Why is Cone Health mandating vaccinations? CDC Director Walensky: “what they (Coronavirus vaccines) can׳t do anymore is prevent transmission.”, Who is calling Shots?: Gov Cooper or #2 contributor Pfizer?

Why is Cone Health mandating vaccinations? CDC Director Walensky: “what they (Coronavirus vaccines) can׳t do anymore is prevent transmission.”, Who is calling Shots?: Gov Cooper or #2 contributor Pfizer?

“two papers published May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were overcounted by at least 40%, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures used to justify vaccinating children.”...The Defender

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

“There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines.”…WHO

Why is Cone Health mandating Covid19 vaccinations for their employees?

According to CDC Director Walensky,“what they (Coronavirus vaccines) can׳t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

There is only risk and no benefit in doing this.


Why is the Greensboro News Record supporting Cone Health’s decision?

“Cone Health makes the right call on shots

Of all the places in all the towns in all the world, you’d think that a hospital would require vaccinations for its workers during a pandemic.

You’d think.

And yet last week we saw and heard a group of Cone Health employees just say no to such a policy.

As the News & Record’s Jamie Biggs reported, they took to the street, 200 strong, to make their case.

“Essential to expendable,” one protester’s sign said.

“Stop the mandate,” said another.

“My body, my choice,” they chanted.

“They were heroes last year,” said yet another sign held by a Burlington man whose wife, he said, is a Cone nurse. “Now take an unapproved vaccine or get fired.”

“Idiots!” a passerby in hospital scrubs yelled from her car at the protesters.

We wouldn’t put it quite that way. But we certainly feel her frustration.

Unvaccinated workers not only place patients and co-workers at risk; they also jeopardize their own health and safety and the well-being of their own families.

As for the issue of “choice,” does anyone truly feel he or she is entitled to choose to infect others?

Cone Health officials announced on July 23 that workers must show proof they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 8. The new requirement will cover all employees, medical and dental staff, professional students and volunteers.

At the time of the announcement, 62% of Cone employees had been inoculated, the News & Record reported.”

“You’re already required to get annual flu vaccines, among others, one of your co-workers, certified nurse-midwife Heather Hogan, told the News & Record in an email.

“In the end,” she added, “it comes down to science and evidence-based medicine.””

Read more:


“it comes down to science and evidence-based medicine.”


And that is being ignored by following government and big pharma pressures.

Pfizer was the #2 contributor to Governor Roy Cooper in 2020.


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29 responses to “Why is Cone Health mandating vaccinations? CDC Director Walensky: “what they (Coronavirus vaccines) can׳t do anymore is prevent transmission.”, Who is calling Shots?: Gov Cooper or #2 contributor Pfizer?

  1. For the vast majority of people, especially children, Covid vaccines contribute only risk and no benefit. We now learn from CDC Director Walensky that they do not prevent the spread.
    Why are we mandating vaccinations???

  2. AND NOW,
    …………a raging,foaming at the mouth, lunatic Democrat has ordered Merrick Garland to charge President Trump with having committed serious, major crimes. YET he has not specified what the crimes are. If Garland makes blind indictments it will backfire horribly on the Democrats. Such a venture will result in impeachment against Joe Malarkey.

  3. CW………
    ………..I personally believe that the virus can be spread even on our clothing. No matter what we are wearing it is conceivable that the virus can attach itself, or will stick to the surface of our clothes, remain latent, and can be transported literally everywhere…….in which case a mask is useless.

  4. AND,
    ……….if someone is out and about, he /she will need to change their clothing after visiting a grocery store, and again after visiting a doctor’s office, and still again after going to the bank,etc. Each set of clothing will need to be laundered in HOT WATER, with POWERFUL ANTISEPTIC detergent. NOT EASY!!!!!!

  5. AND NOW,
    ………..NY Governor Cuomo has RESIGNED…….ABOUT TIME !!!!!!

  6. AND NOW,
    …….Mike Lindell is ON @ AON, and tonight at 7:00 PM. Incontrovertible evidence of voting fraud to be shown.

