NC Governor Roy Cooper absurd edict April 9, 2020, Executive order, Remove Cooper from office, NC has extremely low Covid-19 deaths, Overreach of power

NC Governor Roy Cooper absurd edict April 9, 2020, Executive order, Remove Cooper from office, NC has extremely low Covid-19 deaths, Overreach of power

“Compare, for example, numbers from leading causes of death in US-published by the @CDCgov for 2017–not to mention hundreds of thousands of abortions. Meanwhile, #DomesticViolence is escalating. Job losses will trigger suicides from despair. People can’t meet basic needs.”...Attorney Sidney Powell

“How many Americans suffering from other illnesses cannot see a doctor now? How many Americans will lose their jobs, their life savings, their retirement prospects, and their incalculable feeling of self-worth? How many will succumb to depression, drug or alcohol abuse, and suicide? How many will lose their homes, divorce their spouses, or suffer abuse? How many will never recover in their careers? How many small businesses, including the vital ones of doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, will vanish from your community? How many young people will “fail to launch”?”…Mises Wire

“You can’t fix stupid.”…Ron White


NC has a population of approx 10.5 million and is the 9th most populous state.

NC has an extremely low death rate from Covid-19.

I agree with social distancing and common sense measures.

I do not agree with NC Governor Roy Cooper’s absurd edict today, April 9, 2020, in his executive Executive order.

This is not NY, NJ or idiot LA.

Governor Cooper has overstepped his authority, apparently lost his mind and should be removed from office.

From ABC 11 News:

“Governor Roy Cooper announced during a news conference that a new executive order will go into effect Monday that makes changes to guidelines for shopping and grocery and retail stores.

Starting Monday at 5 p.m., stores cannot exceed 20 percent of fire capacity or five people for every 1,000 square feet at any given time.

Stores must also have 6-foot markers at congregation areas like checkouts and must perform frequent cleaning and disinfection.

Additionally, the executive order will encourage that all stores have shopping hours for seniors and at-risk people as well as have hand sanitizer accessible for shoppers. The governor asks that stores use shields for employees at checkout and limit aisles to one-way traffic.”

“five people for every 1,000 square feet”

Cooper is obviously on drugs.

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9 responses to “NC Governor Roy Cooper absurd edict April 9, 2020, Executive order, Remove Cooper from office, NC has extremely low Covid-19 deaths, Overreach of power

  1. I am ok with common sense precautions like limiting crowds and social distancing.I can now state with near certainty, based on the facts and more common sense, that we need to end nationwide shutdowns.One size does not fit all.This is a large country that is mostly not like the NY City metro area. I.E., not too densely populated and better prepared.

  2. oldsailor87

    ……….my belief as well.!!!! Now everybody knows what I was talking about when I made the comments regarding WHEN EVERYTHING STOPS.!!!!

  3. oldsailor87

    A LARGE……..
    …………number of Americans are now saying that the lockdowns of businesses, the lockdowns of cities, and the individual lockdowns was all UNNECESSARY, and now they are blaming Trump for all of the fantasyland BS that has been served up to them. YEAH SURE, so lets stop everything , throw away the face masks go and hang out with your friends, shake hands with everybody, go to football games , and cough in each others faces. BUT WHEN YOU ARE LAYING ON YOUR DEATH BED UNABLE TO BREATHE YOU WILL HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME …..IDIOT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oldsailor87


  5. oldsailor87

    …………I read that Latino, and Black folks are being hit with Covid 19 much more frequently than Caucasians. Why is that? The only conclusion I can come up with is LIFESTYLE. Right, or wrong I think that people who do drugs, and/or alcohol and/or engage in deviant/errant behavior are probably the people who are most at risk. This includes people who are already compromised by illnesses like HIV, STDs, and/or are in poor health generally. They too will be among the first to fall.

  6. oldsailor87

    ………..lets all go back to what we were doing before the virus arrived…… hell with what all the doctors have to say……..of course…… the doctors are FULL OF SH-T, and haven’t the slightest idea what they are talking about. So everybody throw away your face mask. WHO says the virus is not communicable among humans. Obviously the World Health Organisation knows all there is to know about Covid 19. If Covid 19 isn’t communicable among humans what is the illness which is killing thousands of people. TIME FOR WHO TO TELL US THE NAME OF THE DISEASE WHICH IS KILLING SO MANY FOLKS.

  7. I’ll play the bad guy here.

    NC is now where MA was 2-3 weeks ago. I have been shopping with gloves and a respirator due to my own condition for the last several weeks. Workers at supermarkets have started to test positive for COVID-19. One worker has died. There were no masks or gloves given to the workers and many have walked out in protest. This has changed.

    This week, positive cases in MA have started to go through the roof. We are peaking. Nursing homes, long term care facilities and even the state’s ‘soldier’s homes’ for veterans are being decimated. People are dying at a record clip. Testing has increased (we now have 21 labs on board); increased testing = increased positives. Field hospitals are being set up at large venues throughout the state. The hospitals (and we have a ton of them) can’t handle it.

    Supermarkets here are limiting the amount of shoppers allowed in at one time (100-150, depending on store size). Shopping carts, registers, keypads and belts are constantly being disinfected. Workers are in protective gear and Plexiglass shields are everywhere. You can no longer use reusable bags for your groceries; it’s paper or plastic and the stores provide them. Tape denoting the 6 foot ‘social distancing’ boundary is everywhere. Seniors can shop early (5:30-7:00 AM) on specific days. It just takes one person with the virus to spread it wherever he/she goes. This thing is highly contagious.

    Perhaps it should be up to the individual stores as to how to proceed however, all are in agreement that for now, this is what they can do to try to keep people safe. Many people are ignoring the social distancing rules, so extra staffers have been added to remind them.

    Did Gov. Cooper overstep his authority? Maybe, but perhaps he looked at the stats coming from other states. I think he realizes that NC is a few weeks behind some of the hard hit, more populous states and he sees the surge coming to NC. Will it be as bad as NYC? No, but when the surge hits (and it will) it’s better to have people complain than die.

    MA is living this right now. Other states will follow. Local and state officials are doing the best they can in a situation we’ve never seen before. Hopefully, we will never see anything like this again.


  8. SueK……..
    ………….I would bet that in spite of the evidence there are people in your state who either think they are invincible, or the evidence is BS, and largely they simply don’t give a damn whether they become ill or not. We have a real bunch of them here in Fort Wayne. I believe these nut cases do their thing for kicks. Unfortunately MOTHER NATURE KICKS HARD, and very few survive a kick from mother nature……..OOPS TOO LATE…….his funeral is day after tomorrow.!!!!!!! NOW HE REALLY IS INVINCIBLE !!!!!!

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