Pastor Gerald C. Primm Memorial Day Hero Obituary, WWII Air Force Fighter pilot, Man of God

Pastor Gerald C. Primm Memorial Day Hero Obituary, WWII Air Force Fighter pilot, Man of God

“But they that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”….Isaiah 40:31

I have read many obituaries. I always look for the ones of Word War II veterans. It is my way of thanking them for their sacrifices. Today I was presented an obituary that left me in awe and with respect for a shining example from the Greatest Generation. It is fitting that the world celebrate and give thanks for the life of Pastor Gerald C. Primm, a war hero and man of God.

From the Greensboro News and Record Obituaries, Sunday, May 29, 2011, Memorial Day Weekend.

“Gerald joined the Army Air Force during WWII to fight for his country. He became a Fighter Pilot flying the P-38 Lightning. During the war years he flew 56 combat missions (Note: only had to fly 50 but volunteered for 6 more). His exploits as a fighter pilot ranged from starting his European service in Casablanca, to starting his combat missions in Mateur, Tunisia in Northern Africa and in escorting bombers to Sardinia. After Sardinia was liberated by the Allies, he was stationed at Sardinia where he suffered from a bout of yellow jaundice. From Sardinia Gerald was stationed at Gioia del Colle on Italy proper.

He flew six combat missions out of Gioia del Colle – the most harrowing was the mission to escort bombers to bomb a ball-bearing plant in Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. When the bombers arrived at Wiener-Neustadt they had to abort their mission due to weather, but this just started the travails of Gerald as bandits (enemy) were spotted and Gerald counted about 25 of them and then another 35 were spotted for a total of 60. Outnumbered by 60 to 16, Gerald’s plane was fixed upon and a bullet knocked out his hydraulic system and one engine, thus his wing flaps were not maneuverable and his landing gear would not deploy. Gerald dismissed bailing out over Yugoslavia and decided to skim the mountain tops and glide over the Adriatic Sea. To compound Gerald’s problems a German plane was coming in for the kill and one of Gerald’s fellow pilots, Jim Advey, came to the rescue and drove the enemy fighter away. They remained life-long friends after the war. Gerald’s Wiener-Neustadt escapade ended as he spotted an airfield north of Foggia, Italy and Gerald crash landed at 130 miles an hour without the plane somersaulting down the runway.
he remaining number of his 50 missions would be flown out of Foggia airfields which included escorting bombers to bomb the infamous Ploesti oil refineries in Rumania. Other exploits included flying from England to Algiers and having to emergency land on Gibraltar because one engine had failed. But the most noteworthy assignment of the war came about after Gerald had received the promotion to captain and volunteered for more missions (6) beyond his obligatory requirement of 50. At this time he was called into the office of Lt. General Ira Eaker, Mediterranean Commander, USAAF at King Victor Emmanuel’s Palace where he was asked if he knew about the upcoming invasion of Southern France. Once Gerald said no, Eaker informed him that he had been selected to fly Lt. General Jacob Devers, Supreme Allied Commander of the Mediterranean, in a specially modified P-38 to view the invasion on August 15, 1944, called Operation Dragoon. This Gerald did as he and the General, as well as 7 other Generals flew out of Corsica to view the invasion of Southern France by the Allies.

For his exploits in WWII Gerald received the Distinguished Flying Cross awarded for “Heroism or Extraordinary Achievement” and the Air Medal with nine oak leaf clusters. In addition he received the Asian-Pacific Theatre Ribbon, Europe-Africa-Mediterranean Theater Ribbon with three battle stars and Distinguished Unit Citation.