  7. AND NOW,
    ………Democratic legislatures in every state may soon be passing laws explicitly governing people who are travelling via any form of public transportation. One such law will pertain to FLATULATION IN FLIGHT. Under the new law ANYONE who flatulates while in flight will be duct taped to his/her seat, and upon arrival be arrested, brought before a magistrate, and charged with 1ST DEGREE FLATULATION. (ANY flatulation which forces surrounding people to AUDIBLY HEAR, AND TO SUBSEQUENTLY INHALE THE NOXIOUS, AND OTHERWISE NAUSEATING FECAL GAS WHICH SATURATES AND/OR PERMEATES THE CLEAN OXYGEN OF AN AIRLINER). Such a perpetrator could face up to LIFE IN PRISON, some of which could even be to the extreme of solitary confinement. Such a new law COULD, and probably would be a product of a DEMOCRATIC lawmaker. This seems to say that INSTEAD of offering the person who is suffering a GAS ATTACK some ANTI GAS tablets which cost about .10 cents each, or less ( which I am sure the victim would accept without hesitation), the RAGING, BABBLING LUNATIC DEMOCRATS WILL DEMAND PROSECUTION, AND SUBSEQUENT IMPRISONMENT OF THE VICTIM. THE DEMOCRATS WILL SPEND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TAXPAYER MONEY TO CARRY OUT SUCH A PERVERSION OF LAW. WHILE THE FOREGOING IS JUST A PARODY, IT IS MEANT FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATING THE NATURE OF JUST ONE FACET OF TODAY’S TWISTED DEMOCRATIC MENTALITY.

  8. Everyone needs to learn real,uncorrupted science along with some u.s. Law.Covd has NEVER BEEN PROPERLY ISOLATED,PURIFIED,VERIFIED TO EXIST!!!Koch’s Postulates-look em up.Cancerous prostrate cells,monkey kidney cells,fetal cells,fragments of dna or a few amino acids do not count and neither do a.I. Generated sequences!!!!Many have Foia requested various health dept.s including Chicago,Alberta,Canada,N.Y. And NEVER GOT A SAMPLE OR PROOF OF POSSESSION OF COVD,Never!!!!!!!cdc has been foiad to try to fet this proof,letter they respinded with has been online for Months detailing the Fact that they have no sample/proof.States got covd supplies in 2016.This was also documented and posted online along with costs.Experimentalvaccines.org,Vaccineimpacts,ICANN.org,medicalveritas,Theinformedamerican.org,henrymakow.c,Patriots3Truth.org would be good starts to inform yourselves.The History of Vaccines movie on,Experimentalvaccines.o,is essential.Expand your mind more at:stopthecrimes.o,whatreallyhappened.c,abovetoosecret.c,theorionlines.com,drjudywoods.com.cdc site admits that vaccines cause outbreaks of the disease tgey supposedly prevent.It is common knowledge amongst virologists,some researchers,and informed medstaff,as well as pulmonologists that flu shots=lung inflammation.Prion disease,immune system priming=later disease or death.dr.Tenpenny,dt.Yeadon,Dr. Kauffman,Dr.Breggins,Dr. Gold,Dr.Atlas,Dr. Cahill,Dr.richardflemming.com.Delta variant or Camp Delta/Gitmo????Friendsoftheoriginalconstiturion.org needs patriots who want to reclaim their rights and their liberties.

  9. bbbb…….
    ………I believe that what you have to say is on the right track, and supports what CW has been saying. While I am not a person who completely understands the nature of Covid 19, I do know that many folks who have heretofore unknown underlying health problems are people who are affected the worst by the virus. My limited health knowledge has come to me in bits and pieces over the interim period of the last 70 years via practical application. With that said, I probably have about one drop in the bucket, of applicable, certifiable knowledge relating to such viruses. I guess that leaves me pretty much where everyone else seems to be……..AT THE RECEIVING END.!!!!! COUGH COUGH However I very much enjoy reading what other folks viewpoints are. Never be afraid to say what you think. There are people among us who are trying very hard to take away our right to free speech.

