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Greensboro protests with Me Me Me folks rioters & thugs, Police complicit?, President Trump: please sign executive order making blocking interstates a felony

Greensboro protests with Me Me Me folks rioters & thugs, Police complicit?, President Trump: please sign executive order making blocking interstates a felony

Interstate highways: “essential to the national interest.”…President Eisenhower

“Portions of I40 running through Greensboro, NC are the jurisdiction of the Greensboro Police Dept. according to the NC Highway Patrol.”...Citizen Wells

“Robinson asked city leaders “when are you all going to start standing up for the majority?” – a group he said includes himself, as “a law-abiding citizen who’s never shot anybody, never committed a serious crime, never committed a felony.”…Mark Robinson at Greensboro City Council meeting


Most of the folks protesting in Greensboro, NC yesterday and over much of the country are what I refer to as components of the “Me Me Me” movement.

All about me, my thoughts and my feelings and acting upon them with disregard for the well being of others.


Allegedly they were protesting the criminal treatment of George Floyd by a rogue cop.

Many of them are poster children for dumbed down America with no clue about what they are protesting.

Incidents, like the recent killing in MN are rare and do not represent the vast majority of police in this country.

What they have done was harmful for everyone including many innocent hard working black Americans.

Far too many of the “protestors/rioters” were outside organized agitators. Left wing criminals.

Blocking a highway in NC is a misdemeanor.

“§ 136-90.  Obstructing highways and roads misdemeanor.

If any person shall willfully alter, change or obstruct any highway, cartway, mill road or road leading to and from any church or other place of public worship, whether the right-of-way thereto be secured in the manner provided for by law or by purchase, donation or otherwise, such person shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.  If any person shall hinder or in any manner interfere with the making of any road or cartway laid off according to law, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor”


Was the Greensboro Police Dept. complicit in helping the “protestors” break the law.

I spoke with a young woman today in Greensboro who claimed the police helped the protestors. I have not confirmed that.

From the Greensboro Police Dept. website:

“Greensboro Police Department

CITY OF GREENSBORO FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ron Glenn Phone: 336-574-4002 Traffic Advisory GREENSBORO, NC (May 30, 2020) – Please be advised, Interstate 40 Eastbound and Westbound will be shut down between Patterson Street and Randleman Road until further notice. This is due to heavy traffic and protests in the area. Motorists are asked to find an alternate route or use caution if traveling in the area. There is nothing further to release on the investigation at this time.”


Portions of Interstate 40 , I40, were closed last night due to the “protestors.”

Also, Norfolk Southern railway was shut down for approx. 5 hours dues to “protestors” sitting on the tracks.

Interstate highways are the life blood of much of our transport of goods and especially food.

In places like Greensboro, they provide the fastest route for getting from east to west and are regularly used by ambulances and other emergency vehicles to reach hospitals or accidents rapidly.

From the Interstate Highway Act.

“When President Dwight D. Eisenhower took office in January 1953, however, the states had only completed 6,500 miles of the system improvements. Eisenhower had first realized the value of good highways in 1919, when he participated in the U.S. Army’s first transcontinental motor convoy from Washington, DC, to San Francisco. Again, during World War II, Eisenhower saw the German advantage that resulted from their autobahn highway network, and he also noted the enhanced mobility of the Allies, on those same highways, when they fought their way into Germany. These experiences significantly shaped Eisenhower’s views on highways and their role in national defense. During his State of the Union Address on January 7, 1954, Eisenhower made it clear that he was ready to turn his attention to the nation’s highway problems. He considered it important to “protect the vital interest of every citizen in a safe and adequate highway system.”


President Trump:

“On behalf of the American Public and their safety and welfare, in times of peace and war, we request that you sign an executive order making it a felony to block an interstate highway.”

Citizen Wells


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