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Article II, Sec. 1, cl. 5 of the US Constitution

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President. . .”

From the 20th Amendment to the US Constitution.

“or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until
a President shall have qualified;”

November 29, 2009

Attention: Glenn Beck, Fox Network

It is not a conspiracy theory. Using the term “birther” in a condescending, Orwellian manner to discredit decent, hard working Americans who believe that the US Constitution is the law of the land, will not be tolerated.

1. Barack Obama has employed a legion of private and government attorneys to prevent revealing his country of birth. Innocent and eligible persons seeking the office of president do not do that.

2. Barack Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya and a British citizen.  “natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution” was explicitly written to deal with the issue of foreign allegiances at the time of the writing of the US Constitution.

3. Barack Obama’s citizenship and allegiance was further tainted when he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro and Obama became an Indonesian citizen.

4. Some combination of the above allowed Obama to travel to Pakistan in 1981 when travel there was restricted to US citizens.

5. The only document presented by the Obama camp is a Hawaii COLB. There has been no substantiation that it is authentic and it does not establish country of birth. As Lou Dobbs stated, “It is a piece of paper that refers to another piece of paper.”

6. All other documentation, all school records, that would establish country of birth have been kept hidden and restricted.

7. No authentic documentation has been presented to establish that Barack Obama was born in the US.

8. The records of all hospitals in Hawaii have been searched. There is no record of Stanley Ann Obama ever having given birth to a child.

9. Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother in Kenya has stated on multiple occasions that she was present at Obama’s birth in Mombasa.

10. Others have stated, including multiple family members, officials and press, that Obama was born in Kenya.

This has been presented in a manner that a fifth grader can understand. However, if you have any questions, please contact me on this blog.

Failure to learn more about and understand this critical issue and take appropriate measures can only be construed as apathy,  ignorance or having an un American agenda. This includes the Mainstream Media and the Fox network.

Obama Eligibility Controversy Du Jour

From John Charlton, The Post & Email.

“HI Dept. of Health admits Obama’s COLB is faked”


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  1. Buh Bye Nancy the Obot.
    You just got a glimpse of the foul mouthed, evil Obots that regularly attack here.
    99 % are caught and sent to trash where they belong.
    This is classic.
    Instead of intelligent dialogue and since they have no intelligent answers to
    the truth that confronts them, they attack like immature little weasels.

  2. OMG! Just reading comments from someone else named NANCY!!!! Those comments are NOT from me (the usual commenter Nancy). I’ve haven’t posted any comments for a couple of days! Why is someone posting stuff like that using my name??????

  3. CW-That us NOT me!!!! I am not an obot!! OMG. No one is going to believe me! I am SO UPSET!! Why is an obot using my name? I just came in to catch up & I almost fell off my chair! I’m almost in tears hear!!!

  4. Please believe me. I am NOT Nancy the obot. I don’t know what to do!!!

  5. CW

    Did you check-out the leaked audio I posted several threads ago. , High level UN Kenyan , lecture celebrating Obama , Kenyan in the WH. Kenyan -Born

  6. CW-Isn’t there some way you can verify that those were not my comments. I feel like my identity has been stolen. I’m heartbroken! I love you guys & I am a PATRIOIT!!!

  7. Nancy.
    I vouch for you.
    The IP address of everyone commenting is shown to me.

  8. CW. What do you mean? Are you saying you are verifying it was not me? I surely hope so. Those comments were made late at night. That obot knows I’m not a late night commenter.

  9. I just feel awful the things people were saying, thinking it was me posting those terrible things.

  10. ArmyDAV,
    Can you repost your link? I would love to hear the audio.

  11. ARMY.
    Thanks for reminder.

    Olara Otunnu (Harvard Law, 1978) relating the remark of Kenyan historian Ali Mazrui on the oddity that a member of Kenya’s Luo tribe (Barack Obama, a Kenyan citizen and Luo tribe member from birth) may become president of the United States before a Luo tribe member becomes president of Kenya. “Town Hall Forum: An Examination of Race, Age, Gender & Religion in the 2008 Election,” Harvard Law School Reunions, Oct. 25, 2008, 9:15 a.m. (Austin Hall, 1st Floor, West), at 60:17 mark.

  12. Nancy // November 29, 2009 at 10:50 am

    Good Nancy,

    I know it wasn’t you, and I think everyone else here does, too.

    You would never spew that kind of venom to the nice folks here, who are all working towards the same goal.

    CW has nailed her/it. It has left the building!

  13. Sue-Thank you. I’m glad at least you knew that could never be me. I just can’t believe someone said those things pretending to be me.

  14. Nancy // November 29, 2009 at 10:33 am

    Please believe me. I am NOT Nancy the obot. I don’t know what to do!!!


    I know it’s not you at all. I vouch for you dear.

  15. Maybe if someone can post a lot of info about Bob Bauer – the new WH legal eagle who has defended O’bummer is the NBC lawsuits – and get it to Glenn. Glenn has just started talking about Bob Bauer ….. let’s give him the info of what Bob has been up to over the last 18 months or more ….. ??????? Ya think?

  16. Now that a clear link has been established between the WH party crasher Salahi and Obama, it is quite likely that there is also a connection between Salahi and Jagir Multani, the limo driver back in Chicago who hooked up Sinclair and Obama. My my, this is getting good.

  17. Pamela Gellar comes to Rev. Manning’s defense.

    Homeland Security Brownshirts Pay Pastor Manning a Visit.

  18. Marine Sergeant Paul Curtman, the man who demanded an apology from Claire McCaskill in her town hall meeting in St. Louis, is now running for Congress in MO.

  19. LM: Thank you so much. I’m starting to feel a little bit better, but this is very upsetting to me.

  20. As far as Nasty Nancy …. see ya!!!

    Thank you CW for getting rid of her, but I will say OldSalt was “taking care of business” until you were able to ‘push the button’.

    Thank you OldSalt for having our back!

    Also – check out Ms. Salahi’s Facebook. There are several. The one I saw had her profile pic of her in a long tan dress on the bow of a boat. It’s an open Facebook page. She has a ton of pics of her with all sorts of celebs …. Bill Clinton, Donny Osmond and a ton of pics from the Wh dinner – pics of her at teh Presidential Innugaration (sp?), etc…. There is no way they did not know who she was. I read somewhere that this is just a way for the WH admin to throw the SS under the bus and he can have his own personal militia force ….?

  21. See Andy Martin’s new announcement on another BC conference, this time in NY. My question is.. is there any reason to believe Mr. Martin now? I was hoping upon hope that he would get the birth certificate released. He promised a big announcement at the first BC conference in DC and it turned out to be almost nothing. Is his next big surprise going to be anything now? After all his pontificating, he says he’s no longer a birther at all, and he’s criticized Orley. Big help he is. So what now? We need results about Obama’s potential/possible fraud, not someone trying to call attention to themselves by announcing another big surprise. Any thoughts? I’m no longer a believer in Mr. Martin.

  22. Nancy,

    Late night commenters are always a risk. Please remember that many are hired to “fight the smears”. To bad that these so called smears, are now being verified.

    I was going to address you (not the other Nancy) last night, by saying something like “Nancy’s name is being usurped”, but I figured CW would address it sooner or later which he did.

  23. Rick Santorum , defends Lindsey Graham on FOX news.

  24. #

    Val // November 29, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Maybe if someone can post a lot of info about Bob Bauer – the new WH legal eagle who has defended O’bummer is the NBC lawsuits – and get it to Glenn. Glenn has just started talking about Bob Bauer ….. let’s give him the info of what Bob has been up to over the last 18 months or more ….. ??????? Ya think?

    I have written 2 (two) articles so far about Bob Bauer and a 3rd is in the works.



  25. I hope no one else’s name gets used. I’m glad you recognized that it wasn’t me. Thank you.

  26. jbjd … Thank you!

    I’m rushing out the door but I have to say one more time …. Thank you Oldsalt for the good fight against Nasty Nancy …. We love you here !!!

  27. John Charlton

    We’re ready now John , how about July 2010.

  28. John Charlton,

    Politics, like life, rarely follows a linear curve. That’s usually delegated to events that are much simpler and amenable to immediate influence. Complex systems usually follow exponential, bimodal, parabolic curves etc. for example biological systems. So I agree it will come much sooner.

    This is why the administration didn’t enact reconciliation with the health care bill, where they would only need 51 votes to pass health care. Mayhem would have been at the door by now.

  29. Nancy-Rest assured we know it is not you. I was posting on Defend our Freedoms months ago, some obot tried the same thing on me. I think is was Cookie or Foggy on another issue accused me of being a guy. I cracked up, they are so stupid. I worked with mostly guys all my life so hopefully I learned to think logically, normally I’m more instinctual (feel it in your gut).

  30. Another Shooting at an Army base.

  31. Gianni-is anyone on the streets of Chicago, just listening up to the street talk. I’m from the suburbs, you cannot imagine the info that you can pick-up in the bars-restaurants-hair salons, etc. The guys at hillbuzz have been reporting some interesting stuff re: Obama’s very seamy past. The concentrated effort needs to be on South Side of Chicago, and Daley’s office. I just got to wondering why did the press so avoid the South Side of Chicago during the election cycle, when Obama was bragging about being a community organizer? Complete failure-between Obama and Jarrett they stole all the federal, state and local tax money that was earmarked for the poor.
    This is where the corruption began, continued for 20 years-I hope this is where it ends-Justice for these people that the taxpayers were trying to help before Obama/Jarrett stole the money with their other crooked friends.

  32. Correction ……….

    Four police officers shot dead at Lakewood coffee shop.

  33. Nancy – Welcome back. I think you had better change your moniker to GOOD NANCY.

  34. #

    Nancy // November 29, 2009 at 10:50 am

    I just feel awful the things people were saying, thinking it was me posting those terrible things.

