind of reminds me of the poem about how a kingdom was lost for want of a nail…remember?

    For want of a nail, the shoe was lost…
    For want of a shoe, the horse was lost..
    For want of a horse, the rider was lost….
    For want of the rider, the battle was lost…
    For lose of the battle…the kingdom was lost..

  22. Oldsailor,

    HI ya big guy. Haven’t talked to you in awhile over the phone. Miss our conversations.

    Actually today will be Steaks on the grill. No Jack today although I still have some in the cabinet… Just a few cold beers to go with it.

  23. I also have some of that “Clear” stuff… LOL.. looks like water. I forget what they call it. Perhaps a “Non-taxed” water look alike… hehehehe.

  24. If I’m reading this correctly, natural born Citizen means the same thing as an anchor baby, all due to another usurper, and his cronies at SCOTUS, changing the law to legitimize a usurper pretending to be President.
    The Mr. Binney Funeral Humiliates The Reputation Of The United States Supreme Court.

    The Wong Kim Ark opinion looks very bad, America.

    Leo Donofrio, Esq.

  25. William | April 26, 2014 at 11:33 am

    William, Is it warm enough for that speedo yet?

  26. More trouble for the usurper.
    Merkel denied access to her NSA file…

  27. Does anyone remember the congresswoman from LA California bragging about how Obama has the “goods” on everybody in his massive data base? There should be You Tube video, I believe she’s the same one that declared they intended to nationalize the oil companies.

  28. citizenwells

    bob, et al

    Maxine Waters Obama database, 2016 Presidential candidate powerful database, Obama records included?, Obama Waters dossier scary enough, Maxine Waters socialist history

  29. Rich Obama Donor Kicks Girlfriend 117 Times; Wait Until You See His Sentence
    Major Democrat and Obama campaign donor Gurbaksh Chahal, the CEO of San Francisco based tech startup RadiumOne, was caught on camera brutally…

  30. CW,
    Yes that’s where she slipped and let a cat out of the bag on oil, more recently she was bragging about the usurpers “data base” where he has the goods on everybody. I assume she meant the NSA.

  31. citizenwells

    bob, did you read the CW article I provided a link to?

  32. CW,
    Yes I did find the link, thank you.

    That link is where she ran her mouth, and disclosed the true intentions of the NSA spy program. Obama’s little black book on everybody. 1984 playbook.

  33. April 26, 2014

    Mark Gillar (“TEA Party Power Hour”):

    “Obama’s DNA Doesn’t Match His Grandmother’s – Obama Not Part Dunham – Who Is He?”

    “British intelligence advisor Michael Shrimpton discusses the CIA’s secret testing of Obama’s DNA which apparently did not match the DNA of his purported biological maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham. …”–obama-not-part-dunham–who-is-he
    Mark Gillar (host of “Tea Party Power Hour”) is the voice-over in the Cold Case Posse’s Obama fraud video presentations.




  34. Now at ORYR:

    “Team Arpaio: Sources Inside Kapiolani Hospital Dispute Claim 1961 Hospital Records Don’t Exist”

    “Mark Gillar: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse’s Mike Zullo was told by Kapiolani officials the hospital records only went back 25 years. Sources within Kapiolani Medical Center now dispute that claim.”

    Audio Excerpt:

  35. Gordo…….
    Out of curiosity I telephoned a local hospital to see how far back their birth records went. Interestingly they told me that all hospitals have records that go back to day one of the hospital’s existence. Part of such maintenance of records is for thepurpose of protecting themselves from potential lawsuits relating to the accuracy of a birth record. This was of course NOT Kapiolani,and while it might be possible that their records only go back 25 years,I have serious doubt that this is actually the TRUTH. The local hospital I telephoned is a Catholic Hospital,and operated as such since the turn of the Century. You might do the same as I did,and see what sort of response you get from them. I used my own name because I was born there in 1932.

  36. Gordo……
    Here is another question which might be pertinent. Was Madelien Dunham the 1st or second wife of Amour Dunham. If she was the second wife it is possible that she was not the mother of Stanley Ann, or perhaps visa versa. All I am saying if Amour had MORE than one wife it would be conceiveable that only ONE of them was Stanley ann’s mother,and possibly because of that any DNA search might end up sidetracked.

  37. Oldsailor81….good morning my friend

    Good point……

    As f**ked up the Dunham family was….anything is/was possible…..

    I rule nothing out !

  38. My wife said she was going to wash my mouth out with soap before we go to church this morning……

    I said that was just the many years of Infantry coming out this morning….

