Obama virus D68 aka enterovirus affecting thousands of US children, Dr. Claudia Hoyen, Reported cases tip of iceberg, Coincides with entry of illegal alien children, Obama warned by health professionals

Obama virus D68 aka enterovirus affecting thousands of US children, Dr. Claudia Hoyen, Reported cases tip of iceberg, Coincides with entry of illegal alien children, Obama warned by health professionals

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“Enterovirus 68 was first identified in a California lab in 1962 after four children came down with a severe respiratory illness. Between 1970 and 2005, only 26 cases of enterovirus 68 in the United States were reported to the CDC. Since 2000, the government agency has kept a closer watch and has seen 47 cases, Oberste said. Outbreaks have occurred over the years in Asia and Europe, but it’s still one of the rarest types of enterovirus.”…CNN February 25, 2014

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From ABC News September 15, 2014.

“Respiratory Virus, Enterovirus D68, Likely Infected Thousands But Just Tip of Iceberg

The respiratory virus that’s been sweeping the nation and sending asthmatic children to the hospital may have only been officially reported in 97 children, but experts say that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Claudia Hoyen said the virus, called enterovirus D68, probably affected thousands of children — and that’s just in Cleveland, where she works. The virus has been reported in 21 states, according to state health departments.

At UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, about 20 children normally go to the intensive care unit each month with respiratory symptoms, said Hoyen, who heads the hospital’s pediatric infection control program. But for the last two months, the hospital’s intensive care unit has treated 80 children per month, she said.

“That’s fourfold over what we would normally get,” Hoyen said.”

“The rare enterovirus starts out like the common cold but can quickly turn more serious — especially in children with asthma. Enteroviruses often appear in the summer and fall, but an outbreak like this hasn’t occurred since the 1960s, Hoyen said.”

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Obama opened the floodgates on thousands of illegal aliens and ignored the warnings from healthcare professionals to screen them for disease.

Now he is going to expose thousands of of US soldiers to the Ebola virus which has the potential to expose millions of American civilians to it.

So this is the plan for FEMA camps and Obama martial law.

Sounds more possible now doesn’t it.



35 responses to “Obama virus D68 aka enterovirus affecting thousands of US children, Dr. Claudia Hoyen, Reported cases tip of iceberg, Coincides with entry of illegal alien children, Obama warned by health professionals

  1. “About 20″ cases of a polio-like syndrome have been identified in California children over the past 18 months, a Stanford University researcher says.
    Dr. Keith Van Haren, a pediatric neurologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, has written a report about five of the early cases.”

    “Samples from two of those children tested positive for enterovirus 68, a rare virus that has been linked to severe respiratory illness in the past. Samples from the other three children were not collected or tested soon enough to yield conclusive results, said Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco.”

    “some types of enterovirus are more serious. These can cause hand, foot and mouth disease; viral meningitis; encephalitis (inflammation of the brain); an infection of the heart; and paralysis in some patients.”


  2. Not only are they cutting off people’s benefits, they’re going to go after those who received subsidies and demand repayment. Yeah. ObamaCare is really working great!

    Half a million ObamaCare enrollees about to lose coverage over missing paperwork
    And some will have to pay back their subsidies.



    The SKUNK has replaced the EGALE as the new symbol of the American Presidency. It is half BLACK, half WHITE, and everything it does, STINKS..


    The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Syria and Iraq are now just lines on a map at this point.

    They don’t exist as national states because the former is locked in a civil war that will replace its dictator one way or the other…. and the latter’s alleged non-recognizable government is deeply divided between the usual schism of the Sunni and Shiite branches of goat herders.

    Goat herding is a very complex thing in that part of the world and not for the weak at heart.

    All the civilized world needs to know is that this (religious?) WAR has been going on for the last 5,000 years or more, and John Kerry (although he claims he can walk on water) isn’t going to affect the outcome in the slightest…neither is his boss, Barack Obama ( who swears he is the ONE).

    There is only one thing for sure which everyone can take to the bank ……

    “God will sort it all out in the end and declare the winners and losers, and neither of these two cult groups will be a declared a winner”…..I can assure you of that.

    Now I have just covered 5,000 years of history in the Middle East, and you know as much about that area as I do…….as a result, I have but one question……

    “What in the hell are we doing over there?”