    Nancy….I don’t think anyone here thought those postings were you!!!

  35. Four police officers shot dead at Lakewood coffee shop [Washington State]

    Statue of Lenin (Seattle) Washington.

    Merry Christmas……


    Thanks – CS C L McW

    Fellow Americans, patriots all, following is a list of blood suckers, who have been feeding at your trough for many years and need to be replaced by personnel who know and understand that this job is guaranteed only for as long as we elect them to put partisan politics aside for the good of the UNITED STATES as a whole, & not for any particular State.

    An example of what we have let them become, is John D. Murtha of Pennsylvania who openly lies when it suits him as others do from time to time. This must stop and they will not stop unless we administer a very painful punishment. That brings to mind, the only punishment we can administer that they will remember, VOTE THEM OUT…Remember, we must not allow any show that they put on for our benefit, to confuse the “poor dumb asses, they will believe what we tell them”…huh!!!

    Following is a hit-list of the Senate for whom the bells toll in 2010; we must vote them out!!! IF You do not want to vote for the status quo, have no known replacements, the just pencil in a name of somebody Local. IF you have no choice at all, then write me in, that should give them something to think about!!!

    This Nation was founded by all personnel without experience. Have we made it so confusing that no one other than an experienced politician can half way understand it??

    – Received as originally formatted ~ CK


    The SENATE:

    Bayh, Evan; (D-IN) Bennet, Michael; (D-OH) Bennett, Robert; (R-UT) Bond, Christopher; (R-MO)

    BOXER, BARBARA (D-CA) Brownback, Sam; (R-KS) Bunning, Jim; ®-KY) Burr, Richard; (R-NC)

    Burris, Roland; (D-IL) Coburn, Tom; (R-OK) Crapo, Mike; (R-ID) DeMint, Jim; ®-SC)

    DODD, CHRISTOPHER; (D-CT) Dorgan, Byron; (D-ND) Voinovich, George; ®-OH) Wyden, Ron; (D-OR)

    Feingold, Russ; (D-WI) Gillibrand, Kirsten; (D-NY) Grassley, Charles; (R-IA) Gregg, Judd; ®-NH)

    Inouye, Daniel; (D-HI) Isakson, Johnny; ®-GA) Thune, John; (R-SD) SPECTER, ARLEN; (I-PA)

    Kaufman, Ted; (D-DE) Leahy, Patrick; (D-VT) Martinez, Mel ®-FL) MCCAIN, JOHN; (traitor)®-AZ)

    Mikulski, Barbara; (D-MD) Murkowski, Lisa; (R-AK) Murray, Patty; (D-WA) REID, HARRY; (D-NV)

    SCHUMER, CHARLES; (D-NY) Shelby, Richard; (R-AL) Byrd, Robert; (D-WV)


    Vitter, Davitter;(®-LA) Orrin Hatch (®-Ut)


    Following is a hit-list of the House of Rep’s for whom the bells toll in 2010; we must vote them out!!! T hey must be in alphabetical order by States, to make it easier for me.

    The House: (Ref. Party)


    Jo Bonner ® Bobby Bright (D) Michael D. Rogers ® Robert B. Aderholt ®

    Spencer Bachus ® Artur Davis (D)


    Don Young ®


    Trent Franks ® John B. Shadegg ® Ed Pastor (D) Jeff Flake ® Raul M. Grijalva (D)


    Marion Barry (D) Vic Snyder (D) John Boozman ® Mike Ross (D-4th)


    Mike Thompson (D) Wally Herger ® Dan Lungren ® Doris O. Matsui (D) Lynn C. Woolsey (D)

    George Miller (D) NANCY,PELOSI (D) Barbara Lee (D) Ellen Tauscher (D) Fortney Stark, (D)

    Anna G. Eshoo (D) Michael M. Honda (D) Zoe Lofgren (D) Sam Farr (D) Jim Costa (D)

    Devine Nunes ® Lois Capps (D) Elton Gallegly ® Howard P. McKeon ® David Dreier ®

    Brad Sherman (D) Howard L. Berman (D) ADAM B. SCHIFF (D) HENRY A. WAXMAN (D) Xavier Becerra (D)

    DIANE FEINSTEIN (D) E. Watson (D) Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) MAXINE WATERS (D) Jane Harman (D)

    Grace F. Napolitano (D)

    Linda T. Sanchez (D) Ed Royce ® Jerry Lewis ® Gary G. Miller( R) Joe Baca (D)

    Ken Calvert ® Mary Bono Mack ® (In Mem of Sony) Dana Rohrabacher ® Loretta Sanchez (D) John Campbell ®

    Darrell E. Issa ® Brian P. Bilbray ® Bob Filner (D) Susan A. Davis (D)


    Diana DeGette (D) John T. Salazar (D)


    Jophn B. Larson (D) Rosa L. DeLauro (D)


    Michael N. Castle ®


    Jeff Miller ® F. Allen Boyd ® Corrine Brown (D) Ander Crenshaw ® Ginny Brown- Waite ®

    Cliff Stearns ® John L. Mica ® C. W. Young ® Adam Putman ® Connie Mack IV ®

    Kendrick B. Meek (D) Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ® Robert Wexler (D) Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) Lincoln Diaz-Balart ®

    ALCEE L. HASTINGS (D) Mario Diaz-Balart ®


    Jack Kingston ® Sanford D. Bishop, Jr (D) Lynn A. Westmoreland ® John L. Lewis (D) Tom Price ®

    John Linder ® Jim Marshall (D) Nathan Deal ® Phil Gingrey ® John Barrow (D)

    David Scott (D)


    Neil Abercrombie (D)


    Mike Simpson ®


    Bobby L. Rush (D) Jesse L. Jackson, Jr (D) Daniel Lipinski (D) Luis V. Gutierrez (D) Danny K. Davis (D)

    Melissa L. Bean (D) Janice D. Schakowsky (D) Mark S. Kirk ® Deborah L.Halvorson (D)

    Jerry F. Costello (D) Judy Biggert ® Bill Foster (D) Timothy V. Johnson ®

    Donald A. Manzullo ® John Shimkus ®


    Peter J. Visclosky (D) Mark E. Souder ® Steve Buyer ® Dan Bueton ®

    Mike Pence ® Andre Carson (D) Baron Hill (D)


    Leonard L. Boswell (D) Tom Latham ® Steve King ®


    Jerry Moran ® Dennis Moore (D) Todd Tiahrt ®


    Ed Whitfield ® John A. Yarmuth (D) Geoff Davis ® Harold Rogers ®

    Ben Chandler (D)


    Charlie Melancon (D) John Fleming ® Rodney Alexander ® Charles W. Boustany ®


    Michael H. Michaud (D)


    C. A. Ruppersberger (D) Steny H. Hoyer (D) Roscoe G. Bartlett® Elijah E. Cummings (D)

    Chris Van Hollen, Jr(D)


    John F. Kerry (D) John W. Oliver (D) Richard E. Neal (D) James P. McGovern (D) Barney (The Queer) Frank (D)

    John F. Tierney (D) Edward J. Markey (D) Michael E. Capuano (D) Stephen F. Jynch (D) William D. Delahunt (D)


    Bart Stupak (D) Peter Hoekstra ® Vernon J. Ehlers ® Dave Camp ® Dale E. Kildee (D)

    Fred Upton ® Mark H. Schauer (D) Michael J. Rogers ® Candice S. Miller ®

    Thaddeus C. McCotter ® Sander M. Levin (D) Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D) JOHN CONYERS, Jr, (D)

    John D. Dingell (D)


    John Kline ® Betty McCollum (D) Collin C. Peterson (D) James L. Oberstar (D)


    Bennie G Thompson (D) Gene Taylor (D)


    Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Todd Akin ® Russ Carnahan (D) Lke orIke Skelton (D) Emanuel Cleaver II (D)

    Sam Graves ® Roy Blunt ® Jo Ann Emerson ®


    Dennis Rehberg ®


    Jeff Fortenberry ® Lee Terry ®


    Shelley Berkeley (D)




    Robert E. Andrews (D) Frank A. LoBionodo ® Christopher H. Smith ® Scott Garrett ® Frank Pallone, Jr (D)

    Bill Pascrell, Jr, (D) Steven R. Rothman (D) Donald M. Payne (D) Rodney P. Frelinghuysen ®

    Rush D. Holt (D) Albio Sires (D)




    Tim Bishop (D) Steve Israel (D) Peter King ® Carolyn McCarthy (D) Gary Ackerman (D)

    Gregory Meeks (D) Joseph Crowley (D) Jerrold Nadler (D) Anthony Weiner (D)

    Edolphus Towns (D) Yvette Clarke (D) Nydia Velazquez (D) Carolyn Maloney (D)

    Charles Rangel (D) Jose Serrano (D) Eliot Engel (D) Nita Lowey (D)

    John Hall (D) Paul Tonko (D) Maurice Hinchey (D) Jorn McHugh ®

    Brian Higgins (D) Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D)


    G. K. Butterfield (D) Bob Etheridge (D) Walter Jones, Jr, ® David Price (D) Virginia Foxx ®

    Howard Coble ® Mike McIntyre (D) Sue Myrick ® Patrick McHenry ® Heath Shuler (D)

    Melvin Watt (D)




    Jean Schmidt ® Michael Turner ® John Boehner ® Marcy Kaptur (D) Dennis Kucinich (D)

    Patrick Tiberi ® Steven LaTourette ® Tim Ryan (D)


    John Sullivan ® Dan Boren (D) Frank Lucas ® Tom Cole ®


    David Wu (D) Greg Walden ® Earl Blumenauer (D) Peter DeFazio (D)