  39. Maxine Waters both SOUNDS and APPEARS as a COMPLETE IMBECILE in the video.

  40. RMINNC…….
    Just be careful that “bubbles” don’t show up, afterward. har har…….BTW heard that mother nature turned on her vacuum cleaner in NC last night! Hope everybody is OK.

  41. By the way……

    I have no problems with the Catholic church, but I find it really strange they would make a Saint out of someone who had worked with the Nazi’s during WWII……

    I hope this post doesn’t start a revolution on here this morning, but a mere 60 years in not much repentance for what the Nazi’s did to 6 million Jews….

    Of course you know that I speak of John Paul !!…….as far as John XXIII, I think he was a fairly good man… far as John Paul, he too was a good man after the became a Bishop then Pope…….but he must have been a troubled man knowing he assisted and worked with the Nazi’s ./…

    This is just my own thoughts and opinions…..I hope I don’t offend any good Catholics this morning….

    ps……the Pope in office during Hitler’s rise in power, Pious XII aided and abetted the Nazi’s during their reign…perhaps out of fear or other reasons, but history tells us that he did….

    Sorry if I have stepped on anyone’s toes this morning, but the facts are the facts and cannot be changed or altered.

  42. I would like to reword my comment regarding Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Waters….
    When she ran her mouth she confirmed quite a few SUSPICIONS. One of which is we now KNOW FOR CERTAIN that she is a TOTAL IMBECILE. Apparently she never in her life heard the old addage…”Better to keep quiet and let people think you are an IMBECILE than to speak up,and ERASE ALL DOUBT”.

  43. RMINNC……….
    You are on the money regarding the Catholic leadership. It was they who also assisted many NAZI WAR CRIMINALS to escape to Argentina,and elsewhere. This is all documented…..and ONLY the ISRAELIS pursued them. They were successful in finding most of them…….an subsequently HANGING them. The US brought a number of the Nazi scientists tro the US. One of whom was Werner Von Braun,who was the HEAD CHEESE of the Saturn Rocket development.

  44. RMINNC……..
    In addition to my earlier Catholic comment, I would pose the question ” Do you suspect that the Catholic leadership is also involved with the alleged NEW WORLD ORDER”. While I don’t really know if any of that is true,somewhere inside of me I hear a distant voice saying, LOOK CLOSELY,and BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BELIEVE. They wave a smoking pot around,and cross themselves often,but so did the Nazi collaborators.

  45. >>>RMinNC,
    ….. really strange they would make a Saint out of someone who had worked with the Nazi’s during WWII……I hope I don’t offend any good Catholics this morning….<<

    I guess perhaps I'm not a good catholic, but I'm not offended. Opinion is human nature. I feel that Pope is a person, and subject to the same flaws during their lives as the rest of us. I stand apart on many issues within the church recently, but I'm not certain that they don't deserve Sainthood. I do understand that people change, even Barabbas asked for forgiveness and repented. People whom conspired with NAZI's early in life, can find a way to god later in life. We as a people cannot go back in time and changed sins of commission, omission, or association. We must move forward and enlightenment and salvation must be the hope of all.

    Be that as it may, I am against the Churches social justice, or forced giving to government to give to the poor. "The poor will always be among us" Jesus said, he was telling us as individuals, under his father's eyes, we were obligated as individuals to care for them. He made no mention of 'Rome' or the 'Roman Empire' as obligated to care for them, and he could have made that claim. Social Justice is an attempt by the church to 'force' giving to the poor, which is not what "in my humble opinion" Jesus would have wanted. I think that Social Justice has only empowered governments to rob from the middle class (not the rich) for expansion of government and cronyism, and has really little to do with the 'poor'. Further, I believe that "If a man will not work, he should not eat".

    America was founded by Christians, and it's Constitution was intended for those with a Christian Conscience. When those people fought in the Revolutionary war, none would have believed they would create an oppressive government that would take from those that work, and give to those who would not (notice I didn't type could). I believe that the Church's affiliation with 'Social Justice' has prevented its support of the Constitution, manifest by the initial support for Barack Obama. I feel this was a huge mistake as the expansion of government has created a new 'God', called FEDGOV, that 50% of the population worship and depend upon and the other 50% are enslaved by.

    When the end result is slavery, cronyism, injustice laws and enforcement, and diminished Christianity, the impetus could not have been divine, IMHO.


  46. Morning folks. The thing going on in Rome — I believe it is political. At one time the Catholic church was a bulwark for Conservatism. When they did away with the Latin Mass, things began to slide. That was back in the 1960s.

