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“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Congressional oath of office

US Constitution

Hall of Shame

A letter received from Senator David Vitter of Louisiana
regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility issues:

“Thank you for contacting me with concerns about President-elect
 Barack Obama’s citizenship status. I appreciate hearing from you
 on this important issue.

I am deeply concerned about many policies the incoming Obama
Administration may promote, including nominations of liberal judges
who do not follow a strict interpretation of the Constitution, higher
taxes on Louisiana families and businesses, fewer opportunities for
domestic energy production, and more. I will continue working in the
U.S. Senate against things like these and to promote policies that
will grow our economy and follow our Constitution.

As you know, Article II, Section I of the Constitution requires that
candidates for president must be natural born citizens, at least
thirty-five years old, and residents of the United States for fourteen
years. Hawaii state officials have verified that President-elect Obama
was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961, making him a natural born
citizen. To this point, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear
cases contesting Obama’s citizenship status, leaving in place the lower
court rulings. I will continue to monitor this situation and any cases
on this matter in our courts.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue.
Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about other issues
important to you.


Senator David Vitter
United States Senator”

Senator Vitter, as a Republican I would have expected you to be
better informed on this subject.

Senator Vitter stated:

“Hawaii state officials have verified that President-elect Obama
was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961, making him a natural born

Hawaii state officials did not state that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Being born in Hawaii is not sufficient to make Obama a natural born
citizen. If it did, then British citizens vacationing in Hawaii and
delivering a child would enable that British child to be president.

Senator Vitter then stated:

“the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear cases contesting Obama’s
citizenship status”

First of all, Philip J Berg’s lawsuit is still alive before the US
Supreme Court. Secondly, much of what the Supreme Court has refused
to review was emergency stays. So far there has been no dismissal due
to explicitly stated lack of merit.

Why Obama is not eligible

What Hawaii Health Official really said

Latest information on court cases

From the Alan Keyes lawsuit

“A press release was issued on October 31, 2008, by the Hawaii Department
of Health by its Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino. Dr. Fukino said that she
had “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of
Health has Senator Obama’s original birth certificate on record in
accordance with state policies and procedures.” That statement failed to
resolve any of the questions being raised by litigation and press accounts.
Being “on record” could mean either that its contents are in the computer
database of the department or there is an actual “vault” original.”

“Further, the report does not say whether the birth certificate in the
“record” is a Certificate of Live Birth or a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.
In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth resulting from hospital documentation,
including a signature of an attending physician, is different from a
Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. For births prior to 1972, a Certificate of
Hawaiian Birth was the result of the uncorroborated testimony of one witness
and was not generated by a hospital. Such a Certificate could be obtained up
to one year from the date of the child’s birth. For that reason, its value
as prima facie evidence is limited and could be overcome if any of the
allegations of substantial evidence of birth outside Hawaii can be obtained.
The vault (long Version) birth certificate, per Hawaiian Statute 883.176
allows the birth in another State or another country to be registered in
Hawaii. Box 7C of the vault Certificate of Live Birth contains a question,
whether the birth was in Hawaii or another State or Country. Therefore,
the only way to verify the exact location of birth is to review a certified
copy or the original vault Certificate of Live Birth and compare the name of
the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor against the
birthing records on file at the hospital noted on the Certificate of the
Live Birth.”


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  1. It is unfathomable how UNINFORMED these “leaders” seem to be. One is entitled to one’s own opinions, but this is ludicrous. I obviously wouldn’t agree, but I could at least understand any one of these guys saying they don’t care, the people have spoken. But how can they be soooo IGNORANT?

  2. Does anyone have new status about Andy Martin’s lawsuit in Hawaii? The last I knew in late November he had identified a number of things wrong with the ruling and was going to appeal it. But first he was going to give a courtesy opportunity to the original judge to correct some of the errors.

    In the meantime, I have heard nothing in regards either of these two steps. I have been watching his website, but I was hoping that someone here communicates with him and might be able to get newer information.