After the war Gerald attempted to pick up his college education that had been interrupted by the war years by attending the UNC-Chapel Hill and moving to Texas to attend Baylor University. But a higher calling was in the offing for Gerald as he felt led to enter the Christian ministry as a Southern Baptist Preacher/Pastor. At about the same time he met the love of his life Ethel Brown at the First Baptist Church in Sanford where Ethel was Educational Director. Their marriage on December 28, 1948 formed a magnificent partnership in serving their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ until Ethel’s death on January 10, 2006. ”

“Gerald also took a stand for Civil Rights as evidenced by his bold and heroic actions in the 1950’s at his church in Raleigh which was located beside Shaw University, a black college. Some of the leaders of the church told Gerald that four Shaw University Students (African American) were attempting to enter the church to worship and these officials would not let them. Gerald rebuked them and told the officials to let them come in to worship. The next week Gerald, from the pulpit, resigned as pastor saying the courageous and truthful words to some members of the congregation that “their hearts were blacker than the faces of the students they barred from the place of worship”. This incident made statewide, national, and international news and brought Gerald great admiration from the African-American communities in Raleigh and threats from others. To the church’s credit they received the rebuke from their pastor and voted to rescind his resignation.
Gerald Primm was a war hero and a hero of the faith, but to the ones who loved him and knew him the most he was a loving friend, pastor, mentor, husband, brother, son and father. ”

Read more:

Thank God for the life of Pastor Gerald C. Primm


52 responses to “Pastor Gerald C. Primm Memorial Day Hero Obituary, WWII Air Force Fighter pilot, Man of God

  1. math proves scandel soon for OBAMA http://WWW.WND.COM ARTICLE




  3. War should be avoided if it can, but if our enemies make war on this nation and all civilization, and if it be lawfully declared and lawfully approved by Congress, then war must be won and decisively. Protracted conflicts which neither allow us to win, nor our enemies to lose, are advantageous to the proliferation of greater evils wherein men are sacrificed to political correctness, and commercial gain for unseen beneficiaries. Untold lives could have been saved had England and our European Allies not dallied too long in checking Hitler’s aspirations and grasp, ergo the rumors of Box 29 are all the more baneful because time and lives might have been sacrificed to the mistaken belief that others could hold onto power in Hitler’s New World Order. Were it not for men like Gerald Primm and unsung others, the rule of law and freedom would have expired on the battlefield. The greatest monument to their sacrifice is the preservation of our freedoms and laws, and in this way they achieve immortality for all time.
    Yet, today we have a CIC in the White House who flouts the rule of law and circumvents the War Powers Act because, as George Will, esteemed columnist, asks, “Is Obama Above the Law?” Why am I not surprised that Mr. Will should ask this rhetorical question? Perhaps, it is because the overreaching grasp of this President has been carefully cultivated and reinforced by the parental influences, mentors and political allies to lead him to ignore or deny the existence of or necessity to act in anyway which impedes the immediate gratification of his wishes. Were it not so, in 1971, when Barry visited Decatur, IL, and freely admitted that he was not born in this country, but wanted to be president someday regardless of this admission, I would not have been threatened by his handler, a known drug dealer who was the father of two young daughters, but was selling drugs with his wife from their home and hippie shop. First persuasion and then threats followed when I refused to agree that Barry’s admitted foreign birth met the Constitutional qualification for presidential eligibility. The unsavoriness of Barry’s friend, his words and threats confirmed that he had no regard for the law and would do anything to make Barry’s ascension to power a reality. Barry and his drug-dealing handler were bound in a dysfunctional relationship, Barry as unaccountable id and his handler as absolute enabler moving all obstacles to his protege’s wish fulfillment.
    In the intervening four plus decades, Barry seems not to have deviated from this pattern, but to have become accustomed to having his wishes acceded to on demand simply because it is his imperious will. Therefore, in the instant example of the War Powers Act, he first denies that he has run afoul of the law, then that there is no need to comply, and finally that the law is arcane and cumbersome to the needs of a modern head of state. After 90 plus days, he continues to dodge and weave the constraints of the law because they do not suit his personal wishes. He has run afoul of the law limiting his presidential authority and has no intention of returning to the pre-Springtime for the Muslim Brotherhood statutory guardrails. Hitler would be proud.
    Men like Gerald Primm would be surprised to know that they risked their lives to empower such a one as Barry Soetoro Obama who has so little regard for the law as to be above accountability to the soldiers, the Congress and the citizens.

  4. Barky and Malcolm X………………. Like Father Like Son?
    The X’s and O’s

  5. God Speed Gerald Primm… and to all our fallen brothers and sisters who have served our country with their ultimate sacrifice.
    – remember them all this Memorial Day.

