H1N1 swine flu, May 25, 2009, Bloomberg article, Swine Flu Is Spreading Wider Than Official Data Show, woman in her 50s died in New York over weekend

From Bloomberg, May 25, 2009:

“Swine Flu Is Spreading Wider Than Official Data Show”

“Swine flu is spreading more widely than official figures indicate, with outbreaks in Europe and Asia showing it’s gained a foothold in at least three regions.

One in 20 cases is being officially reported in the U.S., meaning more than 100,000 people have probably been infected nationwide with the new H1N1 flu strain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the U.K., the virus may be 300 times more widespread than health authorities have said, the Independent on Sunday reported yesterday.

Japan, which has reported the most cases in Asia, began reopening schools at the weekend after health officials said serious medical complications had not emerged in those infected. The virus is now spreading in the community in Australia, Jim Bishop, the nation’s chief medical officer, said yesterday.

“I think we will see the number rise,” Bishop told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio today after confirming the nation’s 17th case and saying test results are pending on 41 others. “This is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint.”

Forty-six countries have confirmed 12,515 cases, including 91 deaths, according to the World Health Organization’s latest tally. Almost four of every five cases were in Mexico and the U.S., where the pig-derived strain was discovered last month. Most of those infected experience an illness similar to that of seasonal flu. The main difference is that the new H1N1 strain is persisting outside the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Summer Disease?

“While we are seeing activities decline in some areas, we should expect to see more cases, more hospitalizations and perhaps more deaths over the weeks ahead and possibly into the summer,” Anne Schuchat, CDC’s interim deputy director for science and public health program, told reporters on a May 22 conference call.

The U.S. has officially reported 6,552 probable and confirmed cases, Schuchat said. “These are just the tip of the iceberg. We are estimating more than 100,000 people probably have this virus now in the U.S.”

There have been nine deaths and more than 300 known hospitalizations, she said. The fatalities exclude a woman in her 50s who died in New York over the weekend.

China reported cases today in Shanghai and the eastern province of Zhejiang, taking its tally of confirmed infections to 12. Taiwan confirmed the island’s first domestically transmitted case and reported two imported infections, giving it nine. South Korea confirmed 12 more cases, bringing its total to 22, while the Philippines confirmed a second infection today.”

“Community spread of the new virus in a second region means WHO’s criteria for a pandemic has been met, said Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy of the University of Minneapolis.”

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36 responses to “H1N1 swine flu, May 25, 2009, Bloomberg article, Swine Flu Is Spreading Wider Than Official Data Show, woman in her 50s died in New York over weekend

  1. It would seem that a real effective way to provide the North Koreans with a little exra cirricular activity would be to bottle up a couple hundred extra large vials of H1N1, put it aboard a long range rocket, test fire the rocket, and have it mysteriously stray off course into North Korea, and when Pyongyang shoots it down they will get the surprise of their lives. One hell of an epidemic of SWINE FLU. Then SEAL their borders on all sides. I would think that their MILLION MAN ARMY could end up being a 10 man army in pretty short order.

  2. Please, if you are concerned at the ease with which owners of electronic voting machines can steal elections, join me at Blog Talk Radio. (See link to show at background video, http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/2009/05/25/paulie-abeles-explores-one-of-our-most-sacred-american-rights-tonight/)

  3. Send Obama’s numerous social security numbers through E-verify. Find out WHO
    he is. Everyone gets vetted for employment.
    Last time I looked, Mr. Obama is “employed”
    by the American people.

  4. Apropo for Memorial Day:

    Should anyone join the military?

    Here are seven reasons why I think that no one, regardless of his religion or lack of it, should join today’s military.

    1. Joining the military may cost you your limbs, your mind, or even your life.

    2. Joining the military may have an adverse effect on your family. The breakup of marriages and relationships because of soldiers being deployed to Iraq and elsewhere is epidemic. Multiple duty tours and increased deployment terms are the death knell for stable families.

    3. Joining the military does not mean that you will be defending the country. The purpose of the U.S. military should be to defend the United States. Period. Yet, one of the greatest myths ever invented is that the current U.S. military somehow defends our freedoms. First of all, our freedoms are not in danger of being taken away by foreign countries; if they are taken away it will be by our own government. It is not a country making war on us that we need to fear, it is our government making war on the Bill of Rights. And second, how is stationing troops in 150 different regions of the world on hundreds of U.S. military bases defending our freedoms? It is not the purpose of the U.S. military to change regimes, secure the borders of other countries, or spread democracy at gunpoint. The Department of Defense should first and foremost be the Department of Homeland Security.