  3. Carlyle, we see that ignorance everyday and every election. People make uninformed decisions based on snippets and headlines and the media knows it. But like you said, our elected officials are suppose to be our general authority. To have this lack of knowledge on this issue, knowledge that is at ones fingertips, is inexcusable.

  4. CW:

    Over at the Zapem website, Admin said for me to post this over here if you don’t mind. I don’t know another way to write to you. This is a response that she received, which took about a month. Please add to the Hall of Shame.

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for the cases brought before the Supreme Court regarding President-Elect Obama’s dual nationality at birth. Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this vital issue.

    These cases allege that President-Elect Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is counterfeit or that he may have dual citizenship. However, based on state health department records, Hawaii state officials have confirmed that Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961, in Hawaii. That means he is a natural born citizen, and thus, eligible to serve as President of the United States.

    As you may have heard, on December 8, 2008, the US Supreme Court turned down the emergency appeal in one of these cases. Other appeals have been dismissed in the federal courts of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington State.

    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of more assistance. I invite you to visit my website ( to learn of other important issues to New Jersey.


    United States Senator”

  5. Carlyle —

    It’s not just ignorance, it’s the law!


    Congress and the 20th Amendment

    As we approach January 20, 2009, the 20th Amendment, Section 3, comes into play.

    Read the first sentence, and note the words “President elect.” This is AFTER the Electoral College has met . . .

    “If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President.

    Read the second sentence, and note ‘shall not have been chosen.’ By whom? Why Congress, of course.

    But the key sentence is: ‘if the President elect shall failed to qualify.’ Whose duty is it to qualify the President elect? Why Congress, of course.

    “If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified;

    Read the third sentence, and the key word is “neither.” Who is empowered to select a replacement? Why Congress, of course.

    “–and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.”

    Therefore, if Congress fails to perform any of these duties, including “qualifying the President elect,” then Congress is in direct violation of the 20th Amendment, adopted by Three-Quarters of the States in 1933.

    So, we are not talking ancient history here — some of the sitting Supreme Court Justices were born about this time.

  6. Carlyle —

    This is where the IGNORANCE lies —


    This is the simplest statement of what it means to be a ‘natural born Citizen.’

    “The 14th Amendment notwithstanding, no citizen pursuant to an Act of Congress operating under Article 1, Section 8, Article 4, is a ‘natural born Citizen’ pursuant to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5.

    “Why? Because under the 14th Amendment that person is a ‘naturalized Citizen.'”


    Of course, this requires knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations, and the realization that there is NO definition of ‘natural born Citizen’ anywhere to be found (it is only mentioned in passing), because Congress realized by 1795 that to define ‘natural born Citizen’ to include children of American parents born overseas required an amendment to the Constitution, as mistake they have not made again since.


    It seems that 100% of the current rosters of Senators and Representatives (535 of them), are IGNORANT of their own history!


  7. CW, please, if you should get a chance, post that stuff that I received from Zapem website of the letter that she received from Robert Menendez in NJ. I know you’re probably overwhelmed with stuff, though. Just when you get a chance.

  8. Carlyle —

    This would not be the first time.

    Did you know that Ohio became a State only on the 150th Anniversary of the First Meeting of its Legislature?

    It seems that Congress forgot to vote to admit Ohio into the Union until 150 years later!

    Look it up!

  9. with a little education Vitter may be open to the idea of backing the cause to oust “Obama”.

  10. This is all typical Obama, he wants to have it both ways.
    1. He is hiding behind the law.
    2. He is counting on that it does not get enforced.

    So far it worked.

    Can somebody tell me how things function here?
    I am an immigrant and would really like to know.
    Banana Republic or Constitutional Republic?

    Also btw. just to get my green card I had to bring a certified translation of my birth certificate.
    plus birth certificate.

    I had ordered an international birth certificate in Germany.
    The Immigration did not accept this.
    It has to be the original one plus certified translation.

    Some double standards here, I just wanted to get my permanent resident status.
    Obama wants to be president.