    Through out history of war, it is the common man who finds it within himself the resolve to do the extraordinary… with valor, honor and bravery,
    – yet humbly represents his and her’s actions as simply as” a job that needed done”.

    To all our active and veteran armed services personnel… Thank you

  6. RickC………………..
    I am a vet of two of our services. I do not expect any expressions of gratitude from anyone. Speaking for myself I saw a military obligation to the country as just that. It is a pre -requisite if you will,and comes with the territory. We either STAY FREE or we FALL. To do this effectively we must maintain a STRONG military presence. It was for me an honor to join in with those who were already combat veterans of WW2. It was from them that I learned what it is all really about. I personally salute all of them……and especially those who gave it all. We join together as a BAND of BROTHERS, and we are ONE.

  7. My Grandfather died in WWII.
    My Father was Wounded twice in Vietnam.

    Obama got a paper cut once…


  8. Truthbetold11

    Ive always belived obamas daddy is either malcolmor frank everything else is deception to keep people chasing rabbit holes. He looks waybto much like malcom

  9. Lillibet……………….
    While I do not know your age,I am inclined to think that you are a younger person than myself. I RESPECTFULLY disagree with you as to a war being thought of as unwinable. Any war CAN BE WON UNCONDITIONALLY, if the WILL is there TO win it. Had George Patton thought the the war in Europe was UNWINABLE then he probably would have advised Omar Bradley, and General Eisenhower of it, and together they all might have tucked their tail between their legs, and high tailed it out of Europe before they scratched their PINKIES. Instead they done what was NECESSARY, and carried our part in the European theatre to fruition. Just as we did in the Pacific theater. By the way it was the LAST war that the we engaged in that we was UNCONDITIONALLY VICTORIOUS. All subsequent wars have been MICRO MANAGED from the White House, and you see what that got us. Sadly many of our younger people entertain the notion that we should have not gotten into either the war in Europe or in the Pacific. This is a notion which has it’s roots in complete misconception of the conduct of these wars. I am not angry with anyone regarding such a conception. I simply disagree. After all neither I or those youngsters born after 1945 were THERE. They have only the stories of their fathers,and /or books from which to draw conclusions that aren’t necessarily correct. I joined the military in 1949. I was involved with a lot of WW 2 veterans who stayed in the military services, or joined the then expanding National Guard units of their respective states. The guard used COMBAT VETERANS as DIs. From them I learned about my RIFLE,and how to be an INFANTRYMAN. They were tested under fire. Therefore they are the best possible source of training. It was from them that I drew my conclusions. Later this training served me well. A soldier remains a trainee until he himself comes under enemy fire. Then hopefully he applies what he was taught by the DIs and hurts the enemies of our country…..BIG TIME. He can then truthfully say that he is a COMBAT veteran. That is if he remains alive. Those who died were MORE than combat veterans they are HEROS. They gave it all, so that everyone else could remain ALIVE,and FREE. We are a BAND OF BROTHERS, and we all mutually feel the pain of our losses. I ask for NO recognition, or expression of gratitude from anyone. My part in the Military was EXPECTED of me as a citizen of the US. It comes with the territory NOW,just as it did in the 50s.

  10. Lillibet………………
    You need to understand that the way I worded my last comment makes it seem as though my disagreement is with you. I realise that it does come across that way. In reality my PRIMARY concern is EXACTLY as it was worded in your comment. I was simply stating my case from the eyes of an infantryman,and later a Navy man. Again I was not in any way attempting to condemn anyone. If condemnation is necessary then it needs to be directed at those who have earned it. It is they who have literally destroyed the effectiveness of our military. I can’t stop thinking about the INSANE notion that the enemy should be read his MIRANDA RIGHTS…….on the battlefield, while engaged. This is the insane thinking that continues to pour out of the doors and windows of our WHITEHOUSE.

  11. Weinergate deepens…
    Now it’s a high school girl

  12. citizenwells

    Good morning all and thank you to all veterans for your service!

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – A very moving tribute to Pastor Primm. As the First and Last lines of “High Flight” say – “Oh , how I have slipped the surly bonds of earth.
    Put out my hand and touched the Face of God.”
    NPS had a wonderful show on last night – National Memorial Day Concert. If you didn’t see it maybe this will help.

