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“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Congressional oath of office

US Constitution

Hall of Shame

A letter received from Senator Saxby Chambliss of
Georgia regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility issues:

“Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns over President-
elect Obama’s citizenship. I appreciate hearing from you.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution
states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of
the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,
shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any
Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the
Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within
the United States.” President-elect Obama demonstrated his citizenship

during his campaign by circulating copies of his birth certificate,
which showed he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

On December 8, 2008, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case filed
by a New Jersey attorney, Mr. Donofrio, regarding President-elect
Obama’s citizenship. Unlike many of the lawsuits regarding President-
elect Obama’s citizenship, which claim he was really born on foreign
soil, Mr. Donofrio’s case concedes that President-elect Obama was born
in Hawaii but contends he still held foreign citizenship at birth. Mr.
Donofrio’s lawsuit argues that since President-elect Obama’s father was
a Kenyan citizen and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the
United Kingdom at the time of President-elect Obama’s birth, then Obama
was a British citizen at birth and not eligible to be President of the
United States.

Another attorney, Mr. Berg, has filed a lawsuit regarding President-
elect Obama’s citizenship and is waiting to hear whether the Supreme
Court will take up the case or not. A federal judge in Eastern
Pennsylvania threw out Mr. Berg’s lawsuit in October, saying he lacked
legal standing to bring the challenge since he could not show he faced
individual harm even if he could prove his claims about President-elect
Obama’s citizenship. The judge did not get to the merits of the case.
Mr. Berg is appealing the standing issue to the Supreme Court.

If a person is born in the United States, a certificate of live birth
issued where one is born is sufficient proof of U.S. citizenship. The
certificate, confirmed by the Hawaii Department of Health as authentic,
shows that President-elect Obama was born in Hawaii.

If you would like to receive timely email alerts regarding the latest
congressional actions and my weekly e-newsletter, please sign up via my
web site at: . Please let me know
whenever I may be of assistance.”

Senator Saxby Chambliss stated:

“President-elect Obama demonstrated his citizenship during his campaign
by circulating copies of his birth certificate, which showed he was
born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.”

The Obama campaign has never produced a birth certificate despite
many attempts in court to force him to. Obama, instead has spent
hundreds of thousands of dollars and employed numerous attorneys
to avoid proving eligibility.

Senator Chambliss then stated:

“If a person is born in the United States, a certificate of live birth
issued where one is born is sufficient proof of U.S. citizenship.”

That may be true. However, one must prove that one is born in the US.
NOtice he begins with “If a person is born in the United states.”

Senator Chambliss then stated:

“The certificate, confirmed by the Hawaii Department of Health as
authentic, shows that President-elect Obama was born in Hawaii.”

Hawaii Health Dept. Officials never stated that Obama was born in
Hawaii. See below.

Why Obama is not eligible

What Hawaii Health Official really said

Latest information on court cases

From the Alan Keyes lawsuit

“A press release was issued on October 31, 2008, by the Hawaii Department
of Health by its Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino. Dr. Fukino said that she
had “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of
Health has Senator Obama’s original birth certificate on record in
accordance with state policies and procedures.” That statement failed to
resolve any of the questions being raised by litigation and press accounts.
Being “on record” could mean either that its contents are in the computer
database of the department or there is an actual “vault” original.”

“Further, the report does not say whether the birth certificate in the
“record” is a Certificate of Live Birth or a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.
In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth resulting from hospital documentation,
including a signature of an attending physician, is different from a
Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. For births prior to 1972, a Certificate of
Hawaiian Birth was the result of the uncorroborated testimony of one witness
and was not generated by a hospital. Such a Certificate could be obtained up
to one year from the date of the child’s birth. For that reason, its value
as prima facie evidence is limited and could be overcome if any of the
allegations of substantial evidence of birth outside Hawaii can be obtained.
The vault (long Version) birth certificate, per Hawaiian Statute 883.176
allows the birth in another State or another country to be registered in
Hawaii. Box 7C of the vault Certificate of Live Birth contains a question,
whether the birth was in Hawaii or another State or Country. Therefore,
the only way to verify the exact location of birth is to review a certified
copy or the original vault Certificate of Live Birth and compare the name of
the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor against the
birthing records on file at the hospital noted on the Certificate of the
Live Birth.”

