Chinese oil firm in biggest takeover of Canada Nexen Inc., $ 15.1 billion acquisition, Oil sands shale gas western Canada, Ottawa last deal of its kind

Chinese oil firm in biggest takeover of Canada Nexen Inc., $ 15.1 billion acquisition, Oil sands shale gas western Canada, Ottawa last deal of its kind

“Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”…Barack Obama 

“Canada has outperformed the U.S. since then. In 2010, according to the International Monetary Fund, Canada grew at 3.2% versus 2.9% in the U.S. In 2011, the IMF estimates Canada will grow at 2.9%; unemployment is now 7.3%. The IMF’s U.S. growth forecast is 2.5% this year, and U.S. unemployment is 9.1%.

One explanation for Canada’s more robust growth is its strong commitment to energy, which has become more valuable in U.S. dollar terms under Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s inflationary policies. Alberta is now producing two million barrels per day but expects that number will grow to four to five million within a decade.”…Wall Street Journal Sept. 12, 2011

“For the first time in recent history, the average Canadian is richer than the average American, according to a report cited in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

And not just by a little. Currently, the average Canadian household is more than $40,000 richer than the average American household. The net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, compared to around $320,000 for Americans.”…US News  July 18, 2012


From People’s Daily Online February 27, 2013.

“Chinese oil firm in biggest takeover”

“CHINA’S dominant offshore oil producer has completed a US$15.1 billion acquisition of Canada’s Nexen Inc, winning a key international platform for its global expansion.

The closing of China’s largest overseas takeover comes seven months after it was first announced.

CNOOC Ltd’s acquisition of Nexen, which has oil sands and shale gas in western Canada and conventional exploration and development in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, will increase the Chinese firm’s production by 20 percent and its proven oil and gas reserves by 30 percent.

Yang Hua, CNOOC’s vice chairman, said Nexen was attractive because it had a diversified product portfolio and the majority of its assets were in politically stable regions.

CNOOC, which failed in its US$18.5 billion bid for Unocal Corp in 2005 due to the United States’ political opposition, started to track Nexen as a potential target the same year, Yang told Xinhua news agency.

In 2011, CNOOC acquired struggling Canadian oil sands producer OPTI, becoming a partner with Nexen in the Long Lake project in Alberta. The OPTI deal paved the way for the Nexen acquisition, Yang said.

Moody’s Investors Service said the ratings and stable outlooks of CNOOC and its parent will remain unchanged after the closing of the Nexen deal.

Senior analyst Simon Wong said the acquisition would “strengthen CNOOC Ltd’s position as one of world’s largest independent exploration and production companies and further diversify its product portfolio, in spite of its weakened credit metrics.”

Canada granted its approval in December after CNOOC agreed to various conditions. CNOOC made commitments regarding transparency, disclosure, commercial orientation, employment and capital investment that “demonstrate a long-term commitment to the development of the Canadian economy,” Canadian authorities said.

But Ottawa indicated this was the last deal of its kind it would approve by saying it wouldn’t allow foreign state companies to control the nation’s oil sands.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US approved the deal earlier this month, clearing the last major hurdle for the acquisition to succeed.”




45 responses to “Chinese oil firm in biggest takeover of Canada Nexen Inc., $ 15.1 billion acquisition, Oil sands shale gas western Canada, Ottawa last deal of its kind

  1. From the NRA:

    “TODAY, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on Senator Dianne Feinstein’s anti-gun bill…which would BAN millions of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and BAN ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds.


    Please call both of your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to OPPOSE the Feinstein Gun Grab bill.
    Tell your Senators that President Barack Obama’s own Justice Department recently reported that any ban on semi-automatic firearms WILL NOT WORK…unless it includes mandatory gun buy backs, which is federal GUN CONFISCATION!

    Senator Feinstein herself told CBS’s 60 Minutes that if she could get the votes “for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in” she would do it!!!

    Please forward this email to everyone you know…tweet it…post it on Facebook…help us spread the word as far as you can.

    And please, help NRA-ILA win this fight with a much-needed contribution by clicking here.