  5. RMinNC,
    “The One”

  6. It used to be that our military was trained exclusively to break things in order to defend Americans and their interests. Now, after ordering some quasi involvement supposedly against ISIS AFTER the military budget has been severely cut with no end game in sight or even explained, and with the regime listing returning vets on the terrorist watch list as well as the intentional wussification of the troops, we have the new scheme against the military of sending them off to do duty where only the most expert medical teams with the proper understanding are themselves succumbing to death due to EBOLA. And these folks are NOT called to same:

    6,000 U.N. peacekeepers not trained to fight Ebola

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/09/6000-u-n-peacekeepers-not-trained-to-fight-ebola/#hDlsTll7PLPCvpQW.99

  7. BB STRAUSS…….

    Can you imagine the idiotic people who believed that bulls*it…and still do !!!

    Yea…and Barrack believes that pigs can fly too !!!


    Could you blame any soldier who said…..’HELL NO WE WON’T GO” !!!

    I certainly couldn’t.

  9. This came from OBSERVER’s last post…..

    NEW YORK – As the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa, dubbed “World War E,” rages out of control, the United Nations is admitting the approximately 6,000 peacekeepers still in Liberia are not trained in health care operations.

    The acknowledgement comes after a top German virologist told reporters Friday he does not expect the Ebola virus to burn out in Liberia or Sierra Leone until it infects half the population of the two countries and kills 5 MILLION people.
    Now folks, that 5 MILLION people is what is expected to die in AFRICA alone……

    What about the rest of the world…and America in particular? Especially after O’bozo the Clown sends 3,000 unexperienced servicemen into harms way !

    This is madness….I can understand sending 3,000 doctors and people trained in bio infections…

    But to send regular military to fight something like this is like OLDSAILOR82 said about the common flea floating down the Mississippi River on his back with an erection yelling “raise the draw bridge, raise the draw bridge” !

    Too little…too late…….too bad…… that always seems to be our motto..

  10. RM,

    Just my take on this: The troops are being sent on a suicide mission; there’s no other way to describe it.

    As with the three who contracted Ebola and were flown back to the U.S., this will also be the case with the troops…several hundred, perhaps. There are no facilities to treat them in those third world hellholes to which they’re being sent.

    One slip, one breach of quarantine, and we have ourselves a pandemic in the U.S. By design.

    We’ve been talking along about a biological, chemical, or radiation/nuke event under this madman’s regime. Chemicals are tough; you need a lot of ‘Chemical X’ to be effective. I don’t think anyone-no matter how insane they are- wants to go with radiation/nukes; that would start something with serious global implications. The winner seems to be biological; easy to spread, and as is the case with Ebola or Marburg, very deadly, very fast.

    This is intentional; it’s all part of the plan. The plan also includes the Enterovirus, which is now spreading east.

    I hope there’s a special corner of Hell for those connected to this regime…the hottest part with a lot of pitchforks would do just fine.

  11. SUEK……

    You are correct..it is a suicide mission and a whole lot of innocent soldiers who know nothing about this bio-warfare will die a horrible death for no good reason……

    Were I one of those troops going in harms way…I would say…”when my Commander-in-Chief physically comes with me…I will go…otherwise FORGET IT”.

    Good take…I agree completely with your assessment…..

    It most certainly is a PLAN…but I’m not so sure Mr. Obama is the originator of this diabolical PLAN…but he sure appears to be emerging as the executioner of it.

  12. RMinNC | September 16, 2014 at 6:33 pm |
    I say nuke the place.

    We need more whistle blowers, and patriots.

    Wasn’t it Bill Ayers’ weather underground that planned for the removal of 25 million people. Is this their plan being played out?

  13. BOB STRAUSS…..your on the right track, you just didn’t gone far enough.

    It was not only Bill Ayers…he was just a small player in that PLAN….for some really big fish try these for starters…..


    Some of the “high rollers” in this elimination scheme are:
    Bill Gates
    Oprah Winfrey
    Ted Turner
    George Soros
    the entire Club of Rome
    the Council of 300
    the Bilderbergers (all known and unknown)
    perhaps the biggies in the CFR
    maybe the WHO of the UN
    and many, many more lessor god makers

    To these people, a world with only 5 million would be just about right…..and the other 7 Billion souls could just vanish as far as they are concerned.

  14. SORRY …gone…. should have been… go in my last post

    Sometimes my fingers are faster than my mind…I guess it’s time for this old soldier to sign off for the night.

    Good night all, and may God keep you in the palm of his hands until we meet again.

  15. cabbyaz — From the previous posting, your observations about Obama are very astute. I could be wrong. I have to admit, it is very confusing at times. It is hard to make heads or tails out of what is going on. I tend to believe, however, that Obama has Shia preferences that are more than cosmetic. Almost everyone around him has some kind of Iran connection. His chief personal advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was born and spent her formative years in Iran. Biden has strong ties to and backing from the Iranian lobby. Hagel, as Senator, voted against sanctions against Iran. Kerry has an Iranian son-in-law. To me these are not just happenstance.