    ………I inadvertently tuned into a tv station which was airing a recent speech given by the CRAZED BLACK FEMALE REPRESENTATIVE FROM CALIFORNIA. As I listened to the screeches, hoots, howls, and audible
    vocal hetrodynes coming from her oral cavity, the thought of a IDIOT playing a seriously out of tune old time steam circus caliope came to mind. I believe that had her speech been in a rural farming area her screeching discordant verbal rants would probably have caused cattle for miles around to stampede en masse. JUST A THOUGHT!!!!!!!

  11. OS
    Just a thought??

    Do the Taliban have something worse than the Covid virus? NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!


  12. hapnHal……..
    ……….YES, and maybe the smelly goathumpers, are backed up by Pakistan……..or perhaps China. Maybe Joe Malarkey was advised to get the troops out of Afghanistan or they would be NUKED. I have a feeling that there is more than one reason why the troops were taken out. One such reasoon is Joe Malarkey’s friendship with the COMMUNIST POS. I believe that DEMOCRATS are going to face massive losses in 2022……..at which point he will become little more than a book end. He is in truth another like Carter.

  13. OS
    Sad News??

    I asked my doctor today how long do you think the COVID thing will last?
    He responded with: “How should I know? I’m a doctor and NOT a politician.”

  14. hapnHal
    …………your doctor hit the nail squarely on the head. In his choice of words he separated fact from fantasy. Yet there are POS in the UPPER echelons who WILL , and obviously ARE following the BULLSH-T trail by vaccinating ALL military service personnel. As for how long will it be around…….I would answer by asking “how long will the common cold be around”?
    I don’t know if you have cable TV or not, but if you do you need to follow Dan Ball at OAN. He comes on at 8:00 PM, Eastern, and again at Midnight. Ball is an ex Marine. He has a lot on the “ball”, and tells it like it IS……..pardon the pun.
    ……….As for me I expect the virus to be around for a very long time. For this reason, I consume a lot of vitamins B, D, C. to fortify my system. So far so good. I will probably go to my grave still popping pills. I have intrastitial lung disease (asbestosis)……..very unpleasant.

  15. hapnHal……
    ………..Dan Ball (OAN) is carried here in Indiana @ midnight. Since you are behind us by three hours, his midnight broadcast (our time) would be on at 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM Pacific time. GOOD STUFF !!!!!!!!

  16. AND NOW,
    ………Remington Firearms Co. has become bankrupt……….yet they are being sued by parents of the children who were massacred in Connecticut a few years back. Tragically the world lost the children, and now we are witnessing the death of one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in America. The logic of the parents is that the Remington Bushmaster was solely responsible for the massacre. Such reasoning tells a story of REAL STUPIDITY. The truth is a half witted, snotnose POS punk was given the weapon by his mother, and he used it to murder a lot of people. Now many of the parents obviously are unable to separate fact from fantasy, and are suing Remington for having built the Bushmaster, and all other firearms as well. These people don’t seem to realize that it isn’t the firearm which does the killing, it is the piece of manure who squeezes the trigger. The Bushmaster only done what it was designed to do.
    Sadly nearly every direction we look these days all we can see is the wreckage left behind by a lot of folks who were unable to separate FACT FROM FANTASY.

  17. AND,

  18. YES…….
    ……….a few very talented, and otherwise gifted entrapreneurs created America, and over a period of time made America great. They GAVE their efforts to a mass of people who subsequently HAVE NOT appreciated what was handed to them. Over a period of a few decades they have twisted, and otherwise perverted nearly everything into piles of junk, and they were helped by masses of IDIOTIC, NOSE PICKING, LOW IQ, pieces of human garbage. It is probable that America will continue to REGRESS to destruction as far as the eye can see, and street punks fighting over occupation of the wreckage…….while simultaneously bragging HOW COOL EVERYTHING LOOKS. LAND OF MORONS !!!!!!!

  19. AND NOW,
    ………..the stench of thousands of unbathed GOATHUMPERS now stinks up all of Afghanistan. These people are a pack of 4th century LUNATICS. Then we have a WEAK SERIOUSLY DEMENTED LEADER who hasn’t the slightest idea of the magnitude of what has happened. America is now being lead by a pack of howling half wits who are only interested in sitting in npositions of POWER. These people are interested only in stripping as much money as possible from American taxpayers into their own pockets. Sadly the Republicans are now HELPING THEM steal from the taxpayers. Then as we watch they are doing the same thing they done during the final days of the Vietnamese war. THEY THREW DOWN THEIR ARMS, AND RAN FROM THE ENEMY…….THANKS TO A WEAK POTUS.