    This is the fight of the century and we need every gun-owning patriot to be involved.

    Thank you for your leadership!


    Chris W. Cox
    Executive Director

  2. “Democratic nominee in Illinois warns NRA: Your days ‘are coming to an end’”

    “The Democratic nominee to take over former Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr.’s House seat vowed in her Tuesday evening victory speech to tackle gun-related violence and take a leadership role in the national debate over gun control.

    Robin Kelly, a former Illinois state representative, also suggested a head-on war against the National Rifle Association, according to a report from The Associated Press.

    Her campaign ads, fueled in party by $2 million of Mr. Bloomberg’s super PAC money, were anti-gun hits that distinguished her from her more NRA-friendly Democratic opponent, former U.S. Rep. Debbie Halvorson, AP reported.

    “We were on the right side of the [gun] issue and our message resonated,” Ms. Kelly said, according to the AP report. She promised to fight “until gun violence is no longer a nightly feature on the evening news.””

  3. Hi folks. Just began re-reading Orwell’s NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR. I had forgotten how well Orwell wrote. He was a great story teller and writer. And 1984 should perhaps read 2014–just ahead of his time. Can’t believe he published it in 1949. Truthfully, it is a great release to read this again after so many years. I read it the first time back in the 1960s. Highly recommend reading it again.

  4. B[arack] [o]B[ama] B … B.. = Big Brother: From 1984:

    “But the face of Big Brother seemed to persist for several seconds on the screen, as though the impact that it had made on everyone’s eyeballs was too vivid to wear off immediately. The little sandy-haired woman had flung herself forward over the back of the chair in front of her. With a tremulous murmur that sounded like, ‘My Savior,’ she extended her arms towards the screen. Then she buried her face in her hands. It was apparent that she was uttering a prayer.

    At this moment the entire broup of people broke into a deep, slow, rhythmical chant of ‘B-B! . . . B-B . . . B-B’ –over and over again, . . .”

    The Left has its messiah.

  5. Winston Smith’s answer he secretly writes in his diary:


  6. Senator: Obama Lied About Obamacare’s Cost, And Here’s The Proof

    At a Budget Committee hearing yeday, Senator Jeff Sessions announced the results of a new Government Accountability Office report on the long-term deficit impact of Obamacare. Share with your

  7. Black Chamber Of Commerce CEO Blasts Obama As Communist

    Obama is indeed a communist; and the fools who follow him, because of his image, are the first to be damned. Share with your friends!

  8. Watergate’s Bob Woodward: Obama Showing ‘A Kind Of Madness I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’

    Woodward schools MSNBC on journalistic ethics.

  9. Woodward Questions Obama’s Competency as Commander in Chief
    Calls Obama Conceding to Sequester a Kind of Madness Not Seen in a Long Time

  10. bob strauss | February 27, 2013 at 9:57 pm |

    Black Chamber Of Commerce CEO Blasts Obama As Communist

    Thanks bob strauss,

    That was very refreshing. Nice to see that all blacks aren’t drinking the Obama kool-Aid.

    But just like they told Bob Woodward: “You are going to regret this”.

  11. “Private Investigator Files Formal Complaint Against Judge Fuhry And His Court Reporter: Official Certified Court Transcript Does Not Reflect Actual Hearing”

    “As reported here private investigator Susan Daniels challenged Obama’s ballot access in Ohio based on his bogus CT Social Security Number. Judge David Fuhry ruled the Ohio Secretary of State has no authority to bar Obama from the ballot and the use of an improper SSN does not disqualify ballot access. Susan now reports the court reporter scrubbed parts of the court transcript:”

  12. Thornton Parsons

    Dean M., this is really eerie. I just started re-reading 1984 and felt the same similarities apply today. Orwell, Rand, and Bradbury were way ahead of their time. It makes you wonder how they knew.

  13. Thornton.
    They were paying close attention.

  14. Good morning!

    Department Of Peacebuilding: Now With 300% More Sparkly Ponies!