    4. Joining the military means that you will be helping to carry out an evil, reckless, and interventionist U.S. foreign policy. For many, many years now, U.S. foreign policy has resulted in the destabilization and overthrow of governments, the assassination of leaders, the destruction of industry and infrastructure, the backing of military coups, death squads, and drug traffickers, imperialism under the guise of humanitarianism, support for corrupt and tyrannical governments, interference in the elections of other countries, taking sides or intervening in civil wars, engaging in provocative naval actions under the guise of protecting freedom of navigation, thousands of dubious covert actions, the dismissal of civilian casualties as collateral damage, the United States being the arms dealer to the world, and the United States bribing and bullying itself around the world as the world’s policeman, fireman, social worker, and busybody.

    5. Joining the military means that you will be expected to unconditionally follow orders.

    6. Joining the military means that you will be pressured to make a god out of the military.

    7. Joining the military means that you may be put into a position where you will have to kill or be killed. What guarantee do you have that you will always be in a non-combat role? You are responsible for the “enemy” soldiers you kill as they defend their homeland against U.S. aggression. It may soothe your conscience if you attempt to justify your actions by maintaining it is self-defense, but it is hardly self-defense when you travel thousands of miles away to engage in an unnecessary and unjust war. You are responsible for the civilians you kill. Dismissing them as collateral damage doesn’t change the fact that you killed someone who was no threat to you or your country. You are responsible for every soldier and civilian you kill: not Bush, not Cheney, not Rumsfeld, not Gates, not your commanding officers, and not Wolfowitz, Feith, Hadley, Perle, Abrams, Tenet, Powell, Rice, and the other architects of the Iraq War. Bush and company will not be firing a single shot. You will be expected to do their dirty work and live with it the rest of your life. “Thou shalt not kill” is not just a tenet of the Judeo-Christian tradition; it is part of the moral code of every civilization, pagan or religious.

    Should anyone join the military? Certainly not today’s military. And until a major change in U.S. foreign policy occurs, not tomorrow’s military either. So be all you can be: Just don’t be it in the U.S. military.

    Laurence Vance


  5. truthbetold11

    obama doesn’t want you to join the usa military. so he will offer a alternative way. a civilian national security force. pays you to stay home and fight when called upon

  6. I believe those dots on the mailbox are used by Newspaper delivery people. The color denotes which day(s) you get delivery.

  7. Who is the party of ‘NO?”

    The Democratic Party, The Party of NO!

    “YES WE CAN” elect Barack Obama president, but…

    No we can’t mention his middle name.

    No we can’t win the war on terror.

    No we can’t expand oil exploration, drilling or refining.

    No we can’t build nuclear power plants.

    No we can’t convert coal to oil.

    No we can’t extract oil from shale.

    No we can’t punish companies for knowingly hiring illegal aliens and conspiring with them to commit tax fraud and identity theft on an unprecedented scale.

    No we can’t build a security fence on our southern border.

    No we can’t deport people who’ve entered our country illegally.

    No we can’t allow a small percentage of social security funds to be held in individual retirement accounts.

    No we can’t reduce government spending, waste and corruption.

    No we can’t adopt a less complicated tax system that would help to expand the economy.

    No we can’t allow medical professionals and their patients to control the healthcare system.

    No we can’t create a voucher program that would allow millions of poor children to attend schools that are capable of teaching them how to read and write.

    No we can’t allow parents to be involved in the reproductive decisions of their minor children.

    No we can’t fund technologically advanced weapons systems for our military.

    No we can’t thin out our nation’s forests in order to prevent massive wildfires from erupting on a regular basis.

    No we can’t tolerate free speech on talk radio.

    No we can’t cut off government funding to “artists” who use our money to insult our religious beliefs.

    No we can’t allow the general public to determine the definition of marriage.

    No we can’t prevent the government from seizing private property for the purpose of selling it to large corporations which generate greater tax revenues than individuals.

    No we can’t scrutinize the scientific evidence behind the man-made global warming hypothesis.

    No we can’t tolerate religious leaders who denounce homosexuality.

    No we can’t smoke cigarettes on private property.

    No we can’t outlaw the murder of unborn children.

    No we can’t allow Christian symbols to be displayed in public squares at Christmas time.

    No we can’t employ terrorist profiling techniques at airports.

    No we can’t fire Marxist teachers from institutions of higher learning who spew anti-American rhetoric in class and seek to erode the moral foundation of their students.