50 responses to “Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia, US Constitution Hall of Shame, Obama not eligible, US Congress, Electoral College Votes, Obama’s eligibility must be challenged, GA senator

  1. Another dumb*ss down, how many more to go?

  2. Wow, the state of Hawaii (or apparently any state) now has more authority on US constutitional issues than the federal government!

    See my second letter to America which concerns this issue:

  3. These people have no scuples and no shame unless they personally get caught in a sexual act.
    None of this surprises me . 😦

  4. Always the same talking points.

    They Know!

  5. when the truth comes out…how are they going look and feel?

  6. Maybe after Friday the Supreme Court will change his mind. What does it take to get through to the people? Most of these Senators are lawyers. One would think they would be interested in knowing the truth about Obama. Do they all get their information from the same source? All of the Senator’s letters are identical, they all sound like a broken record. All the Senators must be sharing info on Obama so they don’t have to do any research, to write their own letter.

  7. Where do they get this spew from. It is patently false.

  8. Jacqlyn Smith

    I hope some of you are listening to Plains Radio tonight. They have a Dr. David Hagen on who has a PHD and he is informing everyone of the Point of Order ….Petitition for redress that can come from not only a Senator or a Representative but also an ordinary citizen can present it to a Senator or Congressman to file on their behalf. WE CAN ALL DO THIS AND STOP OBAMA!!!! He says we can do it all up until March if it takes that long. He says the 20th Amendment in the Constitution gives us that right and everyone needs to visit this amendment. Also…go to his Website to print out your very own copy of the Point of order paperwork. Do it now and get it to your Senator and Congressman before Thursday if possible. This is an unbelievable revelation and Obama will be required to show his documents because the burden of proof is now on him!!! Found out all of this on the Plains Radio Show tonight!

  9. Yes, all the talking points were probably distributed to them by …………………….. Barry Soetoro himself! Would that surprise you? And Nancy Peliarosi too.

    He’s constantly on that Blackberry playing tennis. They keep lobbing him questions and he keeps sending them all their talking points.

    And they believe it, don’t question it, lest they be called racists. I am so tired of that word. So overused.

  10. Let’s chew on this one for a moment. We’re all assuming Stanley Dunham was a U.S. citizen at the time Obama was born.

    But, careful inspection of the marriage/divorce decrees of Obama and Dunham reveal a legal issue of Polygamy. Britain had laws to respect colonies with this cultural allowance. The United States did not.

    Let us now assume that in order for Dunham to legally marry Obama, she had to become a British citizen. It’s actually quite easy for any woman to become a British Citizen who is married to a British Citizen according to the British Nationality Act of 1948:

    Section 6(2) states:

    “(2) Subject to the provisions of subsection (3) of this section, a woman who has been married to a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies shall be entitled, on making application therefore to the Secretary of State in the prescribed manner, and, if she is a British protected person or an alien, on taking an oath of allegiance in the form specified in the First Schedule to this Act, to be registered as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, whether or not she is of full age and capacity.”

    Perhaps this is the REAL reason why Obama doesn’t want us to see his paperwork and has hidden away all aspects of his mother.

  11. I spoke with McCain and Gerlach’s office today–they don’t care. Period. Gerlach’s office was basically unaware of the problem–per Ryan–who I spoke with. My tax dollars at work. McCain’s office said to call the FEC b/c the BC on Factcheck was authentic–I told him not to insult my intelligence–he hung up. Yup, fight for what’s right, empty words, a campaign slogan. They just don’t care. But, I do.

  12. Jeff M —

    You are correct, but there is no evidence of that either.

    Remember, the daughter of President U.S. Grant married an Englishman and followed that procedure.

    After his death, she had to reclaim her U.S. Citizenship. The governing law at the time was the Naturalization Act of 1870, which was revised in 1948. In fact, it was Grant’s Secretary of State, Hamilton Fish, who negotiated the Treaty that established this procedure.

  13. Curious why so many MSM and politicians seem not to care about our Constitution. The one that makes America a country. The one that millions have died to defend. What is going on? I am in shock! I feel like my country is leaving me.