    John XXIII initated Vatican II and is responsible for the strong shift to the Left and loss of Latin in our general culture as well as in the Roman church. I am a Jew but I live in Western (Christian) civilization. Most popes have been protective of us Jews against popular antisemtism among local populations. Nazism represents the rise of neo-Paganism which continues in Leftist circles and the New Age movement.

    John Paul II as a priest was friendly to Jews and tried to assist in Jewish survival during World II. So I have to take exception to the idea he was in any way helpful to the Nazis. What he did do was cover up for many sins of the Leftist church, such as the pedophilia that afflicted homosexual priests in a modernist enviorment. He was a great promoter in making the modern, Liberal church seem to work, while seeming to hold to its values.

    Benedict and Francis are of this same mold. They want to give blessing to the Liberal direction of a Latin church without Latin.

    The reason I say this is a very psychic friend of mine–a Mormon, no less–once said to me that society in our country started going downhill when the Catholic church did away with Latin. Latin, in our culture, helped secure a certain ethos on a collective level. It made for a certain standard and “vibe” if you will that we have lost. The rise of Islam and Leftist ideology is somehow connected to the loss of Latin in our culture, which was preceded by what these Liberal Popes have done.

  47. Good morning CW, et. al

    Yahoo is at it again. Very difficult to find Citizen wells site in that search. Google pops it straight up.

  48. Dean, my argument with you is that when the mass was in Latin, people didn’t know what was being said and therefore didn’t get very much out of it. Now that it is not in Latin, we can actually follow along and participate. Latin was something that in theory “united” all the churches, but what good is it if people are saying the rosary or spacing out in chuch because they don’t have a clue what is going on. I have been to a Latin Mass and following along is a joke, you miss one syllable and you are gone.

  49. Okay, now I am reading more on this thread and I am shocked! The Catholic church has many many many problems, but they helped the Jews during WWII. Vatican City was a safe haven for Jews. Where are you getting your information???? Read the book Disinformation by Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, he was a high ranking official with the Soviets that defected during Jimmy Carter’s time. He wrote a huge section in his book about how the Pope took in thousands of Jews during WWII, people were living in homes, churches, anywhere they could fit them. The Soviets put out a disinformation campaign saying the Pope was “Hitlers Pope” to turn people away from the chruch. After WWII there was even a rabbi that converted to being a Catholic because of what the Pope did, he was inspired by the Pope’s generousity and compasion. It’s all in the book.The way to get someone universally hated has been to say they are associated with the Nazi’s and the Soviets tried to use that. Remember recently when Putin was taking over Crimea and he said that he was “protecting his people from Neo-Nazis”, history repeating itself…..

    I’m disappointed that people that come to this page that are very informed about the world etc. would have fallen for such propoganda. There were many articles in the paper from back in the 1940’s praising Pope Pius for all he did to help the Jews, but the Soviets seemingly have been successful in turning a lot of people into sheep….

    I know I’m probably going to get nasty replies, but I don’t care, the truth is the truth. Read the book and look at archives of newspapers right after the war was over, people were praising and thanking Pope Pius for all that he did to help.

  50. citizenwells

    Looks like big brother, aka Obama has impacted CW seo on multiple search engines.
    This is the first time I have seen it this bad.
    Another reason I was pleased when Before it’s News began reporting CW articles some time ago.

  51. Now Canada Free Press is publishing an article advising the readers that Attorney Orly Taitz put the new WH counsel, criminal defense attorney Neil Eggleston, on notice about Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number and fabricated IDs. Contact,,,, and and ask that they run this article

  52. Thank you, Julie T. I, also, get so fed up with mis-information about what happened. The Jews and Israelies know the truth. There is a wonderful movie, based on the life of Monsignor Hugh O´Flaherty who was a kind of “Scarlet Pimpernel” against the head of the Gestapo in Rome during the Second World War. Father Hugh saved thousands of lives. The story is true. Given a life sentence after the War, the Nazi was eventually baptised a Catholic by Father Hugh. The movie is called “The Scarlet and the Black.” There are clips on YouTube.

  53. citizenwells | April 27, 2014 at 2:14 pm |

    Looks like big brother, aka Obama has impacted CW, seen on multiple search engines.
    This is the first time I have seen it this bad.
    Another reason I was pleased when Before it’s News began reporting CW articles some time ago.
    The truth, and daylight exposes the usurper’s ambitions.
    Keep up the good work.