  11. A hint to consider, this site states that there is a 2 week lag on snail mail to congress. Faxes may be better. .com/wiki/Email_contact_2.
    It may be worth copying SCOTUS on these letters from Congressmen. There is a real gap here and it needs to be fixed, like now!
    I have sent out many letters faxes emails to reps. and received no replies. I intend to send another round of pleas to justices soon if anyone would be able to post or send me letters on official letterhead I would put them to good use

  12. Since I wrote about it.
    I searched for this international birth certificate.
    It is pretty much as informative as Obamas COLB.
    Only that it is authentic.

    All fields are in German/French/English.
    So I guess that covers “international” 😉

    It has my name,
    place and date of birth,
    Father’s and Mother’s name
    (no birth date or -place of parents)

    date of issue, Signature, Seal

    Even though it is an official Extract from my birth registration, the INS did not accept it.

    Does this mean there is hope?
    Or should I sue the government?
    Maybe in The Hague (Den Haag).
    For treating me different than an alleged American citizen.

  13. @Bob in re “It’s not ignorance, it’s the law”.

    I know that. But from the idiocy of the responses we are getting from these people who are supposed to – by law – do this determination, makes me very nervous.

  14. Is this a rumor or not? —Plains Radio
    announcing info found on Obama’s parents
    divorce papers which indicate BHO was not
    born in the U.S. —supposed to be tomorrow
    night. Any info of this? Was posted
    on Gretawire blog.

  15. Maddie
    I received an email about this earlier.
    I will wait for confirmation.

  16. One more thing about the Birth Certificate.
    I have right now in front of me my BC.
    It has the date, which is a few days after my birth, and since this is a copy of the original, it has the date on which I have received this certified copy.

    I have stated in a previous post that I also have an international birth certificate from Germany.
    That was not accepted by the INS (Immigration).
    Nevertheless the content is pretty much the same as in the COLB.
    The date here is only the date I have requested it (2005).
    Not the date of the original BC.
    Obamas COLB has as a date some days after his birth in August 1961.
    Why would somebody request this only a few days after the original was allegedly filed?
    And, of course, why would this be in Computer typing? 1961=typewriter
    The date is another mistake , besides the race of his father as “African”.

    My computer written international BC has beside my birth date only the actual date it was issued in 2005.

    My original BC is written with typewriter.
    It has the date it was filed and the date this certified copy was issued.

  17. Dear Citizen Wells,
    Great blog–great work. Sorry to do this on the comment form, but I don’t know how else to get this to you. I received a letter from Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI) and was wondering if you would include it in your hall of shame. I will quote it verbatim:
    December 2, 2008
    Dear Mrs. xxx:
    Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the eligibility of President-elect Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States. I appreciate the opportunity to learn of your views.
    As you may know, the Senate unanimously passed S.Res.511, recognizing that Senator McCain is a natural born citizen. This measure came about in response to questions that were raised with respect to Sen. McCain’s eligibility due to the fact that he was born outside of the United States to U.S. citizens while his father was serving in the U.S. military.
    In President-elect Obama’s case, such legislation was not deemed necessary because claims that Mr. Obama is constitutionally ineligible for the nation’s highest office are unfounded. No credible evidence has surfaced to call into question his eligibility to run.
    I hope this information is helpful. Thanks again for taking the time to contact me.
    Member of Congress
    “I hope this information is helpful”?!? Is he kidding me? Here is the response I sent:
    December 10, 2008
    Dear Mr. Sensenbrenner,
    Thank you for your initial reply to my correspondence regarding the eligibility of Mr. Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States.
    Your letter stated “…claims that Mr. Obama is constitutionally ineligible for the nation’s highest office are unfounded. No credible evidence has surfaced to call into question his eligibility to run.”
    I am sure you have had ample opportunity to check for yourself the difference between a State of Hawaii Certification of Live Birth (which Mr. Obama has displayed on his website) and a State of Hawaii Long-Form Birth Certificate (which Mr. Obama has not produced). I am also sure you have had ample opportunity to read the very detailed case by Ron Polarik, PhD ( which contends that even the Certification of Live Birth displayed by Mr. Obama is a forgery based on forensic evidence. I am also sure you have had ample opportunity to study the Wrotnowski vs. Byslewicz case which is scheduled for conference at the Supreme Court on 12/12/08.
    Please believe me when I tell you I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor am I normally politically vocal. Having said that, I must strongly disagree with your contention that “No credible evidence has surfaced to call into question [Mr. Obama’s] eligibility….”
    With all the court cases being brought regarding this subject (twelve to my knowledge with four that have made it to the Supreme Court), and Mr. Obama spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an entire legal team deal with these questions, why does he not choose to simply end the questioning by producing the long-form Birth Certificate? Why does he prefer to spend all this time and money when closure of this issue is literally one phone call away? With all due respect, Mr. Sensenbrenner, Mr. Obama is acting very strangely regarding this issue.
    Please do one small favor for me. When you see Mr. Obama face to face, would you please ask him why he does not simply request that the State of Hawaii bring out a copy of his long-form Birth Certificate? If he gives you a logical answer that you can relay to me, I will be completely satisfied with that. Please do not let potential partisanship and the fact that I am only one of the ‘little people’ out here prevent you from asking him such a simple, valid, and easily answered question. Thank you very much.