  20. AND NOW,
    ……….STINKING UNBATHED STREET PUNKS SCREAM “BURN BABY BURN”, as they set buildings on fire. These are street PUNKS WHO SHOULD FACE batteries of military FLAME THROWERS……..they embrace fire so let them feel what it is like being on the receiving end of some burning NAPALM delivered AIR EXPRESS. So lets see what they have to say when their own BODY IS IN FLAMES.

  21. OS
    OOPS Where is the News? Thousands of Afghanistan’s running around and NO masks?

    Few countries have been battered so violently as Afghanistan.

    It has been roiled for decades by a war that is expected to escalate in coming months as foreign forces withdraw. There’s deepening hunger and starvation. A severe drought is expected to displace hundreds of thousands as summer heat intensifies

    Then there’s the pandemic.

    In recent weeks, there’s been an exponential rise in cases, even with limited testing. (The Ministry of Public Health reports there’s just been over 500,000 tests since the start of the pandemic for a population of about 40 million.)

    On June 16, there were 2,313 new cases, which the United Nations reports was “the highest number of new cases [in Afghanistan] recorded in a single day since the onset of the pandemic.”

  22. hapnHal……
    ……….it is obvious that the raging Taliban don’t really give a hoot whether there is a pandemic or not. They seem to think that they are invincible,and because they are what they are they will each live forever. The Afghanis have always lived in the RUINS OF THE PAST. They don’t really know any other lifestyle. To the Afghanis a pile of boulders is their metropolis. They worship a PHONY PROPHET BECAUSE to them he is real. Ignorance, and illiteracy is what it is, and very few if have any possess an education. This means that the Afghanis will probably live forever sitting upon their sandpiles, and praying to ALLAH. SUBSERVIENCY IS THEIR LIVES!!!!!

  23. hapnHal……..
    …………it is conceivable that this pandemic will continue for many years. It is also conceivable that the pandemic has the capability to reduce the population of the world by millions in a relatively short period of time. If a true vaccine is not developed soon Covid could WIN THE RACE. Should the population of Earth fall below a certain level then the possibility of eventual extinction of humanity looms. There would be mass starvation in every country on Earth……..simply because there will no longer be enough people left to provide, or manufacture food for those still alive. Most of the survivors will have to provide for themselves, and grow their own food. How many people have the level of earth skills needed today to plant and successfully provide food for themselves? How many people have enough understanding of human nutrition?
    …………..What if EVERYTHING STOPS……everyone on Earth will then be on his/her own. Food supplies will be FINITE. GROW YOUR OWN OR STARVE TO DEATH. YES ………it is conceivable that EVERYTHING COULD STOP.!!!!

  24. AND,
    ………..if everything stops, money will be worthless. The first NECESSITY will be FIREARMS……EN MASSE!!!! We will need firearms to protect what resources we have because human nature is what it is. There will be people who will try to STEAL everything form others. Doing that will probably get all of them a spot in a cemetery…….and dispatched by an enraged person who was protecting his/her own property. YES LIFE COULD BECOME REALLY HAIRY……..WILL EVERYONE HAVE THE GONADS TO DO WHAT HE IS FORCED TO DO? TIME WILL TELL!!!!!

  25. REMEMBER………..

  26. AND,
    ………NEW LEADER OF TALIBAN is the POS who was swapped for BERGDAHL. The piece of SLIME should have been left with the Taliban, and the STINKING GOATHUMPER KEPT IN GITMO. Lil Barry Soetoro made the swap. AND NOW, we see another Vietnam type of exit. What does that say for Joe Malarkey. Time for IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. AND,
    ……………anybody who thinks Taliban has CHANGED is really an IDIOT.

  29. IN TRUTH……..
    ………..BOTH THE POS TALIBAN, AND BERGHDAL should have both faced LIFE IN PRISON. NOW JOE MALARKEY is trying to put the blame for his own IDIOTIC JUDGEMENT on President Trump. PAR FOR THE COURSE !!!!!!!!

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