    Robert Brady (D) Chaka Fattah (D) Jim Gerlach ® Bill Shuster ® Paul Kanjorski (D)

    JOHN MURTHA (D) Allyson Schwartz (D) Mike Doyle (D) Charles Dent ®

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    Patrick Kennedy (D) James Langevin (D)


    Henry Brown, Jr, ® Joe Wilson ® J. Gresham Barrett ® Bob Inglis ® John Spratt, Jr, (D)

    James Clyburn (D)


    Stephanie Sandlin (D)


    John Duncan, Jr, ® Zach Wamp ® Lincoln Davis (D) Jim Cooper (D) Bart Gordon (D)

    Marsha Blackburn ® John Tanner (D)


    Louie Gohmert ® Ted Poe ® Sam Johnson ® Ralph Hall ® Jeb Hensarling ®

    Joe Barton ® John Culberson ® Kevin Brady ® Al Green (D) Michael McCaul ®

    Mike Conaway ® Kay Granger ® William Thornberry ® Ruben Hinojosa (D) Silvestre Reyes (D)

    Chet Edwards (D) Sheila Lee (D) Randy Neugebauer ® Charles Gonzalez (D) Lamar Smith ®

    Ciro Rodriguez (D) Kenny Marchant ® Lloyd Doggett (D) Michael Burgess ® Solomon Ortiz (D)

    Henry Cuellar (D) Gene Green (D) Eddie Johnson (D) John Carter ® Pete Sessions ®


    Rob Bishop ® Jim Matheson (D)


    Bobby Scott (D) Randy Forbes ® Bob Goodlatte ® Eric Cantor ® James Moran (D)

    Rick Boucher (D) Frank Wolf ®


    Jay Inslee (D) Rick Larsen (D) Brian Baird (D) Doc Hastings ® Cathy Rodgers ®

    Norman Dicks (D) Jim McDermott (D) Dave Reichert ® Adam Smith (D)


    Alan Mollohan (D) Shelley Moore ® Nick Rahall (D)


    Paul Ryan ® Tammy Baldwin (D) Ron Kind (D) Gwen Moore (D) James Sensenbrenner, Jr, ®

    Thomas Petri ® David Obey (D)




    American Samoa Delegates: Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (D)

    District of Columbia: Eleanor Norton (D)

    Guam: Madeline Bordello (D)

    Northern Mariana Is lands: Gregorio Sablan (I)

    Puerto Rico: Pedro Pierluisi (D)

    Virgin Islands: Donna Christensen

  37. John Charlton @ 12:24 He certainly was prescient re: misinformation.
    Famous Thomas Jefferson Quote
    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
    it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.”

  38. TO:
    ARMY D.A.V. // November 29, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    John Charlton

    We’re ready now John , how about July 2010.


    I said on July 4th 2009 that in my opinion Obutt would only celebrate one Independence Day as President. I also said that he would probably be taken out by his own puppet masters before Real Patriots would have a chance to Rise Up and either by courts or Revolution remove the Insurgency Presidency (Ponzi Prez by ACORN FRAUD and others). I think it is past the point where his removal by his own would make him a “martyr” like JFK and make him greater than MLK it is PAST that TIME. He is damaged goods, this “star” has lost it’s shine.

    History is unfolding but no longer fooling.

  39. spot @1:19 because I live in Florida and this district I’m aware of the changes. This little Democrat girl will be voting for Lt. Col. Allen West-I think that we Dem’s are as or more incensed at this Democratic party as Republicans are-maybe more. All of us are required to be loyal members of the United States of America before any PARTY membership.
    Robert Wexler, a seven-term congressman representing Florida’s 19th district, announced today that he will resign his seat in the House of Representatives to head a think tank focused on finding Middle East peace.
    Ron Klein-Democrat LTC Allen West, one of a small but determined group of black Republicans running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010

  40. CW………
    I will not be bullied Nov 29 @ 10:33 am
    Please check my late night post @ 12:24 pm

    A lot of people were intimidated at the Philadephia election polls by the New Black Panther Party.
    See what team Obama response was to this issue.

    This “live and let live mentality” doesn’t fly with me!

  41. smrstrauss
    See citizenwells at 11:04

  42. Want to talk about rabid OBots? Check the ones at Right Side of Life. Wish Phil would scrap the OBot trash off his shoes like CW does.

    When I have asked the OBots on RSOL why they waste their precious time posting on that Blog, they always give the inane answer they are “educating us”. When asked if they have changed anyone’s mind a few answer “no”.

    My contention is if these OBots were soooooo secure in their belief The One is Eligible, they would not be wasting their time on our Blogs.

  43. #

    smrstrauss // November 29, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Re: “The only document presented by the Obama camp is a Hawaii COLB. There has been no substantiation that it is authentic and it does not establish country of birth. As Lou Dobbs stated, “It is a piece of paper that refers to another piece of paper.””

    The COLB is now the official birth certificate of Hawaii. It refers to the original documents in the file, but Hawaii no longer issues copies of them to ANYONE, not even to the person who was born. That being the case, Obama cannot show a copy of the original because he does not have it. Hawaii can, but it has to change the rules in order to do so.

    However, there is no question that Obama was born in Hawaii. The two officials have repeatedly confirmed that the facts on the COLB accurately reflect the facts in the file. The notices in the newspapers at the time were sent out for births in Hawaii by the government of Hawaii, and were not sent out for births outside of Hawaii. As the Wall Street Journal comments: “Obama has already provided a legal birth certificate demonstrating that he was born in Hawaii. No one has produced any serious evidence to the contrary. Absent such evidence, it is unreasonable to deny that Obama has met the burden of proof. We know that he was born in Honolulu as surely as we know that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Ark., or George W. Bush in New Haven, Conn.”

    You are wrong….The FRAUD has a copy of the original….it says so in his book….read his book!! Also….Hawaii has never confirmed that they released anything to the FRAUD and his campaign…..everyone knows that a couple of young kids photo-shopped that image on the computer and it has been passed around AS AUTHENTIC since the information came out that the FRAUD was born in Kenya which in all likelihood he was….no hospital in Hawaii has claimed to have had his mother there as a patient of any kind and especially not to give birth… again…..WHERE EXACTLY WAS HE BORN…..IF IN HAWAII…..WHAT HOSPITAL….YOU DON’T KNOW AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE YOUR DOCUMENT IS A FRAUD…..JUST LIKE YOUR LEADER!!!

    WAKE UP OBOT….YOU ARE SELLING YOUR COUNTRY OUT….all this stuff you spew above has been debunked many times before…..I think you post at TRSOL too and it has been debunked over there several times as well… just don’t want to believe that your party is a party of criminals and THUGS….with a capital “T”….Get a clue….you don’t spend millions of dollars to keep your documents hidden if they are legit….a little “common sense” is in order if you can muster that!!

  44. Go Michelle.I read about him at Geller’s site. Good Stuff.
    I was amazed at the non-stop news on the PARTY CRASHERS! Consider the total irony of have a CONSTITUTION-CRASHER in the WH. SICK!
    I would rather have the blond in the cock-pit wouldn’t you?

  45. #

    Pat Smith // November 29, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Want to talk about rabid OBots? Check the ones at Right Side of Life. Wish Phil would scrap the OBot trash off his shoes like CW does.

    When I have asked the OBots on RSOL why they waste their precious time posting on that Blog, they always give the inane answer they are “educating us”. When asked if they have changed anyone’s mind a few answer “no”.

    My contention is if these OBots were soooooo secure in their belief The One is Eligible, they would not be wasting their time on our Blogs.

    Pat….you are right….that is why I quit going over there….the OBOTS like this person smrstrauss….who posts over there too…..rehash the same BS over and over and over…..they will never accept the TRUTH… we will never accept their LIES!!!

  46. magna carta -Pamela Geller-Atlas Shruggs
    The press is sure devoting a lot of time to that non-story, made up story, stupid story, yet they miss 2 million Americans in DC for the 9/12 rally? Hello? Either they are unconscious, or think we are. The Secret Service is going to fall on their swords for this idiot usurper Obama? If they get fired will they have standing? and take advantage of it? Looks like the alternative media will bury the propaganda media if they haven’t already. Just report the story, the truth-allow people to come to their own conclusions.
    As a Democrat I was thinking of Al Gore and Climagate Lies. I remember during Clinton’s issues with Ms Lewinsky Gore saying how disappointed he was with Mr. Bill etc. now he will have to eat his own lies. What is really sad is Al Gore was such a hero to the little kids-this is going to really break their little sincere hearts. We still need to be good stewards of our planet, but it must be based on truthful science not some made up data that benefits the few (I have no idea who they might be) at the expense of the many a/k/a American taxpayers. Whatever the truth is, who is involved needs to be exposed and let the chips fall where they may.

  47. @smrstrauss:

    You are going to have to do a lot better than that on this website.

  48. We sang this song in church today and I ended crying my eyes out it was so moving.
    We Are One In The Spirit -prepared to be touched!

  49. smrstrauss,

    Even current White House Counsel Bob Bauer, who in January 2009 was Counsel to DNC Services Corporation and Obama for America, admitted to the federal court at that time in the now infamous footnote in Hollister, the COLB isn’t real. That is, he only asked Judge Robertson to take judicial notice that APFC said, the document was “genuine” but, he refused to produce the actual “genuine” document to the court. Why are you still defending BO on blogs like this when his own lawyer came clean on the fallacy of the COLB a year ago, to the federal court?

  50. jbjd-I love your title Bob Bauer F$$$ You, sorry I changed the symbols a little. His actions must really disturb the honest lawyers, judges-all in our criminal justice system. I was thinking it some talented graphic artist could use the COLB in the 3 Card Monte demonstration it would be so cool and nobody could miss it. Somewhat like how they reenact crime scenes to get bullet trajectories, blood spatter etc.
    It was called the “old switcheroo” in Chicago.