  14. Don’t bother contacting McCain. He’s in the same citizenship “hot water” as Obama.

  15. Kenneth Doster

    Thank you Jacqlyn Smith!! Should’nt it be spelled Jacquelyn?

    Just communicated with my Hall of Shame – Senator Saxby Chambliss. It felt good to unload some choice words on his staff.

    Clicked onto this website. Wonderful news!!

    I have some serious work to do on this petition for Point of order.

  16. Bob,

    I understand what you are saying. However, it is common practice for many wives at the time to assume their husband’s citizenship.

    If we assume Dunham was law-abiding, she would have completed the lawful act of preventing polygamy in the United States. And that act would be to become a British National in the Kenyan territory.

    If you recall, polygamy in the U.S. resulted in the Edmunds (or Edmunds-Tucker) Act, which stated that polygamy was a felony and punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both.

  17. I am both ashamed and embarrassed to read how McCain’s office responded to Riddlemethis. I feel like crying. The guy is a jerk. Sarah Palin probably cares more about this …. or would …. if she knew all the facts we do.

    We need to write to her and attach the proof that the factcheck BC is a forgery, the Obama-Dunham divorce papers, the Dunham-Soetoro divorce papers ……. wanna bet she is unaware of much of the stuff we know? Also the exact wording in the constitution that would exclude Obama.

    Please let’s do that. Yeah, and maybe we should send all that to Joe the Plumber. Only kidding about him. I’m just getting really depressed about the fact that either all our elected officials have a 4th grade mentality OR they are all in on this conspiracy. No one wants to rock the boat or NOT be one of the sheeple. Sigh.

  18. citizenwells

    Janet et al.
    Get me an official letter/response from McCain or his office and
    I will add it to the Hall of Shame.
    One thing that particularly annoyed me during the election was
    McCain being fair to Obama instead of the American people.

  19. I have been reading Lame Cherry Blogs with some heightened interest. Is Lame Cherry reputable? Who is Lame Cherry?

    The comment in the latest post was very interesting.

    “but I will state here that a lawsuit filed on another Obama, Stanley Ann Obama, demanding records of her renunciation of British subject and citizenship be produced, along with her entire passport manifest would be thee opening link to prove Barack Obama jr. is the offspring of two British subjects, and, according to perpetual British law affirmed by the Obama’s, he is to this day a British subject as he is of dual citizenship which disqualifies him and has on his site stated his British citizenship expired. There is according to the Law he was born under in the British Nationality Act of 1948, never an expiration on British citizenship.”


  20. and always says false for anything about Obama and friends, runned by a group called Annenberg of Chicago, where Obama
    once sat on a board with William Ayers. Bogus sites and not trusted at all.

  21. citizenwells

    Lame Cherry is ok.

  22. citizenwells

    Good night all.

  23. Wow, this is fabulous. Below is the link … just print it out, fill in the blanks on the bottom, sign it in front of a notary (have it notarized), place stamp and mail to your Senator and Representative ASAP … do it now, it only takes a moment. By the way, notary is free at TD bank (formerly Commerce Bank) and probably YOUR bank, too!

    Apparently, we are allowed to do this legally according to the Constitution. (Thank you, Jacqlyn Smith, for the link). Amazing!

    Click to access Obama.Qualification.Petition.pdf

  24. McCain owes Obama for Senate Resolution 511.

    Do not assume McCain will do anything about this dilemma. The back scratchers in the Capital Building must be out of stock this time of year…

  25. And yes, this was not a typo. It’s the Capital Building with a Capital C for “Corruption”.

  26. Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Re: Blagojevich Contacts with Obama and Transition Team

    The following are excerpts from the letter signed by President-elect Obama on December 3, 2008, less than one week before authorities arrested Blagojevich for attempting to “sell” Obama’s now-vacant Senate seat, among other corruption charges:

    “Thank you for meeting with me on Tuesday in Philadelphia. Vice President-elect Joe Biden and I were pleased with the open discussion.”
    “As we discussed, I would appreciate any advice you can provide to me and my team on the biggest roadblocks to states in moving forward in ‘getting ready to go’ projects started quickly.”
    “In addition, I welcome any advice you can provide me and my team on revitalizing and reinvigorating the state-federal partnership. I want to make it a priority of my Administration to work closely with you.”
    “I look forward to working with you and hitting the ground running on January 20th.”
    The November 17, 2008, letter signed by Jarrett and Podesta states:

    “On behalf of President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden we want you to know of our strong interest in working with you in the months to come. As you may know we have formed a Presidential Transition Team so that the new Administration will be prepared to confront the extraordinary challenges facing our country. Your leadership and experience will be invaluable in this effort and we hope you will not hesitate to share your insights during this process.”