  14. CW,
    Thanks for putting that up, it was truly uplifting to read that veterans story.

  15. Good Morning CW and all.
    Hope you have a peaceful,and pleasant day!

  16. citizenwells

    Pete, et al.
    It was my honor to put that obituary, that inspiring story, before the world.

  17. Pervert A. Weiner D-NY, apologists at KOS take a page out of BHO eligibility playbook and cry conspiracy. As we have seen KOS knows a thing or 2 about forging documents.
    They even have their own ” Polarik ”

  18. Old Salt said @ 9:33 PM:
    “Any War Can Be Won Unconditionally, if the Will is there To win it.”
    And, that is the crux of the problem for our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops have been hamstrung from winning unconditionally by the politicians and minions at the State Department. Last night on 60 Minutes I caught a few minutes of an interview by Lara Logan with a troop commander in Afghanistan who stated essentially that ‘often the insurgent forces are better armed than we are.’ Immediately, that phrase caught my attention because our troops should not be disadvantaged for lack of firepower. The only reason to limit the munitions rationed to our troops is to protract this conflict for some political gain, i.e. nation-building, winning hearts and minds, etc., when we all know that Islam mandates that Muslims hate infidels and make war against us until either they die, we die, or they conquer us. Unfortunately, no one in the White House is willing to admit that this is what Islam teaches its adherents. Our leadership insists we respect a billion tyrants whose religion is Islam in the interests of world peace. This CIC is inciting and uniting millions of Muslims in the M.E. to wage war against Israel and those who support Israel. Before this is over, we will need a billion Charles Martels to eradicate the scourge of Islam from the civilized world.
    Instead, Washington is rationing bullets to 18 year-old enlistees who will not be able to defend themselves if they are caught in gun battle against their enemies. And, just in case, our troops do eradicate some of the mullah’s insurgents, our President, Congress and State Department will annually support Muslim heads of states and Muslim royals with generous foreign aid packages to make sure that polygamous Muslims can feed their many offspring for future battles against our troops. The CIC will personally see to it that the insurgents have logistical support, uniforms and halal meals because we wouldn’t want to insult them with unclean infidel foods. And, as CW published on this site excerpts from the Chicago newspapers, the former IL Senate member and Senator from IL wanted to bring the Iraqi Army to the defunct Army Base at Rantoul to arm and train them how to fight modern combat wars to enrich his supporters at taxpayer expense. Patton had his own problems with the CIC and our European Allies, but with such half-hearted support from the current leadership and elites, Patton would have told the elites inside DC to g.t.h. when they limited how many bullets our boys could shoot back at their enemies.
    Thank you again for your service to your Country. Let us hope that the youth of today will understand and fight for the liberty and laws which are their sacred inheritance from the patriots of past generations.

  19. It’s game over for BHO Perv Weiner. Busted.

  20. Where are all the anti-war protesters?
    Iraq, Afghanistan, now Libya?
    Nothing found on Drudge….last article anti-war article on Web, 19 March 11….100 anti-war protesters rally near White House.

    Thanks to all those who have served this country.

  21. Good Morning to All! Lest we Forget………
    A year ago Greg Goss’ Blog carried a piece, entitled, The Blood of Many Has Soaked Into This Earth So We May Walk it Freely

    Posted on May 31, 2010 by gregnh
    “This is a collection of cemeteries around the world where Americans have died fighting for our liberty. This collection can be viewed here. Each memorial has it’s own web page with more information and videos.”

    At the time the pictures were larger than they are now, but the impact is still overwhelming. If you want to be visually reminded of how many of our precious boys are buried on foreign soil, check this out. It will have a purifying, humbling effect, something we all need from time to time.

  22. bob strauss

    hapnHal | May 30, 2011 at 10:27 am |

    Where are all the anti-war protesters?
    Iraq, Afghanistan, now Libya?
    Nothing found on Drudge….last article anti-war article on Web, 19 March 11….100 anti-war protesters rally near White House.

    Thanks to all those who have served this country.
    Where is code pink, now that Obama is running the wars they protested? Hypocrites!