  51. The South // November 29, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Aftanoon, The South,

    Thanks for posting this.

    I’ve seen similar articles on ‘but gold’ sites for quite some time; they want you to call them and buy their gold!

    I will indeed withdraw the money I have that’s just sitting in the bank doing nothing, and invest in gold. Goldline seems to be pretty good, but I do want to talk to a financial planner before I do anything.

    I think that your money (whatever it’s worth these days) is better kept at home ‘under the mattress’ than in banks. My grandparents were wiped out in ’29.

    I will have to check with my bank, as they’re Canadian-owned, I believe, and see if I can get a straight answer from them.

    One thing’s for sure-the dollar ain’t gonna be worth squat soon.

  52. SueK
    Dubai Debt Meltdown Raises Concerns-this is a proceed with caution deal also.

    My prediction: The Copenhagen global warming conference will feature a lot of pretty words and promises, and no admission that things have changed. But we’ll see little or no actual movement, as politicians around the world realize that there’s no percentage in pushing these programs on an increasingly wary public.

  54. Since O got into the WH without certification why would it be hard for anyone else? The party crashers are some kind of a devious diversion, as we probably all know…

  55. Folks,

    If you buy gold, which is wise, be prepared to hide it and hide it well. Only complete transactions with cash.

    Once the markets crash, the regime’s “brown coats” will be going door to door looking for any gold reserves and steal it from you. People are much smarter now then they were in the Great Depression. They were the morons who gleefully listened to the tyrannical government then and turned their gold in to the government at scab prices.

    It’s more wise to invest in platinum because it won’t be regulated like gold is and will be. That’s just my suggestion. Also, look into purchasing goods like alcohol, firearms and ammunition (even if you don’t own a gun), cigarettes, coffee, and anything people need or want on a daily basis but won’t be able to afford.

  56. Does anyone know why Bill Clinton did not attend 0’s state dinner?

  57. JeffM // November 29, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Hi Jeff,

    So none of these ‘gold retailers’ are any good because your transactions can be traced?

    Do you suggest a coin shop for gold? Could you buy the silver or platinum coins from an online retailer without fear?

    Sorry, but I know little about this, but am getting a bit panicky. Not a lot to invest, but I don’t want to lose what I have.

  58. JeffM, Silver is also a good asset, easy to buy and redeem…

  59. Pass it on if you care….found at…….


    Difference of Opinion has No Place in the Liberal World: TURN OFF FOX Campaign is their newest War

    November 28, 2009 in Campaign 2008, Campaign 2010, Campaign 2012, Capitalism, Economy, Family values, Politics, socialism |

    “TURN OFF FOX,” an anti-free speech, Marxist activist group, is forming for the exclusive purpose of stifling dissent against their “Dear Leader”, Barack Obama. Their target? FOX News, the only major media outlet not performing as the propaganda wing of the federal government. Consider the following from the “TURN OFF FOX” website:

    “Take the pledge! Stop the spread of the FOX cancer by getting it turned off in public places: such as pubs, doctor’s offices, airports and restaurants. Become an ambassador to decrease the influence of FOX’s misinformation and propaganda. This is BuzzFlash’s first advocacy project and we need a national guerilla squad of individuals who will join us in various strategies to stop the spread of FOX into public settings. In the coming months, we’ll be advising you on how to ask nicely to change the news channel, leave flyers warning people about FOX “News” damaging brain cells, and many more strategies to come, including a device that can turn TV sets off from up to 50 feet away!

    No wonder they’re concerned about “damaging brain cells,” since they have so few left. These “pillars of free speech” are actually going to go around shutting off TV’s that are tuned into FOX News! Why are they doing this? It’s obvious! FOX News has been instrumental in reporting the TRUTH, documenting their Marxist czars. Fortunately, FOX News doesn’t have to invent stories, like the Obama worshiping sycophants in 90% of the media. They can expose them by using their own words! Are they happy with most of the media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC,) the government-controlled educational system, including major universities who openly and proudly employ Communist professors? Hell no! Their goal, backed by Obama’s White House, is to stifle the only outlet, along with conservative talk radio, not in the tank for Obama and his Marxists rodents, Their view of “objective journalism” and “real news” is 24/7 of Communist Keith Olbermann and Radical Rachel Maddow.
    for Full Article:

    Note: While Maddow is no treat, she would at least be pallable if they did away with her mentor, bobblehead Olbermann.

  60. I do these spoofs every year. Thought I would share with my CW friends. Hope you enjoy as you put up your tree or lights today. Be warned- I have many more! Prairie.

    T’was the night before Christmas and everyone is awake.
    I’ve got presents to wrap and cookies to bake.
    Dad is in the drive battling the snow. . .
    It’s up to his knees and starting blow.

    After rolling out cookies and tipping the tree. . .
    I sent the boys out to save my sanity.
    Then I spiked up my eggnog and mumbled some words. . .
    About the hussle,the bussle, and all of the work.

    How the meaning of Christmas gets lost in the mess. . .
    Of cooking, cleaning, and preparing for guests.
    I felt like a Scrooge and the Grinch all in one. . .
    It’s Christmas after all, and I wasn’t having fun.

    Next, I looked out the window at the kids in the yard. . .
    Seeing for them, Christmas wasn’t hard.
    It’s angels in the snow and gingerbread men. . .
    Waiting up for Santa and sneaking out of bed.

    Cookies and candies and holiday cakes,
    Funky fruitloop candy that only Grandma makes.
    “Away in a Manger” sung around a tree. . .
    Adorn with homemade ornaments and lit on Christmas Eve.

    It’s all of these things, wrapped in a bow. . .
    In the mind of a child, but lost as we grow.
    Not five kinds of cookies and three kinds of cake.
    Not how much we spent or how bad our feet ache.

    Now I’ve had a little rum in my eggnog tonight,
    And the last one I had was a little too spiked.
    The kitchen is a mess, the living room a pit,
    I forgot to thaw the turkey and don’t give a . . . darn.

    Still, the message is clear as I look at the boys. . .
    The meaning of Christmas is the pure simple joys.
    So why am I here? This can all wait. . .
    I’ve got snowballs to throw and snowmen to make.

  61. Michelle,

    I am so glad you ‘get’ it! Installing BO into the WH was one big con game played on the American people. As far as I am concerned, the fraud is completely exposed, detail by detail, with supporting documentation, throughout my blog, including the links to my appearances on Revolution Radio.

    And it has nothing to do with HI DoH officials; or social security numbers; or Kenyan diplomats; or quo warranto; or …

  62. Too funny I forgot about Andy Martin. And he is running for the Senate again? If this is an example of the type of work he will do, too funny. I still find it hard to believe people do not know who a natural Born Citizen is. I am wondering if I will get a reply from civic’s educators. I simply asked, what are you teaching students about the requirement natural born citizen. I sent it yesterday, hopefully I will get a reply Monday.

  63. Very nice, Prairie!

  64. jbjd-I finally really got it (evidence that can be used in court) with the 3 Card Monte and listening to you and drkate. I have been following since I first read about this on Phil Berg’s web-site since Aug of 08. I was in shock for about a month, it is like your whole world gets turned upside down. Then off to Texas Darlin, jbjd, drkatesviews-trying to figure all of this out in my own head. I know from your web-site that you have been working on this since the beginning-and putting it together, defining-refining. I suspected it was a con in the beginning but did not know how it was done and by whom. Now we know. On all the rest of the issues-to me it shows pattern of frauds as in there is no lie so big they would not tell in order to accomplish their goals. The slum landlord scams Obama/Jarrett pulled off on the South Side of Chicago to me are on a level of crimes against humanity-more than one child has been killed there due to defective/broken gates-if the people didn’t freeze to death in the meantime or germs due to open sewage, raw sewage running through the buildings. The taxpayers sent enough money that this should not have happened in a million years.

  65. Happy Sunday all, There are some things rolling over in my spirit and this seems to be a good time to get this out. The Lord’s realm of new enlightenment and gleaming glory has finally begun! The birthing of a revolution, and this revolution is birthed out of LOVE. Love for families safety, country, liberty, freedom, and truth. The love of the foundation this country was built on. We are now seeking out leaders that are not in it for SELF, but there motives are service and love of country. The blind are beginning to see and have righteous indignation, the truth is spreading to the ball fields, restaurants, barber shops and grocery stores. The birthing of a revolution with a real solution. Love never fails…Death and life are in the power of the tongue..Proverbs 18:21..

  66. Prairie // November 29, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Prairie,

    You haven’t lost your touch! So very true…thanks for the smile :).

  67. SueK,
    That was my purpose for posting- a smile. Been busy with art shows before Christmas, just sneaking in when I can.

  68. Prairie, What a gift you have!

  69. leo has gone dark on his site

    why is that?

  70. #

    da verg // November 29, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    leo has gone dark on his site

    why is that?

    His excuse was that it was too time consuming at this time to keep up the blog and the commenting…..he says he has work to do….whatever that means…….He also was in a war of words with Mario Apuzzo….IMO that had something to do with it as well!

  71. I always think of that. If it wasn’t for Berg filing the Hollister complaint to try to ‘out’ BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS, a take-off on my military complaint, which I thought was an infirm case because the Plaintiff, Hollister, was old and retired and not realistically subject to recall; we would never have that infamous Hollister Footnote that will undoubtedly contribute greatly to putting an end to this charade, once and for all.