    Having solved all of the other problems facing the nation, House Democrats, under the wise and thoughtful leadership of Barbara Lee (D-California), have introduced a bill (H. R. 808) that would create a Federal “Department Of Peacebuilding“.

    The “Department of Peacebuilding” would attempt to find ways to “reduce gun violence, violence against animals, gang and ethnic violence, and even bullying at schools. Internationally, the department would monitor global conflicts and propose ways to end them.” One of the provisions of the bill is the establishment of a “peace academy“, which would be “modeled on U.S. military service academies”. Except, of course, with slightly different uniforms:

    Ican see it working already! On Peace Days, “urban youths” would take a breather from bashing people’s faces in with bricks, Muslim men would put on hold the “honor killings” of women, Chicago gangbangers will hit the snooze button on the “murder every 3 hours” clock, everyone will hold hands, sing “Kumbaya”, and roast marshmallows. The marshmallows will be provided by the Department of Peacebuilding (what’s another expense to the taxpayers?), and distributed throughout the inner-city neighborhoods by Peace Academy graduates driving armored personnel carriers painted Peaceful Pink:

  15. SueQ.
    Only from California.

  16. Duuuuude.


    Fighting ammo shortages is a daunting task but we can succeed with your help.

    Of course, AWD will keep the lion’s share of all donated ammo and firearms. Since I got the idea of the Ammo Bank from governmental Food Bank agencies, I will act like a lazy, spoiled government employee and save all the good stuff for me. But AWD commits to give one out of every ten donated bullets to the less fortunate. Maybe. Why would I do that? Because that’s the kind of guy I am!


    Remember, millions of patriots in America are starving for ammo and don’t know where their next bullet will come from!

  18. OK, enough of me. See you later. Bye.

  19. Napolitano: Obama’s Recent Behavior ‘Almost An Impeachable Offense’

  20. 9th Circuit To Hear Emergency Petition For Default In Obama Identity Fraud Challenge

    Ninth Circuit To Hear Emergency Petition For Default Judgment In Obama Identity Fraud Challenge Previous reports on the Grinols v Electoral College Obama identity fraud challenge can…

  21. The “test” is to ask senior officers if they would be willing to order those underneath them in rank to fire on Americans if they were unwilling to give up their guns and ammunition. MUST LISTEN AUDIO…


    Last month I was honored to have Dr. Jim Garrow on my show, Operation Freedom. Jim has had many accomplishments including being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his work on saving over 40,000 baby Chinese girls from certain death due to China’s one child per family policy.

    On last months show, Jim presented information provided to him from a high level military officer and leader within the military on The Obama Administration’s new ” Litmus Test”. The “test” is to ask senior officers if they would be willing to order those underneath them in rank to fire on Americans if they were unwilling to give up their guns and ammunition. That interview went viral over the Internet and 40 military officers have come forward confirming Jim’s information.

    This past Sunday, Jim returned to Operation Freedom and the interview has gone viral on the Internet again. I suggest you take a listen and pass it on to ALL those you care about, Just click this link…… Dr. Jim Garrow

  22. One last comment,

    I’m sure you’ve heard about threats from the White House against Bob Woodward via Drudge……………..well, SHAZAM! His own Washington Post didn’t carry his story. Good little Nazis.

  23. Thornton Parsons — It is eerie, very uncanny, especially the Thought Police and Ministry of Truth, which is todays Political Correctness and Media.

  24. CW, thanks for reminding us of Orwell. I was in the local library the other day and saw 1984. I had read it a long time ago. It made a lasting impression, but I had forgotten the literary quality of the book as well as some of the analogies that fit so well today. (I guess Bob Woodward is the current subject fot the 2 minutes of hate.)

  25. Dean M.

  26. Bob Strauss………..
    I used to like to “page Senator McCarthy” pretty regular,but hells bells I think that we are already past the point where even SENATOR MCCARTHY would not be able to fix the problem. A lot of people thought he was INSANE……..what would be your LATEST VIEWPOINT?