  54. Julie and Madeline7, Thank you for defending Catholicism. It is Divine Mercy Sunday and I decided not to argue about the misstatements but they did bother me. There are good and bad in all religions but Catholic bashing always seems to be good press.
    No one has ever thought the child abuse was appropriate and it was terribly mishandled. It is unfortunate that the holy men of God who quietly serve God and their community go unrecognized.
    May the peace of our Lord be with you and may God have mercy on this country and all that is evil.

  55. For the younger generations who ask about the Catholic Nazi sympathisers,you need only type into your computer search engine ..Wikipedia>Alois Hudal…..what you discover might tend to change some of your views. But I am NOT a younger person…I was on earth in 1932,and learned a lot about what went on in Europe, both before and after WW2. I do not in any way ,shape, or form condemn Catholicism for what occurred because of ONE Austrian Catholic Bishop, who aided the escape of a number of Nazi war criminals. Nor do I condemn Pope Pius for his SILENCE about the Nazi regime. That was his choice. My first wife was Catholic. Had she not passed away we would still be together.

  56. I doubt that the change from predominantly Latin use in the Mass (since it is still available in particular parishes) caused the sexual revolution….rather it was that simple little “pill”/contraceptive and “choice” which, btw, Pope Paul VI wrote a completely prescient treatise about re: its future effects for divorce, lack of respect for women, spread of pornography, break up of the family and abortion on demand. The reason people began fleeing to all the churches of “what’s happenin now” was the lack of guilt factor in most due to their compliance with the latest cultural delights and compromise. There are CINOs by the herds while still remaining in the church buildings they have one foot in the culture and one foot in God’s will…..when it fits the moment!

    The materialist culture/apostasy….or rather “the smoke of Satan” was also acknowledged by Paul VI as entering in the cracks (human corruption) of the Church and this began/was noted before the real liturgical changes became solidified.

    The facts of history are in stone that Pius XII ordered the Rome houses of the various orders to take in the Jews….and this order went out beyond Rome. With the fear of endangering more Catholic/Christian/Jewish lives under the Nazis if any high Church rep. spoke strongly against the regime for public consumption the Church stayed in the realm of “diplomacy”. But when a Bishop did speak up loudly in public….while until that moment at least Jewish converts to Catholicism were left alone by law….that protection was eliminated and proof of this was the taking of the former Edith Stein….brilliant former Jewish professor (now Saint of the Church)….along with her sister from their Carmelite Convent (she became a Carmelite: Sr. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, OCD ) in the Netherlands and transferred to Auschwitz where they died with many of the same converts. Thus the Pope’s concerns for responsibility for lives rather than future personal reputation was right on!

  57. Maybe they should include the usurper in there predictions.
    A new program in the state of Louisiana has been assembled to compile details on all its residents, then identify any “individual who is going to be at risk of incarceration down the road,” or in other ways be a problem.


  58. TX Sheriff’s MSCO Drone Takes Dive – Is Lost in Lake Conroe

  59. Maybe they should include the usurper in their predictions.

  60. Good news!
    Media Turning On Obama

  61. Arrest the usurper while you’re at it!
    Former Congressman: Congress Has Legal Authority to Arrest and Jail Lois Lerner

    Former seven-term congressman from Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district, Ernest Istook, says that Congress has the “clear authority” to arrest and jail…

  62. Senators Denounce Obama for Threatening ‘Entire Constitutional System’ By ‘Nullifying’ Immigration Laws

    “Your actions demonstrate an astonishing disregard for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of American citizens and legal residents,” the senators wrote in a letter to Obama. “Our entire constitutional system is threatened when the Executive Branch suspends the law at its whim and our nation’s sovereignty is imperiled when the commander-in-chief refuses to defend the integrity of its borders.”

  63. Bob Strauss…….
    Don’t hold your breath on Lerner, or Holder ever being arrested. As long as the DOJ is in Soetoro’s hip pocket nothing will ever happen to either of them ,or probably any of the DC political SLIME. Gonna get a lot hairier before it ever gets any better. Get ready for HELL ON EARTH! I personally believe that the POLITICAL SLIME will accelerate the attempts to destroy the Constitution,and I will further bet that damn few Americans will even GIVE A DAMN.Our country is seriously divided,and divided it cannot stand. Damn few Americans have the slightest idea what their lives will turn into. They will find themselves SLAVES of the elite,who couldn’t care less about their well being. It will become a FEUDAL system once again. Hope everybody who supports it REALLY ENJOYS IT! They think everything will be FREE TO THEM. har har.