    No we can’t carry handguns for personal protection.

    No we can’t order foods that contain trans fats at our favorite restaurants.

    No we can’t stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

    No we can’t question the patriotism of neo-communist radicals and terrorist sympathizers.

    No we can’t impose the death penalty on unrepentant serial killers.

    And no we can’t remove from office judges who rewrite our Constitution from the bench.

  8. citizenwells

    Thursday May 28, 2009
    Time 9pm EST 8pm CST 7pm MST 6pm PST
    Join the discussion by calling: (646) 727-2652
    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    News and Updates on his lawsuits against Obama.
    Barry Soetoro has spent $1,000,000
    to keep people from seeing his $25 Birth Certificate.

    Listen to the discussion about “AMERICA’S GREATEST CON MAN” at:
    Join the discussion by calling: (646) 727-2652 Time 9pm EST 8pm CST 7pm MST 6pm PST

    Mark S. McGrew

  9. On topic, for a change (for me).

    Now, the official ‘agencies’ are reporting that this fall, H1N1 may combine with H5N1 (avian flu) and that would cause a huge problem because H5N1 is a tough virus to treat and can be deadly. So far, H1N1 has been relatively mild, even though the numbers are up there; apparently, it’s pretty easily transmitted.

    My question is: How do ‘they’ know that this combo is a possibility in the natural world? Why would H1N1 choose H5N1 rather than other strains out there? I ask, because this prediction seems way out there, especially coming from ‘professionals’ who have a tough time year after year predicting which seasonal strain is likely to hit that winter and developing a flu shot to combat it. Sometimes they miss it completely and the vaccine is worthless.

    I think it’ll be interesting to watch if this combo does hit in the fall; if it does, red flags should fly because it was *predicted* to happen….and perhaps *engineered* to happen, just like they said it would.

    Time to keep an eye peeled in a few months.


    Please pitch in we have an OPENING HERE:

    This has to go VIRAL:

    An Erosionist LIE-beral is finally pointing out some truths about O’Bushama.
    They’re starting to see him as a Pretender-in-Thief, lets ENCOURAGE THEM.


    Watch, RATE, PASS ON and PROMOTE.

  11. BTW I think this “FLU” is not named properly.

    If it originated in Mexico and mostly affected Mexicans shouldn’t it be called the “Mexican Pig Flu” or “Mexican Flu” that’s what I call it.

  12. truthbetold11

    Sorry but Berg is coming out of hibernation to attack a true patriot in Dr Orly Taitz and making threats to sue her? Is this guy for real. seems like he’s playing both sides of the fence and its all about money!

  13. I read that Novartis, a U.S. pharmaceutical company, sent pandemic preparedness materials to its employees.

    “Preparing for an influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic instructions state that exposure to SUNLIGHT INACTIVATES THE VIRUS ALMOST ENTIRELY.”

    What You Should Know about Swine Flu: Q&A with Dr. Michael Greger

    6. The lack of adequate sunlight: In factory farms, there may be no sunlight. The UV rays in sunlight are quite effective in destroying the influenza virus. Thirty minutes in direct sunlight completely inactivates the flu virus, but it can last for days in the shade, and weeks in moist manure.

    If exposure to the sun destroys the influenza virus maybe a more appropriate name would be the “vampire flu”. :- )

  14. Why was the name of the flu changed? Were
    they afraid it would affect the pork industry.
    As far as I see, people are still eating pork products.
    I agree it should be the Mexican Swine/Pig Flu
    —that appears to be the country of origin.

    Second question: Do we have to be concerned
    about birds coming from Mexico to the U.S.–
    specifically hummingbirds which do migrate
    long distances and are in the US now. Can
    they carry the avian strain of this flu? I have
    hummingbirds in the yard now; they seem healthy–have 3 feeders up which they use and
    I fill and clean. Bottom line, how safe are
    the “hummies” in that they travel from south
    of the border?

  15. off topic: What’s the projection on Sonia Sotomayor getting approved? I don’t like her ruling on the firemen’s case nor her comments/admission of “making law” from the bench, nor her comment about
    a Hispanic woman doing a better job than a
    white male justice—– what on earth is all this about?
    Sounds like she’s one racist lady.

    Oh, I forgot, that’s what we can expect from
    the “nominator”.