  27. SUEQ………….
    I have hoping, and praying that the MORONS in the WH would take their DRIVEL to the threat level. With the right threat WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ……..”LEGAL JUSTIFICATION” in which to ACT. In short we need an EXCUSE! I have a feeling that very soon that EXCUSE will be served up to us on a shining silver platter. There are PEOPLE,and entities who have been preparing for a confrontation for YEARS,and they have acquired BILLIONS of rounds of ammo of ALL calibers, as well as the military weapons which use the ammo. I am sure that there are those who think all of this is horseshi#, well I say to those persons…………”we shall see”.

  28. While past history makes great fodder for informal discussion, it should also be looked upon as a LESSON BOOK. Because it is painfully obvious that Americans have learned very damn little from all of those who have died so that our country could remain free. The lesson book might just as well be thrown away.

  29. …….When push comes to shove….trust only your OWN JUDGEMENT.

  30. “1984”
    By George Orwell, 1949
    Want to read?
    PDF at “Planet eBook”.
    Need a PDF reader?
    “Foxit Reader”

    “Foxit Reader is a PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set.”

    ==> UN-SELECT “22find” if the choice appears during installation.
    Want to listen?
    Need a media player?
    “VLC Media Player”

    “VLC Media Player is a multimedia player that supports a wide variety of audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc.) without the need for additional codecs, …”

  31. Thanks Gordo,

    “If there is hope . . . it lies in the proles” (George Orwell)

  32. Since rahm Emanuel became mayor the city of Chicago no longer keeps statistics on rapes… Why do you think that is? Maybe the woman of Chicago would like to defend themselves if they knew just how bad it is…

  33. Bobby Powell has busted Obama and Valerie Jarrett trying to betray us to Iran…
    Obama’s Secret Deal To Betray The US

    The Obama Administration has sent Iranian/US national Valerie Jarrett to the Middle East, with the stated aim (once they got caught) of “negotiating” with the Iranians at CENTCOM Headquarters in Doha Qatar. But in reality, Jarrett has been conspiring with the Iranian mullahs to destroy the United States…

  34. God bless this woman!!!
    Teacher Educates NJ Legislative Committee On Second Amendment

    Carole Lokan-Moore, an 18-year substitute teacher in Burlington County, spoke to the New Jersey Assembly Law and Safety Committee. Here, she hammers gun control as the first step to confiscation, like ‘Stalin, Hitler, Mao.’ Share with your friends!

  35. If any state goes into rebellion, here is what Glenn Beck thinks Obama will do…
    Beck: Obama ‘Is Trying To Send Us Into Civil War’

    Glenn Beck says President Obama is trying to incite a civil war and that if any state goes into rebellion, he will just open up the federal prisons and let the prisoners free as retribution. Share with your friends!

  36. We think Rush is definitely onto something here…

    RUSH: Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Release Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’

  37. Bob Strauss……………
    If Soetoro ever ordered the Federal prisons opened up and convicted murderers were relaesed on the streets the population would be justified in arresting prosecuting and IMPRISONING Soetoro. If any murders or other acts of violence was perpetrated against INNOCENT PEOPLE as a direct result of the release the American people would have LEGAL JUSTIFICATION to take whatever action was necessary to remove him from office…….forcibly if necessary,en masse!

  38. Bob Strauss…………..
    Further if a general release of convicted felons was ordered by Soetoro, the survivors of any family who had a family member murdered or raped as a direct result of the alleged release of convicted felons could LEGALLY swear out a warrant for the ARREST,and subsequent prosecution of Soetoro. Conspiracy to commit murder.

  39. ……………Just keep in mind what the Italians done to IL DEUCE ! The military stood by and WATCHED the POPULATION FINISH HIM OFF. He ended up hanging from a sign pole upside down.

  40. Court Altered Transcript of Obama Identity Fraud Case

    Private Investigator Files Formal Complaint Against Judge Fuhry And His Court Reporter: Official Certified Court Transcript Does Not Reflect Actual Hearing

  41. Good Morning CW, et. al. –

  42. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  43. Something tells me this is going to be an interesting month. SCOTUS rulings, new pope, Beelzebub visiting Jerusalem, airplanes due to fall out of the sky at 12 midnight, etc.

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