    “These documents tend to undermine Obama’s claims that he had no contact with Blagojevich and suggest his transition is hiding documents about such contacts,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Why did President-elect Obama not release this letter? What else is he hiding?”

    Click to access BlagojevichFOIAresponse122408.pdf

  27. Jacqlyn Smith

    Kenneth Doster // January 6, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Thank you Jacqlyn Smith!! Should’nt it be spelled Jacquelyn?

    Just communicated with my Hall of Shame – Senator Saxby Chambliss. It felt good to unload some choice words on his staff.

    Clicked onto this website. Wonderful news!!

    I have some serious work to do on this petition for Point of order.

    You are welcom Kenneth! Everyone please do this. Go to and get your paperwork. I even sent a scanned copy to Dick Cheney who I believe presides over the Senate votes. You can e-mail this at first but then you need to get notorized copies and send the Senators and House of Rep. official signed petitions through the mail. I already sent my e-mails and will get my hard copies of my document in the mail tomorrow. My husband is sending a copy too!! Please everyone do this. We don’t have to wait on these ignorant morons to tell us NO!!! Listen to the Plains Radio Show on Jan 5th and Dr. David Hagen tells you what to do. This is our right as citizens. People aren’t aware of this!!!

  28. Excellent angle about Stanley Ann Durham Obama perhaps becoming an English citizen. But the question is: Why would anyone sue her? She is deceased and her being an English citizen doesn’t do anyone any harm – so what would be the legal reason for the lawsuit?

    I think it would be more like DISCOVERY in a lawsuit against Obama.

  29. asthecrowflies

    Posted on World Net Dailey in response to NBC’s decision to ban Ann Coulter FOR LIFE because they don’t like people saying bad things about Obama.

    It’s starting folks. Fight or flight. You choose.

    WND comment posted tonight,

    “The media is a very powerful entity, but it is entirely dependent on the public. That being said, collectively, we are more powerful than the media. I propose a country wide ban on NBC and all of it’s advertisers starting tonight! Post lists on all conservative websites of advertisers peddling their wares on all of NBC’s channels.

    Starting tonight, no more! Let’s show these liberally spoiled brats what the “United” in the United States of America really means.

    Let’s shut these whining cry-babies down once and for all. If we do not act immediately, this will be just the beginning of all that they plan to take from us!”

    PASS THIS ON! We the People, no matter our political leanings, should not be silenced, OR not allowed to hear from all points of view and come up with our own conclusions.

    We have seen what happens when the MSM decides what is important for us to know, and what is not!


    Now I hear that NBC is denying the event. A spokesman has stated something to the effect that “with all that is going on in the Middle East right now, there wasn’t time…”

    That’s just “Liberal Speak” for “We’re just testing the waters a little here…seeing how far we can push you around before you squeal. We’ll push a little harder next time.”

    My ban still stands! I am not going to take it anymore!

    “We the People”, let your mantra be:


    Let the other media outlets sit up and take notice! “We the People” are sick and tired of being given selective views passed on to us by a motive driven press.

    We have seen what happens when the MSM chooses what information we will be given access to, and what we will not be allowed to Know about!

    We must demand that they either report all of the facts, or we will bankrupt them and force them to get their selective “opinions” out by blogging on websites the way that we must now do!

  30. CW “et al”, I’m just throwing this out here for digestion. Not accusing anyone “officially” just yet.

    How close are we adding Ron Paul to the “Hall of Shame?” The reason I ask this is based on the best info I can find to date from:

    “Ron Paul’s office called
    On December 18th, 2008 cc3 says:

    Ron Paul’s office called back and the rep didn’t want to get into a long argument but he said that it takes a senator and a house of rep to call objection ot the electoral college. Dr. Paul did look into it and felt there was not enough evidence to make such a big objection. Two examples he cited, which I know no one here believes is the certificate of birth and the Secretary of Hawaii verifying the birth certificate.

