Obama, NC primary, Jeremiah Wright, Obama comments, Wright comments, planned strategy?

Obama’s campaign is imploding.

Obama must win in the NC primary.

Wright’s sermons are show stoppers in NC.

Jeremiah Wright has made speeches defending himself.

Obama has elevated his non approval of Wright and his sermons.

Was this planned by Obama and Wright?

Let me know what you think.

8 responses to “Obama, NC primary, Jeremiah Wright, Obama comments, Wright comments, planned strategy?

  1. Yes, I just can’t believe this. After a twenty relationship.. All of a sudden Wright is attacking Obama. Are there any observations you make which clarifies this story..It looks like a scam. Let’s make Obama the good guy..MSM is spinning this. Making Bo look like a poor victim.. Do they think Americans are that stupid–this just does not add up>

  2. citizenwells

    I believe this was a desperation move.
    Obama must win NC.
    I did not connect the dots on this until today.
    I knew in my gut that the conservative democrats, Southern Baptists and other good
    people of NC would not take kindly to “God Damn America.”
    Obama had to distance himself from Wright.
    However, I believe it will backfire.

  3. I know there is a large population of Blks in NC, what are the demographics? What are the polls saying..I hear the governor has endorsed Senator Clinton… thanks for your comments

  4. I too believe that this event was staged to appear that Wright and Obama were throwing each other under the bus. They were trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes. Did you hear Wright say, with the slip of the tongue, that he wanted to be VP? I heard it, and I believe it. I believe that Obama spoke with Wright last evening or this morning, and Wright told him exactly what to say. If Wright does not come back with a rebuke of Obama, then I will know that the whole thing was staged. Wake up America before it is too late to stop this missile heading toward the White House.

  5. I do believe Obama’s camp is freaking out about the change in polls. Hillary according to two recent polls has her ahead by 8 or 9 points. In North Carolina she has cut his lead in half to 5 points in one poll and 14 in another (it was double that not to long ago) National polls had her ahead by a point today. They know they had to act quickly if they were to salvage North Carolina

    However, risky risky risky move if this was a set up. To me (and I believe middle America) this all has done much more damage than it’s healed.

    I still maintain though that if Wright stays quiet (which should be very hard for him to do) then it’s a set up.

  6. The Axelrod connection to the public relations firm handling Rev. Wright’s current speaking tour seals the deal for me.

    Obama was right — his campaign hasn’t been “politics as usual.” It’s a seamy, sleazy, dishonest psyops campaign that relies on divisiveness and on voter naivete and gullibility. His previous campaigns in Illinois relied on behind-the-scenes connections’ machinations and manipulations, including underhanded cooperation from the Chicago media — not dealing with exploiting the political lives of his opponents, but their personal lives… specifically, information concerning their divorces. Obama, of course, came out of it smelling like a rose — after all, no one could link him to the press leaks. Of course, Axelrod could easily be linked to the leaks by connecting a few blatant dots… but with the complicity of the media, who was there to do that job for the voters?

    Sounds terribly familiar, doesn’t it?

    citizenwells, it’s nice to “meet” you… we seem to think along similar lines.

  7. Now it’s enough? Now it’s disrespectful? Now he’s gone too far? To paraphrase the radical Reverend Wright, Obama’s chickens have come home to roost. Obama played the game of politics and he played it badly. By not doing the right thing and kicking the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his kooky commentary to the curb years ago, and by waiting until Wright went completely whacked out before a national audience again and again this past weekend, Obama is now forced to try and save the ship before his heretofore loyal followers break out the life rafts.

    For more observation and opinion on the road to the White House, visit: http://bolsonon.wordpress.com

  8. I will be interested in Rev. Wright’s reactions over the next few days. Will he wait? It looks like Zogby will start daily polling today in NC and Indiana. See http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=1493

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