  64. oldsailor81 | April 27, 2014 at 7:40 pm |

    Bob Strauss…….
    Don’t hold your breath on Lerner, or Holder ever being arrested.
    I won’t, but I feel the need to post articles that expose the corruption going on in DC by our oath takers, and the complete breakdown of our Constitutional Republic. When you have a usurper president that has to continually lie to the Citizens in order to fool them into believing up is down, and you see nobody willing to do a damn thing about it, it makes you mad as hell. Lying should be an impeachable offense as far as I’m concerned.

  65. Still Don’t Believe Barack Obama Lies A Lot? WATCH This

  66. Listen to this scum bag!

  67. Bob Strauss……..
    I share your frustration with the SLIMEY,and morally twisted LEADERSHIP in all three branches of our government. Next painful is witnessing the level of moral,and spiritual deterioration,of so many of our younger peers. Not a day passes where we havn’t witnessed a new low for these so called Americans. I look upon these people in anguish.More and more I see a fast growing colony of MAGGOTS within our alleged society, and all writhing to get a bite of the stinking road kill carcasses that we see so many of these days along the highway of our lives. The human maggots are the followers of Satan. The road kills are those who have practiced their sick,and twisted sort of behavior upon both themselves,and innocent victims close to them. The perpetrators die their slow, horrible deaths, and immediately their own kind crawl to the dead carcass to begin feeding. I describe the GENERAL deterioration of our society this way because I think the magnitude of the overall moral,and spiritual degeneration which seems to totally surround all of us is best stated in this way. Both morality,and the practice of spiritual worship are disappearing from America,at an alarming rate. Those who are involved with EVIL practices need to soon change their behavior lest humanity itself disappear entirely from the face of the earth. We read about the fall of the Roman empire,but the Romans had nothing on the degenerates of today.

  68. Thornton Parsons

    Did anybody see the flag at Obama press conference this morning? What was that? Stripes running vertically on the bottom; top looked like a blue field with a crescent moon or something. Saw it on Fox.

  69. Thornton Parsons

    I saw it again. Must be a Malaysian flag.

  70. Thornton Parsons…….
    In Maylasia a flag bearing the Islamic logo would not surprise me. I either heard ,or read that Maylasia is largely Islamic. I believe that our USURPER was scheduled to stop in Maylasia, perhaps in full costume as well.

  71. Thornton Parsons………
    Watch out for mother nature. She is on another of her vacuum cleaner binges. Arkansas got vacuumed really big time.

  72. Thornton Parsons…….

    The Malaysian flag looks kind of like the American flag……

    It has 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes…….where it differs greatly is what is on the small blue square in the left corner…..

    It has a yellow moon quarter (Islamic) and a yellow sun burst…….

    There is no doubt this is an Islamic flag representing an Islamic country…….

  73. RMINNC……….
    Good afternoon sir!
    Looks like our SO CALLED leader has stopped over in Maylasia…………perhaps to kiss the stinking feet of the leaders. Send me an email page if you get time. Something interesting for you, but I don’t want to mention it on the blog.

  74. Shalom to all. I listened on the radio yesterday on a Catholic station to most of the Canonization Mass. It was very moving. I didn’t detect anything insincere or political. I was very impressed. The Mass was in Latin.

    I know that Latin is not taught and Catholic worshippers have felt it was a burdern to try and worship in a language not understood. In the synagogue, many, if not most of our prayers are in Hebrew. The Kaddish prayer is in Aramaic. So you have to learn some prayerbook Hebrew to completely participate in synagogue worship. It’s not that hard, once you get past the alphabet and reading right to left instead of left to right.

    Here’s my point: Once you make everything common, holiness is lost. Latin is the holy tongue of the West. Its general loss is a loss of standards generally. If I have to learn Hebrew, then Julie T, Madeleine7, Hrmfc and Observer–you Catholics have to learn Latin, LOL! Keep the fire burning! (There’s also a mystical Kabbalistic reason, from a Jewish standpoint, why you should. But that goes in a heavy direction, probably not appropriate for this forum.)

  75. Olodsailor81…

    Got you message….sending an email now…..

  76. oldsailor81…….

    I couldn’t get your email addy to work…
    you know mine…please send your address to me again….