  23. Thank you for the information on Pastor Primm and the tribute to him and Memorial Day.
    It is a day of remembrance and sobering reality for all of us, and we thank all those who have sacrificed that we might live on in freedom. We must continue to fight for our Republic. Our soldiers have not retreated, so we must not as well.
    Memorial Day blessings to everyone here.

  24. from HILLBUZZ……..

    Sarah Palin & LTC Allen West at Rolling Thunder

    So while Ron Paul will always be my first choice in terms of policy, when it comes to charisma and crowd appeal (and the ability to make Lefty heads explode), I’m a huge Sarah Palin fan. And an even bigger Allen West fan.

    Here is a photo that literally gave me goosebumps. It’s from, shared by a couple of Alert Readers……..I honestly think we’re looking at an unbeatable GOP ticket here.

  25. Lillibet | May 30, 2011 at 10:50 am |
    Honor the Fallen, 2011 video here:
    Thank you for bringing this awesome video to our attention………..

    Kudos to the Military Times for putting together this tribute to the more than 540 soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who died for their country in the past year. Please take a moment to watch the video and see their faces. May God bless them and their families.

  26. Secret Congressional report released and it’s a bombshell.

    Obama not proven to be eligable! Must read at

  27. Lillibet……………………..
    AMEN,you said it all,and you hit the nail SQUARELY ON IT’S HEAD. We all must now work very hard to return our country to the values that were in place when George Patton slapped a “gold bricking” soldier across his face. Yet Patton was ordered by his superior to APOLOGISE to the soldier. Patton was MAN,AND SOLDIER ENOUGH TO DO THE APOLOGY,AND IN THE FULL VIEW AND HEARING OF ALL THE MILITARY NEARBY. He knew something about leadership. He knew that that his soldiers KNEW that he had been ordered to apologise,so he carried it to the letter of his superior’s order,and BEYOND. This brought his popularity to a point that literally endeared all of the military men under his command to him as though he was GOD himself. His superiors had hoped to SHAME HIM. Instead they turned him into a SAINT,and most WW2 vets still look upon his memory as such.

  28. ………..General George Patton was truly a soldier’s soldier.

  29. This simple poem says it all. Thank God for people who know how to use words the correct way!

    Lest We Forget, Lest We Forget

    The turmalt and shouting dies,
    The captains and the kings depart.
    Still stands their ancient sacrifice,
    An humble and contrite heart.
    Lord God of Host, be with us yet,
    Lest we forget, lest we forget.
    Rudard Kipling

  30. I said hello again today to a lot of old comrades … their headstones were shining in the sun.

    God bless America and God give peace to those who gave all.

  31. Yet we have lower forms of our alleged society who profess to be Christians. Then these same people go to veteran’s funerals and try very hard to RIDICULE, AND OTHERWISE HARRASS THE SURVIVORS. These are people who are deservant of having a rifle put in their hands, and then shipped directly to a war theater. Let them learn……hands on what the enemy is capable of doing. Let them feel a little pain, let them have a really close up view,and taste of REALITY. If they survive I will be willing to bet that they won’t be so quick to harrass the parents of a fallen HERO ever again. I personally despise people who do this sort of thing in the name of Christianity. They are NOTHING,and that is usually all they ever amount to.

  32. Otherwise today has been a BEAUTIFUL day here in Northeastern Indiana. I have enjoyed the comraderie of a couple of vets,along with their wives who live nearby. We put some BEER BRATS on the grill, and had a really great time. I wish the same thing for everyone today. It is a very special day.

  33. RMin NC…………………
    Hope your day has been great.

  34. Thanks Old Salt and the same to you and all
    in our fast shrinking, but strong as ever, BAND OF BROTHERS.

  35. Honor the Fallen, 2011

    Obama Goes Golfing on Memorial Day
    by Keith Koffler on May 30, 2011, 3:03 pm

    The business of memorializing our war dead done, President Obama headed out to the Fort Belvoir golf course today, finding his way onto the links for the ninth weekend in a row.

    Obama earlier today laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with families of those killed in battle. But he emerged from the day’s solemnity to go golfing for the 12th time this year and the 70th time of his presidency.

    The decision to golf on Memorial Day invites comparison with President George W. Bush, who gave up the game early in his presidency and said
    he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq.

