Social Security entitlement?, We paid they wasted, Congress gets entitlements, Real ponzi scheme

Social Security entitlement?, We paid they wasted, Congress gets entitlements, Real ponzi scheme

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”…Abraham Lincoln

Social Security entitlement? My ass. Every time I hear that word I get furious. We paid, the ones of us who worked, into this system and were given no choice in the matter. The following email resonated with me.

“What the “H” is wrong?

Remember, not only did you contribute to Social Security but your employer did too. It totaled 15% of your income before taxes. If you averaged only 30K over your working life, that’s close to $220,500. If you calculate the future value of $4,500 per year (yours & your employer’s contribution) at a simple 5% (less than what the govt. Pays on the money that it borrows), after 49 years of working (me) you’d have $892,919.98. If you took out only 3% per year, you receive $26,787.60 per year and it would last better than 30 years, and that’s with no interest paid on that final amount on deposit! If you bought an annuity and it paid 4% per year, you’d have a lifetime income of $2,976.40 per month. The folks in Washington have pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madhoff ever had.

I didn’t try to clean up the language in this message. It makes a better impact as it is.
Entitlement my ass , I paid cash for my social security insurance!!!! Just because they borrowed the money , doesn’t make my benefits some kind of charity or handout !! Congressional benefits , aka. Free healthcare , outrageous retirement packages , 67 paid holidays , three weeks paid vacation , unlimited paid sick days , now that’s welfare , and they have the nerve to call my retirement entitlements !!!!!!”

“What the HELL’s wrong??? WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!”

And by the way Rush Limbaugh, I have heard you refer to social security as a entitlement. I hope that you were being sarcastic.

33 responses to “Social Security entitlement?, We paid they wasted, Congress gets entitlements, Real ponzi scheme

  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – For many years in Washington there was a very small association called “The Townsend Plan”. Back in the thirties it became a popular and strong organization founded by Dr. Francis Townsend. Take a few minutes and read about his original plan and see how we were screwed. It would have been the perfect answer to the nightmare that we have now been involved with. “Common Sense” has been tossed out the window.

    “The Townsend Plan Movement”

  2. Norman Cutsail

    Listen…I paid in to social security until I went on the police department in 1961 at 21 years of age. I was not allowed to contribute tyo SS because we had to contribute to our own pensions at the rate of 13% for the 1st five years, then at 7-8% for the rest of my 29 years on the department. After retirement,I went back to work at the following places… driving a truck for a brake shoe company, installing and taking down canvass awnings, driving and delivering meat, and a couple of other jobs until I reached the age of 62, when I became disabled, and could not work any longer. I applied for SS and had to hire a lawyer to get it. When I did get SS after two years, and I was 64 yrs. of age, I received $310.00, a month, and out of that was my medicare. I also pay into blue cross/blue shield. After a few years and the payments started to dwindle to $250.00 a month, I inquired as to why I wasn’t getting full SS like everyone else, after all, I did work and get way more than the 40 quarters you must have in order to receive SS. I was told to look into the “Social security fairness act”, The “Windfall elimination provision,” & the “Government pension offset” These government “programs” in effect, reduce the benefits of people that receive a pension through the state or federal government. If you don’t believe this is true, look up HR82, repealing the “Windfall Elimination Provision.” It has 249 co- sponsors, but the democrats refuse to put it on the floor for a vote. Talk about a “Ponzi scheme” by the U.S. government, and they are saying that Social Security is an “ENTITLEMENT”???

  3. Please Be Part Of The One (1%) Percent To Read Below And Pass It On To Your Fellow Americans !



    Entitlement’ my ass, I paid cash for my social security insurance!!!! Just because they borrowed the money, doesn’t make my benefits some kind of charity or handout !! Congressional benefits , aka. free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days, now that’s welfare, and they have the nerve to call my retirement, an ‘entitlement’ !!!!!!…..scroll down…………….

    What the HELL’s wrong with us???


    Tuesday’s Daily Bulletin paper, ran two articles on the front page side by side :

    1- Calif ‘s 20 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit.

    2- The Calif. Supreme Court ruling that ILLEGALS can attend college and get benefits.

    Why don’t they just deport them when they arrive to register?

    3- Last year they ran an article on the yearly costs to Calif. Taxpayers from Illegals using Hospital Emergency Rooms for their general health care –

    At just one hospital the cost to tax payers totaled over $25 million a year!

    Someone please tell me what the HELL’s wrong with all the people that run this country!!!!!!

    We’re “broke” & can’t help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,???????????

