Trump CBS 60 minutes interview, Deport immediately 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants, “What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records gang members drug dealers…..we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate”, Clinton admin let many in

Trump CBS 60 minutes interview, Deport immediately 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants, “What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records gang members drug dealers…..we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate”, Clinton admin let many in

“In December 2014 there were 18 million immigrants (legal and illegal) living in the country who had arrived since January 2000. But job growth over this period was just 9.3 million — half of new immigration.”…Center for Immigration Studies February 2015

“I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.”…Hillary Clinton, WABC 2003

“My staff and I agreed that we needed to focus on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which appeared to be running out of control. By the time we came to the subject, investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the INS to further its political agenda. A blatant politicization of the agency took place during the 1996 presidential campaign when the White House pressured the INS into expediting its “Citizenship USA” (CUSA) program to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democratic voters.”…David Schippers



Donald Trump will be interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes tonight, November 13, 2016.

From CBS News November 13, 2016.

“President-elect Trump says how many immigrants he’ll deport”

“Donald Trump will appear in his first extensive post-election interview Sunday on “60 Minutes” at 7 p.m. ET/PT

President-elect Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration stance was a central part of his campaign message in 2016 — and he said in an interview airing Sunday that he plans to immediately deport approximately two to three million undocumented immigrants.

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,” Trump said in an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes.” “But we’re getting them out of our country, they’re here illegally.”

He continued by saying that after the border is “secure,” immigration officials will begin to make a “determination” about the remaining undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

“After the border is secure and after everything gets normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that they’re talking about who are terrific people, they’re terrific people but we are gonna make a determination at that,” he said. “But before we make that determination…it’s very important, we are going to secure our border.”

Asked whether he really plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border — a proposal that served as a centerpiece of his campaign message — Trump replied, “Yes.””

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Many of the illegal immigrants to be deported or incarcerated arrived or were allowed to stay during the Obama administration.

What you may not know is the following.

From Citizen Wells August 26, 2016.

“David Philip Schippers served as chief counsel to the United States House of Representatives managers for the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in the U.S. Senate from Jan. 1 through Feb. 28, 1999.”

“From 1963 to 1967, Schippers served as a member and later the chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the U.S. Department of Justice at Chicago.”

“Unlike his counterpart, Abbe Lowell, who is serving as the chief investigative counsel for the Democrats, Schippers is no Washington insider. He also isn’t a screaming partisan. Indeed, though a lifelong Democrat, he was hired in the spring by a Republican, Rep. Henry Hyde of Chicago, the panel’s chairman. The two men have been friends for 30 years. Hyde asked him to review Justice Department operations but to be ready to shift gears if Starr sent an impeachment report.”

“From David Schippers book, “Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment”.

“My staff and I agreed that we needed to focus on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which appeared to be running out of control. By the time we came to the subject, investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the INS to further its political agenda. A blatant politicization of the agency took place during the 1996 presidential campaign when the White House pressured the INS into expediting its “Citizenship USA” (CUSA) program to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democratic voters. To ensure maximum impact, the INS concentrated on aliens in key states — California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Texas — that hold a combined 181 electoral votes, just 89 short of the total needed to win the election.

The program was placed under the direction of Vice President Al Gore. We received from the GAO a few e-mails indicating Vice President Gore’s role in the plan (which are included in Appendix A at the back of the book). He was responsible for keeping the pressure on, to make sure the aliens were pushed through by September 1, the last day to register for the presidential election.

In our investigation we uncovered a case study evidencing what is pejoratively known in political science circles as “Chicago Politics.”

Back in the early years of the twentieth century, “Hinky Dink” Kenna and “Bathouse” John Coughlin were recognized as the very models of the unsavory Chicago politician. The two once fixed an aldermanic election in Chicago’s First Ward. To do so, they imported thousands of ward heelers, friends, associates, and city workers and had them registered to vote from every building in the ward — from homes (of which there were few) to taverns and cribs (of which there were many). On Election Day the recent arrivals stopped at Hinky Dink’s tavern, picked up fifty cents, ate a free lunch, and went out to vote their consciences. Guess who won that election?

Essentially, the same tactics were used during President Clinton’s reelection in 1996. Only this time the Democrats weren’t handing out sandwiches. Instead, through CUSA, they were circumventing normal procedures for naturalizing aliens — procedures that check backgrounds and weed out criminals — and consequently they were handing out citizenship papers to questionable characters.”