    I got a new computer and I may have added your address wrong….sorry

  77. Actually it was rare that anyone but those in selective schools with Latin classes (and of course those seminarians who often had to express themselves in nothing but Latin in particular classes) actually spoke Latin. You possibly learned how to decline, etc. for sentence structure sake, but in the days when everyone brought their “missals” for Mass there was the English translation next to the Latin. So as the minister pronounced the Latin one could simply disregard it for understanding the words in English. Of course there was always the discipline effect when learning to sing the chant which most learned. Then certain classical music offers same effect to the ear. Often the Priest understood the most important sections of course but probably only “whizzed” through the rest due to habit/memorization….as in anything via human nature. The universality effect was esp. felt when attending a parish/shrine elsewhere in the world….but every parish had its own individual character via the individual culture anyway. At times it seemed that the traditionalists perhaps put too much importance on the language/bells/whistles which could actually make it easier, just like the effect the vernacular also has, to be distracted from the actual essence of the most important inexplicable parts. Just try a silent Trappist type liturgy with clackers for another whole effect and notice the whole “other”/”transcendent” experience. Doesn’t depend on any particular ceremonial type language. The simplicity itself speaks volumes.

    Frankly, with all of the other many distractions of “crudeness” that take place just about everywhere today….the sanctuary included… witness a “grandma” resorting to the beads or with eyes closed for concentration often expresses more sincerity in desire for the holy than the routine ticket punchers who can’t even consider that putting a skirt on top of shorts might show what is really taking place in the heart. Then again….the Pharisaical approach was a bit scary!!

  78. oldsailor81 | April 28, 2014 at 2:22 am |

    Bob Strauss……..
    I share your frustration with the SLIMEY,and morally twisted LEADERSHIP in all three branches of our government. Next painful is witnessing the level of moral,and spiritual deterioration,of so many of our younger peers. Not a day passes where we havn’t witnessed a new low for these so called Americans. I look upon these people in anguish.More and more I see a fast growing colony of MAGGOTS within our alleged society, and all writhing to get a bite of the stinking road kill carcasses that we see so many of these days along the highway of our lives. The human maggots are the followers of Satan. The road kills are those who have practiced their sick,and twisted sort of behavior upon both themselves,and innocent victims close to them. The perpetrators die their slow, horrible deaths, and immediately their own kind crawl to the dead carcass to begin feeding. I describe the GENERAL deterioration of our society this way because I think the magnitude of the overall moral,and spiritual degeneration which seems to totally surround all of us is best stated in this way. Both morality,and the practice of spiritual worship are disappearing from America,at an alarming rate. Those who are involved with EVIL practices need to soon change their behavior lest humanity itself disappear entirely from the face of the earth. We read about the fall of the Roman empire,but the Romans had nothing on the degenerates of today.
    Well said.

  79. Thornton Parsons

    Everybody stay safe. Rough weather moving in.

  80. What kind of an idiot would desire this? Where’s the barf bags!
    Find Out How This Law Could Make Praising Obama Mandatory In Schools
    Soon your children might not have a choice…

  81. oldsailor81,
    This is what it is all about to the progressives, child sex. That way the Muslims can get away with their Baby Bride Program and Shariah law, and the other sicko’s can take advantage of children to satisfy their sexual desires.

    Exposed: The Left’s Push For Adult-Child Sex
    Latest Hollywood allegation nothing new in ‘gay’ community

  82. CW……
    Will you send my email adress to Ray NcKinney……apparently he has lost it.. Thanx

  83. CW…….
    obviously my fingers are refusing to push the right keys………it isn’t NcKinney…….it is McKINNEY,Ray McKinney Thanx again guy!

  84. Bob Strauss……
    Such people think that they are getting away with their filthy,sick DEVIATE behavior, but we only need to remember that God created us in his own image, and therein lies an early DEATH penalty to ALL who practice their sick twisted sexual behavior in defiance of our Godly created natural genders. When such people do their deviate practices it is CONTRARY to the NATURAL scheme of God’s creation, and therein lies built in illnesses which are contracted by the practitioners. Of course some will survive,but MOST will die slow, extremely painful, and otherwise horrible deaths,early in their lives. This has been plain to see for over a several decades,yet they think that they are IMMUNE. har har.

  85. Thanks for the heads up Thornton.. Be sure that you watch out as well. Stay safe!……..I wish you Godspeed!

  86. Shocking: The True Story Of How America Lost Her Democracy
    Learn who really rules America

  87. @Dean M. I did study Latin for years ( it was necessary for entrance to any Faculty at Glasgow University at the time). However, I can read it but not speak it. It did make learning French, Spanish and German much easier. Also ( like Mathematics) the study of Latin , trains you to think logically. madeleine7

  88. Good morning CW et. al

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