Obama Hopium, Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts, John Kass, Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2008, John Kass MSM hero

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has written one of the best articles I have read about Obama. The title of the article is:

“Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts”

Hopium is the addicting substance that let’s Obama supporters and the MSM ignore the ties to crime, corruption and dubious asscociations that Obama has.

Here are some exerpts from this exceptional article:

“Hi, my name is John. I’m a hopium addict. It’s true. Yes, I’m a journalist. And that led to the harder stuff. Then one day, Barack phoned the Tribune and called me “bro.”

Now, I’m addicted to hopium.”

“It’s America’s most powerful drug. Once on hopium, you won’t care if Iran has nukes or if taxes are raised during a recession or whether Obama keeps flipping and flopping on everything from foreign wiretaps to withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Who cares? Relax. Hopium is your friend.”

“Obama hopium was so powerful, that that first rush of it, well, it sent a tingle up my leg. Or down my leg. Then up. So now, when I read newspaper stories about Obama’s political history, like a recent gooey, puffy profile in the Washington Post and it didn’t mention Obama was a willing member of Chicago’s Daley machine, well, I didn’t get angry.”

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”

John Kass and the Chicago Tribune are covering stories that few in the MSM bother to research. I applaud them. In fact, I am so impressed that I may subscribe to the Chicago Tribune.

John Kass has received personal attacks on the blog for his honest reporting. That is what happens when anyone questions the “holy” Obama, reminiscent of the church inquisitions, when anyone dared question corrupt Popes and church officials.

John Kass, I salute you, and challenge others in the media to step up to the plate and do your job.

Read the rest of the article here and make sure you read the Chicago Tribune’s coverage of the Tony Rezko trial and associated indictments:


3 responses to “Obama Hopium, Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts, John Kass, Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2008, John Kass MSM hero

  1. LOL, that’s a good one. I wonder what would happen if you sprinkled a little change dust on the hopium, then smoked it? A wild ride I’m sure.

  2. sisterrosetta

    Saturday, August 02, 2008 5 PM EST Clintons4McCain Radio — “Obama’s Psych OPS, Mind Control…Who is the Man Behind the Mask?”


  3. Great find. I’m linking to you from my weblog. Enjoy: http://setteacase.blogspot.com

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