    Oh well, maybe it is a bit suicidal on Ron Paul’s part to be the lone objection in this matter.”

    This is most disconcerting. If Paul fervently believes in his mind, that there is no valid basis to make a Constitutional objection on Jan. 8th, under “Article II, Section I,” and the 12th Amendment, taking together Title 3, United States Code, Section 15; then what congressional/senatorial representative will?!?

    We may as well just go ahead and put the ENTIRE US Congress and Senate in the “Hall of Shame.”

    Perhaps Dr. Vieira is not a much guessing, but more to the point historically predicting and forecasting:

    “If the courts finally do their duty, and Obama is exposed as an usurper, the legitimacy of the rest of the political system will be eviscerated (and the legitimacy of even the courts will be in doubt, because their intervention was so reluctant and tardy). Whereas, if the courts cover up the matter in case after case on spurious grounds, incarcerating one after another American on the trumped-up charges of an usurper—and they will have to keep up the pretense in case after case if the whole house of cards is not to collapse—the legitimacy of the entire political system will utterly evaporate. (To be sure, Obama’s Department of Justice could refrain from prosecuting anyone under new statutes; but then all of that legislation would become unenforceable.) In any case, the only institutions of government that will escape condemnation will be “the Militia of the several States”, because they will still not be in existence (unless Americans show a great deal more enthusiasm for the idea of revitalizing the Militia than they have to date) and therefore cannot be discredited.

    What will be the necessary consequence of the exposure of America’s political system as illegitimate in its entirety? Power will replace law. As Mao Tse-tung opined, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” And, with an usurper posing as “President,” someday soon someone will prove that aphorism true here.

    One scenario will suffice: On some Monday not so far in the future, “President” Obama meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to announce that “Operation Sandblaster,” for a massive nuclear attack on Iran’s supposed “weapons of mass destruction,” will be launched on the coming Friday. The Joint Chiefs remonstrate, pointing out that such aggression will trigger retaliation by Russia and China, almost surely plunging the whole world into a thermonuclear World War III. “President” Obama, however, is adamant, and instructs the Joint Chiefs to have the necessary orders for “Sandblaster”—or their resignations—on his desk by Wednesday morning. Knowing that, if they resign, “President” Obama will simply appoint some unprincipled uniformed “yes men” to carry out his plan, the Joint Chiefs immediately order covert break-ins around the country to obtain his original birth certificate and other material evidence relating to his ineligibility for the Office of President. With these documents in hand, on Wednesday morning, accompanied by a contingent of heavily armed Marines, the Joint Chiefs confront “President” Obama with the evidence, arrest him as an usurper and all the Members of Congress as his co-conspirators, and appoint themselves a Military Commission to function as a “caretaker government” during the ensuing “national emergency.”

    Has Dr. Paul honestly considered the ramifications of being included as “Members of Congress as his co-conspirators?” Does he just not care? Does he feel he is under some sort of “blackmail” extortion, or real threat?

    His office personnel are even acting somewhat “politically” coy. It is as though they know something, that they are not willing, or more the point, have been ORDERED not to divulge publicly and officially. Is there already some sort of “fix” that is already firmly in place? Ron Paul, himself, appears to allude to this fact…

    What say you all?

  31. [addendum to my previous]

    Checking around, Devvy already mentioning Sen. James Inhofe, I see that Sen. Inhofe has already been added to the HoS. Devvy then goes on to mention,

    “The only person in the entire U.S. House of Representatives who might undertake such an objection would be Congressman Ron Paul. ”

    I’m waiting for Devvy next response, to what Paul would officially answer. Devvy’s response is certainly going to be interesting.

    Folks, are we really getting so close to that point, where either Dr. Vieira’s “Sandblaster” scenario ( plays out, or we prepare ourselves for the “second coming” of Oliver Cromwell, or dare I say dutifully “re-execute” our Declaration?