  18. In Palin We Trust

    We need a photo HALL OF SHAME at the top of your page. Every face (with name and party affiliation added along the bottom of their picture) next to one another so we can clearly see these offenders as a group. Now that would get their attention!!!

  19. Citizen Wells, if you create a list of the misconceptions, with your correct responses in another color, such as “he is a native citizen” and “show difference to “natural born citizen,” or “he showed us his certificate” and explain what he showed and why it is not sufficient and verified as forged by experts”, and then send it to the senators with the amendments such as the 20th that show it is their turn to be diligent…it might educate a sorry lot of people who are being fed media hype and nancy pelosi hype. Truth might break through. Many do not know he is not legally “Obama” but is Barry not know he perjured on his Illinois bar, do not know he traveled illegaly to Pakistan, etc etc. As you get response with their confusion, you can organize a good response list and send to all. Just a hope! I know it takes time, and you are already doing a lot. They are obviously quite ignorant of what is going on. Maybe education would help give them some real ammunition.

  20. If you don’t care who is President, then do you care about child traffickers selling children into child prostitution, child pornography and other horrid acts?
    Hawaii Laws
    on the right see Hawaii Revised Statutes,
    in the search box, enter “birth certificate” and you will get 18 HRS Sections; then enter
    “certificate of birth” and you will get 41 HRS Sections.

    Read Section 338-17.8, Section 338-0020 0005.
    and Section 578-0014

    Section 338-17.8
    Certificates for Chidren Born Out of State
    (a) Upon application of an adult
    or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory of State of Hawaii as their legal reisdence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

    (b) Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate.
    The director of health may also adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birth certificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.



    This is so ambiguous as to deprive voters of material facts necessary to be certain they are voting for a natural born citizen,
    and worse yet,
    this law allows
    “upon application of an adult
    to receive a Certificate of birth for a child
    born outside of Hawaii,
    and that may AID AND ABET
    who may “adopt” a child
    and move the child to Hawaii
    and get a new Hawaii certificate
    of birth for a child born in a foreign
    and then sell the child into
    pornography or the child sex trade.

    There just is not enough child protection here,
    the person who is issuing the
    Hawaii birth certificate
    is also the person who is
    making the rules
    in any manner he or she deems appropriate.

    How can you prevent fraudulent
    birth certificates being issued
    when the person in charge of
    issuing the certificates is also
    the person in charge of making
    the rules in any manner they deem

    A criminal organization couldn’t ask
    for a better set up!

