Sean Hannity, Reverend Manning interview, Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Obama homosexual, Obama and Wright homosexuals, Manning has proof

Sean Hannity interviewed the Reverend James Manning on his radio show on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Reverend Manning accused Obama and Wright of being closet homosexuals on a YouTube video last weekend. I am not sure what Hannity’s strategy is. He may fear racist comments. I do applaud Hannity for interviewing Reverend Manning even though Hannity barely stopped talking the entire time.

If you would like to hear a real interview of reverend Manning, listen to the Jeff Rense interview here:

13 responses to “Sean Hannity, Reverend Manning interview, Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Obama homosexual, Obama and Wright homosexuals, Manning has proof

  1. sisterrosetta

    Citizen wrote:

    “I am not sure what Hannity’s strategy is.”

    I just happened to tune in to Hannity right in the middle of interview with Reverend Manning.

    I think Hannity wanted to get this story out there, but also at the same time appear very critical of the Reverend.

    At least that’s my take on it.

  2. citizenwells

    You are probably right.
    You saw LS comment about the press conference.

  3. yeah I think the only way for Hannity to report this without having the evidence directly in his hands was to hold it up for everyone to look and wonder at while saying for Manning to bring the proof forward but until then I can’t believe it.

    If he didn’t believe it and if he didn’t want it reported, he wouldn’t have put it on at all.

    Hannity lit the fire and ran away with his hands shielding his butt.

  4. sisterrosetta

    Julie wrote:

    “Hannity lit the fire and ran away with his hands shielding his butt.”

    Made me laugh and I haven’t even finished my morning coffee.

  5. citizenwells

    I have noticed your efforts on many blogs & sites and your work is deeply appreciated. I believe we all are making a difference. I need your help in spreading the story about Obama, Dan Shoman, Robert Blackwell and all of the crime and corruption figures surrounding Obama.
    Thank you.

  6. In all this talk of “strategies” between the various media players, LS and bloggers have we forgotten the simple fundamentals?

    LS allegations could be swatted out of existence if (a) BO denied them or (b) somebody provided an alibii for his whereabouts on 6th and 7th November, 1999.

    LS allegations would be taken more seriously by the MSM and many others if he could produce the proof he says he has, and most of his supporters hope he has, namely a limo driver who will attest to all aspects of his story including Obama’s purchase of the drugs, his ingestion of them in the limo, the sex act, and the fact that Obama was still in the limo when the driver dropped LS at his hotel in Gurnee.

    I don’t know what Obama can do on his side but I do know that neither LS nor his attorney can produce a limo driver as a witness.

    The rest of it is frenetic posturing.

    Many of LS “supporters” do not care if what he says is (a) true or (b) provable. They just want the allegations out in order to damage Obama.

    Most of the organised opposition to LS wants to protect Obama from having to face the allegations (a) because they are damaging in themselves and (b) because they fear that he may not be able to answer them convincingly.

    I believe that the serious inconsistiencies in LS story, especially with respect to Donald Young, should be a caution to everyone.

    However, Obama’s failure to deal with it decisively may indicate a nervousness about opening up aspects of his private life to examination even if there is no truth in LS allegations.

  7. citizenwells

    Producing the limo driver has become somewhat less important.
    Quite frankly, Obama’s close, longtime connections to crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois may be enough to out him.
    ABC News came out with an article today. It was a bit too fluffy, but was a start. At some point the MSM will have to jump on the bandwagon to avoid being out of the loop. Most of us know that the MSM and the Hillary campaign are waiting for someone else to take the heat and then they will pile on.

  8. Larry Sinclair

    Well I see Victor has decided to challenge here now after not getting the response he wanted over in the cesspool.

    Victor, for all your blowing in the wind, neither you nor Obama will swat me down considering the fact that I am the one that was there not you. I am still awaiting the paypal info requested from you for the return of your contribution.

  9. victor, you’re looking a lot like New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson aka Judas.

    It is not very becoming of you, and you would appear in better light, if you kept your never ending thoughts to yourself, or at least contained them to the cesspool.

    Your comments are very winded (long), yet nothing new is said.

  10. citizenwells

    My position has always been the same.
    I want the truth about Barack Obama.
    Victor, you appear to want the truth about Obama.
    Let’s all focus our energies on the search for the truth about Obama and informing the American public.
    The debate over whether Larry Sinclair said this or that is over on this blog.
    In Larry’s defense, I don’t see how he has kept up with the blog and the legal proceedings. He has always been forthright with me.
    By saying this, I am not questioning your intent Victor, but anything that detracts from the primary objective of revealing the real Obama must be minimized.

  11. sisterrosetta

    hello, everybody.

    I, for one, am glad to hear again from Victor.

    Larry is our Captain and we join forces with him because we feel his cause is a just and a noble one.

    We may or may not prevail, but I would think less of myself if I hadn’t lent a hand or tried to shield Larry in some small way.

    Onward! (Smiley Face goes here)

  12. Pastor Manning is a really good guy.
    Everyone should take the time to listen to
    his daily web cast from the Atlah website.
    He is sincere and he loves the Lord and
    he is a prophet and the citizens of the
    U.S. could listen up if they had any
    sense and get behind him.

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