  72. jbjd-“infamous Hollister Footnote that will undoubtedly contribute greatly to putting an end to this charade, once and for all”
    What I remember was Phil Berg saying I’m paraphrasing here: was Obama you are the biggest fraud, hoax in the history of the country etc. Mr. Berg did not hold back, I thought that was very cool and you are correct in their grand but weird plan to get tripped up by a footnote that jbjd happened to catch. This must have come from years and years of study and/or work.
    jbjd-speaking of elderly military I was shocked at how old some of our generals and admirals were in WW2, I think Nimitz was no spring chicken at the time. The government really needed their expertise.

  73. Nancy // November 29, 2009 at 10:50 am

    I just feel awful the things people were saying, thinking it was me posting those terrible things.
    I knew and many others knew it wasn’t you. We all figured it was some obot who happened to use the same name. I saw below a comment that said it wasn’t you, but some obot. I am sure that you wouldn’t talk that way to people. Whoever it was just had some bad language.


    For those interested a gold this is a good article, albeit a little dated. Yes, I agree, hide it if you can.

    I also think silver is a good bet. Over history silver fluctuates in tandem with gold, though it isn’t a 1:1 ratio.

  75. White House ‘gatecrashers’ tied to terror sympathizer

    Salahi served in same anti-Israel group as Obama’s Palestinian professor pal

    The Virginia couple who allegedly crashed a White House state dinner is tied to Rashid Khalidi, a pro-Palestinian professor who excuses terrorism and has been a close associate to President Obama.

    Michaele and Tareq Salahi met Obama in a receiving line at last week’s event, with a “deeply concerned and embarrassed” Secret Service stating it never checked whether the two were on the White House guest list.

  76. Jonah // November 29, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    Does anyone know why Bill Clinton did not attend 0’s state dinner?
    He freed up his spot for the “Crashers!”

  77. LM—
    I had read the crasher was Palestinian. But,
    then the word coming out was he was Pakistani.

    Which is it? Thanks a lot, just wondering.
    Palestinian would make more sense.

  78. @Nancy

    Please get over yourself. The name *Nancy* is a very common name.

    Example;” Kathy”


    1. Ted Olson, lied about John McCain being a natural born citizen, “setting up Obama” through his testimony on McCain.

    2. He lied about receiving a phone call from his wife describing the hijacking of flight 77 into the Pentagon that became the “official” story. According to the FBI, therefore, Ted Olson did NOT receive a single call from his wife using either a cell phone or an onboard phone.

    3. He was also the official lead council for the Republican party and pled the case before the Supreme Court in the controversial outcome of the Bush/Gore election.

    Snipped from:

    “…Ted Olson lied about phone calls from his wife. This is a Big Big problem because Olson’s story about the hijackers and box cutters was based on the phone calls he said his wife made. They never happened. So why did Olson lie?”

    “I only know HE SET UP OBAMA though testimony to congress about McCain as a natural born citizen. But Olson lied about that also. So, I must conclude Olson is a LIAR.”

    Now, new evidence surfacing from the data of the flight recorder for Flt 77 shows the flight deck door was NEVER opened. Meaning no one ever entered the cockpit of that flight.

    Read about it here:

    Unbelievable work these pilots have done to get to the bottom of all this!

  80. jbjd, do you think Obama sr could be classified as an agent/ambassador of Kenya since their government sent him to the USA to be educated and he returned to Kenya to be part of the government as an economist?

  81. ustMe // November 29, 2009 at 6:18 pm


    1. Ted Olson, lied about John McCain being a natural born citizen, “setting up Obama” through his testimony on McCain.

    2. He lied about receiving a phone call from his wife describing the hijacking of flight 77 into the Pentagon that became the “official” story. According to the FBI, therefore, Ted Olson did NOT receive a single call from his wife using either a cell phone or an onboard phone.

    3. He was also the official lead council for the Republican party and pled the case before the Supreme Court in the controversial outcome of the Bush/Gore election.

    In the article it says and Australian computer programmer discovered this…….
    Why would an Australian computer programmer be an expert on investigating whether the door of the cockpit was open or not…..I am highly suspect of the article as well as the expert…….I know a teacher from Las Vegas was on that flight and her family and friends all say the plane was hijacked…..she was in contact with her family before it crashed into the Pentagon……I know some of you here want to believe the conspiracy theory but the stories from victims families who were on those flights and able to contact family members before the planes crashed tell a whole different story….read the book “Let’s Roll” by Todd Beamer’s wife and I recently heard his father speak…..his father doesn’t believe the conspiracy theory as the witnesses on these planes tell the real story!!! I know many want to fantasize but we have enough real life stuff going on that needs to be addressed without mixing in the 9/11 fantasy stories with the real life eligibility nightmare we are living right now!!! The moral of the story is we have real life Muslim terrorist who will STOP at nothing to kill Americans and that is what this government needs to focus on….not giving them a pass!!!

  82. The Obama File is reporting on getting more muslims here to promote business opportunities.I e-mailed one of the promoters and asked why they are bringing more moslems here.I am infuriated.
    I will post an excerpt and people can link into these jerks if they want to.Switerland is banning mosques.
    U.S. embassies and consulates in the countries where the delegates will likely be coming from have been told about the summit and will be processing the visas and other paperwork necessary for the 150 participants to come to Washington.

    Along with the Department of Commerce and its Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development will be playing key roles in implementing the summit — that means greasing the visa process and providing funding for these people.

    There is a broad and diverse platform from which to get “the best possible range of participation,” Hightower said. “You just never know where the next best or good idea is going to come from.” — well, buddy, it ain’t gonna come from Muslims — they haven’t had an original thought in a thousand years — Islam is anti-intellectual and forbids free thought and free will.

    More information, including a link to a nomination form that can be submitted online, can be found at the summit’s web site. The deadline for nominations is November 30.

  83. JS,

    I believe you should leave it up to CW to determine what can and can’t be posted on his site. BTW, I don’t post information to feed fantasies. I post information that expands ones thinking beyond the official crap we get from liars.

  84. Jacqlyn Smith // November 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    ustMe // November 29, 2009 at 6:18 pm


    JS,……. I agree with you. Our Gov is corrupt,… but somethings are just over the top. Muslims are the real enemy,…. let us just clean up our Government,…. save what we can and get our Country back.


    In listening to both Bayh (D) and Kly(R), it’s clear they are sitting on the same side of the fence in respect of Afghanistan. There’s only a difference of minimal tinkering.

    It means yet again that Obama and his left leaning crew are sitting on the other side, just like health care reform. John Charlton says statistically Obama ousted by July 2011, practically by July 2010. At this rate I don’t know how he’ll make it by the spring 2010.

    By then unprecedented unemployment will have been in place by at least 12 months and the longer that endures, the more it hurts. Obama talks big about ensuring new jobs, but he has no credibility left, so………

  86. Just came in to catch up and am sad to see that Nancy is so upset. This is Nancy the Peacock, not Nancy the Obot. Don’t worry, Nancy, you are a true patriot. I get hate mail all the time, and it used to upset me. Now, I just consider the source and hope they spell my name right. Don’t worry about it. Water off a duck’s back.

  87. Has everyone seen this little tid bit. Sarah not backing Linsey Graham……. wonder why? We kNow why!!! (from GretaWire today)

    Print This Post SHARE THIS 40 comments – + November 29, 2009 12:36 PM EST

    Ouch! And he supported her (Palin)!
    Check out Rich Lowry’s online article below …it includes what he says Governor Palin told him about Senator Lindsey Graham (in red.) Senator Graham was one of her biggest supporters during the campaign…..and is this the payback? Politics are rough!! (and yes, it is indeed true that I know nothing more than what I just read on line below – posted – and don’t fully know the context…but it looks pretty rough.)

    Former Alaska governor and Going Rogue author Sarah Palin talked to NRO this afternoon in a wide-ranging and frank interview.

    She thinks President Obama’s bow to the emperor of Japan reflects an attitude that America should be “subservient to other countries”; characterizes Newt Gingrich’s thinking on NY-23 as reflective of a “political machine”; thinks that South Carolina voters should consider sending Sen. Lindsey Graham a message by supporting a conservative primary challenger; calls the media’s treatment of Carrie Prejean “unfair”; and says she would give John McCain “the benefit of the doubt” in their dispute over whether she was charged with fees for her vetting. And oh, yeah — her anonymous critics don’t have “guts,” and she’s not a David Brooks fan.

    “That was a mistake,” Palin says of the Obama bow. “It was symbolic of, perhaps, our country being led to believe that we are subservient to other countries.” She says she would “like to see us head more in the direction of Ronald Reagan’s thinking — knowing that we are a very, very blessed nation and a superpower.” She adds, “We can get there through a position of strength and not believing that we have to kowtow or bow to anybody.” Asked if she would have bowed, she replies, “No, sir.”

  88. venice // November 29, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Evening, Venice, and thanks for all the goldie info!

  89. TO:
    Jacqlyn Smith // November 29, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Pass it on if you care….found at…….


    Difference of Opinion has No Place in the Liberal World: TURN OFF FOX Campaign is their newest War

    November 28, 2009 in Campaign 2008, Campaign 2010, Campaign 2012, Capitalism, Economy, Family values, Politics, socialism |


    Lets make sure this too BACKFIRES on the Obutts. I haven’t had cable for well over 20 yrs ( Warner Cables early days) but after I read this, I am now considering getting Dish to get Fox, even though I think FOX is way too much down the middle and sometimes too far left.
    Also FOX is not in that many publci places that I have gone to it is mostly CNN so to make sure these Obutts fail like their leader is failing we will use the reverse strategy: Every place you go into ask them why they don’t have the Top Rated network on instead of the lowly on that almost no one watches because they don’t practice ethical journalism and have lost audience in bunches.
    Also we can buy the same devices and turn off CNN and Lefty TV. I wish some scientist would come out with a Control that you could shut off Erosionist Lieberal within 50 ft. LOL

  90. Gold won’t help you when things go really bad.

    Jeff wasa right buy stuff that will be in demand and food, spices, ammunition, water filters, olive oil, dried foods, garden seeds, diesel generator, maybe even an old diesel car and a simple bio diesel maker, etc. Also one option is buying Euros or even Canadian dollars. Can always go over the border and buy what you need with a strong Canadian dollar.