    If the Constitution gets to the point, the “Law of the Land,” becomes null and void, then all we Americans have left to rely on for this nation, is our “Declaration.” I ask every “red-blooded” American present, just what does our “Declaration” DEMAND?

    Consider this dear people. On Jan. 20th, we may well witness not just an “usurper” to POTUS. More than that, an usurper who just happens to be by virtue of his “natural born citizenship,” (Vattel § 212. Citizens and natives, and § 17. And to preserve its members; including footnote 15) a British subject.

  32. Riddlemethis,
    Is Gerlack your congressman and did you talk to the DC office or his local office? Is it Ms Ryan or Mr Ryan? I’m asking this because my daughter and son in law live in his district and they both voted for him. My daughter is furious with the Obama situation. I’ll get them to call Gerlack’s office.

  33. Janet,
    I think you and I had an exchange about the 1961 Washington state situation, can’t remember. I had stated there was an indepth analysis of this somewhere, probably in Corsi’s book. Got his book yesterday and there is only the information that was in the Tribune article that you posted. Somewhere there is more written about this. Will keep trying.
    Has anyone heard anything more on the port of entry situation?

  34. Steve Murphy

    Lame Cherry may well be Larry Sinclair judging from many of his former posts. The problem he and many of the other conspiracy fanatics face is that there is NO PROOF that Obama’s mama was ever in Kenya. Nobody has ever come up with any evidence on that issue.

    Secondly, his father left Kenya in 1960 and did not return there until 1965. The divorce papers, despite Ed Hale’s rantings, (Hale claims he shot two bigfeet or bigfoots) make no mention of the birthplace of Barack Obama. None.

    As to the Hawaii COLB, it is impossible for ANYONE to get a copy of their vault or long-form certificate. It violates Hawaiian policy and they ONLY distribute short-form copies of the original to anyone wanting a copy of their original birth certificate.

    As to the guy who commented about and Annenberg, you’re omitting important facts. Mrs. Annenberg is a long-time Republican who supported McCain in this election.

    Despite all the attempts, there is no way anyone will be able to disprove that Obama was born in Hawaii.

  35. Pingback: Say it isn’t so! Senator Saxby Chambliss is on CitizenWells’ Constitution Hall of Shame - Georgia Call Him and Urge Him to be Couragous! « ZachJonesIsHome - Helping to Keep an Eye on the Larry Sinclair Allegations

  36. JeffM —

    You are exactly right, and I brought this up several days ago, believing that the burden fell on Barack Obama, Sr. alone, and that Stanley Ann Dunham was unaware of his previous marriage and other children, thinking she would have filed for an Annulment on the grounds of polygamy (apparently merely a misdemeanor in Hawaii, but not under Federal law), but she filed only for a Divorce for mental anguish, and not the expected Annulment.

    I discovered later that she was probably quite aware of the previous marriage, and in fact she became a close friend of Wife No. 1 and corresponded with her regularly, even after her divorce from Obama, Sr.

    So, she too was probably a polygamist! Anyway, dysfunctional!

    Go figure!

    However, you need to check this out, already in 1900, or thereabouts, the law began to change and it was no longer automatic that a wife’s citizenship followed her husbands (as in the prior century): there had to be an actual decision made about it.

  37. You know who has a REAL PROBLEM with his birth certificate? John Sydney McCain, III, and all of the Republican Party knows it.

    I think this is the REAL REASON why the Republicans are writing the letters that end up in this hall of shame, and why the punditry is stone cold silent.

    I will say more when I have it — I have spent the last 3 days and nights on this.

    Talk about a FRAUD and HOAX, and by highly-regarded LAWYERS sworn to uphold the Law!
    McCain’s FRAUD is more obvious than Obama’s.

    WASHINGTON is a CESSPOOL as bad as CHICAGO, and all on our nickel!

  38. American4America

    Chambliss is my “Senile-tor”, I sent him, and Isaakson, an email pointing out the natural born issue reflected by Donofrio. I did not mention anything about a birth certificate or origin of birth–only the parentage issue.

    I have not received a response as of today. I imagine I will get a stock response; but, am curious to see whether it will include his bla-blah about the bc and factcheck.

    I’ll share it when, and if, I get one from either of my polly-wogs.