    Hawaii Revised Statues HRS Section 338-20.5
    (a) the department of health shall establish a Hawaii certificate of birth for a person born in a foreign country and for whom a final decree of adoption has been entered in a court of competent jurisdiction in Hawaii
    (see above for how COMPETENT they are,
    with the person in charge making his or her own
    (3)(G) true or probable country of birth
    (4)(b) the department of health shall seal and file the…report constituting the original certificate of birth… the new certificate of birth shall show the true or PROBABLE FOREIGN COUNTRY of birth, and that the certificate is not evidence of U.S. Citizenship for the child.

    O.K., that’s got a plus and a minus:
    you don’t know where the child came from,
    you only need to assert a PROBABLE foreign country of birth, that helps organized crime a lot!
    The minus is that the certificate states that it is not evidence of U.S. Citizenship.
    How does organized crime involved in child trafficking overcome that?


    Just go to Hawaii Revised Statutes
    HRS 578-14
    Record of Adoption
    (c) If the birth of the individual occurred outside of the State and a record of birth exists, the certified copy of the decree or the abstract thereof, shall be transmitted by the department of health to the birth registration authorities of the place of the individual’s birth WITH A REQUEST that those authorities take appropriate action with respect to the record of the individual’s birth. CAN THE C.I.A. OR INTERPOL GET A RECORD, IF A RECORD EXISTS, OF HAWAII CONTACTING THE FOREIGN COUNTRY OF BARACK OBAMA’S ALLEGED BIRTH (PROBABLE COUNTRY OF BIRTH) AND see if the authorities there are taking “appropriate action” to keep his relatives shut up and not talking?

    (b) If a new birth certificate is issued, the original birht cetificate shall be sealed.

    So, step one: Section 338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of State
    Step two: Section 338-20.5
    Adoption; foreign born persons
    Step three: Section 578-14

    What a manual for organized crime to traffick in children!
    How many child porn movies are made in Hawaii?
    How much child prostitution is going on in Hawaii?
    How can children complain when the person putting them out to work is their adoptive parent and their original certificate of birth is sealed?

    Is this any way to raise kids?

    Oooops, and conceal the truth about Obama!

    Cris Ericson
    and yes, I’m doing my diligent research and my arguments will get better!
    Today is New Year’s Eve, COUNT DOWN!!!

  21. Carlyle

    The Andy MArtin lawsuit has no merits. It is not based on eligibility at all. He only asked that the BC be released to the public domain since all other presidents have done that. I believe it has no chance.

    Supposedly, after being dismissed, he said he re-filed it to give the court a second chance. How weird is that?

    I think Andy Martin is just out to make himself a bigger name. This lawsuit made it appear he was doing us some great favor when in fact it is really a frivolous lawsuit with no merit.


  22. I am sending this follow-up letter to my Congressmen in Mississippi. After asking you for help in PE elects birth status, you chose to send me a form letter which proves that you have less understanding of the Constitution than most high school students. You might want to look at what the Constitution sets out to be qualified to be President. You misquoted what the officials in Hawaii said. You seem to not know the difference between a COLB and a full birth certificate. I respect the Constitution of the United States and plan to protect it by campaigning to replace you and get someone in Congress that knows what is in our Constitution and that is willing to uphold it. Therefore, I’m sure that you will be shocked at the ground swell of voters that truly believe we elected you to be of service to we the people and not just be there for your special interest. I ask you one last time to really investigate this Constitutional Crisis that is upon us. Your Truly,

  23. Carlyle — you have the right to be nervous — I hope that I have communicated that I am too. We have the Constitution and laws on the books for a reason, and for our lawmakers simply to blow them off is incredible to me! —

    However, the reason I looked to Ohio’s admission to the Union in 1953 (although Ohio thought it was admitted in 1802, or maybe 1803), to show is how incredibly resilient this nation is, despite the idiocy of our national government.

    8 Presidents, W.H.Harrison, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B. Harrison, McKinley, Taft and Harding all originated in Ohio while its original documents were in limbo, and we also fought a Civil War and Two World Wars in the meantime.

    So maybe there is hope to be found somewhere, if we don’t let it happen again!

    I liked this quote best during the campaign —

    “The Constitution, it has been said, is a document written by geniuses to design a government that can be run by idiots.” –

    From an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, Wednesday, October 22, 2008.