  16. What will happen to her appointment once the usurper is ousted?

  17. Patriot Dreamer


    Attorney Leo Donofrio argues that if Obama is removed from office due to his ineligibility, then his election would be void (it would be as if the 2008 presidential election never happened). Also, all of his appointments would be void, which would leave only Department of Defense Secretary Robert Gates (because he was appointed by former President Bush – not Obama).

    My personal opinion is that we would have a “de facto” government which would continue to run, but some things would have to be re-done, such as the reappointment of cabinet secretaries. I would assume that Sotomayor’s appointment would also be void, but who knows. We’ve never been in this position before as a country.

  18. Alice // May 27, 2009 at 9:06 am


    Hi Alice,

    Please don’t be concerned about Hummers or any other migratory bird, for that matter.

    Poultry shipped throughout Europe and Asia has been the major cause of H5N1 spread.

    So, your Hummers and other migratory birds are really not the issue as far as this particular virus is concerned.

  19. Patriot Dreamer,
    “some things would have to be re-done, such as the reappointment of cabinet secretaries.” Maybe not if Hillary becomes President -most members of the cabinet are Clinton retreads. The whole ticket is thrown out -Biden gone & Pelosi is out for lying about the CIA. Who is next in line? Secretary of State but the craziest thing is I almost rather have her than any of the above.

  20. Stephanie— I agree, if that the order of
    replacement for the President. Are we sure
    Biden goes as well? I don’t want him either
    and Pelosi has been lying about the CIA.
    I didn’t realize that Sec. of State would be next.
    Of the bunch in now, I think having to choose
    out of 4 possibilities–I’d say Hillary would be
    o.k. except please get rid of the appointees like

  21. Thanks SueK,
    I’m happy to hear that Hummers are not at risk carrying the virus. I didn’t want to have to give up feeding them. I’ll now think of them as something “good” that comes out of Mexico and Central America that isn’t the flu! Thanks again.

  22. Patriot Dreamer


    Actually, I think Pelosi would be out because she signed off on the Democratic nomination of Obama and said that he was/is a “natural born citizen”. If she knew that he was not, then she would be out of the line of succession for fraud and perjury. After Speaker of the House would come President pro tempore of the Senate, Senator Robert Byrd. Except that his health is not doing well. Next in the line of succession would normally be the Secretary of State (Clinton) and the Secretary of the Treasury (Geitner); however, they were both appointed by Obama, so one could argue that their appointments are void. We could potentially end up with the next person on the list, DOD Secretary Robert Gates.

    What I could see happening is that if all this comes to pass and the Dems see that Pelosi could not become President, it is entirely possible that the Dems in the House of Representatives could elect a new Speaker, such as Dem. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer from Maryland. It is likely IMO that the successor will be a Dem. and would in all probablility simply re-nominate the same cabinet members, and they would sail through the confirmation process, so we would likely end up with basically all of the same people in office.

  23. Patriot Dreamer

    Correction to my previous post: If I remember correctly, Pelosi signed documents saying that the Democratic nominee for President (Obama) met the eligibility requirements under the U.S. Constitution. In effect, saying that he was a natural born citizen. Haven’t looked at some of the documents in a while, so I forget the exact language. The point is, though, that she could still be committing fraud and perjury and, therefore, ineligible for the office.

  24. Patriot Dreamer -I like your scenario better. I do not know much about Hoyer but he has to be better than the Clintons.
    “so we would likely end up with basically all of the same people in office.” But all of this will take time & result in some chaos which will slow them down from spending our money.

  25. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on!! It is important that we do all we can and leave no stone unturned to get rid of the Usurper Soetoro/Obama that is occupying our Whitehouse and thumbing his nose at OUR Constitution!

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics updates and fun. It should be a HOT rocking show as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your Website, Blogs or any Blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!


    Call In # 347-237-4870

    12:00 NOON Pacific Time

    1:00 PM Mountain Time

    2:00 PM Central Time

    3:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you, you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening.

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE and Matt

  26. magna carta

    All of these people are CFR trash.

  27. Lets worry about who will take over governing when we get to that road FIRST LETS get rid of the ACORN and Muddy Stream Media Nominated FRAUDAMA.

    But I think any gov’t would be TEMPORARY because the ELECTION of 2008 would be NULL and VOID and there woul have to be a DO OVER of the ELection. That succession order only happens if a QUALIFIED President is no able to serve…if he is REMOVED for ELECTION FRAUD there would be a temporary Gov’t till the Election DO OVER and there was a Qualified and duly Voted President.

    Instead of counting the chicks before they hatch Lets concentrate on MAKING THE CHICKEN COME HOME TO ROOST on this FRAUD.