    Also, Obama and his former church seems to have a close association or connection to the Dearborn mosque and its cleric, which is Shiite. At least they have had a lot of shared speakers. Obama’s leftists political views concerning the “redistribution of wealth” parallel those of the Iranian Revolution and theories of one of its architects, Muhammed Baqir al-Sadr, who combined Marxism with Islam.

    Obama’s spiritual mentor, indicated in his book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, Malcolm X, was drawn to Shia Islam just before his death. Iran was the first country to regard Malcolm X with a postage stamp in his honor.

    Then there is the Kenya-Iran connection. Shia Islam has deep roots in Mombasa, though a minority religion. But Odinga, Obama’s supposed cousin, was going back and forth to Iran and Ahmadinejad, when in power, was going back and forth to Kenya, to negotiate deals, one of which was to build a nuclear power plant in Kenya. Michelle Obama calls Kenya “Baracks home country.”

    Obama has done nothing to stop Iran’s nuclear development. He did nothing to substantial try and mitigate Iran’s crackdown on protestors. He would not speak in their favor. He backed the overthrow of Mubarak and Gadaffi, but not Assad. I kind of see a pattern in all of this. When Obama was elected, Shiites danced in the streets calling him “brother.” Sunni clerics threatened him for hiding his identity as a Muslim.

  16. from WND…..9-19-14

    6,000 U.N. peacekeepers NOT trained to fight Ebola and will not be used…
    Top German virologist predicts ‘World War E’ will kill millions
    Well guess what…..NEITHER are the 3,000 United States FIGHTING soldiers trained to ENCOUNTER this deadly Ebola disease, but our Clown-in-Chief is sending them anyway…

    Please note I said SENDING them…not LEADING them in this battle.

    I just hope they have 3,000 orange suits with breathing devices attached and lots of disinfection on hand …otherwise we are going to have some real sick soldiers on our hands…real fast and the 17 medical facilities being built will be full of Americans not Africans !!!.

    I wish someone in authority in Washington would explain to the citizens of America EXACTLY what the mission of these FIGHTING soldiers will be…not give it a broad brush of political doubletalk nonsense and expect us to believe it.

    The most stupid of our nation knows that ……Soldiers ARE NOT carpenters…soldiers ARE NOT doctors…soldiers ARE NOT nurses…soldiers ARE NOT clerks…soldiers ARE NOT supply people…soldiers ARE NOT babysitters…soldiers ARE NOT peacekeepers….

    SOLDIERS are soldiers trained to fight a known and seen enemy…they ARE NOT trained to fight a disease they known absolutely NOTHING about and have received no training on what they will face….

    Talk about scary !!! I bet the average soldier who is forced to go there is crapping in his pants not knowing what to really expect when he gets there..

    When the first body bags start coming back to the United States from West Africa with the bodies of our soldiers who died from this AFRICAN scourge…..the slick talking politicians had better start finding holes to get into and hide…….and mark my words, this will happen.

    How senseless and utterly reckless of our leader……we should be sending the CDC staff from Atlanta, and doctors and nurses and people who are trained in these matters…..but no, we need these people back here in the states to keep count of the dead and to tell the military leaders what they did wrong in their mission !!!.

  17. BENGHAZI hearing just started on CSPAN 3….Trey Gowdy got a haircut and is looking in FIGHTING shape….

    Let the games begin !!!

  18. Treason:
    Three of the Five Enemy Combatants Obama Swapped are Now Islamic State (ISIS) Leaders

    and the deserter, Berghdal got promoted.

  19. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY. Benghazi Hearings

    Watch the live stream here: http://thomas.loc.gov/video/house-committee/hlzi00


  20. AND NOW…….
    ……..another hearing is in the can…..but sadly it amounted to little more than a hell of a lot of WORDSMITHING. NOTHING NEW has come to light. All we heard was past tence,and/or future tence.

  21. RMINNC…….
    I would agree…..if the swapped VIGs(very important goatherders) are filling leadership roles in ISIS……Soetoro is indeed responsible for whatever they do going forward. On the other hand if the 5 bastards are watched closely they might lead us to the whereabouts of the alleged supreme commander of ISIS,and a really sneaky drone hit could be carried out.

  22. Exclusive: Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator: Press
    Conference to Contain “Completely New” Information
    By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email


  23. Dempsey has said “If we decide that boots in goatland is necessary,I will advise the POTUS of the necessity.”

  24. bob strauss | September 17, 2014 at 1:19 pm |
    Zullo has been probing the microfilm of the Obama “birth announcements” in Washington, DC…….

    Very interesting.