    In the last months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , and Turkey . And now Pakistan ……home of bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS!!!

    Our retired seniors living on a ‘fixed income’ receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our government and religious organizations pour Hundreds of Billions of $$$$$$’s and Tons of Food to Foreign Countries!

    They call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when it’s time for us to collect, the government is running out of money. Why did the government borrow from it in the first place?

    We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.

    AMERICA: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without ‘needed’ meds, and mentally ill without treatment -etc, etc.

    They have a ‘Benefit’ for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations, ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors, and medical supplies.

    Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave ‘US’ the same support they give to other countries.

    Sad isn’t it?

    99% of people won’t have the guts to forward this.
    I’m one of the 1% — I Just Did.


  5. bob strauss

    Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery
    Evidence points to cut-and-paste sham, not actual copy of 1961 birth document

    Read more: Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery

  6. Norman Cutsail

    The big problem is that if we, the TRUE American people, white and black would stick together and get those rotten “Career criminals” known as politicians out of their safe little “cubby holes” known as the congress and senate OUT of there, and put some people in that ARE NOT expecting to stay there for the rest of their lives, we may be able to go back to living like we OWN this country rather than renting space from the Chinese, and giving tons upon tons of money to the Terrorist “refugees” that Obama has been importing for the past two & 1/2 years at taxpayer expense. Most of these “refugees” are lighting in Minnesota and Michigan. (many thousands) they do not work, they do not travel, they build ‘Mosques” that are later used a “sanctuaries” in the event of an attack on them, as they do in their own country. We don’t need these people here. They are not productive, and are disruptive, and they want our country to obey their “Sharia” laws. You know, the laws that say they can behead anyone that doesn’t conform to their “Religion”? Like they call us “Infidels” They are bleeding us dry just like the Illegal Mexicans that our politicians allow to flow across our borders with impunity. We MUST do something people, otherwise, our country is going to hell in a hand basket, and so will your children and grandchildren. I would think the best place to start, would be the direct cause of our problems today. And that would be to VOTE OUT OBAMA (the illegal president) in 2012. He is the driving force of the loss of our economic and social well being.

  7. Your fired up this morning CW….atta boy!!!

    Great write…good old common horse sense approach….something that is sorely missing in Washington DC with those idiots running our country…

    P.S. I also liked the use of language to describe the social security sham that has been pulled over the American people’s eyes. No need to apologize to anyone for those words. My compliments and as it is said in Latin, “illigitimus non-carborandum”!….. Rough Translation: “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down”.

  8. bob strauss

    This Criminal Complaint was sent to the Illinois States Attorney and the Illinois Attorney General.


  9. Congress giveth Congress taketh away.

  10. Cut, Cap and Balance lost. The Dems are idiots for going against this. I’m tired of paying taxes. I don’t want the GOP to give on this issue, but I also don’t want the GOP to kill social security or medicare.People need it. Take troops from Korea and Japan and bring them home. Cut the Department of Education, but the GOP will give Obama a second term if they are stupid enough to kill medicare. Trump said the GOP is now making a lot of mistakes by taking on Social Security. I’m afraid I agree.

  11. I came up with the acronym DRIP as my personal solution. Don’t Re-elect Incumbent Politicians.

  12. Hotlanta Mike

    ‘I thought birth certificate debate was over … until now’

  13. Those poor D-Rats can’t win an election in Wisconsin and are now trying to get court ordered representation!

  14. Norman Cutsail

    IN REPLY TO “HOTLANTA MIKE” The birth certificate “Issue” will never be over until the illegal corrupt socialist Hussein Obama is out of office, or has met his maker. He continues to refuse to allow any documents at all to be scrutinized by anyone, and has employed lawyers at the taxpayer’s expense, over 2 million dollars and counting, to keep it all quiet. No college records, no passports, no “REAL” birth certificate, no school records, no social security number that doesn’t belong to a man that died in the 1800’s, no photos of him in any school taken with a school mate, no one in any school that he says he attended remembers him, his so-called license to practice law was taken from him, (no one has ever seen that either), even his wife’s so-called law license has gone by the wayside, and no one has ever seen that. He lives or lived in houses that were listed as his permant address, but none of them have ever been in his name. Many of them in the Chicago area. His registration for the draft is also very questionable, because of a different social security number than the one that belongs to a dead man. This is all verifiable if you want to look it up. Just put the lawyer’s name “Orley Taitz” in your search box. Obama must go in 2012, or sooner, and I really don’t care how.