    A LIE-beral on MSNBC is finally pointing out the truth about O’Bushama:

    youtube. com/watch?v=fBHnOiBJEjk

    Watch, RATE, and PROMOTE.

  28. Patriot Dreamer, the only Certification that explicitly includes the line, BO is Constitutionally eligible for the job, is the Certification that went to HI elections officials. And this was done to comport with HI law that required that additional line to get his name on the ballot. (See the connection between HI’s law allowing registration of births of foreign babies; and their law requiring the major political party to swear their nominee is a NBC, before allowing his name on HI’s general election ballot?) HOWEVER, this is only a technicality; because under DNC rules, the nominee for POTUS must be Constitutionally eligible for the job. So, for the other 49 states, Certifying BO was their nominee was tantamount to swearing, he is a NBC. And, for a state like GA, whose law requires the candidate of the major political party to be eligible for the job, this Certification, even without the added line, still represents the Party’s oath, BO is a NBC. Problem is, despite several requests, people in the Party will not confirm they checked to see whether he is a NBC. (That is, they refuse to disclose on what basis they determined, he is a NBC. And, as we all know, the strongest evidence BO has offered to support he is a NBC is that useless HI COLB, which could just as easily be used to prove he is foreign born!) Now, again, I am not saying he is not a NBC; I am saying that, the DNC swore he was, without checking, so as to get his name printed onto state general election ballots. That’s fraud.

  29. Patriot Dreamer

    I agree, but it’s important to think about the endgame. For Berg, I bet it’s not just about getting Obama out of the White House, it’s also about getting Hillary back into the White House. Many people oppose all of the socialism that is being thrust upon us, but I seriously doubt that Hillary would do things any differently.

  30. Patriot Dreamer

    Thanks, jbjd!

  31. Our pot bellied little lunatic in North Korea might be now willing to risk limited war, which is for the purpose of making his point. He would have to be completely insane if he used any form of nuclear weaponry. He would receive in return a LIKE warfare. I believe that he might be assasinated by his own staff before he can perpetrate a war with South Korea,and the US.
    I just now heard on FOX that the US can do little in regard to stopping North Korea. It is clear that the NINCOMPOOP who made that statement is either a LUNATIC DEMOCRAT,or himself a YELLOWSTAIN SALES OUTLET. There is a lot indeed that CAN be done to stop the slimy little jackass. First ,if he fires ONE round into South Korea you will indeed see a response from the South. If they respond he will then us this as an excuse to escalate the action. He is known to be unstable, and as such it is within reality that he might escalate any combat. All of the prerequisites, are already in place. WE ARE NOT DEFENSELESS. NOR IS SOUTH KOREA. At the end of the Korean War some safeguards was put in place which is for the purpose of protecting South Korea from ANY FORM of action from the North. It provides some really stiff penalties against the North. Only an INSANE person would attempt to contradict the provisions that is contained in the agreement that they too SIGNED. If they escalate their provocations then ALL BETS are off.
    I just watched MMMMSSSS Hillary Clinton with her mealy mouth bullsh##. In reality she hasn’t a clue what needs to be done. All she knows how to do is read the teleptompter.The Pentagon are the people to watch. If they are gutless then it is likely thet North Korea will be allowed to SLAUGHTER the South, which will add one hell of a lot of hatred towards the US to compound that which already exists in the eyes of the world. I guess we need to hope that the alleged North Korea leader is not insane enough to attempt to use a NUCLEAR device. If he does he will open the door to nuclear war,which probably will result in the complete annihilation of North Korea early on. If this happens it is possible that neither China or the Russians will do anything to help him. They both know as does the rest of the world that he has been openly inviting such an action.

  32. Patriot Dreamer

    oldsalt, Russia is already preparing for the possibility of nuclear war thanks to North Korea:

    “Russia fears Korea conflict could go nuclear”

  33. Jacqlyn Smith

    No Dems in office…we must get a conservative….certainly not the Clintons again…they have done enough to ruin the country!!

  34. Alice // May 27, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Thanks SueK,
    I’m happy to hear that Hummers are not at risk carrying the virus. I didn’t want to have to give up feeding them. I’ll now think of them as something “good” that comes out of Mexico and Central America that isn’t the flu! Thanks again.

    You’re welcome, Alice-my pleasure. Please feel free to shoot over any other questions you have and I’ll do my best to get you some answers; I’ve been dealing with this at my work for quite some time.

    Have a wonderful time feeding those sweet Hummers :).

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