“The White House wanted any applicant for citizenship to be naturalized in time to register for the November election, so the pressure on the INS was constant. On March 21 Elaine Kamarck in the Vice President’s office sent an e-mail to Farbrother saying: “THE PRESIDENT IS SICK OF THIS AND WANTS ACTION. IF NOTHING MOVES TODAY WE’LL HAVE TO TAKE SOME PRETTY DRASTIC MEASURES.” Farbrother responded, “I favor drastic measures.” If he couldn’t get what he wanted from the INS, he wrote, he would “call for heavy artillery.””

“Federal regulations require that, for an alien to obtain citizenship, his application for naturalization (citizenship) must be accompanied by a complete set of the alien’s fingerprints. The fingerprint cards are then sent to the FBI to determine if the applicant has a criminal or arrest record. The law provides that an application may be denied if the alien has a serious criminal record or if he falsely denies ever having been arrested, even if he was never convicted.

In the INS district offices, the alien applicant for naturalization cannot be scheduled for a personal interview until at least 60 days after the application is submitted. This delay is specifically intended to allow sufficient time for an FBI fingerprint check. If the check reveals an arrest record identification, the arrest report is inserted in the alien’s file prior to the interview. An arrest record does not automatically result in a denial of citizenship, but it alerts an examiner to spend additional time questioning the applicant and to request that he furnish further information.

If there is no criminal arrest record in the file prior to the interview, the examiner will assume that none exists. For that reason, the INS has always considered the FBI fingerprint check to be the only practical way of preventing violent felons, dope peddlers, and the like from obtaining citizenship. Any breakdown in the collecting, checking, and reporting of the fingerprints can cause a breakdown of the entire process.

In our investigation we developed sources inside the INS with specific knowledge of the facts who revealed that FBI arrest records that were being sent to the Chicago INS office simply were not being inserted into the aliens’ files. As a result, aliens with criminal records were being granted citizenship.

Our sources also disclosed that, just prior to the 1996 voter registration deadline, a box was discovered in the Chicago INS office containing nearly five thousand FBI arrest reports — reports that had arrived in time but had been ignored.

Later, when the office discovered that those reports had never been processed, the INS initially tried to blame the FBI, claiming that the Bureau had not provided the arrest records within the 60-day window. But the FBI had done its job in a timely manner. Then the INS tried to convince the public that the foul-up really hadn’t harmed the process much. The agency cited statistics showing that the rejection rate of 17 percent was just about what it had always been, so no harm, no foul. But the INS neglected to take into account the thousands of aliens with criminal arrest records who were not rejected, even though they would have been under the normal procedures. If the traditional process had been followed, the rejection rate in the summer of 1996 would have easily exceeded 30 percent and perhaps have been even higher.

The White House, the INS, and the Justice Department publicly denied any political motive in the CUSA program to expedite the citizenship procedure. What the United States got is undeniable:
More than 75,000 new citizens who had arrest records when they applied;

An additional 115,000 citizens whose fingerprints were unclassifiable for various technical reasons and were never resubmitted; and

Another 61,000 people who were given citizenship with no fingerprints submitted at all.
Those numbers were developed by the accounting firm of KPMG Peat Marwick as a result of an audit of the 1996 CUSA program.

What we had here was a perfect example of the Clinton-Gore administration’s overarching political philosophy: “The ends justify the means,” coupled with “win at any cost.” It was a philosophy of governance that, as our investigations into other areas proceeded, we would find repeated again and again.

When the results of the KPMG Peat Marwick audit were made public, the INS and Justice vowed to remedy the situation, root out the felons, and revoke erroneously awarded citizenship. Everyone congratulated the administration for acting so quickly — and then promptly forgot about it.”

“We received no cooperation from either the Justice Department or the INS. Instead we received nothing but complaints about not going through the proper channels, investigating old news, being partisan — if not racist — and so on. But we reasoned that if criminals were given citizenship in 1996, at least some of them had probably continued their criminal activity in the two years since. We asked the GAO — an investigative agency that works for Congress and is therefore not subject to White House or Justice Department pressures — to give us FBI arrest records related to the CUSA program. We were given unquestioned cooperation and boxes of FBI reports.

We reviewed every document in those boxes, pulling out about a hundred of the most violent or serious crimes committed by aliens prior to naturalization and documented by arrest records. I specifically excluded minor immigration crimes, tax offenses, or white-collar crimes such as driving under the influence. I asked the staff to search for drug trafficking and violent crimes such as rape and child abuse. Those are the types of crimes that are most often repeated. A child abuser tends to abuse again, and a rapist tends to rape again.

After a few days — and going through only a few of the 20 or so boxes — we had our basic 100 heinous crimes, including one criminal who was actually in jail at the time he was naturalized.

We asked the FBI if it had arrest records for crimes committed by the same aliens in this country since 1996 and sent them our one hundred profiles.