    I agree with you — it looks like we have a whole stable full of idiots right now!

    For some of you who are a lot younger than me, view this as your opportunity! There’s not much competition there for some of you who are posting here among the present incumbents, if you ever decide to run for office!

    If a cipher like Obama can make it all the way to the top, just think how high you can go!

    There is a smart bunch of people to be found on these pages!

  24. The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories

    This is just my theory. I think it has as much likelihood of being correct as anything else I have heard, and more than most.

    After being defeated in 2000 and again in 2004 the DNC was horrified. They knew that Hillary against either of Huckaby or Romney would probably fall just as in 2004 or at least be a very close race. It wasn’t good enough. They had to come up with a way to guarantee they would win.

    They studied the county-by-county election maps of red vs blue states and counties. An amazing thing came to light. If you just looked at a few key states such as Fl, Oh, Pa and Va where the election was close in 2004, it would only take 1 or 2 counties in the highest population areas to change the state from red to blue. They looked at who made up these key high density inner-city counties and found out it was mostly blacks, Hispanics and ethnic minorities. They discussed how to get these votes and concluded that only a black man with major curbside appeal and eloquence could do it. They then identified all states where this was the case and those became the defined battleground. I know this to be true. My own state of Missouri, which usually is an easy (R) win was very very close. And only the two counties that make up Kansas City and St Louis went blue. Yet they almost won here too.

    In most elections the majority of black, hispanic and ethnic minorities don’t vote unless there is a good reason. It isn’t that they are not patriotic. It’s just that they don’t care. For the typical inner-city black voter, what is the difference between GWB vs John Kerry? What is the difference between Hillary vs Huckabee? ZERO! For them it is all the same. So why should they vote? And even if they did vote, they are pretty much split down the middle so neither (R) or (D) get much either way.

    But if a black candidate were to appear on the scene, one with some charisma and eloquence, all of that would change. Enter 0bama. He was the only possible choice. He was the only black candidate who had the national prominence and the charisma and eloquence to pull it off. So somewhere between 2004 and late 2005 the DNC convinced him to run for president. Being who he is, and quite taken with himself, he could not refuse. He may even think it was his own idea.

    Fast forward to late 2007. The DNC plan is in full swing but they are still worried that Hillary might beat out 0bama and that the (R) candidate might beat either of them. So the wealthy moneyed powers of the DNC bought off a few choice media members such as Chris Mathews. It didn’t take much, most of these were in line already. Hillary was bashed, as were all the major (R) contenders, except one. McCain was pushed bigtime by the media. He was the only (R) candidate they (DNC) thought could be defeated and who would still look like he had a chance to win. Through media control and crossover voting, McCain was pushed into the (R) spot and Hillary was pushed out of the (D) spot. Deals were made. Money flowed. All was well. It turns out that 0bama probably would have beat either Romney or Huckaby, but that would have been much closer.

    Now we all are crying of media bias, but how soon we all forget the heavy media bias against GWB in both 2000 and 2004. While it may have been actually worse in 2008, it wasn’t that much different. Just 80% biased instead of 60-70% biased as in 2000 and 2004. It only took a few choice media bribes to do that.

    Now most of this is not really part of my big theory. It is just the background facts and assumptions which lead up to it. Hang on, here it comes.

    Early in 2008, seeing that their plan was coming to fruition and 0bama was beating Hillary and McCain was doing well, the DNC pulled the most brilliant move of all time. You see, they didn’t really want 0bama to be president, they only wanted to win and saw him as the one for sure guaranteed way to do that. So, they recognized that McCain and 0bama both had eligibility problems. They probably saw this way back in 2005 but I’m not sure when it happened. But it did. I cannot say for sure if this was planned or an afterthought.

    How strange would it be for the (D) party to help John McCain to become president over 0bama or Hillary? How strange would it be for either 0bama or Hillary to be part of that? How strange would it be for them to do McCain any favors? Very very strange indeed! Yet they appeared to do just that. In early 2008, April to be exact, the U.S. Senate passed Resolution 511.