  15. Explosions in two places in Norway today….several dead and wounded….”Helpers of Global Jehid” claim responsibility.

    Europe is now paying a high price for allowing all those Muslims into their countries…America LOOK and LEARN from Europe’s mistakes.



    By Katie Pavlich

    Read More Here:,_cap,_balance

    * * * *



    By Joseph Farah
    Between The Lines
    World Net Daily Exclusive Commentary
    July 22, 2011


    “Barack Obama’s Aug. 2 deadline for raising the debt-limit is as phony as his Aug. 4 birthday.

    MUST READ More Here:,view&pageId=324513

    * * * *


    By Jerome R. Corsi
    July 21, 2011

    MUST READ More: Here:


    By Joseph Farah


  18. Posted Prior to This Thread

    And this Man Is Asking for Our Vote A Second Time

    There are headlines every where, President doesn’t even know his own birth day. Then, he didn’t even know his own daughter’s birthday a week or so prior. Barry’s confusion over birthdays should be no surprise. He can’t even get it straight as to where he was born—Kenya. Hawaii, or Mars? Oh hell, he isn’t even certain what country he is a citizen—Kenya, UK, Indonesia, or America. Maybe he is a citizen of whatever country he is flim-flamming that year?

    All the kings’ men and all the king’s horses cannot put Bumpty Dumpty Sotoero back together again. Eric Cantor, the bad boy, just went too far in rattling our WH wimp’s little baby cage. Oh it hurt so bad, he just had to throw a hissy fit and run out of his own meeting. Of course, all his press handlers, the king’s men, were told to deny it. Eric Cantor laughed at him. So did the rest of America laugh with Cantor at temper tantrum foot stomper. I laughed, too. Ha, ha, ho,ho, hee, hee and ha, ha!

    Then there’s this business of stooping to the lowest of the low–the only thing Chicago thugs know to do when cornered. That is breaking all laws and resorting to threats regardless of whom is hurt by them. When I say Mr. Soebarkah broke all laws—I mean he went over the top and defied the laws of ethics, decency, morality and the laws of the land. He threatened to refuse to pay the social security checks in August. Social security belongs to the beneficiaries. They earned it. It is ot welfare. It never even occurred to Hussein, he is not allowed to do that. Social security is not a negotiable item and never was. But then, why should the empty suit know that? The world is Barry’ oyster and he can take, do, and change anything he wants. How do you like him now?

    Maybe Barry should with hold August social security checks. Finally all those Obama junkies who voted for him and plan to vote for him again will discover the true Barack Hussein Obama—a power lusting grabber lacking moral turpitude. Then when Barry’s critics pointed out the seedy, criminal company he kept prior to and while running for office, good character didn’t seem to matter. When his eligibility credentials were not challenged by the Electoral College or Congress on the day the votes were counted—it looked like lawless Barry was on a roll. It simply became easier and easier for him to violate every American law and the Constitution. He had an army of aiders and abettors protecting and covering for him. Now it’s come to threatening Americans with their last dollars of survival—their social security checks! A is A. This is the price of electing and protecting a lawless community organizer. This is the price of ignoring Obama’s eligibility and protecting a usurper. Do you still think this guy is “cool”?

    The “Dumpty” boy wasn’t satisfied with his Cantor temper tantrum and threatening helpless Americans with social security. This stark raving nut job then proceeds to give a follow up speech in which he made an even bigger tarot card fool of himself. Among the many dumb and dumber statements he made he said—ha, ha, hee, hee—he said—ha ha, hee, hee, haa—he said “80% OF AMERICANS WANT THEIR TAXES RAISED”.
    This turkey has the audacity to ask America to vote him in a second time!

  19. “The Post & Email Speaks with Douglas Vogt, Typesetting Expert, About His Letters to Congress Regarding Birth Certificate Forgery”

  20. Maybe Hussein the usurper will get hit by a car, and get tangled in the hot exhaust. Not enough to kill him, but enough to make him realize he is not the Messiah he thinks he is.



    By Michelle Malkin


    “Dodd-Frank, the 2,300-page financial
    “reform” monstrosity
    spearheaded by Capitol Hill corruptocrats […].”