Less than a week later, the FBI sent the updated arrest records to the Justice Department. (Per an agreement between the FBI and the Justice Department, all materials requested from the Bureau must go through Justice.) But when we inquired about them, the department claimed that it hadn’t yet received the records. An hour later, however, Justice called back to say that the “misplaced” reports had been located.

Of those 100 arrest records updated by the Bureau, some 20 percent showed arrests for serious crimes after the subject was given citizenship. Based on these random results, we asked for updates on every arrest record in our 20 boxes. Our plan was to update every report, using only FBI numbers and with the FBI redacting all identifying information to address the issue of privacy concerns. If, as we anticipated, anywhere near 20 percent came back with subsequent crimes, we would then confront the Justice Department, demand the identity and address of these known criminals, and point out that they had been given citizenship illegally and were still engaged in criminal activity. Unfortunately, before we could go further, the referral from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr arrived. Had we been given sufficient time to develop evidence and witnesses, the CUSA matter might have been included in the abuse of power impeachment article.

The 1996 arrest records are still available, and I am sure the FBI is still willing to update all of them. In the meantime, thousands of criminals are now citizens of the United States because it was assumed they would vote for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.”



More here:

18 responses to “Trump CBS 60 minutes interview, Deport immediately 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants, “What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records gang members drug dealers…..we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate”, Clinton admin let many in

  1. “Why did the US House of Representatives website scrub the April 30, 1997 testimony of Rosemary Jenks on December 9, 2004?”…Citizen Wells

  2. “The preliminary results of the INS internal review of naturalization applications approved during CUSA, as presented to the Subcommittee by Assistant Attorney General for Administration Stephen Colgate clearly show that the problems were severe. Of the 1,049,872 immigrants granted U.S. citizenship under CUSA:

    71, 557 were found to have FBI criminal records”

    OF THE

  3. “Immigration Surging; 1.5 Million Arriving Annually”

    “A Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analysis of newly released data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) shows that 1.5 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) are settling in the country each year.”

  4. “Despite Recent Job Growth, Native Employment Still Below 2007”

  5. “All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants”

    “Government data show that since 2000 all of the net gain in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a job has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). This is remarkable given that native-born Americans accounted for two-thirds of the growth in the total working-age population. Though there has been some recovery from the Great Recession, there were still fewer working-age natives holding a job in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000, while the number of immigrants with a job was 5.7 million above the 2000 level.”

  6. More here on the impact of immigrants:

  7. “LESLEY STAHL: Let me ask you about Obamacare, which you say you’re going to repeal and replace. When you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered?

    DONALD TRUMP: Yes. Because it happens to be one of the strongest assets.

    LESLEY STAHL: You’re going to keep it?

    DONALD TRUMP: Also, with the children living with their parents for an extended period, we’re going to…

    LESLEY STAHL: You’re going to keep that?

    DONALD TRUMP: … very much try and keep that. It adds cost, but it’s very much something we’re going to try and keep.

    LESLEY STAHL: And there’s going to be a period if you repeal it and before you replace it, when millions of people…


    LESLEY STAHL: …will be–no?

    DONALD TRUMP: We’re going to do it simultaneously. It’ll be just fine. That’s what I do. I do a good job. You know, I mean, I know how to do this stuff. We’re going to repeal it and replace it. And we’re not going to have, like, a two-day period and we’re not going to have a two-year period where there’s nothing. It will be repealed and replaced. I mean, you’ll know. And it’ll be great health care for much less money.”

  8. CW…………
    ……….. a lifeboat displaces a fixed amount of water………..which is equal to it’s gross weight and volume. When the weight of the mass exceeds the design volumetric displacement of water the boat sinks simply because it no longer displaces enough water to equal the additional weight. Such is the case with America vs number of so called IMMIGRANTS. HOPEFULLY AMERICANS ARE BEGINNING TO REALISE THIS……….IF NOT THEN WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE SWIMMING FOR OUR LIVES.

  9. CW………..
    ………illegal immigrants should not be allowed to steal jobs from American CITIZENS………..particularly citizens who were BORN IN AMERICA. Business operators who knowingly employ ILLEGAL immigrants should be heavily fined. Illegal immigrants should NEVER have SOCIAL SECURITY numbers issued to them until AFTER they become naturalised US CITIZENS.. Nor should they be illegally handed MONEY stolen from Social Security funds, which is what is happening NOW, and was perpetrated by the BASTARD IN CHIEF, and his COHORTS. The illegals have not paid a penny into the funds……….therefore they are NOT ENTITLED to receive such payments………..which BTW is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN until after the recipient reachs 66 years of age. Every illegal at present is receiving $1,200.00 per month directly from Social Security. The BASTARD at the wacky house has no conception of reality, or honesty. Hopefully he will be made to feel the BITE of the law very soon………..the SOB has more than earned it.

