NC Homeless school age children rise 48 percent since 2008, Guilford County, Truth Team data, Unemployed not counted?, Cannot afford housing

NC Homeless school age children rise 48 percent since 2008, Guilford County, Truth Team data, Unemployed not counted?, Cannot afford housing

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

Here is some more data, truth for Stephanie Cutter and the Truth Team about NC. I am certain that Obama, et al will rewrite this history prior to the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, NC and the election. However, the bad economic conditions have happened on Obama’s watch.
From the Greensboro News & Record print edition February 16, 2012.

“Number of homeless kids grows”

“More school-age chldren in Guilford County are without homes–48 percent more since 2007-2008, according to a count of the homeless population in Guilford County.

The children stay in emergency shelters and hotels or motels or with friends or relatives because their families lost their homes or cannot afford housing. Most of them are between prekindergarten and fifth grade.”

“Since tracking such data, the group has seen a 58 percent increase in the number of students living with a friend or relative because their families could no longer afford housing–reflecting a national trend.

Families with children are among the fastest growing segments of the homeless population, according to the National Coalition for the homeless.”


24 responses to “NC Homeless school age children rise 48 percent since 2008, Guilford County, Truth Team data, Unemployed not counted?, Cannot afford housing

  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Meanwhile GM(Government Motors) has just achieved the greatest earnings in it’s history. Didn’t we(The taxpayers) bail them out???

    “Based on that performance, all 47,500 hourly employees will receive profit sharing checks of up to $7,000.”

    Is there something wrong with this picture?


    ‘If the GOP bigwigs are hoping Paul will eventually endorse the nominee, and bring his supporters into the Romney camp, they don’t know anything about the Texas congressman, who has spent his whole political career fighting the very forces represented by Romney and his backers. Take it from me: It isn’t going to happen. And even if it did—if Ron Paul were suddenly possessed by an evil spirit—he wouldn’t bring very many of his supporters with him. His followers are just like him: principled, cantankerous, and uninterested in merging with the “mainstream.” ‘

    ‘This isn’t just a political campaign—it’s a cause. The many followers who have been recruited to his banner are expecting something more than a fizzle-out in Tampa. They have put their hearts and souls—and, more significantly (for libertarians), their cash—into this effort, and they aren’t going to be happy with some anticlimactic end to the Ron Paul story. They want closure. They want to know they at least did everything they could to avoid the apocalypse Paul has spent the last 30 years or so warning us about: an economic downturn that will make the crash of ’08 look like child’s play, and the end of liberty in America.”

  3. The Rising Fever of Despotism
    By Lee DeCovnick

    Andrew McCarthy commands a well-deserved respect for his insightful and thought provoking discourse on American conservatism. And Saturday’s’ NRO column clearly delineates what many conservatives think about the despotic nature of this Administration. The sharply focused conclusion, that tyranny’s deadly embrace has ensnared our nation, should set painfully on the shoulders of all Americans.

    Read more:

  4. let’s see here on GM
    they still owe use billions of dollars and the commie socialist union people who are already getting$100 an hour for 5 years and over seniority are now getting a $7000 bonus? while salaried workers get their pensions cut?

    yes there is something obviously WRONG here

    as there is at DRUDGEREPORT who has been going pro OBAMA for last couple of weeks, yesterday DRUDGE reported on SANTORUM “story” from 2006 ? What purpose does that serve? No wonder the GOP is in trouble


    Alan Watt – The Masterplan

  6. New Coming Holocaust – Christians and Conservatives
    Share 0diggsdigg


    (Feb. 16, 2012) — The Coliseum is turning on the lights. Attendants have their popcorn and sodas ready. The stands are packed with distracted and thrilled onlookers awaiting ‘the battle of Gods.’ The watchers know this will be a bloodbath and a gooey entertainment fest like never before. Who are the players who will delight the crowd? First we have ‘Christians and Jews’ and those dangerous ‘Constitutionalists’ on one side. Look, they are behaving just like King Obama said – holding their Bibles and being ‘bitter clingers.’ On the other side are the leaders of Islam, Sharia law and global elitism. These are headed by their savior, King Obama.

    In special, heated box seats I see the UN and Muslim leadership from the 57 Muslim countries. In another box next door, painted in streaks of bright colors, are all the unemployed movie stars and wanna-be terrorists such as William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who obsessively stand with Palestine and anyone attacking Israel. Next to them by the pop machine are the traitorous sellout media and leftist political leaders who routinely sell out America and march her toward the new Holocaust – the control and eradication of Christians who support the Constitution and Jews who just won’t go away.

    The stage has been set for our demise. 72 FEMA camps have been activated. The NDAA Bill has been voted into law, launched by Marxist posers – John McCain and Carl Levin. We all know this by now, but this gives Obama the power to seize any American using our military at any time. He can grab us without charges, without a trial and hold us indefinitely on anything he can dream up.

  7. A Crazy Old Coot | February 15, 2012 at 6:14 pm |

    Sorry for my rather OTT response to your comment. In truth though, I don’t think that Ron Paul promotes himself as an evangelical Christian. I think he promotes the Constitution. You might also realize that the audio was from June of last year. It seemed to me that the interviewer was trying to play “gotcha!” Anyway, I enjoy your posts, and I realize I was harsh.

    Friends? 🙂

  8. Comedy Central suspended Colbert Report for two days, reason not clear

    Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 16-Feb-2012 14:44:12

    In Response To: Source: Judge Napolitano Fired Because O’Reilly Was Losing Rathings (Rayelan)

    Could it be a warning because he admires Ron Paul? Or because Colbert has his own SuperPAC (the website of which is not responding as write this)?