    Senate Resolution 511 stated that because McCain was not born in the U.S., and since he was born of two U.S. citizens at a U.S. military base in Panama, he was therefore considered a natural born citizen instead of just a citizen. Wow. What a favor right? Wrong. Look at who introduced the resolution and who sponsored and co-sponsored it.

    The resolution was introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT]. It was sponsored by Sen. Claire McCaskill [D, MO]. It was co-sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton [D, NY], Sen. Barack Obama [D, IL], Sen. Thomas Coburn [R, OK] and Sen. Jim Webb [D, VA].

    Wow! Introduced and sponsored by Democrats, and two of the co-sponsors are none other that Hillary Clinton and Barack 0bama. Wow! Why would the Democrats do John McCain such a huge favor? Well I’ll give you two reasons. First, it was their way out of 0bama. By defining a natural born citizen to be someone born of two American citizens, they automatically paved the way to boot out 0bama at a time of thier choosing since he was born of only one U.S. citizen and is not natural born. Second, they also guaranteed a way out if McCain happened to win by some miracle. All they would need to do is revoke the resolution, which really isn’t a law or binding in any way, at just the right time.

    Brilliant! And it has worked perfectly. So, when would you want to pull this bold move? Certainly not before the election. 0bama must win. Certainly not before the electoral college vote. Again, 0bama must win that too. And certainly not after the innauguration. What if 0bama fought it and won. As president he would be all powerful. So the only time to do this is when the Congress must certify the electoral vote on Jan 8. At this point they are in control and can vote for whom they want.

    I predict that on Jan 8, it will not be the Republicans that might contest the 0bama eligibility issue. I predict it will be the Democrats! With 0bama out, the presidency falls to either Bidden or else the congress will vote in Clinton. Either way, they win.

    Do the Democrats want Bidden as president? Why not. Do they want Hillary? Maybe. It could go either way. And I think either would be acceptable to them. So maybe it will be Bidden with Hillary as VP, or maybe you leave Bidden as the elected VP and put Hillary in as President. A win-win situation if I ever saw one.

    Does 0bama know about all of this? I think it is likely he does know, but it is possible he has been duped too. If he knows, then it would explain why his cabinet is made up of mostly ex-Clintonites. Why would 0bama go along with all of this? Well maybe he has been offered a juicy cabinet post or a Kenyan ambassadorship. That way, if the Democratically controlled congress passes a law defining natural born as only born in the U.S. he can legitimately run in either 4 or 8 years, and with some real experience to back him up.

    That is my theory. On Jan 8 we will find out if it is for real.

  25. If he is allowed to be President, even though he is unqualified due to the fact he is not a Natural Born Citizen. All laws become void in America. So the end of America begins Jan 20, 09 So live it up for the next 3 weeks. Followed by robbing backs, blow red lights, murder those you don’t like ect… There are no more laws, it is a free for all. Happy New Year. Because we will all be above the lawless. 🙂

  26. Phil Berg should have been Man of the Year, not Obama. He is still in there fighting for the people of this country. I challenge Leo and Cort to see Cort’s case through. Even if the case is denied again, the evidence is there and might be of some use to hold against those who we must bring to justice later. There is no giving up, the stakes are way too high.
    Here is a mystery: who is Lawdawg and why is he silent now?

  27. Kim, I’d like to know who Lawdawg is too.

    Also, CW, I posted something from Zapem where the Admin had received a letter from Robert Menendez, I think, senator of NJ. Can you post it in your Hall of Shame, please?

    It starts out like this, and is up above:

    kittycat77 // December 30, 2008 at 7:51 pm


    “Over at the Zapem website, Admin said for me to post this over here if you don’t mind. I don’t know another way to write to you. This is a response that she received, which took about a month. Please add to the Hall of Shame.

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for the cases brought before the Supreme Court regarding President-Elect Obama’s dual nationality at birth. Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this vital issue….”


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