    Also scrap aluminum, copper, etc will be valuable if we have something like the great depression which will be the O-pression this scraps will be worth money. Maybe you can start horing this stuff for a later sale as you need cash. Also learn to live way below your means, save, save, save…find ways of saving like grandma used to do a big pot of soup that lasts a week. By adding different ingredients every few days you have a diff tasting soup. Healthy and Frugal.

  91. I agree with PRWH. Diversify when matters are uncertain. Keep a good supply of essentials, but purchasing power increasingly is moving away from the dollar, so precious metals are your best bet.

  92. One more thing, the Russians have now converted to Canadian dollars. Canada is expected to pull out, albeit slowly from the recession.

  93. SueK,

    Still love your salutations. Your welcome.

  94. Daverg…………………………………………

    I tend to look upon his departure this time that he is tired of seeing all of the legal manure being shoveled against the incoming tide. Perhaps he has figured out that the tide must be outward bound,and is going to wait for it to reverse it’s course before he again jumps in.
    If this is his strategy,then while I believe there is a little merit in doing this,but it really doesn’t help in battling a double edge sword. Instead it raises questions about the mettle of the subject person. I believe that I can safely say that a person who is involved in trying to help America has to know that it won’t always be an upward push. There are going to be sudden potholes,roadblocks,you name it. If he is running away from the hard assed work at hand, then I tend to see him as probably a lawyer whose services I would NOT ask for, because if the going got a little hairy,he might run away,and leave me hanging. This is only my personal opinion,and in no way impugnes Donofrio for his departure. I am sure that he hasd a good reason for doing so! He is an educated person, and is therefore capable of acting in his own best interests

  95. SueK,

    Just for the record, because it irks me every time. It’s “you’re” welcome. There are so many of these quirky spellings that should be corrected, but because of expediency I don’t correct.

  96. Joyceaz…………………………….

    Palin is probably right. Lindsey Grahm is a PENDULUM………….he swings TWO directions, and seems to be more interested in Lindsey Grahm than in the well being of his constituents.

  97. venice // November 29, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Hi Venice,

    No problem, but thanks for the correction.

    English is a real stinker of a language, isn’t it? 🙂

  98. TO:
    joyceaz // November 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith // November 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    ustMe // November 29, 2009 at 6:18 pm


    JS,……. I agree with you. Our Gov is corrupt,… but somethings are just over the top. Muslims are the real enemy,…. let us just clean up our Government,…. save what we can and get our Country back.

    Conspiracy or not one thing really troubles me about the buildings falling which I haev said before here.
    With all the plumbing in those buildings and no water spraying anywhere from broken pipes. Lots of dust BUT NO WATER.
    Now I would say there would have to be a few water mains going into one of those buildings of HUGE SIZE to serve all those sprinklers, bathrooms, etc. There would be HUGE gushers of water everywhere. There was none. WHY?

    Were the water mains and SPRINKLERS shutoff the night before? Magic Plumbing was admitted the day before into the buidling and the Arab servicemen was later found in a different state. Magic Plumbing had some association with Michelle Obama’s sister in law or her brother’s sister in law. This is puzzling me and no one but me so far has mentioned the lack of water at these building collapses which is explainable. Anyone that has seen a small water main break on a main street say a 12″ main it cases floods and gushers.

    I believe, unlike others, that this is planned sabotage with the backing of Jihadi and CIA Commies to bring disaster in our economy and Bush’s first term and now they keep trying to divert it to Bush to distract any looks their way. 9/11 was an inside job BUT not by who they are telling us, it is a diversion.

    PEOPLE just thik and use common sense I don’t believe Bush would willingly harm this country we are talking about a soft-Patriot but still a patriot. This was done by a certain wing of the CIA (COMMUNIST WING) which may even have lied to Bush to get him to go along with some of the chaos but this didn’t come from Bush or Cheney.

    Those buildings 3 big buildings fell in a very controlled way that the odd of such happening would be greater than winning the hardest of lotteries. As heat spreads thru the floors where the plane hit and it overheats and weakens the steel structure the probability of it happening evenly and balance so that the top floors come down straight on top of the others and then they all collapse into a small footprint without anything hanging up or toppling over to one side or the other on 3 bldgs on the same day is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Now add to that no water coming out of any sprinklers or water pipes IMPOSSIBLE.
    9/11 was an inside job by the CIA Commies possibly in a joint operation with Jihadi Terrorist Pigs and they are trying to blame someone else.

    There was one pic that really amazed me. The pic of the vertical I Beam that was cut nicely at a perfect 45 degrees, not jagged or 46 degrees or 44 degress but 45 degrees nice and clean.

    9/11 was a CIA and Jihadi inside/outside job

  99. Venice,
    When did the Russians convert to Canadian dollars? Interesting thought about our neighbor to the North pulling out of the recession.
    Should we be opening Canadian bank accounts?

  100. PRWH…………………

    The smartest thing to do is find property having several LARGE barns on it. Then set about cramming these barns with everything imaginable that relates to human comfort,and well being. You will be sitting on a veritable fortune. Of course the primary objective is to do all of this with much less than a fortune invested.

  101. oldsalt,….. You Betcha. I don’t trust Lindsey Graham. He seems to be riding the fence like most of the gutless in congress. They won’t stand up for what is right….. They worry about the political correctness crap…….. which will eventually destroy this country if “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t make a stand and say,…. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

  102. Oldsalt … since you’re here now …. I enjoyed the Smack Down that you gave Nasty Nancy last night.

    Thank you Sir ! ; 0

  103. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // November 29, 2009 at 8:39 pm
    Yes,… that is what I believe happened. There are more involved (in the USA ) than we will ever know. I don’t believe that President Bush would ever be part of anything like that.
    I do believe that muslims have been in our country for a long time and they have set up lots of underground channels that do have contacts with some of the people in our Government. Especially now with all the Commies in the WH. We have lots of cleaning to do.

  104. usapatriots-shout-out/

    I would like to add one more to the NY list if I may [it isn’t long enough…lol]…

    Kristin Gillibrand was appointed to Hillary Clinton’s seat and will be running for election in 2010…for me, she needs to be replaced.

    Thanks for posting that comprehensive list. Will have to print it out/save it for posterity.


  105. CW- I hope I am not blocked from your sight. I can’t even view comments. I’ve been trying all evening. My son just let me try from his sign on & now I can view. Something is wrong. I hope that I didn’t get blocked instead of the one using my name last night.

    KATHY: November 29, 2009 at 6:14 pm


    Please get over yourself. The name *Nancy* is a very common name.


    Kathy-“Kathy” is also a very common name. No one else here has been posting under “Nancy” recently. Someone was clearly using my sign-on last night to spew some very nasty stuff.

  106. Prairie:

    Thanks for sharing that lovely poem…a true composite of what Christmas has become. Glad you saw what was important…the kids…it’s all for the kids. This is the stuff from which memories are made.

    You are truly gifted, and we are truly blessed!

    Happy Night…Linda

  107. Maddie @ 6:09,

    Here is the CFP article that says the party crasher was a member of the AFTP – American Task Force on Palestine. Maybe this will help …?

  108. PRWH & Joyceaz—
    There are Muslims terrorist cells across our country in all probability. Their mosques AND schools are spewing hatred against America. Why are we “letting” them stay here? How many are illegal aliens? I say round them up and
    deport them all.
    Which of our leaders now will stand up and do that? Anyone?

  109. This is OT,…but important all the less. (may even have been posted B4,… but here goes.)

    An email I received today:

    This letter to the AARP says it all. It is a must read regardless of your age. Some people just make sense in what they say. This lady certainly does. Please forward this to everyone on your contact list.
    This was sent to Mr. Rand who is the Executive Director of AARP

    Dear Mr. Rand,
    Recently you sent us a letter encouraging us to renew our lapsed membership in AARP by the requested date. I know it is not what you were looking for, but this is the most honest response I can give you. Our gap in coverage is merely a microscopic symptom of the real problem, a deepening lack of faith.

    While we have proudly maintained our membership for several years and have long admired the AARP goals and principles, regrettably, we can no longer endorse it’s abdication of our values. Your letter specifically stated that we can count on AARP to speak up for our rights, yet the voice we hear is not ours. Your offer of being kept up to date on important issues through DIVIDED WE FAIL presents neither an impartial view nor the one we have come to embrace. We do believe that when two parties agree all the time on everything presented to them, one is probably not necessary.. But, when the opinions and long term goals are diametrically opposed, the divorce is imminent. This is the philosophy which spawned our 200 years of government.

    Once upon a time, we looked forward to being part of the senior demographic. We also looked to AARP to provide certain benefits and give our voice a power we could not possibly hope to achieve on our own. AARP gave us a sense of belonging which we no longer enjoy.. The Socialist politics practiced by the Obama administration and empowered by AARP serves only to raise the blood pressure my medical insurance strives to contain. Clearly a conflict of interest there!

    We do not understand the AARP posture, feel greatly betrayed by the guiding forces whom we expected to map out our senior years and leave your ranks with a great sense of regret. We mitigate that disappointment with the relief of knowing that we are not contributing to the problem anymore by renewing our membership. There are numerous other organizations which offer discounts without threatening our way of life or offending our sensibilities.