  39. New development concerning BO’s eligibility problem, possibly important: Prayer for a Redress of Grievance that Barack Obama is not eligible to be POTUS, as per First Constitutional Amendment.

    h t t p : / / w w w . axtk . c o m /

    Please read closely. Standard letters, phone calls and emails won’t do the trick.

    QUOTE: “If not delivered personally, it must be signed before a notary and sent via US Post.”

    Deadlines: January 7th and/or 19th. Apparently there’s another session of Congress on the 19th. (???)

  40. Ron Paul may challenge.
    Anyone would be coy at this point to fend off attacks.

  41. Feeling alone?

  42. Bob,

    It all makes sense. We assume Stanley would most certainly avoid felony charges. Any “sane” woman with a child would do so. That means citizenship change to British status.

    Any trips to Kenya would not be necessary. If anything a British Embassy would be all that is needed. And the embassy that serves Hawaii is located in Los Angeles.

    Perhaps someone should contact them and see if they have any information on these two deceased individuals:

    The British Consular General, Los Angeles
    Suite 1200, 11766 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90025-6538
    Tel: (310) 481-0031
    Fax: (310) 481-2960

    Ask for an marriage license sent from the State Department of Health in Hawaii to the Embassy in 1961 under the name of Stanley Dunham and Barack Obama.
    You should also ask for an Overseas Marriage Certificate issued by the U.K.

    We have the date from the divorce decree so it should be failry simple to track it down.

  43. Has Diane Feinstein responded? She may have a vested interest in bringing down Obama. She has been outspoken lately on his choices.

  44. Eric,

    I called the DC office. The guy (vey young) who answered the phone was named Ryan…Gerlach is my Congressman. Shame he can’t uphold his oath. The guy at McCain’s office was nothing short of an A-Hole to be quite honest.

  45. American4America

    My response to his response:

    I am insulted by your response to my email concerning the ‘natural born’ status of Barak Obama.
    You responded “Thank you for contacting my office regarding Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I appreciate hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to respond.” NO WHERE in my initial email did I discuss his birth certificate. You insult me, and all of your constituents, by not reading or addressing the specifics addressed in correspondence. You obviously did not read my email and dismissed me out of hand.

    I will reiterate my concern that Mr. Obama is a British citizen by virtue of his father and mother being British Citizens:

    Pursuant to the British Nationality Act of 1948, Stanley Ann Dunham, mother, became a British subject when she married Barack Obama Sr., father, a British subject. Since both parents are not American citizens,their progeny will not have American citizenship; and, thus, be ineligible to hold elective office in the United States, unless they become naturalized citizens. A naturalized citizen would never be eligible to the office of the Vice-President or President due to the specific language in Article I of the Constitution. Mr. Obama, himself, states on his ‘Fight the Smears’ website that he was a British subject at birth, by virtue of the British Nationality Act of 1948. Have one of your assistance visit the site and verify this for you.

    Senator, you have sworn to protect and defend our Constitution. You are derelict in your duties to Georgians, Americans and our Constitution. You have the duty and responsibility (and the RIGHT as a Citizen yourself) to ask for qualifying documents on Jan. 8th, when the Electoral College votes are certified in the Senate.

    Again, it is not about his birth certificate or where he was born. It is about his self-admitted British citizenship via the British Nationality Act of 1948.

    I want to think you will do the right thing and execute your responsibilty to protect and defend our Constitution. Should you not stand on Jan. 8th and ask for qualifying documents for the offices of Vice-President and President you will lose my support for any future office you seek, and I will actively campaign against you. Remember Georgia is a conservative state that hold the tenents of our Constitution as the supreme law of our great nation. You, sir, are responsible to us.

  46. What happened to all the challenges?

  47. Supremes deny Berg, but questions about Obama’s birth record persist
    The Supreme court denied Philip Berg certiorari today, but questions about Obama’s birth record persist. He has never provided his long form birth certificate even after several lawsuits. Instead, he has fought in court to keep it a secret document. On January 20th Barack Obama will enter the White House under a cloud of suspicion about his status as a natural born citizen. This is a shame. All he had to do was shoe the document. This is a slap in the face of every American who cherishes the Constitution.

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