  25. Ferguson Mob Threatens StL County Leaders: “If Wilson Get Off, Y’all Better Bring Every Army Y’ Got, Cuz It’s Going Down”

    The mob told Councilman Steve Stenger that he has until noon on Wednesday to denounce County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who endorsed Stenger’s bid for County Executive in the primary.


    What the media are not reporting is one reason the black community does not trust County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to investigate the Michael Brown shooting. Here’s my twist on the demands to take St Louis County prosecutor, Bob McCullough off the Michael Brown case. We recently had primary elections in St Louis County and McCullough chose to support Democrat County Council Member, Steve Stenger, instead of the incumbent Democrat County Executive, Charlie Dooley. Dooley lost the primary to Stenger even though he has held that position for ten years. I should mention that Stenger is white and Dooley is black. Apparently, McCullough has fallen from grace with the black community.

    McCulloch’s Campaign Ads Also Cite His Support For Stenger –


  26. Jonah | September 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm |

    bob strauss | September 17, 2014 at 1:19 pm |
    Zullo has been probing the microfilm of the Obama “birth announcements” in Washington, DC…….

    Very interesting.
    I think we all know the micro film has to be phony, and planted by the usurper, and company. I hope Zullo uncovers the truth, I want to see how Bill O Riley explains it away, since Bill determined that the birth announcements is what proves the usurper is legitimate.

  27. Health Department Confirms Enterovirus in Minnesota

    State health officials confirmed Enterovirus D68 Tuesday night in a sample submitted by a hospital that’s part of Minnesota’s surveillance system for respiratory infections.


  28. Reality Check: Dem. Senator Removed For Lying About Eligibility; Judge Says No Longer Eligible

    If Obama had a [fill in the blanks]…. He’d look like disgraced California State Senator Rod Wright. Although Wright was reelected in a landslide election that didn’t stop a California judge from ruling Wright is no longer eligible to hold public office. Judge Kathleen Kennedy sentenced Rod Wright to three months in prison for lying about his residency.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — State Sen. Rod Wright submitted his resignation Monday after he was sentenced last week to three months in jail for lying about where he lived when he ran for office.

    Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg accepted Wright’s one-sentence letter, which stated his resignation is effective Sept. 22. Jennifer Hanson, a spokeswoman for Wright, confirmed the senator submitted the letter.

    To replace Wright, Gov. Jerry Brown has 14 days from the time the vacancy begins to call for a special election. Steinberg’s office said the primary is likely to be in December with a runoff in February.

    Wright, a Democrat from Los Angeles County, was convicted of perjury in January for lying about his residence and later was suspended with pay from the Senate. Wright’s was the first of three unrelated cases against Democratic lawmakers who were suspended and cost the party its supermajority in the Senate.

    Wright said he listed an Inglewood property as his residence so he could run in 2008 to represent the 25th Senate District, but jurors found he actually lived in a single-family home in Baldwin Hills, in a different Senate district.

    Steinberg, a Democrat from Sacramento, had called on Wright to resign immediately after his sentencing.

    Wright was ordered to surrender to law enforcement on Oct. 31. His attorney, Winston Kevin McKesson, previously said he would file an appeal.

    A telephone message left on Monday for McKesson was not immediately returned.

    During the sentencing in Los Angeles last week, Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy said Wright is no longer eligible to hold public office.

    The sentence came after defense lawyers stressed that Wright was re-elected by a landslide, even after he was charged in the case, and that voters who want Wright to continue serving would be hurt by a stiff penalty.


  29. Constitution Day: A Lesson From History; Obama Not Constitutionally Eligible To Be President

    Happy Constitution Day: A Lesson From History;
    Obama Not Constitutionally Eligible To Be President

    Constitution Day – 17 Sep 2014: A Lesson from History. Is Being Born a Citizen (Citizen at/by Birth) of the United States of Sufficient Citizenship Status to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief of Our Military? The Founders and Framers Emphatically Decided … It Was Not!

    By: CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., P.E. (Retired)
    17 September 2014 – Constitution Day

    Read more…


  30. Listen Live: Document Expert To Discuss Another Obama Forged Document; Forger-in-Chief

    CDR Kerchner (Ret) Will Co-Host with Mike Volin the ‘Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate’ Radio Show Tonight. The Featured Guest Will Be Paul Irey, a Type Font Expert. He Will Present His Evidence and Findings That Obama’s Book Copyright Form Was Retroactively Altered and Forged.


  31. Pingback: Obama sending troops to combat Ebola irresponsible or criminal?, Is this the plan to fill FEMA camps?, Manufactured crisis to keep Obama in power?, Doctors infected how can soldiers remain safe? | Citizen WElls

  32. It is all part of Barry’s master plan.

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