    * * * *


    By Jonah Goldberg

  22. I’m 53 years old and have come to the conclusion that we must be in the end times because nothing makes any sense.You have hard working law abiding citizens being treated worse than a bunch of illegals or muslims that sooner remove our heads than look at us ,people who make out with aturd and call it love, with a government and judicial system that overlooks blatant crime.We have buried our heads in the sands hoping that looking after our own, was all we needed to do,blindly we’ve allowed our government to take over our right to govern ourselves.We have become a nation that has allowed or allowing most of our manufacturing jobs to be exported out of the country on the premise that labor is to expensive while all at the same time we have a workforce that is being paid by the government to do nothing,I have a novel ideal for our government paid {voteforce} farm them out to jobs no American wants to do ,you know, like roofers,brickmasons,carpenters,paving,backhoe operators sheetrockers,painters,laborers at nuclear facilities,warehouse employs list goes on and on.either produce or lose benefits.Companies either work Americans or face fines. How many millions could government make if they would only enforce laws on the books. My thought on government and taxes we need to completely change it.The way I look at it if 10% is good enough for God it should be good enough for our government,getting rid of IRS will save us 325 billion a year.A 10% tax on everybody and all business no deductions,returns or loopholes..simply 10% .Stop funding abortions,special interest ,arts and college.If someone wants it bad enough they will find a way.Set up campaign fund for presidential elections 10,000,000 for each candidate no other funding it would stop 2 yrs of constant crap.Stop subsidizing things that cannot make it on their own. like ethanol,solar and wind.Far as I.m concerned the most renewable energy we have is manpower,we have all kinds in prison, jails . welfare and unemployment lines. How much weight does it take to move hydraulic generators?There is so much more I would like to get off my chest but typing and english skills stink.

  23. Entitlement is simply a “conditioning” word. Incessantly, used to re-educate the masses.

    Welfare/ Access Monthly Payments
    SSI Benefits
    Food Stamps
    Utility Assistance
    Daycare Payments
    Section 8 Housing
    School Meals = Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    Birth Control/ Sex Clinics
    ACORN/ et al
    Unearned Income Tax Returns!

    and this:

    Please follow the links. Check out the 2011 Treasury Award Recipients.
    I especially loved the one in NY, NY for “New Americans”, i.e, immigrants and refugees…
    These programs, awards and entitlements are primarily to maintain existing ghettos and to create new ones. Campaign kickbacks? Voter Registration?

    But, these are not entitlements, taxpayers, these are “Shared Sacrifice” programs and they want MORE redistribution, i.e., reparations.

    We have been paying for this through the teeth for 40 years day in and day out. The streets should be paved in gold by now.

    “Revenues” is the new word for “your wages.”

    Social Security is Insurance paid for with mandated hard earned premiums.
    Entitlement, my ass.

    Foreign Aid? Don’t get me started.

  24. Here’s a direct link to “the List” focusing on “underserved populations and communities.”

    Click to access 2011%20CDFI%20Awardee%20Profiles.pdf

    …This week, for instance, the White House boasted that it issued the single largest round of awards to yet another government welfare program that helps “economically distressed communities across the United States.” Known as Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), the Treasury Department program “serves rural and urban low-income communities” that can’t access “affordable financial products and services.”

    Grand Theft

  25. citizenwells

    Mark Walker.
    Wind can stand on it’s own.

  26. More:

    6.2 million for what, again? I’m dense.

    We need to know exactly what it is we are talking about. Please fellow Americans, stay apprised. They are shoving the vicious union thugs in our face so to detract from what’s going out the back door.

    This is barky’s expertise. The only things he knows. Boards deliberately set up to steal your money and call you racist. Obliterate the American Middle Class is the Name of the Game.

    It was the goal of TUCC’s Mission under Jeremiah Wright before they scrubbed it clean …. whoops, they missed something:

    Peekaboo, barky.

  27. After a while, a person gets tired of talking about the illegal half breed usurper. We must do something about him. He is destroying our country, and importing millions of muslims at taxpayer’s expense, that he refers to as “refugees”. Refugees from WHAT??? These people don’t even have passports or jobs. WE the people are footing the bill for them, as well as the illegal Mexicans, all the while attempting to trash the constitution. I have written to my (all) of the 500 or so senators almost begging them to investigate,or cause an investigation into the legality of Obama, (not that one is needed) and have NEVER received an answer of any kind. Wake up people, before it’s too late, and your children and grandchildren are on their knees asking Allah to save them from being beheaded. My opinion is that eventually force will have to be used to remove the illegal bastard and his Chicago thugs from our “government”.

  28. Is this really happening?????
    It’s no wonder our country is going broke.
    Tell me where else in the world can you go that you get free housing, free food and free money because I’m going there.


  29. I do not understand why everybody gets upset at calling Social Security an entitlement. The word means an obligation. A requirement. Not a gift. Not charity. Isn’t that the same thing that everybody is saying? “It’s not an entitlement since it’s our money” can only be said by somebody who does not understand English. It is like saying “it is not free because it doesn’t cost any money.”

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