  36. The honored dead who lay in America’s military cemetaries around the world today are not at peace with a Usurper in office as POTUS and phony Commander-in-Chief laying a wreath at Arlington today…

    I, as I’m sure all the living veterans who have served their country honorably, are also troubled at the direction our country seems to be going.

    Now is the time to reflect on where we have been, and where we are going
    as a nation.

    We must never forget the sacrificies that have been made so we, the living, may live in peace and enjoy the freedoms promised by our forefathers.

    Lest we forget, lest we forget.

  37. I shook the hand of an older veteran today and it was as though I was looking into the soul of Old Salt or RMinNC. Thanks gentlemen, for your service and all that you have done for our country.

  38. Drudge is reporting boots on the ground in Libya. While I will always be pro American in our foreign policy, The War Powers Act has been usurped and is an impeachable offense. Perhaps it was designed this way for the usurper to disappear.

  39. Please pass this lovely video along – really hits home on a day like today. Happy Memorial Day.

  40. Jay,
    Thank you for the heads up. Chit is about to fly… this is nothing more than an alibi for the butt munches in congress. When the bases are covered they will let the media begin throwing the sheeple a few meatballs.

  41. Paxton, thanks for the sentiment you sent to Old Salt and I….Now, you are absolutley correct…the War Powers Act has been usurped, as has the office of POTUS, and Commander-in-Chief.

    Now our young men are paying the price by dying in foreign countries… sadly they haven’t even been told why they are there and what they are fighting and dying for.

    Obama has decided he can attack any country without asking for Congressional approval (because he knows he wouldn’t get it). Each new country he invades only increases the cost to the American taxpayer. Thi8s weakens our ability to focus on where the real threat is coming from. this is part of his over plan against America.

    This must be stopped and Obama and his hoods must be brought under control, either by Congress or the courts. But he must be held accountable for what he has and is doing to our America.

    Drudge is now reporting the Kenyan government is planning on building a musuem in “the village of Barack Hussain Obama’s birthplace in Kenyan”.

    What is it going to take to wake up the people to this blatent USURPER?
    How stupid and how much will the people of this country tolerate?

    Perhaps when this rouge government starts lockstep marching innocent citizens into internment camps we will wake up! But it will be too late then.

    God, what are we turning into as a nation ?

  42. bob strauss

    Monday, May 30, 2011
    Kenyan Intel Report on Honoring Obama’s Kenyan Birthplace: Kenya Government Probed Mama Sarah’s Obama Born in Kenya Remarks
    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 3:08 PM | 20 comments
    Two reports via WND: – Intel report: Kenyans honor Obama’s ‘birthplace’ – Cultural museum commissioned in family’s African village – Jerome Corsi An internal bulletin from the Kenyan National Security…Read more.

  43. Bob Strauss… Codepink “O’s”!

    “Why Isn’t Cindy Sheehan on my TV Set?” By Ed Driscoll

    I think Ed gets it right. cindy-sh..

  44. RMinNC. Thank you again, sir. Obama is a usurper. Why should we expect him to follow our laws?

  45. Good Morning CW, et. al. !

  46. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  47. Gerald Primm was my older brother. I re-read the obituary of last year, knowing that he shared those war facts, on record, with very few people, and did share with his sons. He believed in the necessity of WWII, yet once, when I said “…(that) must be one of the worst things about war,” he responded immediately, ” There is nothing good about war.” He was 17 when I was born, left college to enlist in the Army’s air force not long after Pearl Harbor, and so I have no memory of him during wartime, but of flowers and letters my parents received, the letters with many blacked-out lines, due to the strict security of those times. I remember vividly the signs of stress he bore after his return and the difference when he accepted God’s call for him to preach and to be a pastor and eventually mentor to many others…and to marry Ethel, which he did at age 28. She was the life partner he needed, as steady of faith as he. I miss his wisdom and also his good humor and gentle laugh. Thank you for posting this obituary of last year.

  48. citizenwells

    Jean Purcell.
    My honor.

  49. I count it a privilege to have known the Rev. Gerald Primm, a friend since 1972. I did not know about his service in World War II until a year or so before his death…and even then I had to learn the salient facts at the time of his passing. A man of God who also served his country in a time of need.

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