    This Presidential Administration scares the living daylights out of us. Not just for ourselves, but for our proud and bloodstained heritage,but even more importantly for our children and grandchildren. Washington has rendered Soylent Green a prophetic cautionary tale rather than a nonfiction scare tactic. I have never in my life endorsed any militant or radical groups, yet now I find myself listening to them. I don’t have to agree with them to appreciate the fear which birthed their existence. Their borderline insanity presents little more than a balance to the voice of the Socialist mindset in power. Perhaps I became American by a great stroke of luck in some cosmic uterine lottery, but in my adulthood I CHOOSE to embrace it and nurture the freedoms it represents as well as the responsibilities it requires.

    Your website generously offers us the opportunity to receive all communication in Spanish. ARE YOU KIDDING??? Someone has broken into our ‘house’, invaded our home without our invitation or consent. The President has insisted we keep the perpetrator in comfort and learn the perp language so we can communicate our reluctant welcome to them.
    I DON’T choose to welcome them.
    I DON’T choose to support them.
    I DON’T choose to educate them.
    I DON’T choose to medicate them, pay for their food or clothing.
    American home invaders get arrested.
    Please explain to me why foreign lawbreakers can enjoy privileges on American soil that Americans do not get?
    Why do some immigrants have to play the game to be welcomed and others only have to break & enter to be welcomed?

    We travel for a living. Walt hauls horses all over this great country, averaging over 10,000 miles a month when he is out there. He meets more people than a politician on caffeine overdose. Of all the many good folks he enjoyed on this last 10,000 miles, this trip yielded only ONE supporter of the current administration. One of us is out of touch with mainstream America. Since our poll is conducted without funding, I have more faith in it than one which is power driven.

    We have decided to forward this to everyone on our mailing list, and will encourage them to do the same. With several hundred in my address book, I have every faith that the eventual exponential factor will make a credible statement to you..
    I am disappointed as hell.
    I am scared as hell.
    I am MAD as hell, and I’m NOT gonna take it anymore!

    Walt & Cyndy

    Miller Farms Equine Transport

  110. “Please get over yourself. The name *Nancy* is a very common name.”

    Sorry, I have to stand up for Nancy because I would be ticked off also. Even though CW knows that it’s not her that’s posting the crap, it still stands to reason that someone has used that name.

    However, I think if CW would allow her to do it, I would change my name to something a little differently. That’s my opinion.

    Nancy, I do understand what you’re going through. I would be so upset. But I know that CW has it in control now. Still, for future reference, change your name a little bit, which may give you comfort. It’s probably good that you pitched a fit and were concerned about it, though.

  111. PRWH……………….

    I personally believe that our everyday lives are going to become extremely difficult. I forsee the unemployment of people reaching as high as 20% before anything appears on the horizon that could offer salvation for our way of life. If this comes to pass you will be witness to a mass carnage that you probably didn’t dream of even in your worst nightmare. People will be committing suicide en masse, robbery will happen to even children for their saved PENNIES. and you could be murdered for the loaf of bread in your hands. Crime in general is going to go through the roof ,and law enforcement will be a thing of the past. Police will be as corrupt then as our WH,and courts are today. A new breed of men will emerge who will be armed to the teeth, and as their ranks grow they will carry out a gurilla war the likes of which has yet to be witnessed on Earth. Millions will die, either by starvation, or having been murdered. Thousands of others will die because there will be no health care, or food .This all means that we had better start re learning “self reliance”, and the back to the Earth knowledge of our forefathers. You will be forced to DO for yourself, and family, or you will simply do without.

  112. The Political Right/Left Paradigm.

  113. Interesting …. Earlier I checked the Mrs. Party Crashers Facebook and there were a ton of pictures of her at all sorts of events. Now you can not see them. Earlier it was an open page – now you have to request to become a “fan” of hers to see pics. ???

    I find this story very troubling. I hope they don’t try to pin this on the SS for some reason.

    Like Dana Perrino ( Bush’s ex Press Sec ) said … the admin doesn’t want to tick off the SS.

  114. KATHY: November 29, 2009 at 6:14 pm


    Please get over yourself. The name *Nancy* is a very common name.


    Who are you, Kathy, to tell me to get over myself, anyway? I am a patriot & regular commenter here with CW. I don’t recall seeing you here very much, although I could be wrong. Someone used my identity here last night to make me look bad. Get over yourself.

  115. Pardon me, but I am not impressed with Beck. While he has found an angler lure through which he has hooked us, I do not believe he is sincere in the slightest sense. Nor do I believe he is interested in what we have to tell him.

    How much of what he spins is for the benefit of his station owner? Does he merely create the chaos his benefactors crave?

    IMHO, Beck is one of those who entertains us and maybe, the left also, in a convoluted sort of way. We needed someone to whom we could attach our star, and he provided the venue for us to do that.

    IMHO, he falls short of what I would expect a “professional journalist” or “talk show host” to be and/or do.

    None of them has the “caho***” to touch pp with a ten-foot pole. Even Dobbs says he was born in Hawaii. They all agree he was born in the USA…the pat answer from all of those who are complicit in this Fraud for whatever reason.

    Beck makes a good buck rallying the troops, but he has done little to impress me.


  116. Val,
    Thanks for the information on the Crashers!
    Just happens to be a Palestinian sympathizer–
    how convenient. And all the “made up stuff” about the wife–sounds like another “liar” of whom we are all aware!

    I really enjoyed this part of your posted link to the article….

    The couple, who reportedly auditioned for the Bravo reality TV show “Real Housewives of D.C.” arrived at the White House with a professional camera crew and makeup artist in tow and left before dinner was served.

    Were Secret Service personnel doing as they were instructed by not scrutinizing persons with Arab names, even if they were not on the guest list? Were they told, “Just let them pass, don’t offend them?”

    “The privilege given to Mr. Salahi is a frightening example of reverse discrimination,” Miller maintains, “I fully believe that had he and his wife’s last name been American, they would not have been allowed past the White House gates.”

    Canadian Free Press

  117. Nancy, I’m not trying to fuel the fire here, but the same thing happened to me at another place, to which I was totally ticked off about. You do have a right to gripe about it.

    But, Nancy, someone may have had the exact same name as you. Regardless, you have a right to be ticked off. Again, ask CW to allow you to change your name a little bit, it doesn’t have to be a lot of change. Still use “Nancy” and then some initials of your family or friends to where it is noticeable to you and other friends. CW will know it.

    Also, Nancy, any of Obots can get any one of us with our screen names here. Kittycat isn’t my name, but I won’t use my real name because of obvious reasons. I’m a woman.

    It’s good to be careful, Nancy, but I’m telling you this, more is going to go on in our future that is crazy. We’re at the beginning of crazy now.

  118. The reason getting the the bottom of 9/11 is so important, is because all National and International policies made since that time have been based on that single event.

    Part 1 of 5 – Newly released CBC report Video

  119. Goodnight all. Hopefully I can get on tomorrow. This has all been a very unfortunate experience today. I appreciate this site & all of your comments very much. If I am unable to get on tomorrow without using my son’s sign-on, something is wrong. And if that is the case, I will leave by saying God Bless America & God Bless You. Take care all.

  120. OOPs, sorry the video in previous post is part 2 of 5

    You can access the remainder of the CBC videos on youtube search: CBC: The Fifth Estate -911

    At the end of #2 and beginning of #3 they talk about the Olson phone call.

  121. Jacqlyn Smith…………………….

    Last night’s insanity involving MMMSSS. NANCY OBOT was a classic example of the prevailing LIBERAL MENTALITY. I have said all along that they are mentally programmed by their alleged leader, and they are INCAPABLE of REASONING. MMMSSS>Nancy’s behavior sure gave her away quickly. We all read right through her immediately. When she attacked our military I got mad, and went into her with anything I could think up to cause her to go completely over the edge. Until CW pressed the erasure button I was progressing swiftly towards achieveing the goal,when CW must have finally heard enough of her insanity and pushed the kill button. We have had these idiots befor but I don’t remember any as intense as she was. I hasd the feeling that she was pumped up on drugs.

  122. Nancy,
    Hope you saw my comment on the other thread.
    I look forward to your comments tomorrow and know you share your computer, etc. We know you’d never say the weird things that were said. I had my name used before, too. It’s not a pleasant experience. We all understand. Have a nice night. Tomorrow will be better:)

  123. Maddie,

    Isn’t it a shame that it takes another countries media to expose what is happening in our country? We learn more from International Media than our own. Something is so wrong with that picture!

    BTW: That photo that was attached to the CFP article with her, BO, Randy Jackson and The Black Eyed Peas … came off of her FaceBook page – that you can not get onto now without being a ‘fan’ !!!

  124. If you need a total change of pace/place-this is so interesting Dr. Ballard-his explorations, inventions and discoveries.

  125. please pardon my typos . Not paying attention again!

  126. They used 9/11 as a tool to once again strip us of our rights.

    Patriot Act is just one of them!

    The reason they haven’t captured Bin Laden yet, is because it was part of the deal. He takes the fall, America has someone to blame, and he’s a hero in Afghanistan.

    You telling me we can split an atom, send a man to the moon, develop satelite technology that can see the second hand moving on your wrist watch from outer space, and we can’t find some booger eat’n, dude with a beard, carrying an AK-47 walking around with a group of body guards?

    Bull**it !!!

    They’ve got this whole country thinking there’s a terrorist behind every stop sign. Unbelievable!

    Who’s the terrorist? Osama bin laden, one guy, in a cave, with a beard, and an AK-47, that’s 3000 miles away, or the people who’s using him to terrorize us into giving up all our rights, under the guise of terrorism?

    You better let us implement the Patriot Act, install street cameras, ID chip you, retinal scan you, GPS your house, have access to your medical and financial records, know how many guns you have, or…

    The Boogie Man Terrorist is gonna getcha!

    Bull**it !!!

  127. Kittycat,
    I think we’re well into “crazy” now both with the
    obots lunatics that drop by and the total garbage in DC.