    It could be something else, but Colbert kept doing his show even from bed when he had the flu, and other times with injuries…

    Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC:
    (still down as I post this)

  9. This is new and needs to go viral……WAKE UP AMERICA…..

    FALL Of The REPUBLIC – Full Length

  10. Brought over from previous topic.

    Allen West: “The Republicans’ Proud History of Standing Up for African-Americans”

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Exposing the lies told by Democrats and taught in public schools.

  11. I just posted two videos of Allen West telling the true history of civil rights in a floor speech. The post is in Moderation so you will have to wait. He does a great job of exposing the lies told by Democrats and taught in public schools.

    It was my last post on the previous topic so I carried it over here as it is certainly worth sharing with your kids.

  12. Pingback: NC Truth Team, Citizen Wells provides facts for Obama Truth Team and Republicans, North Carolina jobs unemployment hardships, No more lies | Citizen WElls

  13. This is great…..people are waking up and turning these NEO CON stooges on their heads…..way to go Patriots…..

    Mark Levin: You Can’t Fire me, I Quit! (Over Lies About Ron Paul)

    One station, WSPD in Toledo Ohio canceled Mark Levin yesterday and was replaced with Free Talk Live. Station director Brian Wilson sent a notice starting with:
    “In response to Mark Levin’s outrageous diatribes, mis and disinformation slanderously leveled at Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell (personal and professional friends of mine), I will be exploring other options effective immediately.”
    and ending with
    “If Mark ever gets a grip on his rational self or develops the class and courtesy to appologize to the three gentleman mentioned above, I’ll give him another listen.”

    Mark Levin himself provided a response, which included:
    “I’ve asked my affiliate relations director to write you a cancellation notice given what you have written.”
    Of course that comment was made after they were already airing Free Talk Live to replace their show, which basically means Levin was saying, “You can’t fire me! I quit!”

    Free Talk Live was given permission to read the entire inflammatory (but kind of funny) emails on the air, so you can hear the whole thing at the most recent FTL episode:
    [audio src="" /]
    Skip to 42:04 to go straight into the juicy details!

  14. Philo-Publius | February 16, 2012 at 3:43 pm |

    Thanks. They were excellent! No use bemoaning that West is not running. He could beat O hands down.

  15. And he’s NBC.

  16. Observer…………….
    ………….and watch ALL of our COMPLACENT,and otherwise total NINCOMPOOPS walk barefooted,BROKE,and WILLINGLY to their own demise, without even ONE WORD,or ACT to save themselves. The epitome of COWARDICE. When the WAR begins the last people we need around us are the WHINERS,and COWARDS. If we are to die then at least we will die fighting the enemy, and together we will make the BASTARDS pay DEARLY for every inch of ground that they gain. God willing they will decide that the PRICE THEY ARE PAYING is too stiff.

  17. You can WHINE, bow down and lick the enemy’s STINKING feet,or you can make him PAY DEARLY FOR HIS ACTS. The COWARDS’ breath will reek of the enemy’s FEET. Do you want your children to watch as you lick the feet of the enemy? Do you think that they don’t know the TRUTH? They will see FIRST HAND, WHICH way you choose. Take your pick. You will live, or die by whichever you choose.

  18. If those who TALK it are AFRAID to DO IT then they are NOT LEADERS. They are NOT EVEN FOLLOWERS. They are COWARDS. Paint them YELLOW, because they NO LONGER have STRENGTH OF CHARACTER, MORALITY,or HONESTY. These are TWO FACED PEOPLE, who will end up sneaking up from behind you and stabbing you in the back. Watch your flanks, and REARS closely. There is now more than ONE reason to watch your REAR.

  19. Bye Bye folks, time to go and do some reloading.

  20. oldsalt79 | February 16, 2012 at 8:12 pm |

    If those who TALK it are AFRAID to DO IT then they are NOT LEADERS.


    Very True words…

    However, I am under the Opinion that “Elected Officials” are not leaders to begin with. Maybe I’m being technical my friend.

  21. Mr. Bill…………….
    Yeah that is why GM is NOW # 3. Given what is beginning to happen now I look for GM to eventually CLOSE UP,because NOBODY will have the money to buy a new car…… fact they will be lucky if they can afford to feed themselves. Take a better look at your billfold (if you still own one) after you buy a tank of gasoline, is there still enough money left to buy food for your families,and make your mortgage payment? I am wondering what you will do when the Messiah decides to take 50 % of your earnings? Will you WHINE and comply, or will you act to help bring a lasting end to the DICTATORSHIP.

  22. Before I shut down here is just one more little morsel for you to CHEW ON. This concerns those who own firearms. So here we go……..
    The DOD is no longer selling once used brass casings to ammo manufacturers so that people who like the sport of shooting,can buy remanufactured ammo, at reasonable prices. Instead the casings are being shredded and sold to China for the brass content. The government is also paying for the shredding and the bulk shipping, which is now costing the taxpayer. Before the government didn’t have to shred the casings,and the DOD recieved a very good rate of return for the spent cartridges. I will give you one guess as to what this is aimed at. It is for the purpose of making any,and all ammo that we are able to buy VIRGIN ammo and it will carry a heavy price as well. Then all you need to do is think a little further down the road and see what this is designed to accomplish. If we own weapons that the FEDS cannot find then at least they think by cutting off our supply of ammo that we won’t be able to fight against the government GOONS. Well their stupidity really is showing. Those of us who own weapons HAVE ALREADY LAID IN one hell of an ARSENAL. Again if they attack us we will together make them pay a HORRENDOUS price for every inch of ground that they ACCIDENTALLY gain. G’NITE ALL.

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