  10. AND NOW………..
    ………….it is clear that Donald Trump is rewarding those who stuck with him FROM THE BEGINNING,………Priebus being one, and Bannon another. I also look for Giuliani, and Gingrich to soon be appointed to UPPER ECHELON positions. I pray that Giuliani will be appointed as the AG. I would like to see Christie placed in the DOJ………..but if Todd Rokita of Indiana tries to cut Social Security benefits to seniors he will find himself UNEMPLOYED, on the following election cycle. At present it sounds as though he is an advocate of REDUCING Social Security to seniors ………..who DID PAY INTO THE SYSTEM. If Rokita wants to make a difference then he should be looking to help bring an end to the ILLEGAL HANDOUT of SS funds to the ILLEGALS…….which is total bullshi#.

  11. AND SO………
    …………..the Trump administration is beginning to take shape. So far everybody appointed has come from the ranks of his loyal supporters………..which is as it should be! So far both are great choices!

  12. AND ………OT
    ………..all dogs, and human LOONIES will be out in the back yard howling at the MOON tonight………IT IS THE BRIGHTEST, AND LARGEST FULL MOON SINCE 1948! “TIME TO FETCH A JUG OF SHINE”, ……CHUGALUG, AND HOWL AT THE MOON!

  13. oldsailor84+

    I believe that President elect Trump is targeting “Illegal Criminal Immigrants” i.e.,those wanted for crimes, drug dealers, gang thugs etc. NOT “Illegal Immigrants.”
    I live in a community that has a population in excess of 100,000 and guess what…….
    73% are Hispanic and 26% white and other. This is primarily an agriculture area which grossed over $1.5 billion in 2015. Without the Hispanics, legal and illegal, things would go from bad to worse, very quickly. Most are hard working and mind their own business.
    I estimate that less than 4% fit the Criminal Illegal Immigrant element.
    Do you think the millennials, welfare bums would work in the fields?
    I think not. Now, there is something that needs to be addressed.
    Were a “SANCTUARY” city………
    whatcha going to do President Trump?

  14. “Blocks Of Anti-Trump Protest Buses Caught On Tape”

    “Now, courtesy of a Zero Hedge reader, we have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago.

    As our reader notes, “I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with busses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. The Sears tower is visible in the background.”

    The video was taken at 3:30pm on South Canal Street in Chicago on Saturday. As our reader points out, hundreds of the participants that took part in the downtown Chicago protests from November 12 were bused in using these vehicles. Other arrived by train.”

  15. hapnHal………..
    …………..I suspect that what you say is probably accurate. When I take a moment to conjure up memories of the distant past, I stumble over the mass immigration from Europe at the turn of the century. They were not then called illegal immigrants………..rather those from Italy were called WOPS, and those from Spain were called DAGOS, those from Germany were called KNACKWURSTS……….it goes on and on………..but the truth of the matter is that 99% of them settled in and became honest hard working Christian citizens. Yes there was criminals among the immigrants……some eventually became the New York MAFIA, La Cosa Nostra, the Irish street gangs, etc. I see little difference today………just NAMES. But sadly what HAS HAPPENED, is the arrival of those who think they are absolutely SUPERIOR to all other people. These are the OVEREDUCATED WORDTWISTERS, who would have everybody kiss their stinking feet, and have us believe that UP is DOWN. We just got rid of ONE SUCH PERSON, who along with her criminal husband were, and still are two of the WORST CRIMINALS we have had to put up with for over 30 years. Hopefully we will SOON SEE the LAST VESTIGE of the two, and hopefully we will see the undoing of their criminal business venture as well.

  16. hapnHal……….
    ………….i too live in a similar size city in Northeastern Indiana. I was born, and raised here…….I have watched a number of both Democratic, and Republican administrations come and go……….but none in my memory have been so errant as our recently RE ELECTED NUMBSKULL DEMOCRATIC LEADERS. It has turned into something like a THREE RING CIRCUS comprised of a contingent from a funny farm. Everything they do has little use or game changing potential for our city. Fortunately the only thing that keeps our city from drying up and blowing away is the geographical relationship with Chicago , and Detroit. We have somehow managed to see a net gain in new industries combined with some who have relocated to our city. We are now the second largest city in Indiana,…….Indianapolis being the largest……..but given what is happening in both Chicago, and Detroit we might live to see a net LOSS to our industrial base.

  17. hapnHal………..
    ……….I say what I say with a certain level of apprehension…….but now that we have finally wrested the leadership of America out of the hands of the liberals I am once again encouraged. Repairing the damage done to America by the liberals will take many years. Donald Trump has made two great choices so far……….hopefully he will continue to make such choices for his cabinet.

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