    On another subject,
    Fox did a segment of the Fairfax, VA Saudi
    Academy that is preaching death to the “infidels” Part of the problem is that the Fairfax Council actually voted to let the Academy expand. If we have LIEliberals
    doing this kind of crap, we’ll be see more terrorist Muslim cells and more students from these schools turning into assasins and suicide bombers. Is this what America wants to continue to battle—more terrorism home-grown this time?

  128. Part 2 Dr. Ballard didn’t want to leave you hanging.

  129. Val,
    Thanks for the updates on this bunch.
    I hope they are prosecuted somehow.
    I’d like to see the pair spend some good jail time.

    Maybe we should check to see if he’s an illegal alien, ya never know.

  130. LindaNY—
    I’m still pondering your thought-provoking post
    above about G.B. It’s so hard to know who is
    really genuine. You do support your points well.
    Thanks for making me “think.”

  131. Kittykat……………………..

    As you probably know we were once again victimised by a transient OBOT. This person chose to use the name NANCY. This name probably adornes thousands of females, and possibly after considering the nature of a certain group there probably are MALES having this name as well. Consider the name STANLEY ANN DUNHAM. If a male name can be assigned too a female then I guess there is no reason why a male could’nt have the name Nancy. It would seem that he/she would be under a constant barrage of ridicule, and otherwise impughned. In straight male circles IT would be looked upon as a DEVIATE.
    I can understand the level of embarrassment that the GOOD Nancy may be sufferring, and I truly sympathise with her. She needs to keep focused on the fact that there is thousands of others with such a given name. No one can change that.

  132. Maddie-they are starting to scrub, it just gets weirder and weirder.
    Thanks to We the People USA
    Website scrubbed of Muslim Tareq Salshi who supposedly *crashed* the State Dinner, though he’s met Obama multiple times before. Here is the scrubbing proof:

  133. Linda from NY wait til you see the cartoon attached over there.
    Phantom Votes and more Election Fraud: NY 23
    by DefendUSx November 29, 2009 18:38
    Written by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.
    CANTON, NY – The election results certified by the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections for New York’s 23rd Congressional District contain some numbers that are mathematically impossible. These numbers were requested in person and transmitted by e-mail just hours before certification on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009.

  134. Everyone,…. this is a long read,….BUT, I WILL GUARANTEE THAT IT IS WORTH EVERY MOMENT IT TAKES…..

    WW II Battleship sailor tells Obama to shape up or ship out !

    This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaii

    for his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes

    all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body,

    he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now.

    He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president.

    Dear President Obama,

    My name is Harold Estes, approaching 95 on December 13 of this year. People meeting me for the first time don’t believe my age because I remain wrinkle free and pretty much mentally alert.

    I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1934 and served proudly before, during and after WW II retiring as a Master Chief Bos’n Mate. Now I live in a “rest home” located on the western end of Pearl Harbor , allowing me to keep alive the memories of 23 years of service to my country.

    One of the benefits of my age, perhaps the only one, is to speak my mind, blunt and direct even to the head man.

    So here goes.

    I am amazed, angry and determined not to see my country die before I do, but you seem hell bent not to grant me that wish.

    I can’t figure out what country you are the president of.

    You fly around the world telling our friends and enemies despicable lies like:

    ” We’re no longer a Christian nation”

    ” America is arrogant” – (Your wife even

    announced to the world,” America is mean-

    spirited. ” Please tell her to try preaching

    that nonsense to 23 generations of our

    war dead buried all over the globe who

    died for no other reason than to free a

    whole lot of strangers from tyranny and


    I’d say shame on the both of you, but I don’t think you like America, nor do I see an ounce of gratefulness in anything you do, for the obvious gifts this country has given you. To be without shame or gratefulness is a dangerous thing for a man sitting in the White House.

    After 9/11 you said,” America hasn’t lived up to her ideals.”

    Which ones did you mean? Was it the notion of personal liberty that 11,000 farmers and shopkeepers died for to win independence from the British? Or maybe the ideal that no man should be a slave to another man, that 500,000 men died for in the Civil War? I hope you didn’t mean the ideal 470,000 fathers, brothers, husbands, and a lot of fellas I knew personally died for in WWII, because we felt real strongly about not letting any nation push us around, because we stand for freedom.

    I don’t think you mean the ideal that says equality is better than discrimination. You know the one that a whole lot of white people understood when they helped to get you elected.

    Take a little advice from a very old geezer, young man.

    Shape up and start acting like an American. If you don’t, I’ll do what I can to see you get shipped out of that fancy rental on Pennsylvania Avenue. You were elected to lead not to bow, apologize and kiss the hands of murderers and corrupt leaders who still treat their people like slaves.

    And just who do you think you are telling the American people not to jump to conclusions and condemn that Muslim major who killed 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded dozens more. You mean you don’t want us to do what you did when that white cop used force to subdue that black college professor in Massachusetts, who was putting up a fight? You don’t mind offending the police calling them stupid but you don’t want us to offend Muslim fanatics by calling them what they are, terrorists.

    One more thing. I realize you never served in the military and never had to defend your country with your life, but you’re the Commander-in-Chief now, son. Do your job. When your battle-hardened field General asks you for 40,000 more troops to complete the mission, give them to him. But if you’re not in this fight to win, then get out. The life of one American soldier is not worth the best political strategy you’re thinking of.

    You could be our greatest president because you face the greatest challenge ever presented to any president.

    You’re not going to restore American greatness by bringing back our bloated economy. That’s not our greatest threat. Losing the heart and soul of who we are as Americans is our big fight now.

    And I sure as hell don’t want to think my president is the enemy in this final battle.


    Harold B. Estes

    When a 95 year old hero of the “the Greatest Generation”

    stands up and speaks out like this, I think we owe it

    to him to send his words to as many Americans as

    we can. Please pass it on.

  135. joyceaz-@10:13 while I agree with the sentiments of the Greatest Generation, it is too late for Obama. He messed up every opportunity he has had. People see him for what it is, a liar, a cheat and a totally phony. He did this to himself.

  136. OS,

    I don’t buy into the fact that there are many thousands of Nancys that are obots.

    Sorry, I’m like 56 and have only know about four of five of Nancy people in my lifetime. I know, is kind of weird when you may have known thousands of them. Maybe you were in the Nancy zone and I wasn’t. Heck if I know.

  137. Michelle,…… I did not {write} that beautiful letter. (I don’t think obama would even read that letter) And, if he did,…. he would laugh at it. obama hates everything about America and all the good She stands for.
    That was a Perfectly written letter,……
    the message was loud and clear,… except it fell on deaf ears,….TO WHOM IT WAS ADDRESSED TO.



    By the way there was a Tactical Command ship
    (AGC) bearing the same name. USS ESTES. She was a regular in California waters.

  139. joyceaz-The United States has been nothing but generous to Obama, when records have been unsealed would you like to bet a free education besides everything else. What do they say about biting the hand that feeds you? How ungrateful the Obamas really are.

  140. kittykat…………………….

    You have taken what I said out of context. I said there are probably thousands of females bearing the given name of Nancy. Unless you have personally counted each and every one of then throughout the world you cannot say that there is not that many,especially when you base it upon your own personal experience. That would seem to say that you must have some sort of special mathematical power. Again, while I cannot prove that there IS thousands of Nancies, the world over you cannot prove that there ISN’T. So I guess we are at a stalmate, and need to move on to other subjects more relavent to our USURPER.

  141. Joyceaz……………………………….

    Harold Estes has it exactly right,and he also retains a remarkable vocabulary,and ncommand of grammer, given his 95 year longevity. He sounds like an ex “TIN CAN” sailor.

  142. A battleship is only a scaled up TIN CAN.,but is one hell of a lot BADDER!

  143. Read on CBN News site the party crashers are shopping their story. Cancelled on Larry King and are asking 6 figures to tell their story……..

  144. Ok, time to move on with the “Nancy thing.” The more attention given to it, the more the obots take pleasure and delight. Like all clowns, they thrive on attention. Address it then IGNORE it.

  145. Carmen…………………………
    I personally think that the entire incident was choreographed in Soetoro’s office,yet I am at a loss to see any benefit to his REGIME. Perhaps he offerred this chance to them as friends, so that they could start collecting from the American people. To me it all smacks of such a tryst, to gain a quick $6,000,000. after all hasn’t Soetoro been asking everybody for money to fight us BIRTHERS,and FOX NEWS?

  146. TEEDEE…………….


  147. #

    JustMe // November 29, 2009 at 7:15 pm


    I believe you should leave it up to CW to determine what can and can’t be posted on his site. BTW, I don’t post information to feed fantasies. I post information that expands ones thinking beyond the official crap we get from liars.

    Just Me….Where did I say something can’t be posted???? You gave your opinion and I gave mine…..I just don’t happen to agree with the article or the expert touting the conspiracy…..never said you couldn’t post!!!!

  148. oldsalt77 // November 29, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith…………………….

    Last night’s insanity involving MMMSSS. NANCY OBOT was a classic example of the prevailing LIBERAL MENTALITY.


    OldSalt….I saw how COOL you were last night….great job sticking up for the REAL Nancy!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  149. limbaugh, hannity, beck, palin, and virtually all of the top repubs aren’t willing to face this issue. THEY ARE COWARDS.

    if they were to respond, i’m sure they’d say they stand up for conservatism and are vilified in the press every day. that is correct, to a certain extent. they will stand up for conservatism like low taxes, abortion, etc. WHEN THEY KNOW THEY HAVE ABOUT THIRTY PERCENT OF THE NATION BEHIND THEM.

    but when they know that obama has not proven his eligibility and there is only a small percentage of the country who is interested, THEY WON’T TAKE THE HEAT.


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